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					New to USM or Online Learning? Things to Know

Getting a USM ID Card
If you are on campus, visit the Campus Card Office, Upton Hall, Gorham or Telecommunications
4 Payson Smith, Portland. Open Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm., extended hours during first
week of semester. You will need to provide identification (license, passport); complete a form;
have your photo taken. Your card will be ready in minutes.

If you are an online student and not able to come to campus, you will need to get a different
type of USM card that can be used to access the Library. Resources and services for off-campus
students are listed at the link below. See “Accessing the Library” for instructions.

Activating your UMaine System Account
(e-mail, logon access to MaineStreet and BlackBoard)
 If you are new to the University of Maine System (UMS), you will need to activate your System
account. (FMI: Before a
University of Maine System account can be used, it must be activated through the website at (Choose Account Activation.) To activate your account, you will need
your Student Identification Number and your account Activation Key. If you have difficulty
activating your e-mail account or need an Activation Key, please call Tech Support at 1-800-
696-4357 or the USM Help!Desk at 1-800-800-4USM x4029 or 207 780-4029, or e-mail
To view a video tutorial about how to activate your University e-mail account, visit:

Using Your UMS E-Mail Address
USM uses email as the official and primary means of communication to all of its students,
accepted and/or enrolled. In some cases, email may be the only form of communication.
Official University assigned email accounts are created for all accepted and/or enrolled
students usually in the form of Students are responsible to read
all information sent to them via their University assigned email account. The University has the
right to expect that such communications will be received and read in a timely fashion. It is
imperative that students understand that a majority of University information will be
communicated to them via their University assigned email account. Activate your UMS e-mail
account at The complete Email Communication Policy can be found on-
line at

To view a video tutorial on how to forward your University e-mail account, visit:

Accessing the Library
 USM Library Services:
(Please note: The USM Card Office will issue library cards by this method if a student is taking
ONLY online courses and has no other UMaine system campus affiliation and library card.)
The University of Southern Maine Libraries provides a full range of library services to students
taking online classes. To access online resources students must have a USM ID card and be
registered with the library. It may take several days for the library database to be updated with
                   USM College of Education and Human Development, REV 12/2009
                               (207) 780-5371 .
student info. It is important that students contact the USM Card Office for their ID card early in
the semester.
     Contact the USM Card Office at 207.780.5454
     Email:

    Students need to provide their name, address and ID number.

    The card office will notify the library and access should be available within 3 days.

       Contact Casandra Fitzherbert at 207.780.4279 for remote access issues
       Email:

If you are a USM student and already have a USM photo ID, you need to have the barcode
linked to your library record. If you have are uncertain whether or not your barcode is already
linked, contact Casandra Fitzherbert,
Students who have some other UMaine campus affiliation (Orono, Machias, Fort Kent, Augusta,
Presque Isle, Farmington) or who register through University College in Augusta should contact
Off-Campus Library services for library services in support of
their online course.

Library hours, phone numbers, and “Student Services” information are available on the USM
Library’s webpage.
Reference Desks: Portland 780-4272; Gorham 780-5344; Lewiston-Auburn 753-6540

Using MaineStreet
MaineStreet is your access to student records and registration. Follow the quick instructions
below to get there.
1. Go to the USM homepage ( and click on “Current Students”
Once in Current Students go to the “Academics” pull-down menu and choose “MaineStreet”
and click on “GO.”
2. Log in to MaineStreet. If you’ve never logged into MaineStreet or don’t know what your ID and
password see “Activating your UMaine System Account.”
3. Once in MaineStreet, you can search and register for classes, see your grades, etc. For a step-
by-step instruction booklet logon to MaineStreet and click on “Links to all student self-service
training guides.”

Accessing your BlackBoard Account
You can access the course site at After clicking on the login button,
use your UMS User ID and password which must be activated before using. For questions about
logging in as well as navigating around the course, consult the Blackboard Quick Guide,
available at the login screen. If you continue to have login problems, please call Tech Support
at 1-800-696-4357 or the USM Help!Desk at 207-780-4029, M-F, 8 AM - 4:30 PM.

An online video tutorial on how to login to Blackboard is available here:

                   USM College of Education and Human Development, REV 12/2009
                               (207) 780-5371 .
How to Get Your Textbooks and Course Materials
Textbooks are available from the USM Portland campus bookstore or through the UM Augusta
bookstore. Payment options include cash, USM Card, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER CARD, and
personal checks. A picture ID and your student ID number are required for check purchases.
Used textbooks cost 30% less than new texts and are available for most courses.

How to Order Textbooks: You may order by phone, e-mail or online. The cost of each order will
include a shipping and handling fee determined by the total cost of your order.

               USM Bookstores: (Portland, Gorham, LAC)
               Telephone:   (207) 780-4070 or 1-800-800-4876 ext. 4070 Portland
               You may order from the University Bookstore at UMA
               Telephone:   1-800-621-0083 or (207) 621-3467

What You Need to Access Your Online Course
Technology Requirements: To access your online course, you will need a relatively new
computer with an up-to-date web browser. Depending on individual course delivery methods,
high speed internet access may be a requirement for your course in order to access many of
the larger media files the course may use. You may need free media plug-ins such as QuickTime
or Flash, or a software MP3 player. Your instructor may also require specific software to use for
completing assignments, or require that assignments be submitted in certain file formats. Read
your instructor's requirements carefully. There are rarely requirements that you purchase specific
software on your own.

Getting a Parking Permit
Some online and blended courses may require face-to-face meetings and the need to park on
campus. Depending on how you were assessed fees for the course, you may have paid a
transportation fee, which means you have already paid for your parking permit, but still need to
get it for your vehicle. If you have no transportation fee and need to park on campus, you will
need to have a day permit. Permits can be picked up or purchased at the USM Portland Parking
Garage. Hours are 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday, extended hours during first week of
semester. You will need a copy of your vehicle registration. For a parking permit by mail, go to and follow the instructions.

Useful USM Websites and Phone Numbers
Directions to USM Campuses:
Registrar’s Office: (207) 780-5230,
Student Billing: (207) 780-5800,
Storm Line: (207) 780-4800 for Gorham and Portland campuses. For LAC call (207) 753-6595

For More Help
Go to Online@CEHD at and click on How-to
Guides for Online Learning.
                  USM College of Education and Human Development, REV 12/2009
                              (207) 780-5371 .

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