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					                                                                                                                TO GOVERN THEMSELVES A
                                                                                                              PEOPLE MUST HAVE KNOWLEDGE

CHARGE OF TAXES YOU PAY                                                                                           TAX
MTEF was organized to provide information
and education programs about Maryland
taxes. Based on the premise of President
James Madison that a people who would gov-
ern themselves must have the knowledge to
do so.
MTEF has co-sponsored four Maryland Insti-
tutes on State Budget Analysis. MTEF re-
searches basic tax
issues to provide the
Taxpayers with infor-
mation that will as-
sist them make deci-
sions about proper
levels of State gov-                                                      MTEF
ernment spending,                                            www.MarylandTaxEducation.ORG
the tax rates and          Call MTEF. Explore
                            your tax ideas.
types of taxes that
are “best.”

MTEF will provide information and results of                  Send contributions and correspondence to:
research to news organizations, opinion                        Maryland Tax Education Foundation, Inc.
leaders, legislators, other elected officials                         103 North Adams Street
                                                                     Rockville, MD 20850-2217
                                                                                                                HELPS TAXPAYERS
and its contributors.
                                                        Phone: 301-762-3784 — E-mail: MDTAXES@AOL.COM         UNDERSTAND WHO PAYS
 A copy of our annual report is available on request.                William J. Skinner, President
                                                          MTEF is a 501(c ) (3) tax exempt organization and
                                                                   contributions are tax deductible
                                                                                                                      Tax Deductible Contribution Form
Research of Tax Issues Requires                      Property Taxes
Collecting and Analyzing Lots of                     How can elderly and others on fixed in-                Individual Contributor Levels                    Amount Enclosed

Data: This takes Time and Expertise.                 comes continue to pay more and more                           Free State Club       $10,000 or more      $

                                                     property taxes?   What can be done in                         Admiral Level          $1,000 to 9,999    $
                                                     Maryland to allow these people to keep                        Leadership Level         $500 to 999      $
                                                     their homes? Do businesses pay adequate
                                                     property taxes?                                               Tax Educator Level        $100 to 499     $

    MTEF needs enough resources to collect                                                                         Basic Member                $25 to 99     $

    the data. Budget books, legislative re-          MTEF believes you deserve the information                     Corporate Sponsor $500 to $2,499          $
    ports, and tax information needed to             to answer these questions.
    study the tax issues most important to                                                                         Corporate Benefactor over $2,500          $
    Marylanders could fill a large room.             Project $1.1 Billion Recovery                            I prefer to contribute by installments of

    MTEF needs to have experts review and            MTEF is providing administrative support to this         $_______ per _________(period).                         Total:
    analyze the available data and de-               important effort that challenges the legal fees
    velop policy options that will resolve the       being charged to Maryland Taxpayers for rep-
    issues in conformance with MTEF’s goals.         resentation in the State’s lawsuit and settlement

    MTEF is governed by a Board of Direc-            with the Tobacco Companies.
    tors from which officers are elected an-
    nually to serve the purposes of the                When the State’s lawyer refused to follow the
    Board.                                           Attorney General’s direction in the suit and re-     Address
                                                     fused to go the special fund set up for attorney
                Contributions to MTEF are tax        fees, lawsuits were filed. The work done, the
                           deductible under the      State argued to the arbitrators, was worth
                           Internal Revenue          nearly $28 million. Tobacco company lawyers
                           Code as MTEF has          told the arbitrators the work was worth $128         Phone

                           been approved by          million. But the State’s lawyer wants $1.1 Billion
                           the IRS as a 501( c)      after breaching the contract with the State .in        Method of Payment
                           (3) organization. A       several ways        MTEF agrees a proper fee
                                                     should be determined by the Courts under Rule                Check Enclosed
                           copy of MTEF’s ap-
                           proval letter is avail-   1.5
                           able on request. This                                                                  Bill Me
                                                       MTEF is looking for funds to make this issue
    MTEF educates the Tax- means you can help        come out better for the Taxpayers. If you want
    payer on the options.  educate others about                                                            Signature
                           taxes and take a tax      to support Project $1.1 Billion Recovery mark
                                                     your check “Tobacco Case.”
    Pension Doubts
    Will state government workers actually           Unconstitutional Taxes                   Is
                                                                                                                        Send contributions and correspondence to:
                                                                                                                        Maryland Tax Education Foundation, Inc.
    receive the greatly enhanced pension             spending surplus tax revenues constitu-                                    103 North Adams Street
    benefits promised to them after the cur-         tional? Does Maryland have spending un-                                  Rockville, MD 20850-2217
    rent Governor and Legislature are gone.          der proper controls? What happened to
    Federal law requires private employers           the balanced budget concept that was sold                    
    to have the money available, but does it         to the people? What about taxes that are
    make the State do the same? In twenty            defined as “service charges,” “fees,” and “
                                                                                                             Phone: 301-762-3784 — E-mail: MDTAXES@AOL.COM
    years, will the pension fund deficit still       benefits.” From property taxes to income
                                                                                                                         William J. Skinner, President
    exist. MTEF will research and demon-             taxes, there are real issues needing study
                                                                                                                 MTEF is a 501(c ) (3) tax exempt organization and contributions are tax
    strate the facts.                                                                                                                          deductible
                                                     and action.

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