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  Offshore banking website, offers expedited bank account setups in Panama. is an offshore banking website that has geared up to offer offshore bank accounts,
                offshore corporations and offshore foundations in Panama and beyond.

Panama City, Panama: December 03, 2007 – Offshore Legal Services is an offshore banking company
located in Panama City, Panama. The company is a licensed law firm within the republic of Panama and
only hires completely licensed lawyers. is allowing the company to set up offshore
banking accounts in as little as 3 to 5 business days through expedited bank account setup. This is an
improved time frame compared to how long it normally takes to set up a bank account in Panama.

Offshore Legal Services specializes in offshore asset protection, offshore corporations, offshore
foundations and offshore banking. The company focuses on these four facets of secure asset
protection as a way to deliver the complete solution to their clients. The company recognizes that
offshore banking is a key component in any structure for asset protection, which is why they are
so diligent when it comes to ensuring that the assets of their clients are secured in stable

There are a large number of different advantages to banking using an offshore account. Offshore
Legal Services establishes strong relationships with large and trusted banks in Panama in order to
allow clients to create Panama offshore bank accounts in as little as three to five days. There a
couple of different ways through which someone can open an offshore bank account.

What most people do not realize is that banking institutions in Panama will not open offshore
bank accounts unless the client has been introduced through a reliable source. Offshore Legal
Services is an experienced law firm that delivers the right services to make opening an offshore
bank account an easy task without charging an arm and a leg in the process.

Offshore Legal Services is a licensed law firm in Panama City, Panama that specializes in corporation,
foundation and offshore banking. The company is revolutionizing the process of setting up offshore bank
accounts by drastically decreasing the time that they take to set up. Offshore Legal Services is not a
banking institution, but works as a mediating party between clients and banking industries. For more
information about Offshore Legal Services and their expedited offshore bank account setup, visit or contact

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