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									                                     Secondary Media Lessons
                                        Jefferson County Schools

 Teacher                   Subject      Band         Grade         8           Duration     5 days

Unit Title: Composer Resume Project

Unit Summary: Each student will research a famous composer and incorporate the information
into a resume that reflects the composer’s life. Additional components could include creating a
business card and/or a cover letter for the composer.

Educational Technology & Information Literacy Standards
 Students are knowledge seekers (IL1), quality producers (IL2), self-directed (IL3), group contributors
  (IL4) and responsible information users (IL5)
 Students acknowledge and respect copyright laws (Reading 5e, ET 3, IL 5)
 Students use content-specific tools to support research and learning (ET 4)
 Student apply multimedia tools to support productivity (ET 5)
CSAP Alignment
 Use of organizational features of printed text to locate relevant information
 Use of organizational features of electronic text to locate relevant information
 Summarize and organize information in a variety of ways, from a variety of sources
Content Standards
Music Standard 5
 Students understand music in relation to history and a variety of cultures

Performance Expectations
Students will:
 Locate relevant information about a specific famous composer
 Take succinct, relevant notes about the composer’s life
 Explore resume writing techniques
 Incorporate information about the composer into a resume
 Use strong active verbs to describe the composer’s life experiences
 (extra) write a cover letter to accompany the resume
 (extra) design a business card to represent the composer.

Suggested Materials/Resources
 X Computer(s)         �Digital Camera          � DVD Player        �Printer
 X Projection System �Scanner                  �Television         �VCR
 � Video Camera

 Print Sources:
  Variety of books on famous composers
 Electronic Sources:
  http://owl.english.purdue.edu/workshops/hypertext/ResumeW/
  elibrary
  Student packet
  OWL sheet on word choice (see website)
                                     “Composer Resume Project”
                                         Teaching the Lesson

I used this lesson when our 8th grade band teacher was working with students in small groups on the
district band and orchestra assessments. Every student was out of the library for one day during this
lesson. Most students chose to work in groups so if they were gone, their partner kept them on track.

Prerequisite skills:
          Familiarity with library resources
          Ability to use a variety of resources
          Ability to locate relevant facts
Before the lesson:
       The teacher will:
          1. Meet with the LIS to plan unit
          2. Determine groups of 3 or less students (groups are not required but are recommended)
          3. Help each group decide which composer will be researched (no duplicates within a class)
       The LIS will:
          1. Plan with the teacher to fully understand the expectations of the assignment
          2. Locate appropriate print sources available on-site
          3. Locate appropriate electronic services available on line
          4. Create electronic bookmarks (elibrary, OWL, additional databases with composer
       The students will:
          1. Understand the expectations of the assignment
          2. Decide if they are working alone or in a group
          3. Determine which composer they are going to research
In the library:
       1. LIS will hand out Composer Resume packet (attached). Explain the student objectives.
       2. Show the available resources using the LCD projector
       3. Explain how to take succinct notes. One way is to talk about “Tarzan” style notes. (When Jane
          is asked who she is, she could go on indefinitely about who she is and where she has been.
          Tarzan simply says “me Tarzan” short, to the point yet answers the question.)
       4. Allow time for students to research and take notes using the gathering grid (attached) in their
       5. Demonstrate the OWL Resume Workshop. Allow students time to do the workshop and
          complete their notes.
       6. Hand out OWL sheets on word choice. Discuss what strong, active words can do for a resume.
       7. Allow students time to work on creating the resume.
       8. Groups who are done can begin working on the cover letter and/or the business card. I only
          required the resume for students working on their own. The other two projects were extra
          credit. If there are two in a group, I require the resume plus one of the other projects. Groups
          of three were required to do all of the projects.
       85% of the students will successfully meet or exceed the following:
        Locate appropriate information
        Take relevant notes about the composer
        Complete composer resume according to assigned rubric
        Create bibliography of source(s) used

       Submitted by Juli Thomas
                         Composer Resume Project

Student Objectives

     Research a famous composer to find out basic information about his/her life
     Take relevant, succinct notes about the composer and his/her life
     Explore resume techniques
     Incorporate information about the composer into a resume
     Use strong, active verbs to describe the composer’s life experiences
     (Extra credit) write a cover letter to accompany the resume
     (Extra credit) design a business card to represent the composer

Available Resources

     Books about various composers including Encyclopedias
     Band bookmarks (on Netscape) which include:
             Additional databases with information about composers
             Purdue Owl resources on resumes, cover letters and word choice
     Pinpoint combined library catalog. You are free to use this from here or
      from home; it works best using Internet Explorer.
Pinpoint address
     Any other appropriate web resources that you can find
     OWL sheet on word choice

Steps to follow

   Decide on Composer.
   Research your composer’s life.
   Take “Tarzan” type notes on your composer’s life using the gathering grid.
   Look through the classified ads in the Denver Papers or the Career Profile
      Index in your band bookmarks. Find a suitable job or career for your
     Take a trip through the Resume Workshop. See band bookmarks for link.
     Write a resume for your composer. Use what you have learned plus the
      following resume requirements:
          1. No abbreviations
          2. Include contact information
          3. Include a goal or objective
          4. Include at least one educational experience with estimated dates
          5. Include at least one work experience with estimated dates
          6. Include at least one reference
          7. Optional -You may include an honors & activities section.
          Note: In some cases, you may not be able to find all necessary
          information, such as exact addresses. You may make up certain
          information but only after discussing options with Mrs. Thomas
                                          Composer Resume Project Rubric
  Name: ________________________________
Category          4                            3                    2                              1
Notes page        Relevant, “Tarzan” style     Notes are relevant   Notes are either not           Notes are not relevant nor
                  notes. All questions are     written in “Jane”    relevant or not filled in      are they filled in completely.
                  answered completely 3        style 3 sources      completely. Only 2             Only 2 sources are used
                  sources are used to          are used to          sources are used, 1 of         Both sources are the same
                  confirm information          confirm              each type of source is         type (either electronic or
                  1 source is a different      information          used (one electronic and       printed).
                  type (either 1 electronic    all 3 sources are    1 printed).
                  and 2 printed or visa-       the same type.
Support for       Relevant, quality details    Supporting details   Supporting details and         Supporting details and
Job               give the reader              and information      information are relevant       information are typically
                  information appropriate      are relevant, but    but several key issues are     unclear or not supported by
Application on
                  for a resume. All            one key issue is     unsupported by the             research.
Resume            important information is     unsupported by       research.
                  supported by research.       the research.
Word choice       Writer uses strong, active   Writer uses          Writer uses words that         Writer uses a limited
on Resume         words. Word placement        strong, active       communicate clearly, but       vocabulary that does not
                  is natural and not forced.   words but            the writing lacks variety,     communicate strongly or
                                               occasionally the     punch or flair.                captures the reader’s
                                               words are used                                      interest.
                                               inaccurately or
                                               seem overdone.
Conventions       Writer makes no errors in    Writer makes 1-2     Writer makes 3-4 errors        Writer makes more than 4
(Grammar,         grammar, spelling,           errors in grammar    in grammar or spelling         errors in grammar or spelling
                  capitalization or            or spelling and 1-   and                            and more than 4 errors in
                  punctuation.                 2 errors in          3-4 errors in capitalization   capitalization or punctuation.
Capitalization,                                capitalization or    or punctuation.
and                                            punctuation.
Format            Complies with all 6 of the   Complies with 5 of Complies with 4 of the           Complies with less than 4 of
                  requirements for a           the 6              requirements for a               the requirements for a
                  resume.                      requirements for a resume.                          resume.
                                                Business Card Rubric

  Name: ________________________________

Category         4                              3                     2                             1
Appropriate      All information on the card    All information on    All information on the card   Information does not relate to
Information      is related to the composer     the card is related   is related to the composer    the composer. There seems to
                 and the connections are        to the composer       but the connections are       be no connection.
                 easy to understand.            and most of the       less obvious
                                                connections are
                                                easy to

Size and style   Text is easy to read and       Text is easy to       Text is slightly harder to    Text is too small and/ or the
of text and      the style of the font and      read and the style    read in places on the card.   style of the font and layout do
                 layout is quite creative. It   of the font and       The style of the font and     not match the composer.
                 matches the composer           layout is good. It    layout are acceptable.
                 well.                          matches the
Relates          Graphic elements are           Graphic elements      Graphic elements are          Graphic elements seem
images, colors   related to the composer.       are related to the    related to the composer       randomly chosen, are of low
                 They are of high quality,      composer. They        and are of good quality.      quality. OR distract the reader.
and graphics
                 and enhance reader             are of good
to composer      interest or understanding.     quality, and
                                                enhance reader
                                                interest or

Spelling,        There are no spelling,         There are 1-3         There are 4-5 spelling,       There are more than 5 spelling,
Punctuation,     punctuation, or grammar        spelling,             punctuation, or grammar       punctuation, or grammar errors
                 errors                         punctuation, or       errors
and grammar
                                                grammar errors
                                   Gathering Grid
            Address: City and   What was a major goal   What was their   What was their musical
Composer    Country. Street     in their life?          educational      background?
            address if known                            background?
Source #1

Source #2

Source #3
            What was one of their   Another major     Who would be a good   Other Interesting
            major                   accomplishment?   reference for them?   Information
Source #1

Source #2

Source #3

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