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              In 2002, the OSFL Law Program promoted and supported reform of the
Lithuanian legal system and of legal studies, the protection of human rights, legal
education, the creation of a free legal aid system, and anticorruption programs. This
program was implemented through close cooperation with the Constitutional and
Legislative Policy Institute (COLPI) located in Budapest by jointly financing joint
projects or by participating in initiatives proposed by COLPI. The Law Program
reflected and was also guided by the real priorities and needs of the country: to create a
legal system of high quality. In implementing these goals, the program worked together
with the Lithuanian legal community and state legal institutions.
              In 2002, the Law Program devoted most of its attention to legal education,
the provision of free legal aid, police reform, and the promotion of professional
competence. Priority was given to support for free legal aid initiatives. In Vilnius, a
Public Attorneys Office was opened which will provide state-guaranteed legal aid in
criminal cases in the offices of interrogation and investigation as well as the courts of
the City of Vilnius. This office was established by the OSFL, the Ministry of Justice,
and the Lithuanian Bar Association. This is the second legal aid institution to be
established in Lithuania and in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. The
first one began operation in Šiauliai in 2000; the Open Society Fund Lithuania also
continued support for its activity.
              This program also supported projects connected with police reform, the
problems of the training and professional improvement of officers.

              Corruption became a great concern both in the present European Union
and among its future members. Our understanding is constantly improving that poverty
and the failures of democratic reform are partly connected with corruption – and
especially with political corruption – but the means to overcome this problem often lack
substance. Therefore, it is extremely important to observe how corruption is being
fought on a national and international level. For the government and society to be
aware of existing corruption and to fight against it, we also need the independent
external observation of corruption and anticorruption policy. Precisely such a watchdog
role was performed by the Open Society Institute’s EU Accession Monitoring Program
(EUMAP), which with the help of the Lithuanian chapter of Transparency International
prepared and, in 2002, published the report for Lithuania Monitoring the EU Accession
Process: Corruption and Anticorruption Policy ( EUMAP assessed
the state of corruption and of anticorruption policy not only in Lithuania but also in
other EU candidate countries, indicated the most difficult problems for each country,
and submitted general recommendations to solve this problem. The reader may become
acquainted with the methodology of monitoring corruption and of anticorruption policy
as well as with the entire report on the Internet website
              The OSFL also participated in preparing another EUMAP report for
specialists and society: Judicial Capacity, which supplemented the report published in
2001 about judicial independence. The report on judicial capacity assesses both the
ability of judges to work competently and the organizational effectiveness of the judicial
system. The reader may also become acquainted with this report and research
methodology at the addresses indicated above.

                                 Annual report 2002                                     1
Supported projects

Public Attorneys office in Vilnius.
Founding, Organizational Activities and Legal Services                      175 331

Lithuanian University of Law.
Organization of Trafficking Workshop                                            3 374

Public Attorneys office in Vilnius.
Study of Access to State-guaranteed Professional Legal Aid in Šiauliai          3 499

Public Attorneys office in Vilnius.
Workshop “Improvement of Legal Aid System in Lithuania: Possibilities and
Recommendations”                                                                11 892

Public Attorneys office in Vilnius.
Seminar “Protection of Defendants‟ Human Rights in Criminal Procedure:
Presumption of Innocence and Client-oriented Defence                            17 174

European Law Students Association.
Conference “The International Criminal Justice”                                 1 915

Legal Aid Centre.
Expansion of Activities                                                         4 913

Transparency International Lithuanian Chapter.
Anti-corruption Training of Municipal Officials                                 7 006

Vilnius University.
Polish-EU Law School affiliated with the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University   10 380

Vilnius University.
Procedural Justice in Lithuanian Criminal Justice and Perspectives of
Alternative Justice Models                                                      14 446

Public Attorneys office in Šiauliai.
Activities and Legal Services in 2002-2003                                      68 063

Panevėžys District Police Headquarters.
National Competition in Legal Knowledge for Schoolchildren “Temidė”             7 183

Lithuanian Police Training Centre.
Adaptation and Use of Multimedia in Police Training: Domestic Violence          9 928

Lithuanian Police Training Centre.
Training of Police Officers: Strategic Planning and Resulting Management        17 542

Lithuanian National Martynas Mažvydas Library.
Books and Information Materials Acquisition for Law Reading Room                25 510

                                Annual report 2002                                      2
Lithuanian Association of Judges.
Translation and publishing of COE Edition “Administration and You”            17 886

Publishing House Justitia.
Publishing of textbook “Fundamentals of Lithuania Law”                        9 279

National Group of European Law Students’ Association.
Lithuanian Penitentiary: the Perspectives                                     3 799

Lithuanian University of Law.
Dissemination of the Findings on International survey “Violence between the
Police and Public in Lithuania”                                               3 204

Legal Aid Centre.
Supply of free Legal Aid to Socially supported People                         43 495

Law Clinics of Vilnius University.
Program for Vilnius University Law Faculty Students “Training and Legal
Aid for Socially Supported People”                                            25 254

Kaunas Lawyers’ College.
Institutional support to Kaunas Legal Aid Centre                              20 211

Initiated project.
Workshop for the Specialists of Public Attorneys office in Vilnius            700

Initiated project.
Monitoring the EU Accession Process: Corruption and Anti-corruption Policy 3 556

Initiated project.
Monitoring the EU Accession Process: Judicial Capacity (preparation of
Report)                                                                       3 227

Participation in the conferences, seminars, training

Ramunė Tamašauskaitė.
Seminar “Alternative Sentences and Probation Services in the
EU Accession Countries”                                                       407

Asta Butkutė, Lilija Chrapovickaja.
Seminar “Judicial Training Centres”                                           1 915

Aistė Prunskienė, Dalia Cymbaliuk.
Seminars “Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Abuse” and
”Rape and Sexual Abuse of Children”                                           833

Elona Norvaišaitė.
Annual Training for Law Librarians                                            520

                                 Annual report 2002                                   3
Rokas Uscila.
Workshops “Communication Skills” and “Third Part Conflict Intervention”   150

Jolanta Terese Litvinskienė.
Annual Seminar of National Legal Aid and Defenders„ Association           1 579

Aleksas Česonis.
Fifth Annual Colloquium on Clinical Legal Education                       380

Valdas Serapinas, Lina Aleknaitė.
Workshop “Training of Trainers”                                           1 688

Rimvidas Kūgis, Audronė Bugelevičienė, Jolanta Teresė Litvinskienė,
Andrius Dubinas, Linas Sesickas, Raimondas Šukys, Rimvydas Petrauskas.
Workshops “Access to Justice” and “Training of Trainers”                  7 973

Operational costs                                                         41 444

                                             Program expenditures: $565 656

                               Annual report 2002                                 4