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Rachel Adams

News, reviews, gossip, latest product info & more

 Intro Bit             – 03
 Sparkle               – 04
 Tilly’s Blog          – 05
 Girl of the Month     – 06
 What Credit Crunch?   – 08
 Teela’s Tips          – 09
 Tea Girls             – 10
Intro bit..
Next Tea with Teela evening is on the 18th May - starts
at 7pm but doors open at 5pm if you want to use the
changing facilities
Hey girls,
                                    Although I was stuck in an arm-
Hope you are all enjoying this      chair with my feet up on the last
gorgeous spring weather, let’s      Tea with Teela it was a fabulous
hope it lasts for both of our May   evening with lots and lots of gor-
Bank Holidays!!                     geous girls turning up. Was it
                                    because we were doing a presen-
The latest on my ankle is that      tation on skin care or was it the
I am still to take plenty of rest   warmer and lighter nights? Who
with my feet up but that isn’t      knows, maybe a mixture of both
going to stop me working – oh       but nevertheless it was a lovely
no! I am now taking bookings        evening judging by the continu-
so please give me a call and get    ous laughter I heard throughout.
yourself booked in as soon as pos-
sible.                              Thanks go to Natalie for such an
                                    interesting and informative pres-
A couple of friends have volun-     entation – see Tilly’s Blog!
teered to be “my legs” and help out
with my 5* & 3* dressing service Next tea evening will be the 18th
appointments. Those of you who May. Pics from last time are at
regularly attend Tea with Teela     the back.
evenings you will know Mrs Kate
(Shirley) and Emma who are          Love
both kindly donating their time Teela-Jane
to help me. My heartfelt thanks
to both of you.

 Look and feel fantastic - have a make-over for
 that special Sparkle party night only £30

 Volunteers Wanted                               Make-over

 As mentioned last month, there will be a        PLEASE don’t leave it too late to book your
 Transpose stand in Sackville Gardens            Sparkle make-over, slots are already starting
 on the Saturday afternoon with photos of        to fill up.
 make-overs, albums, prize draws, free wine
 & nibbles, demonstrations and of course         Remember the price of the Sparkle make-
 Teela & Natalie to talk the hind legs off you   over hasn’t changed now for 3 years – a
 all!!!                                          bargain at £30!!

 We are looking for 3-4 volunteers to spare      How many times have you put aside a
 a couple of hours on the Sparkle Saturday       good hour or so to do your make-up only
 afternoon, starting at 12 noon to hand out      to find that the whole thing goes horribly
 a few leaflets.                                 wrong? I takes longer than you thought,
                                                 panic sets in and then you get mascara
 There is a BUT!! You will have to wear a tee-   everywhere, your nail varnish smudges,
 shirt with “Teela’s Angels” on.                 eye shadow looks different on each eye
                                                 resulting in a lack of confidence and a
 So, if you are going anyway and would like      ruined night out .............. having a make-
 to help out please let us know by phone or      over will eliminate all that stress coz you
 email.                                          know you will look bloody fantastic for your
                                                 night out.

                                                 For just £30 what have you got to lose?
                                                 Remember, if you are a member of
                                                 Transpose, you will also get your discount.

                                                 So come on, what you waiting for? Book in
                                              Now is the time to start looking at your skin
                             Tilly’s          routines, both face and body, so you can
                                              peel back the layers with confidence in the
                             Blog             sunshine. I shall be extolling the wonders of
                                              various products over the coming months
                                              telling you my experiences, outcomes and
                                              any disasters that may occur and would
                                              positively encourage you to email me with
                                              your own – ‘share the love’ as they say.

                                              For those of you who use or would like to
                                              use fake tan products I shall be on hand to
                                              outline the preparations you should use to
                                              get the best results, and help with product
Well here we are a 3rd of the way through     suggestions.
2009, spring is in the air and summer is
creeping up slowly. I must have blinked and   For those of you who like to be ‘English
missed February and March – where did         Roses’ then making sure your skin is
they go?                                      protected from the sun will help avoid
                                              discolouration, burning and dehydration
Ugh my year not going according to plan       keeping your skin tone even.
so far, my lovely perm is turning out to be
even harder to control than my 16 year        Teela sells a product called “spray on
old son, my diet has pretty much been         stockings” for those of you who want an
abandoned due to Teela’s sore foot (my        instant but not permanent tan. The results
excuse and am sticking to it!) and the        are quite amazing actually and this stuff just
New Years resolution of becoming more         sprays on and then washes off with soap in
organised at home is now being viewed         a shower.
more as a mere suggestion than a plan!
                                              Please feel free to email either myself or
On a more positive note many of you           Teela for further information on Trans-pose
attended the tea night on Monday              Skin Therapy. natalie.atkinson@trans-pose.
last and very kindly sat (some slept I        com
noticed!!) through my lecture (woops sorry
– presentation :-) on the why’s and what’s    Luv
of a good skin routine. Hard copies are
available should you so desire a reminder.    Natalie
Mandy won the Freebie Offer posted of a
facial from last March’s newsletter and was
happy to endorse the pampering session,
and even promised to have another one! I
would like to thank her for her support and
for being my first victim lol!
“Anyone reading this should really contact this
lovely lady and let her work her magic on you.
Her results will amaze”

                                                                  Rachel Adams, April 2009

Girl of the month
Rachel Adams.........
Rachel first came to see me earlier on this     As for Teela herself, no other word to
year and these pictures were taken at our       describe her but ‘wonderful’. So cheerful,
second photo shoot which took place mid         welcoming and friendly - so easy to get
April.                                          on with. The services she offers us girls are
                                                second to none and anyone reading this
Because of my ankle situation, I was            should really contact this lovely lady and let
unable to move around and apart from            her work her magic on you. Her results will
applying the make-up, Rachel did very           amaze”
much everything else including making the
coffee. Instead of me looking after her, she
looked after me. We still managed to get
some nice photos done though despite my
mobility problems.

Special thanks to another Rachel - Rachel
Green - who mentioned Transpose on
her TV Chix profile where Rachel Adams
spotted it - you see it does work!!

Here is Rachel’s own words:
“I first got to know about Teela and
Transpose by chance through another
website. I was amazed by the results of her
makeovers and so contacted her for an
appointment for a 5star. I was blown away
with the results I got and have since been
to see her again I will definitly be making a
regular visit.

 what credit crunch?
 Visit the Transpose Shop

 Just a reminder that the Transpose    • Sunglasses from £5
 shop is open for all your girly       • Bras from £1
 purchases. Although it’s not fully    • Panties from 50p
 decorated yet there is nothing        • Lingerie sets from £5
 stopping you coming in and having a   • Shapewear & gaffs all on offer
 look at the goodies on sale.
                                      Dont forget the exchange rail either -
 We are confident that you could      bring in your own clothes for sale and
 purchase a complete look from a wig earn points.
 to shoes and everything in between
 for a whole lot less than you think.

 Here are some of our pricing:-

 • Wigs (new) from £10
 • Shoes & Boots from £5
 • Handbags from £2
 • Hosiery from £1
 • Breast Forms from £80
 • Make-up, nail varnish, brushes, •
   make-up bags, beard cover, etc
   starting at just £1
 • Scarves £3
 • All dresses £5
 • Any top £3
 • All skirts (except leather) £3
 • Leather skirts £5
 • Leather trousers £5
 • Jewelry starting at just 50p
 • Watches from £5
Website update
With having plenty of time
on my hands lately, its given
me the opportunity to get
some work done on the

Could all of those girls who
have visited Transpose for
a 5* make-over and would
like their pictures to appear
in the gallery, please get in
touch and we will get this
sorted. Apologises for this
taking such a long time to
sort out.

Teela’s Tips
Draw the line!                    • Use a softer touch (less
                                    pressure) when applying
                                                                     • Apply a touch of shimmer
                                                                       eye shadow in white or a
Lining & defining are the eye                                          light neutral to the inner
                                    liner to bottom lashes.
opening experience you need                                            corner of your eyelids.
                                  • Always smudge and blend!
to help your eyes live up to                                         • Exaggerate your shadow
                                  • Use a white liner on the
their potential.                                                       and mascara a bit.
                                    lower rim of your eyes to
                                                                     • Well-shaped brows play a
                                    open them up.
Here are my tips for perfect                                           key role; you want them to
eye liner.                                                             “frame” your face, not your
                                  You’ve been framed                   glasses.
• Apply eye liner first, before   Many of you wear glasses but
  eye shadow. The shadow                                             If you want any help with
                                  do you know how to change
  will soften the line for a      your makeup so your eyes are       either of these techniques,
  beautiful, natural look.        at an advantage?                   come and see Teela at
• Use short strokes instead                                          Sparkle.
                                  Glasses really draw attention
  of one continuous line, and
                                  to your eyes... there are tricks
  don’t extend line too much
                                  you need to know to bring it
  past outer lid.                 all into focus.
- 10

- 11
- 12
- 13
46-50 Station Road
Ellesmere Port
CH65 4BQ

Tel: 0151 356 8555
Mobile : 07931 311 115



  From M53 (Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port)
  Come off at Junc 9 towards town centre. Take
  IMMEDIATE right turn into the arcade of shops.
  Park in the nearby free parking, feet from the
  door or in the church car park around the corner.
  Entrance is next to the Accountants.

                                        SHOP opening hours:-

                                        Mon - Wednesday 9:00 - 17:00
                                        Thursday 9:00 - 20:00
                                        Saturday 9:00 - 13:00
                                        Please telephone ahead

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