; basic basketball rules
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basic basketball rules

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									                     Basic Rules of Basketball
         A Chart Comparing The Basic Rules of Basketball at 3 Levels

  This page differentiates basic rules of basketball
                 between the levels:
FIBA, the NBA, and college Basketball in the United

                           FIBA                 NBA              COLLEGE
Basic Rules of
                       Four 10 minute      Four 12 Minute       Two, 20 minute
Basketball -
                          periods             periods              halves
Duration of Game
Basic Rules of
Basketball -             5 minutes            5 minutes             5 minutes
Duration Between
First, Second,
                         2 minutes           130 seconds         not applicable
Third, and Fourth
Basic Rules of
Basketball Length        15 minutes           15 minutes           15 minutes
of Halftime
Court Length          91' 10" x 49' 2.5"       94' x 50'            94' x 50'
Size of Lane          19'8.2"x19'0.3"          16' x 19'            12' x 19'
Three-Point FG                               23' 9" (22' in
                          20' 6.1 "                                   19' 9"
Distance                                        corner)
Shot Clock               24 seconds           24 seconds           35 seconds
Shot Clock Reset     FG attempt hits rim FG attempt hits rim FG attempt hits rim
Back Court
                         8 seconds            8 seconds            10 seconds
Game Clock Stops      Last 2 minutes of    Last 2 minutes of      Last minute of
After Successful       4thperiod and        4th period and     second half and last
FG                        overtime             overtime        minute of overtime
Basic Rules of
Basketball- Player            5                    6                    5
                                                                7th foul per half
                    5th foul per period   5th foul per period (one-and-one) 10th
Bonus Free Throw
                         (two FTs)        (one-and-one only) foul per half (two
Number of
Players Permitted   5 (three defensive,   5 (three defensive,   6 (four defensive,
On Free Throw         two offensive)        two offensive)        two offensive)
Basic Rules of                                                   Teams alternate
Basketball - Jump          Yes                   Yes             possession after
Ball                                                             opening tip-off
Legal Alley-Oop            Yes                   Yes                   Yes
Touch Ball On /
                           Yes                   No                    No
Above Cylinder
Basic Rules of
                                                                Yes (while holding
Basketball -        Yes (while holding
                                                 No              or dribbling the
Closely Guarded          the ball)
For 5 Seconds
                    Two (three can be
Basic Rules of            used in
Basketball –        competitions if the
                                                Three                 Three
Number of              Zone or host
Referees            federation wish to)

                    1 60-second in each
Basic Rules of                                                  4 75-second and 2
                      of the first three 6 full, 1 20-second
Basketball –Non-                                                  30-second per
                       periods, 2 60-          per half
Televised Game                                                        game
                    secondin 4th period
                                                                1 60-second, 4 30-
                                                                second per game;
                    1 60-second in each
Basic Rules of                                                  unused 60-second
                      of the first three 6 full, 1 20-second
Basketball –                                                       and max of 3
                       periods, 2 60-          per half
Televised Game                                                  unused 30-second
                    secondin 4th period
                                                                   carry over to
                                                                    second half
                                                                  1 additional 30-
Basic Rules of
                                                                second timeout and
Basketball –         1 additional 60-
                                           3 additional full    unused second half
Timeouts-                second
                                                                30-second timeouts
Timeouts Called                                                     Head coach or
                           Coach               Player in game
By Whom                                                             player in game
                                              Around channels         Maximum
Basic Rules of           Maximum
                                             29 1/2" to 29 3/4."    Circumference
Basketball – Size    Circumference 78
                                             Across channels 29     30"Seams 1/4"
of Basketball           cm (30.7")
                                               5/8" to 29 7/8"          Max.
                                                                   00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
                                                                   10, 11, 12,13, 14,
Basic Rules of                                                     15, 20, 21, 22, 23,
                     4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
Basketball – Legal                              All numbers        24,25, 30, 31, 32,
                      11,12, 13, 14, 15
Jersey Numbers                                                     33, 34, 35, 40,41,
                                                                   42, 43, 44, 45, 50,
                                                                    52, 52,53, 54, 55
    Basketball Rules


      2 point field goal- a shot made from anywhere during play inside the 3 pt arc.
      3 point field goal- a shot made from anywhere outside the 3 pt arc.
      Free throw- 1 point is awarded to an unguarded shot taken from behind the free
       throw line while the clock is stopped.


      Boxing out- a player’s position between an opposing player and the basket to
       obtain a better rebounding position.
      Dribbling- bouncing the ball with 1 hand using your fingertips instead of your
       palm so that it rebounds back to yourself (the only legal way to move with the
      Passing- moving the ball by throwing, bouncing, handing, or rolling it to another
       player (Chest, Bounce, Lob)
      Shooting- throwing the ball to make a basket
      Pivoting- stepping once or more in any direction with the same foot while holding
       the other foot at its initial point.
      Rebounding- The recovering of a shot that bounces off the backboard or the rim.

FOULS: results in one or more free throws awarded to the opposing team

      Blocking- impeding the progress of an opponent by extending one or both arms
       horizontally or getting in the path of a moving player.
      Charging- running into a stationary player while you are moving with the ball.
      Hacking- the player hits the arm or hand of the person holding the ball.
      Holding- the player holds the person with or without the ball.

VIOLATIONS: results in a change of possession with the team in bounding the ball at
the side line opposite where the infringement took place

      Traveling- moving illegally with the ball
      Three seconds- an offensive player remains in the key (free throw lane- the area
       under the basket) for more than 3 seconds
      Double dribble- a player dribbles the ball with both hands at the same time or they
       stop and then start dribbling again


      Air ball- a shot that completely misses the rim and the backboard
      Assist- a pass to a teammate who then scores a field goal.
      Defense- team trying to stop the other team from scoring
      Dunk- to throw the ball down into the basket with the hand above the level of the
      Fast break- dribbling or passing the ball towards your basket before the defense
       can set up
      Man-to-man- a defensive strategy where everyone guards an assigned player
      Offense- team trying to score
      Turn over- any loss of the ball without a shot being taken
      Zone defense- a defensive strategy where everyone guards an area instead of a
       player (2-1-2, 2-3)

Assist: A pass to a team-mate that directly leads to a basket.

Free throw: An opportunity given to a player to score one (1) point, uncontested, from
position behind the free throw line and inside the semicircle.

Jump ball: An action of tossing the ball vertically by the referee between two opposing
players to a height greater than either of them would reach in the jump.

Defensive rebound: Grabbing the ball from the missed shot attempt by an opponent.

Offensive rebound: When a player grabs his/her own or a team-mate’s missed shot

Offensive foul: When an offensive player, with or without the ball, makes illegal contact
against an opponent. It will be also charged as a turnover to this player.

Personal foul: Player foul which involves illegal contact with an opposing player,
whether the ball is live or dead.

Points in the paint: Points scored inside the painted (restricted) area.

Steal: A defensive action, which causes a turnover by an opponent.

Technical foul: A deliberate or a repeated infringement of the proper conduct of the
game or of the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. Technical fouls by a player are all
player fouls which do not involve contact with an opponent.
Turnover: If the offensive team loses possession of the ball without attempting either a
field goal or a free throw.

Violation: An infraction of the rules of the game:

       Illegal dribble or double dribble
       Carrying the ball
       3 second violation
       5 second violation
       8 second violation
       24 second shot clock violation
       Ball returned to back court· out of bounds
       Intentional foot ball
       Basket interference

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