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                     GABRIELLE UNION
                     OCCUPATION Actress
                     RESIDES LOSAngeles
                     AGE 33

                     WHO ARE YOUR BEAUTY ICONS? Diahann Carroll and Diana
                     Ross. They always look glamorous and classic at the same
                     time. They never look trendy or trashy, just amazing.

                     WHAT5 IN Y U MAKEUP BAG? ASa spokeswoman for
                     Neutrogena,everything's Neutrogena: Skln Soothing Stick,
                     Full Volume Fortifying Mascara, Lip Nutrition Balm in Berry
                     Smooth. Lip Boost intense Molsture Lipstick In Coffee Cream

                     DAILY BEAUTY REGIME It's very simple. I wash my face, use
                     astringent and follow with moisturizer with SPF 15. And on
                     my hair, I use Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Shampoo.

                     DAILY WORKOUT An hour session with my trainer AJ
                     Johnson (theajzone.corn). It may be kickboxing or weightlifting
                     or cardio: we mix it up. A couple times a week. I do Pilates at
                     Pure pilates (76573 Ventura Blvd., Encino. 818-783-7556).

                     FAMILY BEAUTY SECRET? My mom told me that Vaseline has
                     a million uses: from makeup remover, to moisturizer, to lip
                     balm. for wrinkles. And it really does work.

                     THE BEST BEAUTY ADVICE YOU'VE RECEIVED? Drink a gallon
                     of water a day. It seems like a lot-and it is-but it improves
                     hair, nails and skin like nothing you can buy.

                     WHAT'S IN Y U ITTY-BITTY EVENING HANDBAG? Lady
                     Speed Stick mini deodorant in Shower Fresh, oil blotting              KATE McMAHON
                 ,   papers and Voluspa Cocoa Tamarind perfume.
                                                                                           OCCUPATION Clothing designer/owner of Kate boutique in
                     Y U BIGGEST BLUNDER? Dunking just my bangs in a bowl
                      OR                                                                   Montecito/former model
             I       of hydrogen peroxide and then sitting In the sun. I ended             RESIDES Santa Barbara
                     up with bright red Ronald McDonald bangs.                             AGE 44

                     LOCAL PAMPERING
                                                                                           WHO IS YOUR BEAUTY ICON? Lauren Hutton. She epitomizes
                     HAIR STYLISTS Kim Kimble at Epiphany Hair Studlo (7706 N.
         I           La Cieeega Blvd,, West Ho/lywood 310-652-1822), They can          '
                                                                                           natural beauty. Her look is earthy, sensual and real.

                     always put in my weave! I go once a week.                                        OR                  CV y
                                                                                           WHAT'S IN Y U MAKEUP BAG?RlSh M E O Little Black
     I                                                                                     Card in Island Girl #2 (all-in-one eyeshadow, blush,
                              THERAPIST Lama Amin (878-762-9223preferred
                                                                                           concealer and lip gloss palettes), Even Skin Foundation #3,
                     by Busta Rhymes.
                                                                                           Even Skin Finishing Powder and Lash Curling Mascara:
 1                   MANICURIST   Mibella Nail Salon (12792 Ventura Blvd., studio          and Jo Malone's Vintage Gardenia Cologne and her
                                                                                           Orange Blossom Body Creme-all her scents are amazing,
                                                                                           and I love layering them.
                                               MAKEUP ARTIST Stacy Gibson
                                               (Madica Mgmt., 323-251-8175).                            OR
                                                                                           WHAT'S IN Y U BATHROOM CABINET? I'm a no-fuss, keep-
                                                                                           it-simple girl. I use everything in my bathroom cabinet
                                               BIGGEST BEAUTY INDULGENCE
                                                                                           every day: Epicuren Citrus Herbal Cleanser, SkInCeuticals1
                                               Spa treatments at Burke Williams
                                                                                           C Ferulic Serum and Skin Firming Cream. Eco-dent baking
                                                                                           soda toothpowder, Susan Clminelli Special Reserve cream,
                                                                                           Retin-A. And I know it's silly, but when you have short hair,
                                                                                           bad hair days are frequent, so I have D:fi hair wax. It's
                                                                                           pretty sticky, not something a man wants to run his hand
                                                                                           through, but it works!

                                                                                           DAILY BEAUTYROUTINE For me, beauty comes from living a
                                                                                           joyful life. Upon waking, I set an intention for the day-
                                                                                           usually, it's about being open, grateful, loving and
                                                                                           accepting. Then I head to the kitchen for my morning ritual

      KATE MCMAHON continued

      of two ounces fresh lemon juice wlth 1 ounces of water,
      followed by a glass of crystallized blue-green algae also
      mlxed with water The lemon julce detoxlfles the k~dneys,
      whlle the algae cleans and fortifies the blood

      REGULAR WORKOUT        I'm a yoga lover. It has transformed my
      body and my life. I practice yoga three times week and ride
      a bike in between. For me, this is the perfect balance of
      flexibility, strengthening and aerobic activity.

      1. Confidence and inner radiance equals beauty. 2. Breathe
      deeply, often. 3. Beauty is being at peace with your body.
      4. When it comes to fashion, less is more.

      youth and early adult life worshipping the sun without
      protection. Also, I wore bloomers and ballet flats to the
      debutante ball. Luckily, I was not being presented.

      MANICURIST   Carolie Loure~ro (805-708-0425;
      indulgencehornespa.corn). She creates the spa experience
      in your environment. It's deluxe: no gossip, no toxlc salon
      fumes, just peace.

      COLORlSTh SNLIST     Constance Kronja at Tabu Hair Studio
      (7151 Coast Village Rd., Montecito, 805-969-4743). She's
      been cutting and highlighting my hair for longer than I can
      remember. She has mastered the pixie cut.

      FACIALIST Linda Bailey at   Bel Viso Italian Skin Care (7211
      Coast Village Rd., Ste. 7; Montecito, 805-565-9399). She
      creates a loving space. I leave radiating light.                 MARIA COOPER
                                                                       OCCUPATION Interior   Designer
      BEAUTY INDULGENCE       Deep tissue massage. I try
                                                                       RESIDES Newport Coast
      to indulge myself once a month. Bodywork is the most
                                                                       AGE   42
      important way to alleviate physical and emotional
      stress. Hector Flores (805-278-6701; kalirnan42@aol.corn)
                                                                       WHO ARE YOUR BEAUTY ICONS? I admire classic.
      is fantastic! I found him at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.
                                                                       strong and sophisticated women; celebrities who
      but he makes house calls on off days.
                                                                       exude style and use their influence to better the
  I   Kate, 7737 Coast Village Rd., Montecito, 805-695-8822;
                                                                       world. Crusaders such as Audrey Hepburn, Princess
                                                                       Diana and Angelina Jolie come to mind.
                                                                                                              Instant Smooth
                                                                       WHAT'S IN YOUR MAKEUP BAG? ~ l a r i n s
                                                                       (evens your skin texture before applying makeup);
                                                                       Max Factor Lasting Performance Makeup (I mix two
                                                                       colors t o get the right shade); MAC waterproof
                                                                       eyeliner pencil in Stubborn Brown. Liza
                                                                       eyeshadow pack of 4 (performance/taupe
                                                                       note/showstopper/soft heart) and Lip Pencil
                                                                       in Spice; Lancbme Flextencils Mascara;
                                                                       Chanel Powder Blush in Mirage and lipstick in
                                                                       Sweet Sixteen; Bobbi Brown bronzing powder
                                                                       in Deep 4. Shimmer Brick Compact in Bronze,
                                                                       lipgloss in Bare Summer, Long Wear Gel Eyeliner
                                                                       in Sepia Ink and Shimmer; Lippmann Nail             A
                                                                       ~ o i i s h Prelude to a Kiss; eyelash curler.

                                                                       WHAT'S IN YOUR BATHROOM CABINET? I am           j
                                                                       very cautious about what I put on my skln
                                                                       and love to use very natural or organic        C

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