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The Personal Technology Channel on is the leading resource for technology
professionals and enthusiasts seeking the latest information, trends and innovations in personal
computing and devices. This channel attracts serious enthusiasts and professionals--from
developers to senior-level executives—who are looking for up-to-date analysis, insights and
perspective on digital and mobile devices, PDA’s, Smart phones, wireless access and more.

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Profile of users:
88% are males
Average yearly income is $83K
78% are college educated (34% have post graduate degrees)
Median age is 40 years old
77% Bank online
94% shop on the Internet; and, virtually all of them (91%) have purchased online
        (85% have purchased on the Internet in the past 3 months)

These are people with a passion for computers, to the exclusion of other normal
human interests.

89% own more than one computer and they have done computer modifications:
Added more storage                 68% Removed/replaced CPU          46%
Added recorders(CD-RW/DVD etc.) 67% Upgraded power supply            41%
Replaced graphics card             57% Added extra fans/lights/etc. 36%
Plugged in USB/Firewire            56% Overclocking                  27%
Removed/replaced motherboard       46% Case remodeling               16%
And almost all (90%)planned to make further modifications.

Currently own the following electronics:
Wired home network           56%                 Home entertainment system        49%
Wireless home network        55%                 Multi-component Remote           45%
USB storage stick            68%                 iPod                             46%
Digital camera               87%                 GPS                              25%
Digital photo printer        40%                 Satellite TV                     28%
Digital video camera         30%                 TiVo                             24%
Widescreen HDTV              19%                 Plasma TV                        12%
                                                 Satellite radio                  11%

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Sites in this channel

CPU Planet covers the latest news, product announcements, tech specs, and tutorials
about processors, chipsets, and other PC silicon.

A huge virtual download site, providing point and click access to over 300,000
shareware, freeware and commercial programs. Jumbo! is divided into over 20 major
software and entertainment channels including: business, games, radio and desktop
Megapixel is the online news magazine devoted to news and reviews of the digital
camera world. It offers galleries of digital pictures and downloadable images as well as
price quotes of the latest products in this exploding category.

This site reports news on Microsoft’s PocketPC operating environment for enterprise
technology and application development professionals.

The resource center for users of Pocket PC and Windows CE-based devices. It offers shareware,
freeware and product reviews for device users.

The most complete independent resource on the Internet for information relating to Palm
Pilot and Palm III operating systems.

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The Internet's largest PDA information center for PDA software, Windows CE
shareware, PDA information and more! This network of sites includes Palm Boulevard,
Visor Village, Windows CE city and Psion Place.

Discusses the various aspects of Psion and related products and provides a discussion area for
users to interact.

The most complete 3rd party resource on the Internet for information relating to PDAs and
similar devices.

SHARKYEXTREME.COM is the Web's leading source of information about personal computers,
processors, peripherals and software. The hottest products are tested and reviewed, giving users
an unbiased look at new PC technology.

Smart phone today is the web’s only resource devoted to smart phone technology; hardware,
software, reviews and special reports.
Wi-Fi HotSpot List is a directory of wireless access points that comply with wifi
networking standard. The list has more than 2000 hot spots and is growing rapidly with
new sites added daily. Users can search by city and/or by state and can also submit hot
spots for inclusion.

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