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					Makeup Application Tutorial
Items needed for this tutorial are as listed below. I've included name brands and colors for ease of use.

Items needed:
Rimmel London eye shadow quads in Smoky Noir (grays) and Smoky Brun (browns)
Face powder in a color that best matches your ladies skin tone
Blusher powder in your choice of color (best selections will be a light pink or peach or a pinky peach color)
Facial cleaning wipes (I use the Equate brand from Wal-Mart)
L'Oreal Infallible lip gloss (color up to you)
Cotton swabs (Q-tips)
Soft cloth
Small basin of water
Makeup brushes (I use a set put out by Eco Tools can be found in Walgreens. I highly recommend this set as the brush
fibers do not fall out like others I've used.)
Your doll head on her stand and setup close to eye level in a well lit room so you are able to see what you are doing. Be
sure that the stand is nice and stable, and be sure to remove the wig.

Makeup Removal
Remove any trace makeup or makeup that is left on your ladies face. We want a clean slate in order to reapply makeup.

This is where I use the Equate face wipes. Take your time while removing makeup and be gentle around the eyelashes.
If needed wrap the wipe around a cotton swab and swipe gently the area above the eye to remove the shadow and

Note - If the facial wipes start drying out on you over time, you can just run them under some water to re-dampen.
Once you've completely removed all makeup, then take your soft towel and dip a corner into your water and wring out
the excess water. Wipe the face down gently to remove any leftover chemicals from the face wipe and makeup, then
blot dry with the dry end of the towel.

Take your face power and a large fluffy brush and powder her face. You will want to take the brush and put it on your
powder and in a swirling motion pickup powder from the container. Then tap gently to remove excess. The powder her
face all over lightly.

Note - When applying makeup for your lady, eyebrows are always first and lipstick is always last. Eyebrows define her
eye area for you. Lipstick is last due to smearing problems if you were to do it first.

If your lady love is going to have black hair then using a black for eyebrows is acceptable, for everything else, go with a
brown, yes even the blondes. You can select a lighter brown, but you will still want a brown in order to define the face.
Notice on your ladies face (Ruby13 specific) the area above the eye. There is an impression of an eyebrow. This will be
where you will place your eyebrow for your lady.

Open the Rimmel Smoky Brun/Smokey Noir eye shadow and select the color brown/black you are wanting to use. With
the smallest end of the application that is in this package, sweep the applicator across the color in the pack. be sure to
coat the tip good. Then with a light touch sweep the eye shadow on this ridge for the eyebrow. The line should be
thickest towards the nose and thinnest towards the ear. Go with small short strokes until you get what you are wanting.
Do not worry about excess powder flaking off. You can blow this off the face and then clean up with a cotton swab once
you are done.

After cleaning up your lines, take your fluffy brush and very lightly brush across the brow line to smooth.
Eye shadow
When using eye shadow you will want to select a shade that will go with your lady's eyes and complexion, so use
common sense.

On Bonnie I've decided to use the Rimmel Smoky Noir eye shadow quad.

In the crease (the area closest to the lash line), use the darker gray color, not the black and with the same motion I
outlined before, apply the color to the small end of the applicator and then sweep it gently across the lash line area,
right up to the deep crease of the lid.

Next flip your applicator over to the larger end and sweep the applicator over the second lightest color in the shadow
pack, and sweep this color right next to your dark color, right at the crease of the lid and a little bit above.
Then lastly flip the large end side of the applicator over and sweep it across the lightest color in the shadow pack and
apply to the area above the crease and to the brow line. This will be where you are blending all of the colors together to
make them cohesive. You do NOT want to see a definitive line between all of the colors, you will want them to blend

It will take time and patience and practice. But you will learn this technique. It is the easiest of them to learn.

Note - When applying eye shadow, you want to go from the inner corner of the eye to the where the brow line stops. No
farther. The cat-eyed look has been dead since the 80s.

You will use your same Rimmel Smoky Noir eye shadow quad, and the small side of the applicator. Go ahead and sweep
your applicator in the black eye shadow, be sure to get the sides of the applicator loaded up with the black color.

Now take your lady's head the best way possible for you and with a light touch apply the liner around the bottom and
sides inside the eye socket. You will want to be sure to apply enough so it is visible but not too much so she will look like
a lady wearing a raccoon's mask. If you feel it is needed you can apply all the way around the underside of the eye
If you get any on the eyeballs themselves, you can use a cotton swab afterwards to remove it and any excess around the
eyes. Be sure to use a clean swab for each stroke of clean up, otherwise you will be smearing black shadow all over her
Get your big fluffy brush and load it up with the blush. In order to do this, follow the blush powder in a circular motion
in the container, go around twice and then tap the brush lightly to remove excess powder.

Apply the blush to the face in an upward sweeping motion from the apple of the cheek towards the ear. Please note the
placement of my brush in the photo below . This will help you out determining the blush placement. Do this lightly once
and apply as one stroke at the time until you get the desired color. Please note you do not want this to look like a line of
color on her cheeks. It can make for a very clownish appearance.

Once you get the desired effect, take your brush and sweep it across your towel to clean the blush from it and then get
more face powder and sweep it lightly over the cheeks to blend the color.
Get your L'Oreal Infallible lip-gloss and apply to the lips, following the natural contour and outline that is already there
for you. This has been the easiest lipstick/gloss that I've found to work on these ladies.

And the finished face.

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