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									                             Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab
                                       BIOL 225
                                       Fall 2006

Course Title: Human Anatomy & Physiology
Course Credit: 1 hour
Class Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:10 to 10:00
Instructor: Dawn Allison Drooger, RN, MSN
Office Hours: M, W, F 10-12
Office Location: Stutzman Slonaker 305

Course Description:
      This course is the first of two semester course investigating the structure and function of
      the human body. Topics included in this course: the: cell, integumentary, nervous,
      musculoskeletal, & endocrine systems.

Course Objectives:
      At the completion of this course students will be able to:
      1.      Work with a microscope.
      2.      Identify the various components and specialization of human cells both in
              structure and function.
      3.      Identify and describe the major components of the integumentary, neurological,
              endocrine, skeletal & muscular systems.
      4.      Discuss the movement of sensory and motor impulses.
      5.      Describe the functions of the endocrine system in homeostasis.
      6.      Identify the components and functionality of the muscular and skeletal systems in
              coordination with the nervous system.
      7.      Describe the various types of muscle tissue.
      8.      Describe the structural and functional characteristics of the integument.

Course Prerequisites:
      Completion of high school biology and chemistry. Completion of college level chemistry
      or concurrent enrollment recommended.

Required Textbooks & Learning Resources:
      Martini, F.H. (2006). Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology (7th Edition). San
      Francisco: Pearson Benjamin Cummings.
      Wise, E. Anatomy and Physciology: The unity of form and function (4th Edition). New
      York, N.Y.: McGraw Hill.

Students with Special Needs:
      Students who have special needs are encouraged to identify themselves to the coordinator
      of Special Student Services as early as possible. Reasonable accommodations based on
      current documentation are provided to qualified students.

Methods of Learning:
     Lab Manual Readings
       Lab Exercises
       Online: My A&P
       3 Written Exams – information from textbook and labs
              Cellular A & P
              Integumentary system
              Musculoskeletal system
              Nervous system
              Endocrine system
       Comprehensive Final Exam

Grading Scale:
      90 – 100        A
      80 – 99         B
      70 – 79         C
      60 – 69         D
      Below 60        F

Course Grading:
      Exams                                                 50%
      Lab Exercises                                         20%
      Cell Presentations                                    10%
      Comprehensive Final Exam                              20%

      Attendance for this class is mandatory; students are responsible for obtaining information
      for any missed class. Each student is expected to be on time and to stay for the entire lab
      period. Please notify your instructor via email at if you miss
      any lab. If you need to attend a different lab session please you must obtain approval of
      the instructor prior to the lab period.
      Lab exercises are due at the beginning of the next week’s lab period. They are to be
      removed from the lab manual, stapled, and rough edges removed prior to placing them on
      the instructor’s table in the front of the lab. Labs which are not turned in on time will be
      docked by one point for each day it is late.

Final Exam Policy:
       All students who maintain an average of 90% or greater immediately prior to the final
       exam will be exempt from the comprehensive final exam and will receive an A for the

Make-up Policy:
There will be 3 lab exams. Lab exams maybe made up only be made up if:
       1. The instructor is notified of the school related scheduling conflict prior to the date
           of the exam and arrangements can be made within one week of the exam.
       2. A medical note can be provided to the instructor and in this case the exam must be
           made up during office hours within one week of the student’s return to class.
       3. Proof of a death in the immediate family is provided to the instructor and in this case
          the exam must be made up during office hours within one week of the students return
          to class.

       A safety sheet will be completed by each student at the beginning of the semester and
       those policies must be followed throughout the semester.
       Soft contact lenses can be damaged by the preservatives used in specimens. This damage
       can be permanent. It is recommended that students wear glasses rather than contact for
       The following attire is required for participation in lab experiences; long sleeve shirts or
       lab coats and closed toe shoes.
       MSDS sheets are located in the lab at all times.
       Please wear minimal eye makeup (mascara) to protect the optics of the microscope.

Academic Integrity:
Academic Dishonesty will NOT be tolerated (please see the “Academic Information” section of
the Shepherd College Catalog for a description of Academic Dishonesty). All parties
participating in such activity will receive a grade of zero for the assignment. Should a second
offense occur: the party or parties will receive a final course grade of “F” and the offense will be
reported to the dean of the department.

Weather Policy:
     Class cancellations are posted on the Shepherd Website and following Shepherd policy
     will be listed on local radio stations. Students are encouraged to use their own discretion
     with regards to weather conditions in their region.

Week of     TOPICS                                 EXAMS                     LAB EXERCISES
8/21        Intro & Welcome                                                  Exercise 2 pg 17
8/28        Cellular Structures/Functions                                    Exercise 4 pg 41
9/4         Cellular Presentations
9/11        Endocrine                                                        Exercise 28 pg 355
9/18        Endocrine
9/25                                               Exam 1
10/2        Nervous System                                                   Exercise 20 pg 261
10/9        CNS & Cranial Nerves                                             Exercise 21 pg 281
10/16       Spinal Cord & Special Senses           Mid-term Grades Due       Exercise 22 pg 293
                                                                             Special Senses Worksheet
10/23                                       Exam 2
10/30     Appendicular & Axial Skeletion                              Exercise 9, 10, 11
11/6      Muscular System                                             Exercises 13, 14, 15
11/13     Muscle Physiology                                           Exercise 16, 17, 18 19
11/20-24 NO CLASS Thanksgiving Break
11/27     Integumentary System                                        Exercise 7 pg 85
12/4                                        Exam 3
12/11     Comprehensive Exam – Lab open 8am to 5pm (allow 2 hours to complete this exam)
       Changes to this course may be made solely at the discretion of the instructor

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