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         Asked        Wedding Cake Design by Alphorn Bakery

Q.      What flavors are available for Wedding Cakes?
A.      Some of our most popular and unique Wedding Cake flavors are Italian Cream, Raspberry
        Amaretto, Strawberry Bavarian, and White Chocolate Mousse Apricot. Other exquisite flavors are
        Kahlua, Orange Grand Marnier, Pineapple, Lemon, Strawberry and Raspberry. We can also
        accommodate almost any other flavor you desire.

Q.      How many fillings should I select?
A.      We do not recommend more than two flavors because you may run out of cake if people want to
        try each flavor. However, if you want several fillings, there will be no additional charge at Alphorn

Q.      What flavors are available for Groom’s Cakes?
A.      Many flavors are available, but some of the most popular ones are: Viennese, Chocolate
        Decadence, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet and Spice Cake. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries on top
        are a nice addition to the Groom’s cake.

Q.      Is there a set-up and delivery charge?
A.      There are no set-up or delivery charges.

Q.      When is the cake baked?
A.      Two days before your wedding, we will bake your cake. A cake should not be baked and filled on
        the same day.

Q.      Is the cake ever frozen?
A.      We will never freeze your wedding cake. It is always delivered fresh.

Q.      How long can I freeze the top layer of my wedding cake?
A.      If it is wrapped correctly, you can eat it on your 1 wedding anniversary. About 50% of the brides
        follow this tradition.

Q.      Can I have fresh flowers on my wedding cake?
A.      As long as the flowers are at your reception location by an agreed upon time, we will decorate
        your cake with fresh flowers at no additional charge.

Q.      What are the cake common sizes and how many people will each size feed?

           Cake Size      Number of People Fed            Cake Size     Number of People Fed
          6 Inches                15                     12 Inches              55
          7 Inches                20                     14 Inches              75
          8 Inches                25                     16 Inches              95
          9 Inches                30                     18 Inches              125
          10 Inches               35                     20 Inches              150

Q.      Why should I choose Alphorn Bakery to make my wedding or groom’s cake?
A.      Our cakes are considered to be the ultimate finale for elegant occasions, consisting of multiple
        layers of moist, European-style cakes alternating with luxurious butter cream, mousse, fresh fruit
        or liqueur fillings of your choice. Our affordable and delicious cakes are created by a professional
        and friendly staff who understand how important your special day is and believe in putting the
        customer first.
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