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      HEOA Provisions
Overview of the Higher Education Opportunity Act
As you are well aware, the United States government passed the Higher Education Op-
portunity Act (HEOA) in response to increasing costs associated with higher education,
particularly textbooks and course materials.

Signed into law in August of 2008, HEOA is an extension of the original Higher Educa-
tion Act (HEA) of 1965, and requires every higher learning institution in the United States
that receives federal funding to disclose accurate course material information regarding
ISBNs and retail prices. Such measures foster fair practice and transparency by allowing
students to search for the most affordable textbook options.

Effective July 1, 2010, HEOA calls for the following provisions:
For Course Scheduling:
To the maximum extent practicable, an institution’s Internet registrar must list ISBNs and
retail prices or link them to another suitable Web site like the campus bookstore.

For College Bookstore Information:
All institutions must supply campus bookstores with the following:
      Course schedule for the next term
      Adoption information
      The number of students enrolled
      The maximum student enrollment for each course or class

Additional Provision:
Institutions offering textbook rental programs, used textbooks, guaranteed textbook
buyback programs, or alternative methods of delivering content such as eBooks are
highly encouraged to publicize information about their availabilities.

Fortunately, meeting these aforementioned conditions is easy with a partnership with
MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc.

MBS Involvement and Commitment
MBS has always supported the intentions of the HEA and has been up to date on all
renewals, including HEOA. We have developed a set of solutions that will help your
bookstore readily meet all the legislative requirements. Doing so not only highlights our
                                                  MeetingHEOA Provisions

commitment to your success, but just as importantly, provides your students with cost-
effective course materials.

The following are just some of the measures we take to ensure your bookstore is in com-
pliance with HEOA regulations:
 MBS maintains the largest inventory of money-saving used textbooks in the industry,
and we proudly deliver you these titles so you may pass on the savings to students.

 MBS provides professional buyback services including customized promotional
materials, buyback alerts sent electronically to students, the largest wholesale database
with the most priced titles in the industry, custom buyback designed for the course
materials utilized on your campus, and highly experienced field personnel dedicated to
the success of your student buyback. All this leads to more students selling more text-
books back to your store, resulting in a strong retail buyback, additional opportunities
to purchase wholesale titles, more money for your students, and more used textbooks
available from your store for the next term.

 Our efforts to provide your student customers with flexible textbook options led to
the formation of the industry’s first textbook rental solution that is fully-integrated with
the MBS POS System. We also pioneered the first comprehensive eBooks solution with
our Universal Digital Textbooks (UDT) program—giving students yet another alternative.

 By offering access to Faculty Center Network (FCN), we help your faculty streamline
their adoptions. A free service, FCN provides faculty members extensive bibliographic
information on more than 600,000 textbook titles. Not only does it help them make
informed decisions on adoptions, but by promoting timely adoption submittals, you
will be able to maximize your used textbook mix. A partnership with MBS provides you
exclusive access to FCN—no other company offers such a comprehensive tool for com-
pleting adoptions.

 MBS Faculty Center Network is completely integrated to MBS Systems inSite – mak-
ing it easy for faculty to communicate adoption data electronically to the MBS textbook
management applications. The process is completely seamless with intuitive self-guided
steps for your faculty to follow. An easier adoption process promotes faster results in
obtaining textbook adoption information.

 For more than 10 years, MBS has provided the Registrar Link feature for MBS Systems
inSite. The Registrar Link feature allows students to move directly from your school’s on-
line registrar site to MBS Systems inSite with a single click – all course materials are then
presented automatically to the student for his or her courses / sections. The provided
                                                  MeetingHEOA Provisions

information includes the ISBN and pricing for all conditions of the textbook offered (new,
used, rental, and digital).

 While competitors charge for the use of textbook cover images, we provide them
to you through inSite. Doing so ensures your students know exactly which textbook to
purchase when they are looking up their textbooks’ ISBNs from your institution’s online
course catalog or registration site.

More on MBS Systems inSite:
MBS Systems inSite is the Web commerce solution from MBS that offers full and seam-
less integration to the complete MBS Systems Retail Solution.

MBS Systems inSite was designed from the ground up to support the very special needs
of the College Bookstore.

MBS Systems inSite provides:
   Faculty Adoptions with full integration to MBS Faculty Center Network
   Commerce for Textbooks / Course Materials
   Commerce for General Merchandise / General Books
   Supports multiple credit card processors
   Supports alternative tenders (Student Financial Aid, Campus Debit, etc)
   Full integration to Blackboard TIA
   Content Manager Tool
   Full Client Services – assigned and dedicated Client Service specialist for your store to
      help you maximize all the benefits of MBS Systems inSite

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