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					The Wiggles
If you’re going to interview a Wiggle by home phone and ‘lucky’ enough to
have your kids home for the school holidays, then Murray Wiggle (he’s the red
one) is the guy you want.
With two children of his own, aged 3 and 6, he’s pretty cool about the
accompanying background din of TV, barking dog (coincidentally named
Wags) and noisy sibling altercation.
But of course, you’d expect that kind of reaction from a member of The

For nearly ten years, a Wiggles video seen once becomes an instant hit and is
played many times over. Songs like Fruit Salad, Henry the Octopus and Rock-
A-Bye Your Bear from the original video Wiggle Time have become classics.
They retain the freshness and magic that captivated the first toddler fans, and
now a whole new generation.

And for many children, a Wiggles concert is their first taste of live
performance. Murray says that it’s great fun watching the parents looking at
their children’s faces and laughing, as they respond to the songs and dances.

For those who are curious, Murray’s kids do like his music and want to listen
in the car. And he’d like to reassure all those parents who saw him recently at
the local shopping centre, son in tow dressed up as Captain Feathersword – no,
he doesn’t insist on it!

He laughs again, ‘There I was with Hamish in full costume and a show
happened to be on those banks of TVs in the centre, so he insisted we stay and
watch it.’
‘The look on the other parents’ faces was priceless, as first they noticed
Hamish and pointed him out to their children; then did a double-take when
they looked at me!’

But as Murray says, take him out of the trademark red skivvy and while
parents recognise him, children are puzzled and look everywhere but at him!

And of course, there is a Wiggles website, which is
user-friendly, bright, colourful and full of information about forthcoming
events. Murray says that the recent addition of the message board has also
been a good way to get feedback.
 He stresses, ‘We do actually respond to the messages personally and monitor
it pretty carefully.’

And perhaps that’s just one reason why the phenomenal success of ten years
shows no sign of abating. The production values may be more high tech than
before, but what hasn’t changed is that The Wiggles are genuine about getting
it right and making sure that their young audiences are having maximum fun.

The guys like children…and it shows.

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