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July 31, 2008
                                                                          Contact: William Mecke
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        Xpress Riders Saving $2,300/Year Over Driving Alone

                   More Trips, More Parking Added to Meet Demand
                 BrandsMart Stockbridge Latest Park and Ride Partner

        Atlanta – Xpress riders are saving more than $2,300 per year instead of driving alone
based on today’s gas prices, according to an analysis released today by Xpress and the American
Public Transportation Association (APTA). According to the “Transit Savings Report,” a person
using Xpress can save an average of $193 per month based on today’s gas price of $3.886 as
reported by AAA in Atlanta, GA.

       Riders who can live with one less car in their household and use Xpress instead can save
as much as $659 a month or more than $7,900 a year.

        “Metro Atlantans are already taking advantage of the savings transit provides,” said
Georgia Regional Transportation Authority Executive Director Dick Anderson. “Xpress average
daily boardings are now well over 10,000, up almost 60% from January and up 95% in the last
year. We’ve added new routes and trips on existing routes to serve that demand, as well as
forged new partnerships to open up more parking for our riders.”

         The newest Xpress park and ride lot is located at BrandsMart at 4000 Mt. Zion Boulevard
in Stockbridge, GA, just west of I-75 Exit 228. Beginning Monday, August 18, 2008 the
BrandsMart lot will serve the 7:00, 7:30, and 8:00 a.m. and the return 5:02, 5:32 and 6:02 p.m.
trips of Xpress Route 432 Stockbridge to Downtown. Parking for Xpress riders will be on the Mt.
Zion Boulevard side of the BrandsMart building.

         Carpools and vanpools that previously used the park and ride lot on Highway 138 at I-75
exit 228 will be accommodated at BrandsMart as well, using the strip of parking that faces I-75
in front of the BrandsMart building. The earlier morning and afternoon trips of Xpress Route
432, and all of the Xpress Route 431 Stockbridge to Midtown Atlanta trips, will continue to be
served from the park and ride station on Highway 138 at I-75 exit 228.

         Other efforts to improve service for Xpress riders include a renovation of the park and
ride station in Hiram, which will begin in late August, Cobb County’s expansion of the park and
ride lot in Acworth, and the purchase of 28 additional coaches using funds provided through
Governor Sonny Perdue’s Fast Forward program. The coaches will be delivered between late
November 2008 and April 2009.

        Longer term projects include new park and ride lots and related new or improved
service at Sigman Road and Salem Road in Conyers, Jodeco Road in McDonough, Bright Star
Road in Douglasville, Town Center in North Cobb County, and Tara Boulevard in Jonesboro. U.S.
Senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss and U.S. Representatives Hank Johnson and David
Scott have been instrumental in supporting Xpress’s 2009 federal funding requests for these

How the Savings Were Calculated

        The savings for Xpress riders were calculated using formulas provided by APTA, the
Xpress 31-day unlimited ride pass price of $80, and the July 31, 2008 $3.886 average cost of a
gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Atlanta as reported in the AAA Fuel Gauge Report at

        APTA calculates the average cost of taking public transit by determining the average
monthly transit pass of local public transit agencies across the country. This information is
based on the annual APTA fare collection survey and is weighted based on ridership (unlinked
passenger trips). The assumption is that a person making a switch to public transportation
would likely purchase an unlimited pass on the local transit agency, typically available on a
monthly basis.

         APTA then compares the average monthly transit fare to the average cost of driving.
The cost of driving is calculated using the 2008 AAA average cost of driving formula. AAA cost of
driving formula is based on variable cost and fixed cost. The variable cost includes the cost of
gas, maintenance and tires. The fixed cost includes insurance, license registration, depreciation
and finance charges. The comparison also uses the average mileage of a mid-size auto at 23.4
miles per gallon and today’s price for self-serve regular unleaded as recorded by AAA at $3.909
per gallon. The analysis also assumes that a person will drive an average of 15,000 miles per
year. The savings assumes a two person household will live with one less car.

      To calculate your individual savings with or without car ownership, go to

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