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					FBP Scripts

   Out in the cold- Shadow and Juno get kicked out of town for being big freaking assholes and find the
    flier talking of the magical Fogey Oaks Retirement home. The convention passed through 10 years
    earlier and left fliers all over the planet…

   Costs a Nickle- After raiding a Liquor store for every can of beer they have, Shadow and Juno decide
    to take a tour of the huge ‘NOG’ factory in the industrial city, Sashimi. They hijack a robot and fill it
    with beer, but the evil military backing NOG begins to chase them to get the bot back. The Bot Shows
    off its new ‘Random Jump’ function and saves the day.

   Dessert Trail- Shadow discovers that wandering frozen tundras isn’t as easy as he had come to expect
    and begins to lose hope when he and his drinking buddy happen upon a nice little town. Now the only
    problem is getting past the angry Snow Dragon…

   Egg-actly what you DON’T need- On a mission to rescue Henry’s wife’s egg, Shadow and Juno run
    afoul the Manic, hero worshiping Strife who isn’t going to give the egg back without a fight. (Strife)
(Yuna Song, Burning city at the end, Flier #2)

   Training for trouble- Their last little battle left the town in ruins, so Shadow and Juno skipped Town
    on the Frosty Freight Train (FART Frozen Automotive Rapid Transit). It doesn’t last long though,
    because the Recolor Army has tracked them down and make a railway attempt at Capturing backt heir
    robot and bringing the Duo to recolored Justice.

   Killer Feeling- The two heroes park it in the town at the end of the railway after a narrow escape,
    making time to stop by a bar and hang out, reflecting on their…interesting pasts for a while. It seems
    they were followed by the army the whole way though, so they try to make an escape through random
    jump. Something gives way and they find themselves in a new dimension, with someone equally as
    bizarre there to teach them a lesson in lashing out. (I, the Merchant)

    Many Happy Returns- Juno and Shadow get back to their rightful dimension, only to discover the
     botched Random Jump sent them right back to the same city, only dropped on the top of a 15 story
     building. They then meet the military’s newest version of their Recolor Robots.
(Introduce BigArm. Features them Finding their third flier)

  Opposite of Society- Shadow and Juno find themselves in a old city, currently inhabited by recolor
   robots. Deciding they’d rather skip out on the gunfire and death, the two find their way into the deep
   forest on the edge of town. Here it seems they aren’t alone, and a near fatal experience brings them to
   Meet Zhilo and the Outkasts. After spending a day or so with them, an attack on their normally well
   guarded base drives them to finally move on into the world. And unfortunately, they just happened to
   have chosen the two WORST travelling partners for the job.
(Meet Zhilo, Irvine, Hazzardous, and Girlsie.)

True Power- Irvine Discovers an ability he never knew he had. (Getting to know Zhilo and Irvine)
Rocking this city~ Juno and shadow make city (meet Nate and Sonicc500)
FART with the Man who owns~Meet Dr34d
The Legend of Silvermoon and the Were-Humans
Ninja Perverts~ Shadow ninja Versus the three warriors.
Regrets~ Concupiscence
Girlsie’s Day off~ Girlsie’s past
Father’s legacy~ Exploring underground hazz’s dad and the Six Eye
Captured Recolors~Raptors
Shadow captured~Race for realization (Boss battle Shadow vs Juno)
Shadow and Juno Save Christmas Special
Glitches aren’t cool~ Digital experience
A Challenge to Dr34d pt1- Dr34d powers up.
A Challenge to Dr34d pt2~ Super Shadow vs. Giga Dr34d
The Tree of tales- Fliers everywhere, it seems the convention went through here many times.
Meeting the Dark master~ Dark master hands shadow his ass after shadow demands to be his student.
The Dark Carverns~ Shadow trains deep in the darkness to learn the universal secret.
Backstabbers~ History of the military and betrayal of the recolors.(Sonic500 / Aether)
Manga-reverse~ OMA and the Wildcard chibis (Dread’s defeat)
Three titans~ Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails become gods.
Underwater Exploration~Juno’s past
~Triple Trouble Gwinbees
Ghost city~ Gwinbees Strike back
Mechamaniac’s Casino~Girlsie kidnapped
~Founding the Military
What we need~ Race down the endless caverns for the Obligatory glowing gem of awesome power. (Sonic
500’s revenge)(Dragon flies)
At long last~ City in the fog (Girlsie’s goodbye)(Ninja’s wife, Tear of Aqualzar)
Burning Rangers~ Final attack on NOGM HQ. (Ninja Cast returns)
The finish line~ Taking out the HQ for good (Final battle with DC and Dr34d)
Warm Fuzzies- Epilogue

38 Episodes

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