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patriotic inspirational quotes by localh

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									                       Additional Resources—
                 Materials, Sample News Release,
           Songs, Quotes, Intellectual Freedom Brochure

                                 Materials/Supplies Available

Bill of Rights Institute (seminars for teachers, lesson plans, materials for purchase including
Laminated Bill of Rights Wallet Cards, pocket constitution for $1.

Constitution Day, Inc
Pocket constitutions $1, quantities are less; other mementos.

Illinois First Amendment Center
Order free... Curriculum
Free posters

Liberty Day; 303-333-3434,

National Archives in Spanish
Spanish resources such as the Constitution.

National Center for Constitutional Studies
A special edition copy identical in spelling, capitalization and punctuation. Also includes the
Bill of Rights, Amendments 11-27, The Declaration of Independence, and a complete index of
the Constitution.

Oriental Trading Company
Flags of all types, bunting, tattoos. Enter the name of the item you’re searching for.
Many selections, many inexpensive prices.
Attached you will find a sample of the flag glitter tattoo, Item Number: IN-35/328
                                  Patriot Act Brochure

“What You Should Know About the USA Patriot Act,” brochure created by the Intellectual
Freedom Committee of the Colorado Association of Libraries.

                        Sample News Release and Press Advisory

See pages 4 and 5 from the National Constitution Center.

                         Web Sites with Lyrics to Patriotic Songs

   •   Patriotic & Inspirational Songs of America
   •   Patriotic Lyrics
   •   Patriotic Melodies from the Library of Congress, includes recordings!
   •   Scouts’ Virtual Song Book, patriotic songs

                             Web Sites with Patriotic Quotes


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