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					The Official Newsletter of Projects Abroad - ARGENTINA                     January 08   Issue No. 5


   -   Editorial                                   -     Argentinian Recipe

  -    Jesus Maria                                 -     Placement Experience

  -    Social Meetings                             -     Birthdays

  -    Family of the month                         -     A word from the Staff

                       GOOD BYE 2007, WELCOME 2008….!

                      It is time to make a balance of our lives; our successes and
                      failures, and from there we can improve, grow up and make
                      new projects.

                      This is important for our professional life to work with morals
                      and the excellence that everyone expects of us, to improve
                      our humanity and to be better human beings.

                   2007 has been, for us, a growth year in all aspects. We
  opened new DENTISTRY AND JOURNALISM projects that will have the first
  volunteers in 2008, we have opened a new office, and we grew to add more
  staff. We have a new person working as OFFICER MANAGER - called
  Mariana Beja. She is the SPANISH COURSE SUPERVISOR and she does
  her work really well. So, WELCOME DEAR MARIANA!!!!

  Thanks to all the volunteers that came here to work in each Project, we
  recognise that you worked with effort and love in each place. We know
  everyone left happy for everything that they did here, we also knew that there
  were a few that were waiting for something else, that what they did in their
  jobs were not enough, but even they enjoyed happy moments with your
  families and partners that will always remember you.

  To find out that there were some volunteers that expect ”something else” is
  important for us because we have to think how can we change some things,
  and also to prepare the volunteers and help them to understand the

  Thank you to all the host families that accept all these “half sons” for a wile
  and keep contact with them for ever. Thank you!!!

  We say good-bye to 2007 with happiness to have had you all with us, to know
  you, trying to make you happy with your experience. We wish for 2008 that all
  your wishes and dreams came true and in any moment of this life be together
                             ¡¡¡HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008!!!

                                                                  Susana La Rosa
                                                                  Country Director                                                               2
Jesus Maria

 Festival de Doma y folklore                     (Festival of Taming and Folklore)

 From the 4th of january until the 14th, there is a huge festival in Argentina. It takes
 place in Jesus Maria, a small town located 58km away from Cordoba city.

 During the year of 1965, a group of neighbours gathered in the Primer
 Teniente Morandini School to partake in another meeting of the cooperative
 society. The idea was to raise funds to ensure the continuity of the education
 of the students. The then police officer Enrique Jarbas Pereyra put forward the
 idea of making a horse taming festival on a national scale. The birth date for
 the first summoning was January 8th of 1966.

 So it happened that among the singing, chords of the guitars, the plunging of
 nervous colts and the skills of the brave gauchos, the 'Festival de Doma y
 Folklore de Jesus Maria' came to life, an event that has hence taken place
 year upon year as a token of tradition and national folklore.

 Each ensuing edition of this festival uninterruptedly performed since, draws
 large crowds, which surpass by far 200,000 souls throughout ten nights of
 colour and daring manhood.                                                                   3
Social meetings

 Every month we organise a social event especially for the volunteers. It’s a
 great opportunity to get to know each other and have fun. Allyson, Anne and
 Suji tell us about our last weekend in Icho Cruz.

  First we ´d like to thank Ines for putting the
  weekend together!

  Last Saturday we met at the office for a
  weekend in Icho Cruz. We packed ourselves
  into the cars and drove 60 km to the hostel. It
  was located right beside the river and all 6
  volunteers shared a room.

  Upon arrival we headed quickly for the beach.
  The day was spent sunbathing and playing in
  the water, drinking wine from melons and
  getting sunburn.                                                        4
                                        After a quick nap we made for the
                                        town to eat dinner at an outdoor
                                        parilla. The weather turned cold
                                        and we were without warm
                                        clothes, but it was a nice change
                                        from the heat of the day. The café
                                        had live music. On the way home
                                        we stopped to buy firewood, and
                                        made a great fire on the beach.
                                        (until the police came to put it

Sunday was cold and rainy, and we
walked what seemed like a lifetime
(carrying all on food and drinks) to
another part of the river.
We enjoyed our time together talking,
while Nelson made chorizo sausage
on the parilla for choripan.                                              5
After a quiet day together we made our way back to the office tired but
                                               By Anne, Suji and Allyson.

THE LETTUCE…                                              6
  Family of the month

The Luque Family Joined Projects Abroad a few months ago. This month they
were named the family of the month by the first volunteers living with them.
Let’s read what they wrote about their Argentinean family.

After living with Elena and Pepe Luque for two and three months, respectively,
Allyson and I whole-heartedly nominate our family for Family of the Month. I can still
remember my first day in Argentina. When the taxi dropped me off at the Luque
house, Elena and Pepe actually ran out of the house to greet me. They gave me
huge kisses on the cheek and then promptly brought me inside to eat something.
That is when I knew that everything would definitely be alright. Later, when I asked
them why they decided to essentially ¨adopt¨ two girls that they did not even know,
their answer to me was that both their own children had left the house and they had
lots of space and time. I do not want to speak for them, but I know that I am
extremely happy and grateful that they heard about Projects Abroad by word of
mouth and decided to take a chance on us. In a strange twist of fate, they both
actually remind me of my own parents back in the United States. Elena worries in a
grandmotherly way about us both, and Pepe is loud and opinionated, but a child at
heart. I even have a pet for the very first time, and I could not have asked for a better
dog than Camila, who is definitely crazy but we all love her anyway. In all
seriousness, Allyson and I could not have asked for a better family than Elena and
Pepe, who always include us in every family event and take us out on drives to their
favourite places. They really have become family for me and I know that will not
change even after I leave the Program and return home.                                                                     7
Argentinian Recipe

For those that have tried Dulce the leche, I don’t have much to say, but for those who haven’t
tried this Argentinean dessert, if you like sweet things you would love it. You can have it alone
or in cakes, pancakes, crepes, etc.

                                                                 While you are in Argentina, you
                                                                 can find the Dulce de Leche in
                                                                 every supermarket, but it is
                                                                 much better if you make it at
                                                                 home so you can make some
                                                                 changes for next time if it is too
                                                                 sweet or not.


 1 litre of milk, 250 grams of sugar, 1 small spoon sodium bicarbonate and vanilla essence.

  You need to put all the ingredients in a saucepan (if it is aluminium it is better ) with a high
 flame and stir with a wooden spoon.

 When the milk starts getting a brown colour, turn the flame down and continue stirring for
 five more minutes.

 Then, wait until its cold and its ready!

 Hope you like it!                                                                     8
Placement Experience

Volunteers in La Granja!
Allyson Norton and Suji Uhm

        During our time here as volunteers in Medicine at Projects Abroad, Allyson
and I had the amazing opportunity to shadow a select group of Hospital Pediatrico
healthcare professionals to perform check-ups on eight families-in-need. Although
we have worked the closest with our mentors in the vaccination ward, Victor and
Gabriel, we were able to get to know the other doctors and nurses representing the
fields of general medicine, pediatrics, and dermatology on the drive to la
Municipalidad de la Granja en Ascochinga.

       The first thing we noticed about La Granja was that it seemed like a very
tranquil place to get away from busy life. We found out that, in fact, Ascochinga is a
popular tourist destination for golfing and experiencing Argentinean wildlife.
However, once the van left the main road towards the neighbourhoods of the families
we were about to visit, the scenery changed drastically.

       The homes along the river were all make-shift, with two or three rooms at
best. Often, the living, eating, and bedroom areas all shared the same space, and
there were usually only two beds for all four, five, or even more family members.

        Unfortunately, the only water source the families have easy access to is the
river, which they use for consumption even though it is non-potable. The second
thing we noticed was that all the children were at home with their parents during
these house visits. This was surprising for two reasons: it meant that the parents
were not working and the children were not attending school. When we asked the
doctors why they were at home, the answer we received was that the school was
easily accessible by walking but that the parents had no incentive to send their
children and the children had no incentive to go themselves. Without the belief that
higher education might be the only means to improving their lives in the future, it was
easy to see how the cycle of need for each generation might continue and expand.

        However, we were happily surprised that at least most of the children we
visited had received all their necessary vaccinations. One explanation could be basic
government plans, such as the program that allows the parents to receive milk for
their children in exchange for bringing them to be vaccinated. However, with 15 out
of 40 million people living in poverty in Argentina, it is unfortunate that more of these
types of programs do not exist, especially for higher education.                                                                     9   10

  We want to greet everyone whose birthday was celebrated during the month of
  December, current and ex volunteers...we want to wish you a very happy birthday
  but also we want to thank you for your work you are doing or did while you were in
  your programme with us!

                   We hope you had a great day!

                              Krystle Van Door (teaching)

                              Sara Woolgar (medicine)

                              Michela Steet (Care)

                              Marie Charlotte Paauwe

                              Alexandra Schuttleworth (care)

                              Agustin Fillol (desk officer)

                              Rebecca King (teaching)


                              Susana La Rosa our Country
                              Director.                                                              11

 Having difficulty telephoning in – or to – Argentina?


 When phoning a town from a number with the same area code (e.g. Unquillo from Rio
 Ceballos; Córdoba from within Córdoba) you can ignore the area code (e.g. 0351) and just
 dial the basic number. This includes mobile phones.

 So for example, when calling the fixed line 0351 4609197, which has the Córdoba code of
 0351, from within Córdoba, you call 4609497. To call a Córdoba mobile, such as 0351
 153305546 from within Córdoba, you can just dial 153305546.

 When phoning a town from a town with a different area code, (e.g. Unquillo from
 Córdoba) dial the correct area code before the number. Useful area codes include:

                  Córdoba – 0351

                   Villa Allende, Unquillo and Rio Ceballos – 03543

                   Buenos Aires – 011

 When dialling Argentina from overseas dial up your international connection (usually 00)
 then 54 (for Argentina), followed by 9 if dialling a mobile only – omit the 9 if dialling a
 fixed line, then the area code without 0 and then the full local number.

 Callers from overseas are reminded that Argentina is 3 hours behind GMT and does not
 observe daylight saving, so in from October to March the time is 3 hours behind GMT and
 during Daylight Saving, the time is 4 hours behind GMT.                                                                       12

 We hope you have enjoyed of this newsletter! We also had fun making it for you! We want to
 say thanks for everyone who made this one possible.

 We also encourage everyone to write their stories so they can be published in our
 newsletters. If you want to write something about your current or past experiences with us,
 please do not hesitate to send it to me along with your pictures to inesmariani@projects-

 If you don’t want to receive this newsletter please let us know at the same address.

 Cheers from Argentina...

                                 Projects Abroad Argentina

 We are (L-R): Nelson Falchini-Medicine Supervisor, Susana La Rosa- Country Director, Ines
   Mariani- Social Manager, Susana Reyes-Teaching Supervisor, and Agustin Fillol-Desk
                                          Officer.                                                                       13

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