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					                     19th Amendment – Election Day!
Objective: Using a political cartoon of the times, the student will explain the
economic, social and political impact of the 19th amendment on society.

Audience: Grades 4-12

TEKS: Click on (TEKS) on the webpage


   1. Begin class with the following warm-up. On the webpage, click on (MAP). A map
      titled “Woman Suffrage in the United States” will appear. Display it on a TV,
      computer, over head or hand it out to students and have the students brainstorm
      answers to the question based on the map.
       “Why did certain states or regions of the United States support the 19th
      amendment while others did not at all or took longer than others to

   2. Click on (GRAPHIC ORGANIZER). A graphic organizer titled “19th Amendment
      – Election Day!” will appear. Make copies and hand out to students to complete.

         Note: If students need more information about the 19th amendment and the
         women’s suffrage movement prior to doing this activity, have them use the
         information found on the websites provided on the webpage using a reading
         or research strategy to learn more about this topic.

     Have students draw their own political cartoon or visual or write an editorial or
     paragraph that answers this question “How has the 19th Amendment impacted
     the role of women in society?”

   Extensions Activity:

      A. Have students compare the United States voting rights to other democratic
      countries and/or non-democratic countries using the World Fact Book online at or the link on the webpage provided.

      B. Have student compare the suffrage movement in Texas with the movement
      throughout the United States. Go to the Texas State Archives webpage at or the link provided on the
      webpage to find out information about the suffrage movement in Texas.