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Three year of Indian industry and economic reforms
Shastras and modern management
Policy formulations and implementations : the telecom sector
International trade regime and India
International trade regime and india
Changing role of government in business
Impact of new technologies and industries on the world of business
Consumer Markets in India
Measuring employee satisfaction - a case study
Competing in the nineties-focus on customer crientation
New trends in the financial sector
Tqm-the human way
Management development for the 21st century
The emerging consumer-marketing strategy imperative
Indian vision
Marketing India
Liberalisation and the financial sector
Liberalisation : problems and prospects
EDI:Introduction, application and demonstration
Marketing high technology
Knitting a new socio-economic fabric : the arts of managerial leadership
Systematic preparation for negotiation
Trends in Indian advertising
Globalised India
Multi Media
Direct foreign investment
Media planning
Export documentation procedure
Marketing of services
Innovation diffusion
Technology transfer
TQM-Total quality management
Developing your subordinate
New product development
Across the table collective bargaining and negotiation skills
Portfolio Theory
Marketing approach and marketing in action
Data collection and measurement
Humanising work
Effective selling and emerging Indian marketing environment
Marketing management and planning
Business and government the emerging scenario
Managerial challenges in 90's part 1 & 2
Quality control
Marketing strategy
Project appraisal
Marketing through Internet
Corporate planning
Managing enterprises in the era of perspectives for indian bus
Management of technology information
Organisation aids
Macro economic environment & national policy
Martp act-restrictive unfair tradekl practices part 2
Formulation of project report
Financial Imperatives in emerging Economy
Strategic Imperatives for Indian CEOs
World trade regime: policy imperatives
ITDC-a casse study
The working of stock exchange
Nature of business and need of account
Business environment
Human resource development and workman
Case study : unique enterprises
International business environment : European community in the 90's
International marketing institutions : Institutional infrasturcture for export promotion
Globalisation of markets : a Canadian perspective
Understanding self
Developing a national level advertising campaign
Institution building
Implementing corporate plans some reflections
HRD in select organisations
Pay fixation
Philip kotler's views on marketing
Managing enterprises in the era uncertainty
Policies and institutions of small scale industry
Gaining employment part 1 & 2
Coporate policies & practices: a case study BHEL
Management of development project part 1 & 2
Introduction to marketing 1 & 2
Public relations
Hotel management part 1 to 3
In search of the asian manager tape 1 to 5
ISO 9000
Problem solving HRD Indian orgn. India's balance of payments
Meeting and get-together on 20th April 94
Organisational Effectiveness
Personal computers for managers
Competitiveness (R)
Computers in development
AIMA foundations day lecture 21st Feb.94
Speaking EDI
Product selection
Formulation of project Rep.
Bringing out the leader in you
Coaching for top performance
Making your point without syaying a word
Keeping teams together
Success through positive thinking
Motivating others
Making diversity work
Making your own lock
Setting and achieeving your goal
Making the best decisions you can
Keeeping your cool when others don't
Delivering successful presentation
Networking your way to success
Tapping into your creativity
Managing organisational change
Successful negotiating
Managing uncertainty and administrators perspectives
Managing time your way
Total quality management-MOD-1-9
Quality circles in India MOD-1to 4
ISO 9000 MOD 1 to 8
Total productivity management MOD 1 to 3
Value analysis and value engineering-vave MOD 1 & 2
Integrated material management MOD 1 to 12
Technology management MOD 1 to 5
Functions of manager MOD 1 to 4
Managing for roles
Role of a manager MOD 1 to 4
Task of manager MOD 1 to 4
Performance of a manager MOD 1 to 3
Problem of a management MOD 1 to 4
Responsibilities of a manager MOD 1 to 4
Skills for higher management 1 to 3
Sampling Techniques
Games manager's play
Special topics MOD 1 to 5
Wives and management MOD 1 & 2
Planning for retirement MOD 1 & 2
Art of negotiation
Sebi-deevelopment regulatar
Across the table collective bargaining
Paperless Office
Strategic alliances for global competitiveness
Marketing strategies for growth
Abdominal cavity-I
Abdominal cavity-II
Aids in hospitals:the fears and the facts
Angina Pectoris, diagnosis and treatment
Ankle and Foot
Female pelvis
Avoiding complication of local anaesthesia
Child Abuse
Basic frame for self management of executive tension-yoga
Yoga for diabetes
Yoga for back pain (practice)
Brain and Nervous System
Let's help youth stay drug free : HHS secretary's intiatives new goals new resources
Brain stem and cranial nerves
Oral Pathology: an overview
Cardiac Ausculation
Cardiology Update
Cardiology Update
Cardiology Update
Breast feed your baby
Immunopathogenic mechanisms of HIV infection
Vasectomy performed in the office
Oral cavity
Cerebral cortex:Major division and area of function
Yoga For You
Computer based learning and teaching-a conversation with Prof.A.K.Jalaluddin
Backache and sciatica
Eye surgery : glaucoma and trabeculectomy
Protein Synthesis
PTCA in setting of poor left ventricular function
The prevention and care of recreational and sport injuries
Simlifying difficult extractions
Critical Care Medicine Review : a refresher course for internal medicine - based intensivists
Classified Catalogue Code : Corporate Author
Classified Catalogue Code
Library Cataloguing Practice
Birth of Public Libraries
Delhi Public Library
The National Library Calcutta
Dewey Decimal Classification
Colon Classification
 Title: Determination of water content in soil
 Title: International business environment Erud. community in 90's
 Title: Sales Display
Title: Peter F Drucker on managing for competitiveness
Title: Drucker on Reengineering
Title: Change and leadership
 Title: Managing Change
Title: PTCA of the right coronary artery
 Title: Calcium channel blockers
Title: Development approach to a well baby care
Title: Lieno - renal shunt
Title: Protein NMR : pushing frontiers in structural biology
Title: PTCA of chronic total occulsion
 Title: PTCA of left internal mammary artery grafts
Title: PTCA in vessels containing thrombus
Title: The HIV test
Title: The etiology of periodental disease and the periodental examination
Title: Extracapsular Ions extraction and intraocular implantation
Title: Manipulation of dental bases and cement
Title: Things have changed
Title: Extracapsular lens extraction and intraocular implantation
Title: Eye surgery -Glucoma and Trabeculectomy
Title: The proven SMET course
Title: Female pelvis
Title: Femoro-tibial bypass using human umbilical vein
Title: Early embryology of teeth
Title: Forearm
Title: Yoga for hypertension (practice)
Title: The Scourge
Title: Yoga for digestive disorder (theory)
Title: Hand
Title: Orgnization and expression of genes
Title: High Blood Pressure
Title: Hydrogen-ion regulation respiratory & metabolic acidosis
Title: Immune system: general lymph nodes,tonsils
Title: Assisted Ventilation: case management
 Title: Living sober an interactive video recovery programme
 Title: The modern treatment of high blood pressure
Title: Introduction to Immunology- I
Title: Introduction to Immunology- II
Title: Introduction to intensive care Nursing
Title: Yes the deaf can
Title: Kidney Store Surgery
Title: Laparetomy
Title: Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery
Title: Lasers in medicine : healing energy
Title: Yoga for paralysis
Title: Male pelvis
Title: Male perinewn
Title: Prediction and perception of sudden death in heart failure
Title: Video journal of Cardiology
Title: Bottle feeding
Title: Management of Kidney failure-Kidney transplant (Part-II)
Title: Management of Kidney failure-Dialysis(Part-I)
Title: Managing diarrhoea and dehydration in infants
Title: Anaemia E & H
Title: Medical Laboratory Technician
Title: Alignate boxing technique for immersion
 Title: Basic suturing technique
 Title: Transforming Growth Factor - Beta: past, present and future
 Title: Modera treatment of high blood pressure
Title: Molar uprighting and posterior space/management, diagnosis and objectives of
treatment and mechanotherapy
 Title: Molar uprighting and posterior space/management, step by step mechanotherapy and
clinical applications
 Title: Neonatology: Five ways to increase survival rates
 Title: Aids & Anesthesiologists
Title: New methods of fracture treatment
 Title: new perspective in stress management yoga
 Title: Oesphago-gastrectomy
Title: Operating room technique
Title: Organisation & expression of Genes-I Chromosomal organisation in eukaryotes
Title: Organisation & expression of Genes-II: DNA supercoiling and Gene expression
Title: Pectoral region and anxilla
Title: Scourge : a film on AIDS education
Title: Pharynx and nasal cavities
Title: Physician's Journal Update
Title: Delivery appointment procedures in complete denture prosthodontics
 Title: Dental floss
Title: Infection control in the dental environment
Title: Aseptic procedures for dental treatment of Hepatitis B patient
Title: Popliteal region and leg
Title: Posterior abdominal wall
Title: HIV/ AIDS Epidemiology of primary care health professionals
Title: A new discovery for drug discovery in Cancer and Aids
Title: Tooth brushing: the circular scrub method
Title: Protein NHR: pushing frontiers in structura biology
Title: Protein Synthesis- pt.1:a) Protein: the stuff of life (b) DNA: The molecule of heredity (c)
DNA: Replication: The repeating formula
 Title: Protein Synthesis
 Title: Pulmonary emergencies, on the spot problem solving
 Title: Quiz on blood
 Title: Radiation accidents: Are you prepared?
Title: Radial neck dissection
Title: Recombinant DNA and clinical progress
Title: Reducing the operative risk of elective surgery
Title: Retraction of flared maxillary anterior teeth, diagnosis and objectives and
Title: Saving lives: immediate care for common emergencies
Title: Scapular and deltoid regions
Title: Scrubbling, growing and gloving
Title: Sexuality getting it together
Title: Smoking and health
 Title: Stapedectomy:-Cyringoplasty
 Title: Sterling anastomosis for rectal cancer
 Title: Structure of chromosomes-II
 Title: Talking Aids Stopping Aids Indian Also Prev and Social Medicine
Title: Talking with elderely
Title: Technique of tympanoplasty
Title: Thigh and gluteal region
Title: TIA progressing stroke, and stroke:recognition and response
Title: Total hip replacement arthroplasty
Title: Ultrasound: diagnosis echoes
Title: Update on aging: The clinical implications of basic change
Title: Vesectomy performed in the office
Title: Ventricular system
Title: Vitamins: what to tell your patients?
Title: When patient travel
Title: Wire bending exercise in orthodontics
Title: Yoga for the cure of the spine
Title: The day of the five billion (UNFPA)
Title: Population & Quality of life
Title: Uniform & Civil code
Title: Infant Mortility(FPF)
Title: Women development
Title: Newstrack Oct.1991 to Jan 1994
Title: One million Hiroshimas
Title: Physicians for social responsibility "Race to oblirion"
Title: National conferences on applications of science & technology for rural development in
Gujrat state
Title: Fire prevention and control : a film on industrial fire safety
Title: Glaxo business review 90-91
Title: Business plus
Title: Computer Graphics
Title: Digital Communications
Title: Polymer Processing
Title: Introduction to Electronics Circuits
Title: Micro Computer : Design and Application
Title: Environmental Pollution
Title: Analysis and Design of Algorithms
Title: Signals and Systems
Title: Retention of Nutrients B, Is Your Food Safe to Eat
Title: Bhojan Mein Poshtikta
Title: Is Your Food Safe to Eat?
 Title: Apna Bhojan Kitna Surakshit
Title: Convenience Foods
Title: Suvidha Janak Khadya Padarth
Title: Infancy and Preschool Nutrition
Title: Controlling Nutritional Anaemia
Title: Nutrition During Pregnancy
Title: Sukhijivan Ka Adhar - Ma Aur Bacha - Santulit Aahar
Title: How Do We Grow
Title: Hum Kaise Badhte Hain
Title: Kuposhan Ke Prabhav
Title: Nutrition in Old Age
Title: Vriddhavastha Mein Poshan
Title: Bhojan Ke Bare Mein Galat Jankari
Title: Reach Out and Touch : Integrated Rural Development Programme
Title: Manipur Development Society : Special Agencies
Title: Abdominal Cavity - I & II
Title: Male pelvis
Title: AIDS and Anaesthesiologists
Title: Understanding the cause of aging and cancer: mechanism of switching to Angiogenic
Title: Anaemis
Title: Anaemis
Title: Angina pectoris:diagnosis and treatment
Title: Ankle and foot
Title: Anterior abdominal wall
Title: Arm
Title: The A.R.F. Story
Title: Assisted ventilation-case management
Title: Autologous transfusion
Title: Avoiding complication of local anaesthesia
Title: Village Development Board, Nagaland : Grassroots Movement
Title: Back
Title: Panchayati Raj Institutions : Tripura
Title: Basal ganglia and related nuclei
Title: Basic frame for selfmanagement of executive tension-yoga
Title: Basic surgical technique
Title: Voluntary Organisations and Development
Title: Biology of Kaposi's Sarcoma
Title: Blood transfusion and AIDS
Title: Managing Patients on Betaseron : a clinical consensus, held on September 17, 1994
Title: Current and future role of MRI in multiple sclerosis
Title: Drought-Prone Area Development
Title: Brain stem and carnial nerves
Title: Calcium channel blockets
Title: Cancer chemotherapy: the reach for a cure
Title: Carddiac ausculation
Title: A diet counsellinng procedure for the dental clinic
Title: Desert Development
Title: Giving your child a smile : correcting cleft lip and palate
Title: Esthetics and the procelain laminate veneer
Title: Cataract
Title: Rural Water Supply
Title: Rural Women and Development
Title: NREP & RLEGP - A Mission Not A Programme
Title: Planning for Rural Development
Title: Impact of Changing Attitudes
Title: Cell motility and the cytoskeleton (cellular motile processes : molecules and
Title: Project Planning and Implementation
Title: Inaugural Programme for BDOS
Title: Preparatory Course in General Mathematics - I
Title: Preparatory Course in General Mathematics - II
Title: River Mahanadi
Title: Folk Literature of Punjab
Title: Folklore of Tamilnadu
Title: News Writing
Title: Tahzeeb Aur Awami Ravayat
Title: Ghazal
Title: Unity and Diversity in India
Title: Anekta Mein Ekta
Title: Tools : Survival & Development
Title: Auzar : Jivan Aur Vikas
Title: Women and Social Change in India
Title: Mahilayen Aur Bharat Mein Samajik Parvartan
Title: Central nervous system
Title: The Cerebellum
Title: Cerehral cortex: major division and area of function
Title: Changing perception of left ventricular dysfunction
Title: Cholecystectormy
Title: Clinical management of rheumatoid arthritis
Title: Common dermatoses and cutaneous lesions
Title: Development of approach to a well baby care
Title: Structure of Chromosome
Title: Concept pf programming
Title: Controlling nutritional anaemia-I
Title: Controlling nutritional anaemia-II
Title: Cop grand rounds "Skin as an immunologic organ"
Title: C.P.R.
Title: CPR update-advanced cardiac life support
Title: Cranial vault and base of the brain
Title: Craniofacial resection
Title: Complete dentures for the general practioner
Title: Esthetic anterior restprations
Title: Composites to restore ANT: Teeth to both esthetic and function
Title: Hand and powered root instrumentation : heart and soul of periodontal therapy
Title: Simple, fast, high quality fixed prostdontic process
Title: Endodontics for the general practitioner
Title: Metal fused ceramic built up procedure
Title: Cosmetic Bonding
Title: Conflict management
Title: Managing time : a practical guide to controling time
Title: Provon strategies for managing projects
Title: Proceedings : Seminar on Civic conciousness
Title: Citizen friendly government
Title: Databases technology: what it is and what it can do
Title: Decision in GI disease: inflmatory bowel disease of infection
Title: PTCA of left anterior descending coronary artery
Title: Development approach to a well baby care
Title: Diabetes
Title: Direct or primary PTCA for acute myocardial infarction
Title: PTCA of saphenous vein bypass grafts
Title: Drug in pregnancy: minimizing the rist
Title: Drug interaction in clinical practice
Title: The Suencephalon
Title: Dying for life (safe motherhood)
Title: Stealthy Scourage : control of iodine deficiency
Title: Ear
Title: Edema: its causes and treatment
Title: Emergency use of CT scans for orginal trauma
Title: Evaluating the infertile couple
Title: Extracapsular lens extraction and intraocular implantation
Title: External circulation of brain
Title: Eye surgery cataract and intraocular lens implantation
Title: Eye surgery-glucoma and trabeculectomy
Title: Facial nerve decompression
Title: Female pelvis
Title: Femoro-tibial bypass using umbilical vein
Title: Fever of unknown origin
Title: Finding his feet
Title: National Training on modern technologies for information handling
Title: Forearm
Title: Fractures
Title: From black bag to box: computers in the medical office
Title: From darkness to light cataract remedies
Title: The Forearm
Title: Heart
Title: High bllod pressure
Title: Human gene therapy
Title: Humanities and communication arts magnet program
Title: Hydrogen-ion regulation respiratory and metabolic acidosis
Title: Imaging of gall bladder
Title: Talking with the elderly
Title: Immunopathenic mechnisms of HIV infections
Title: Injections
Title: Internal pharynx and tongue
Title: Internal structure of the brain
Title: Introduction to immunology
Title: Yoga for Knee pain (practice)
Title: Introduction to intensive care nursing
Title: Kidney
Title: Kidney stone surgery
Title: Laparotomy
Title: Laprosopic dysterectomy part-I
Title: Laproscopic hysterectomy
 Title: Larynx
Title: Left ventricular dysfunction in hypertension and angina
Title: Left ventricular dysfuncion in hypertension and angina
Title: Living sober-copying with cravings and thoughts of using part-B
Title: Living sober
Title: Living sober-managing anger in recovery part-C
Title: Living sober-copying with family and inter personal conglict part-E
Title: Living sober-managing feelings of boredon and emptinees part-D
Title: Living sober-building a recovery network and sponsorship part-F
Title: Educate: creative inhalant abuse awareness together
Title: Living wwith blood pressure
Title: The Lieno-renal shut
Title: Male pelvis
Title: Male perinetum
Title: Malignancy No.1 in women breast cancer management in 1980's
Title: Management of blood transfusions and shortages
Title: Management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
 Title: Management of kidney failue part-I
Title: Management of kidney failue part-II
Title: Management of PTCA related complications
 Title: The surgical technique for the unilateral cleft lip- nasal deformity
 Title: Candidate Orientation Video
 Title: Managinng diarhoes and dehydration in infants
Title: Measuring blood pressure
Title: Unmasked
 Title: The Medulla oblongata
Title: The Mesencephalon
Title: Why did Mrs. X die?
Title: Medical Library Association of India
 Title: Modern treatment of high blood pressure
 Title: Molar uprighting and posterisr space management diagnosis and objectives of
treatment and mechanotherapy
Title: National training programme
 Title: National training programe
Title: Neonatal ventilator part-I
 Title: Neontology: five ways to increase survivial rates
 Title: New antibiotics: when are they indicated
 Title: New methods of fractture treatment part 1 and 2
Title: A new strategy for drugg discovery in cancer and AIDS
Title: No scalapal vasectomy
 Title: Oesophago gastrectomy
Title: Femoro - Tibal bypass using human umbilical vein
Title: Organisation and expression of genes-I
Title: Organisation and expression of genes-II DNA supercoilling and gene expression
Title: The arm
Title: Pediatric infection
 Title: Stepesectomy - Cyringolasty
 Title: Pharunx and nasal cavities
 Title: Oral cancer screening
Title: Physician's journal update Vol. 3
Title: Preperation of Root Canal System
Title: Retraction cord procedure
Title: Nomenclature and placement liners, cements, and varnishes in operative dentistry
Title: The Pons
Title: Thigh and gluteal region
Title:   Male Perineum
Title:   Practical management of eye emergencies
Title:   Prediction and prevention of sudden death in heart failure
Title:   Preparing foran upper GI endoscopy: a patient perspective
Title:   Preparing foran upper GI endoscopy: a patient perspective
Title:   Prevention and care of recreational sports injuries
Title:   Preview of the whole program-living sober
Title:   Primary care for the sexual dysfunction
Title:   Memorandum of Understanding: towards greater autonomy and accountability
Title:   Memorandum of Understanding: towards greater atonomy and accountability-II
Title:   The emerging consumer marketing strategy imperative
Title:   Growth and stabilization strategies for SSE
Title:   Case analysis
Title:   Structure of atom-A historical perspective
Title:   Parmanu Ki Sanrachana-Etihashik Paridrishya
Title:   Quaantitive analysis-I : Preparation of standard
Title:   Matratmak vishleshan bhag -1 : manak viliyan kaise banayen
Title:   Quantitive analysis-II : Titration
Title:   Matratmak vishleshan bhag-II :Anumapan
Title:   Quantitive analysis - III : Instrumental methods
Title:   Matratmak vishleshan-III : yanirik vidhiyan
Title:   Translation as a profession
Title:   Natynuwad-prastuti ki samasyaen
Title:   Translating Tagore
Title:   Biomagnification
Title:   Biosphere-Terrestrial ecosystem at a glance
Title:   Jaiv Mandal-ek jhalak
Title:   Chilka-A natural heritage
Title:   Chilka
Title:   The impact of urbanization on the global environment
Title:   Planning balanced diets
Title:   Santulit aahar niyojan
Title:   Garbhavastha mein ahar niyojan
Title:   Rotating frames or reference
Title:   Ghurni nirdesh tantra
Title:   Coupled oscillations
Title:   Dolan
Title:   Simple harmonic motion
Title:   Professionalism and teacher's organization
Title:   Relevance of higher education
Title:   What ails Indian higher education
Title:   Conducting interaction sessions
Title:   Providing concrete experiences
Title:   Skills associated with a lecture
Title:   Skills associated with a lecture
Title:   Meet the Indian college student
Title:   Students problems and counselling
Title:   Teacher as manager
Title:   Meet a college principal
Title: Project evaluation - perceptions and practices
Title: Organisational view of budgeting-I
Title: Organisational view of budgeting-II
Title: SEBI-Developmental regulator
Title: Rural poverty and its alleviation-I
Title: Garibi aur garibi unmoolan-I
Title: Rural poverty and its alleviation-II
Title: Garibi aur garibi unmoolan-II
Title: Rural cooperative
Title: Gramin sahkari
Title: Towards a greener world: social forestry and wasteland
Title: Yeh jungle hamare hai
Title: Rural health services
Title: Swasthya: gramin kshetra
Title: Voluntary efforts
Title: Swayam swaichhhik prayas
Title: Development of scheduled castes
Title: Vikas ki ore
Title: Rural women and development
Title: Gramin mahilayen aur vikas
Title: People amidst natural surroundings
Title: How to play a good preschool centre or a creche
Title: Narrating stories to children
Title: Kahani kaise sunaye - I
Title: Kahani kaise sunaye - II
Title: Aiye khel samagri banayen-1
Title: Let's make play material for children-II
Title: Writing on Women
Title: Squash smsear techniques in cell biology-I
Title: Socio legal aspects of computerization
Title: Radio play
Title: Energy dissipators-a programme on hydraulics
Title: Irrigation channel
Title: Discharge measurement in streams
Title: Efficient use of time
Title: Determination of physical and chemical properties of soil
Title: Hydrologic cycle
Title: Bursting earth
Title: Learning skills for information professionals
Title: Impact of information technology in library and information science
Title: Effective management of family resources
Title: Voluntary health association of India - an introduction
Title: Incidence and management of nutritional deficiency disorders
Title: Diploma programme innutrition and health education-an overview
Title: Sterlization and disinfection
Title: Restructuring Indian Business
Title: Managing supply chain performance
Title: Indian Socio Economic Scenario
Title: Framework for Strategic Alliances
Title: Intellectual Property Rights
Title: TQM - Total Quality Management
Title: Managing Rural Business
Title: Introducing Reengineering
Title: Making Reengineering Work
Title: Reengineering in Action
Title: Interpersonal Communication
Title: Communication Process
Title: Communication Barriers
Title: Implementing Corporate Plans
Title: Technologies of Demand Forecasting
Title: Maintenance Management
Title: Strategies for globalisation
Title: Management and Shastras
Title: Bringing out the leader in you
Title: Problem Solving
Title: Indian Ethoes for Management
Title: Fiscal System and Policy
Title: Understanding Financial Statements
Title: Planning and Control of Projects
Title: Project evaluation
Title: HRD Business Environment
Title: HRD and Employee Welfare
Title: Personnel Functions
Title: Raising Morale
Title: HRD Practices in Select Organisations
Title: Human Resource Development
Title: Team Building
Title: Organisational Development
Title: Effective Sales
Title: Sales Dispaly
Title: Emerging Indian Marketing Environment
Title: Marketing in Action
Title: Turnaround Strategy
Title: Marketing Segmentation
Title: Marketing Approach
Title: International Marketing
Title: HRD Practices across the globe
Title: Bank reconciliation statement
Title: Management of Technology : problems and perspectives
Title: Analysis, Innovation & instincts of managing uncertainty
Title: Technology Policy in India
Title: Networks for Competitive Advantage Computer Software
Title: Probability Applications
Title: Probability Fundamentals
Title: Business English
Title: Linguaphone Series
Title: Linguaphone Series
Title: An Overview of data Compression
Title: Appraisal Skills with Manual
Title: Automatic Identification Systems:Bar Coding Application
Title: BAlanced Scorecard
Title: Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage
Title: Black Box 2
Title: Branding - the marketing Advantage;3 parts
Title: Bravo! What a presentation!
Title: Business Policy -II : Presentations
Title: Business of Service: World Development Report 1994
Title: Change Master companies : Putting the theory into action
Title: Change Masters : Understanding the theory
Title: Choice of Medias in Advertising
Title: Communication
Title: Communication and inter-personal relations for executives of ONGC. Prog. on--
Title: Communication 2 parts
Title: Competing through information technology
Title: Competing through quality
Title: Coaching for top performance
Title: Corporate strategy during global volatility
Title: Coping with academic overload
Title: Corporate policies and practices
Title: Countryside computer; interviews and counterviews
Title: Customer-Driven quality
Title: Decisions,Decisions
Title: Dr. Kurien on the 'Anand'experience
Title: Economics Made Easy-1 (4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-11(4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-13(4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-14(4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-15(4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-16(4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-17(4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-18(4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-19(4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-2 (4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-3 (4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-4 (4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-6 (4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-8 (4 Parts)
Title: Economics Made Easy-9 (4 Parts)
Title: Effective Counselling
Title: Effective Counselling and Leadership
Title: Effective Performance Appraisal. Ed 3 with Leader's Guide
Title: Eye of the beholder (Perception)
Title: From 'No' to 'Yes' (The constructive route to agreement)
Title: Globlisation and the services Industry : Marketing of services-Destination India
Title: How to Sell : Introduction to marketing-1 and 2
Title: Human Resouce Management : a corporate action perspective
Title: ITDC - a case study
Title: If Computers could think-a talk on artificial intelligence
Title: Indian Socio-economic Scenario
Title: Industrial Relations
Title: Information Technology and Reengineering
Title: International Quality Assurance Management System Standard
Title: Introduction to Information Processing Systems
Title: Leadership
Title: Leadership
Title: Leadership Studies
Title: Lecture on Leadership
Title: Lecture on Management
Title: Lecture on Communication
Title: Lectures on Population Policy
Title: MRTP Act:II-Restrictive Unfair trade practices
Title: MRTP Act:Impact on the concentration of economic power
Title: Manage time before time manages you;Self Improvement Series 1: Vol.1
Title: Management of Technology-2 Parts
Title: Managing for Competitiveness : Technology,R.&D. Innovation Management in High
Turbulent Time
Title: Managing for Competitiveness : Real Management by result in High Turbulent Time
Location Code: MDI
Title: Managing for Competitiveness : Financial Management in High Turbulent Time
Location Code: MDI
Title: Planning
Title: Memorandum of Understanding Part-I & II
Title: Motivation
Title: NMP Lectures on Communication
Title: NMP Presentation on Communication
Title: NSDL-Retail investors film and NSDL-Institutional Film
Title: New Product Launch : Consumer Behaviour
Title: Oops ! Time for service recovery
Title: Oral Communication
Title: Organisation Development and Business Effectiveness
Title: Organisation Strutures
Title: Parkinson's Law and the Peter Principles
Title: Participative management : We learn from the Japanese
Title: Performance counselling eith Trainer's Resource Manual
Title: Brainstem and carnial nerves
Title: Principles of value analysis/value engineering
Title: Productivity and the self fulfilling prophecy : The pygmalion effect
Title: Project Management
Title: Purchasing Management 'or' Reverse Marketing
Title: Reengineering the future
Title: Spectrum of Computer System
Title: Stress management and Indian ethos : Work ethos and indian Thoughts
Title: Success through effective communication(Non-Verbal) Self Improvement Series1:vol.-6
Title: Team of Champions
Title: Tears,Cheers and Fears : The role of Emotions in Advertising
Title: Techniques of market research part 1 & 2
Title: Global trends in Information Technology
Title: Top to Bottom
Title: Unka Rahasya
Title: What is management?
Title: ABC of human resource development 1&2, staff selection 3, placement 4
Title: Capital Budgeting
Title: Communication Barriers and Feedback
Title: Communication or lack of it/Interpersonal Communication 1&2
Title: Computer Virus
Title: Consumer Behaviour
Title: Consumer Behaviour/New product launch/Effective selling/Marketing strategy/ITDC-a
case study
Title: Creating an organisational climate-a case study of the PMAX
Title: Effective selling
Title: Functions of management planning
Title: Globlization on markets-Canadian perspective
Title: History of Computers
Title: HRD - a scenario
Title: HRD incentive 9, merit rating 10, salary structure 11, participative management 12,
new trends in HRD 13
Title: Human Relations Approach
Title: Human resource development training/Human resource management promotion/HRD
transfer/HRD demotion & vdismissal, termination
Title: Issues in tourism marketing
Title: Management functions and behaviour
Title: Managerial challenges in the 90's Part I & II
Title: Managing rural business 1 & 2/Entrepreneurs and rural marketing
Title: Organisational view of budgeting Part I & II
Title: Packaging as a tool for marketing cultivation
Title: Packaging industry 1 & 2
Title: Probability fundamentals/Demand forecasting/Corporate planning
Title: Problem solving/HRD in Indian organisations/Three years of Indian industry and
economic reforms/Changing role of Government in business
Ttle: Raising Morale
Title: Strategic management evolution and content
Title: Strategic management evolution and content/TQM - the human way
Title: Techniques of demand forecasting-1/Techniques of demand forecasting-2
Title: Working capital management/Facility layout/Kotler's view on marketing/Management
information system/Understanding financial statements-I & II
Title: Working capital Management/Project evaluation-perceptions and
practices/Management control system
Title: New Age International
Title: The Violence of the Blue Revolution
Title: Patent Pending
Title: Seed Wars : The Indian farmer's fight against JPRS in Africulture
Title: Water pollution : a first film
Title: Reengineering the business
Title: Competing in the nineties: focus on customer orientation
Title: Swot & industry analysis model
Title:   Accounting in decision entertainment
Title:   Across the table : collective barganining & negotation skills
Title:   Across the table : negotiations
Title:   An overview of data compression
Title:   Environment of International Business
Title:   Appraisal skills with manual
Title:   Automatic identification systems : bar coding applications
Title:   Bhopal : beyond genocide
Title:   Balanced scorecard
Title:   Benchmarking for competitive advantage
Title:   Black box 2
Title:   Branding-the marketing advantage : 3 pts
Title:   Bravo ! what a prsenentation !
Title:   Business policy - II : presentations
Title:   Business of services : world development report 1994
Title:   Change master companies : putting the theory into action
Title:   Change masters : understanding the theory
Title:   Choice of medias in advertising
Title:   Communication
Title:   Communication and inter-personal relations for executives of ongc programme on
Title:   Communication : 2 pts
Title:   Competing through information technology
Title:   Competing through quality
Title:   Competitiveness
Title:   Computer literacy
Title:   Computers and oprations reasearch and computers software
Title:   Hydrogen ion regulation respiratory and metabolic acidosis
Title:   Management of kidney failure
Title:   Coping with academic overload
Title:   Rupee comvertibility
Title:   Country side computer : interviews and counterviews
Title:   Performance appraisal councelling
Title:   Customer-driven quality
Title:   Data base technology-what it is and what it can do
Title:   PTCA of left circumflex coronary artery
Title:   Decisions,decisions
Title:   Management of Change
Title:   Export Import Documentation
Title:   Wisdom leadership
Title:   Dr. Kurien on the `Anand' experience
Title:   Economic made easy-1 (4 pts)
Title:   Economics made easy-11
Title:   Economics made easy-13 (4 pts )
Title:   Economics made easy-14 (4 pts )
Title:   Economics made easy-15 (4 pts )
Title:   Economics made easy-16 (4 pts )
Title:   Economics made easy-17 (4 pts )
Title:   Economics made easy-18 (4 pts )
Title:   Economics made easy-19 (4 pts )
Title: Economics made easy-3 (4 pts )
Title: Economics made easy-4 (4 pts )
Title: Economics made easy-6 (4 pts )
Title: Economics made easy-8 (4 pts )
Title: Economics made easy-9 (4 pts )
Title: Effective counselling
Title: Effective counselling (2) leadership
Title: Effective performance appraisal : with leader's guide
Title: Effective selling and (B) emerging Indian marketing environment
Title: Employee grievance handling
Title: Eye of the beholder (perception)
Title: World Trade Organisation
Title: From `No'to`yes' : (the constructive route to agreement )
Title: Media Planning
Title: Globalisation and the services industry : marketing of services-destination India
Ttle: Resourcing
Title: EDI - AIMA - CME 1994 (R)
Title: Attitude to change
Title: Profit and loss
Title: Banking
Title: Area
Title: Geometry Around us
Title: Lines and angles
Title: Triangles
Title: Congruency & similarity
Title: A quadrilateral
Title: Circle
Title: Real numbers
Title: Statitics through graphs
Title: Rational Numbers
Title: Integers
Title: Computers - An introduction
Title: Algorithm & Flow Chart
Title: Volume & Surface Area
Title: Pythagoras Theorem
Title: Statistics Theory Graph
Title: Hight & distance
Title: Trignometry, an introduction
Title: Our Food
Title: Let,s measure length
Title: Man and environment
Title: Pendulum
Title: Archimedes principle
Title: Simple Machines
Title: Atmospheric pressure
Title: Electirc current
Title: Electomagnetism
Title: Description of motion
Title: Communication
Title: Nuclear energy
Title: Energy
Title: Tele-communication
Title: Universe
Title: Motion of molecules
Title: Human Reproduction
Title: Skeleton, Muscles and movement
Title: Agricultural practices
Title: Animal Husbandry
Title: Material around us
Title: Business around us
Title: Nature and scope of business
Title: Planning : an element of Management
Title: Motivation
Title: Self Employment
Title: Carpentry
Title: Solar energy technician
Title: Bio gas technician
Title: Plant protction
Title: Water management
Title: A telephone conversation
Title: A conservation on favourite patimes
Title: Announcements in exmaination hall
Title: Asking for directions
Title: Anouncement at public places
Title: Short story " The Bag "
Title: A report on the nine day meditation camp at tihar jail
Title: An introduction to Dr. Kiran Bedi
Title: A group discussion on the " Each one teach one programme "

Title: Cricket star Kapil Dev
Title: Introduction on How to fill a money order form
Title: Wangala, a film on a Garo festival
Title: Chum Dances of lamas
Title: Buddhist consecration ceremony
Title: Yellou Jagoi
Title: Lai-haroba
Title: Naad nagar na ujaro
Title: Ek thi Gulab
Title: Moments and memories
Title: Sanchari
Title: Maralqa Nafees
Title: Majhar Raag
Title: Karkha
Title: Shingar
Title: A story of Musician
Title: A Piano Story
Title: The Bending of the bow
Title: Anukampan
Title: The Herimitage Master pieces the art world
Title: Purva-uttara-post forward ( a series of eight films )
Title: Kudiyattam by Guru Ammanur Madhav Chakyar
Title: Kudiyattam by Parvati Viraham
Title: Kudiyattam by Bali Vadamraham
Title: Abhinaya Darpan as interpreted by Acharays Parvati
Title: Abniya on the S'lokas of adhyatma Ramayana
Title: Thyagesar kuravanji by P R Thilagma
Title: The cosmic dance of shiva
Title: Echoes from tibet
Title: Serai Kella chhau Dance
Title: Masks of eternity
Title: Sacrifies and bliss
Title: Love and the goddess
Title: The hero's advanture
Title: The massage of myth
Title: The first storytellers
Title: King Khandba scenes from the life of an Indian folk god (1984)
Title: The Journey of the hatkar Dhangars (1986)
Title: Vari-an Indian Pilgrimage (1989)
Title: Kings Khandoba's Hunting expedition (1992)
Title: Interview with Bhisma Sahani by A.D.
Title: Upendra Nath Asha by A.D.
Title: Interview of Prabhat Ganguli by A.D.
Title: Interview with Kathleen Raine by A.D.
Title: Interview of Damyanti Joshi by A.D.
Title: Interview of B C Sanuyal by A.D.
Title: Interview of sitara Devi by A.D.
Title: Interview of Zohra Seghal by A.D.
Title: Interview of K S Karonthi by A.D.
Title: Interview of Seila by A.D.
Title: Interview of Yand by Prof Tan Chun
Title: Interview with Sh. Amrit Rai by A.D.
Title: Interview with Sh. Pran Nathjee by A.D.
Title: Interview with Prof. Ann Marie Schimmel by A.D.
Title: Interview with Prof. Vidhya Niwas Mishra by A.D.
Title: Interview with Sh.Raja Rao by A.D
Title: Interview with Sh.Krishna Dev by M.S.
Title: Interview with Dr. Prem Lata Sharma by A.D.
Title: Interview with Prof.Frits Stall by A.D
Title: Interview with Dr. B.N. Goswami by A.D
Title: Interview with Prof. Maxwell by A.D.
Title: Gopi Bhatt ka Tamasha
Title: Reading Poems by Dr. Kathleen Raine
Title: The winning of friends panchitantra
Title: Saz or salaam
Title: Bidesia
Title: Maharas
Title: Redefining the Arts
Title: A documentation on the exhibition 'kala'- multi media presentation
Title: Kham-exhbition on space
Title: 'Akara' : exhibition on space
Title: Bhramargeet
Title: Tabo Chos Khor
Title: Dev Narayan ki katha
Title: Documentary on the Coorgis
Title: Songs and dances of Bhils
Title: Hemis festival
Title: Nabakalebra
Title: Documentation on Gaddis
Title: Documentation on Nanda Devi festival
Title: Gotipua
Title: Sacred world of Todas
Title: Tanga-ta
Title: Temple insturments of kerala
Title: Chadar Badar
Title: The day of the mask dances : chau dance of Chilkigarh Midnapur, W.B.
Title: The day of the mask dances : masked drama of Jalpaiguri district, W.B.
Title: The day of the mask dances : masks and masked dance of Dinajpur
Title: The day of the mask dances : chau dance of Purulia
Title: The day of the mask dances : raga masked dance
Title: A story of integration
Title: Raga
 Title: Krishna in Spring
Title: Waves of Joy
Title: Faces of the forest
Title: Bhupen HazariKa
Title: Kaveri Ganga
Title: Nityai Dhumel Ariba Pala
Title: Therukoothu
Title: Ramappa temple
Title: Gita Govinda Kalakshetra
Title: Gita Govinda in Manipuri style
Title: Guru Subbaraya Pillai's Bharatanatyam (Pandanallur style)
Title: Documentation on Kathakali
Title: Jaltarangam by A.S. Ganeshan
Title: Documentation on T. Brinda
Title: Documentation Santokba
Title: The Recluse
Title: Ganganendra Nath Tagore
Title: Palette to the Human Heart
Title: Colours of Abscence
Title: Uday Shankar
Title: Kalarippayat
Title: Valmiki Ramayana
Title: Ramayana in India and South-east Asia
Title: Earth as Witness a dialogue with Buddhism
Title: Painted Ballads of India
Title: Buddha and the Rice Planters
Title: The chanting Lamas
Title: Ecstatic circle
Title: India International Puppetry festival
Title: Rustom Soharb
Title: Tolpava Koothu
Title: Tolgalu Gombetta
Title: Tolu - Bommalatta
Title: Artist heights Ghandra Manin Kohli of Globe Ganesh
Title: Chilka - the story of a Lagoon
Title: Dunhuang Caves
Title: Towards Joy and Freedom
Title: Lolaab
Title: The Marketing Mix : What is Brand
Title: Strategic Planning in Public Enterprises
Title: Development of Strategic Thinking is Public Enterprises
Title: Management of Public Sector
Title: Competition in Indian Industry
Title: Managment of Public Sector
Title: Strategies for Globelisation
Title: India Vision
Title: Business Communication Skill
Title: Business Process Re-engineering
Title: Listening : a key to problem solving
Title: Communications : barriers and pathways
Title: Communicating effectively with customers
Title: Business Matters
Title: Interviewing counselling skills
Title: Management Functions and behaviour
Title: Management : a global perspective
Title: TQM-the Human Way
Title: Human Resource Development
Title: Human Resource Information Systems
Title: Newstrack : Oct. 1993
Title: Dama Aur Yog Chikitsa
Title: Jyotiparva
Title: Angootha Chhaap
Title: Concept of Packages
Title: The encounter : a film on interviewing skills
 Title: Underground coal mine blasting
Title: Problem solving communication process
Title: Project Planning and Implementation
Title: Managing men : personnel function
Title: Selection for Employment
Title: Computers & Operations Research
Title: Introduction to Computers
Title: Introduction to the Information Technology
Title: Management II
Title: Top to Bottom
Title: The concept of Programming
Title: Leadership Style
Title: Management Information System
Title: Working hard, Working Smart
Title: Facility layout

Title: Success through positive thinking
Title: Motivating others
Title: Making diversity work
Title: Making your own luck
Title: Setting and achieving your goals
Title: Making the best decisions you can
Title: Keeping your cool when others don't
Title: Delivering successful presentation
Title: Networking your way to success
Title: Tapping into your creativity
Title: Re-energize yourself
Title: Successful negotiation
Title: Smart risk taking
Title: Managing time your way
Title: Understanding markets and consumer mindset
Title: Transforming consumer relationship
Title: Disruptive Technologies
Title: Managing enterprises in the era of unsertainty
Title: E- Business : ushering in a new industrial order
Title: E- Bus : future perspective
Title: Managing organisational change
Title: Simple Present Tense
Title: Adhunik Bhartiya Itihas : Ankan evam Lekhan
Title: Block Printing
Title: Story for writing : the beginning
Title: Vigyapan Ke Vividh Madhyam
Title: Market & markets : how prices are determined, cost prices, sales prices...
Title: Low cost educational toys
 Title: Diahorrea - II : Chandu Kaise Bach Sakta tha
Title: Algebra : Equation (Simultaneous and Quardratic)
Title: Reflection of light
Title: Refraction of light
Title: Heat
Title: Waves
Title: Chemical Bonding
Title: Chemical Reaction
Title: Mole
 Title: Electrochemistry
Title: Periodic Table
Title: Cell structure
Title: Cell division
Title: Photo Synthesis
Title: Reproduction in plants
Title: Transport in plants and animals
Title: Banking System
Title: Food preservation & processing
Title: Panchayat Raj Institution
Title: Nagrik evam Prashashan
Title: Preperation of Standard Solution
Title: Perfect grading
Title: Measurement of Damages
Title: Kabir Ka Nirgun Bhakti Kavya
Title: National Extension College
Title: The Heaven Beneath
Title: Dive the World
Title: Images of India
Title: Performing arts at festival of India
Title: This is India
Title: Bloomingdale's return to India
Title: Jaydev mela at Kenduli
Title: Poetry of Dance
Title: Flushing council on cultural and the arts
Title: Circus
Title: Excerpts from inauguaral : Festival of India
Title: Evening in India 'Little Clay Art'
Title: Thrinity College
Title: Indian festivals
Title: Essence of Indian Art
Title: Mrs. Pupul Jayakar : introduction by Rajiv Sethi
Title: Ghasiram Kotwal Poetry
Title: Ancient Indian sculpture : neo Tantra
Title: Living arts of India
Title: Hindustani Vocal : Ajoy Chakrabarty; Karnatak Voilin : Lalgudi Jayaram
Title: Hindustani Vocal : Girija Devi; Classical Vocal : Maharaja Puram Santhanam USA
Title: Pt. Nikhil Benerjee
Title: Rythms of planet
Title: India : festival of music and dance
Title: Festival of dance music and theatre
Title: India in Basel 87
Title: Festival of Asia and Pacific
Title: Geet Govind Songeetakek
 Title: Figures of thought
Title: Tippoo's Tiger
Title: Le Premier Homme et son environment
Title: Signification de L'art Prehistorique
Title: Galets Graves Aziliens
Title: India Smith
Title: Soma Yagna
Title: Welcome to Vietnam
Title: The role of art in general education
Title: Dear in Rock art : Europian tradition
Title: Voice of Sankara
Title: The cave of Altamira
Title: Art of the book: Persian miniatures from the Shahnama
Title: The world of Islam : Islamic art
Title: Swami Vivekananda in the world context : Swami inn the Indian context
Title: Adi Shankaracharya : Untouchable
Title: Practical Vedanta
Title: Spiritual life : jnana and bhakti
Title: Bhagvad Geeta
Title: Musical instruments of Asia and Pacific
 Title: Folk and classical dances of Combodia
Title: Angkor Wat
Title: Aborginal Dance
Title: Architecture a performing art
Title: Artisans of Australia compile
Title: The brush strokes and China
Title: Dreaming : the art of Aborginal Australia
Title: Image of man
Title: "L Artista, i.e. contadino" The artist, the peason.
Title: Namatijira, the painter
Title: Roads to Xanadu : east and west in the makingof the modern world
Title: Village of Jars : a rare glimpre of life in the Las people's democratic republic as it
recovers it past & prepares to face its future
Title: Sanni Yakuma
Title: Speeches of Thakur Jaidev Singh
Title: Where the forest meets the sea: an animated film set in the Daintree
Title: Our Asian neighbours : Indonesia
Title: Our Asian neighbours : India
Title: Asian insight : Indonesia
Title: The human face of Indonesia
Title: The human face of China : one hundred entertainments
Title: Painting People
Title: Qam - Thiland (comp.)
Title: Women of Utopia : the craft work of aborginal women in Utopia Station
Title: Seven colours : an experiment in the performing arts
Title: L'apres-midi d'un fauna
 Title: International dance festival
 Title: Samuhik Yagyopaveet Sanskar
Title: Physics : 1 day lesson
 Title: 2000 + lesson Maths
Title: An initiation Kut for a Korean Shaman
 Title: World of ideas with Bill Noyars
Title: Musik Jeqoq Bali
Title: Hagomaro : a Japanese Noh Play, C 1925
Title: Miscellaneous India Title: Combodian dramatic dance: Chey Chet, the story of Prea
Somut and princes Butsumali, C-1920
Title: INN news, Syndicak Nationality
Title: Nature
Title: Pancha Bhutan (Kattai Koothu)
 Title: Kulvai "97" : women stage artistes of Tamilnadu
Title: Embassy of India (NN Style)
Title: Festival of India : USA
Title: Kushan sculpture
Title: Sanskrit drama
Title: Chhau dances of Mayurbhanja
Title: Naga dance
Title: Teratali Kathputali (Classical - percussion, Folk-percussion)
Title: Marvel of Memory
Title: Contemporary Indian paintings
Title: Circle of red
Title: A plus : a picture of India
Title: S.K.D. Revue
Title: Flying figures
Title: Living echoes
Title: Our finite world : Maxico
Title: Celanese : India fantasy
Title: TV essay world trip, 8th May, 1988 on the air 'Cine magic city Bombay'
Title: From merchants to emperors : world of Jainesus
Title: Discovery of India : a concept presentation for an exhibition
Title: Rasa
Title: Paris mela:June 6, 1985
Title: Mithila : programme
Title: Channel 5 mid-day : when- New York city
Title: Channel 4 news
Title: Channel 4 news
Title: CNN take 2 : cable affiliates nationality
Title: Channel 5 news : WTTG-DC
Title: Channel 5 news : WLWT-Cincinnati
Title: Mrs. Gandhi visit - Science Museum
Title: Sequence shots for Indian magzene programme
Title: NNL Indian TV : Science Museum
Title: Royal academy contemporary Indian art-Press showing
Title: Mansion House
Title: NNL : Hayward Gallery
Title: Hayward Gallery
Title: Indian Singing : Dhrupad (intr.)
Title: Dhrupad : riverside
Title: Indian dancing riverside : Chau dancers
Title: Kutiyattam and Kathakali
Title: NNL Indian dance : Kutiyattam and Kathakali
Title: Victorial and Albert
Title: NNL art and crafts Barbican
Title: Riverside Indian dance
Title: Indian dancing : Kathak
Title: M.S. Subbulakshami
Title: Indian dance and music
Title: Abhimanyu
Title: Odissi
Title: Indian festival dance percel
Title: Indian festival dance purull room Odissi
Title: NNL : Indian shoot riverside studios Odissi
Title: Odissi dances : introduction and performance
Title: Subbulakshami in concert at Royal festival hall
Title: Indira Gandhi Press conference
Title: Gandhi's arrival at Heathon (Great Britain)
Title: Gandhi - Thatcher
Title: Mrs. Gandhi riging bell : Hayward gallery
Title: Nehru exhibition : Gandhi visit
Title: NNL : Image of man
Title: Indira Gandhi :Mill Blank Press Conference
Title: Exterior west minister theatre
Title: India v
Title: Indian publicity programme
Title: Indian festival programme
Title: Festival of USSR in India: inauguaral ceremony of J.L.Nehru Stadium : New Delhi
Title: Accounting in Decision
Title: Across the table : collection bargaining & negotiation skills
Title: Across the table : negotiations
Title: An overview of datacompressions
Title: Application of regression
Title: Automatic identification systems : bar coading applications
Title: Bhopal : beyond genocide
Title: Black box
Title: Bravo : what a presentation
Title: Business of service : world development report 1994
Title: Choice of medias in advertising
Title: Competing through information technology
Title: Competing through quality
Title: Competitiveness
Title: Computers and operations research and computerw software
Title: Computer literacy : what it is and what it is not, B. Introduction to spredshit
Title: Concept of packages
Title: Concept of programming
Title: Coping with academic averload
Title: Corporate policies and practices
Title: Creating on organisational climate : a case study in thermax
Title: Customer-driven quality l climate : a case study in thermax
Title: Data base technology - what it is and what it can do
Title: Databases and database managment systems
Title: Decisions, decisions
Title: Demand analysis
Title: Demand forecasting
Title: Developing a national level advertising campaign
Title: Dr Kurien on the `Anand' experience
 Title: Economics made easy - 14 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 15 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 16 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 17 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 19 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 2 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 3 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 4 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 8 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 9 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy -18 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 1 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy -11 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy -13 (4pts)
Title: Economics made easy - 6 (4pts)
Title: Effective counselling
Title: Effective counselling (2) Leadership
Title: Effective selling and (B) Emerging Indian Marketing environment
Title: Employee grievance handling
Title: Eye of the becholer (perception)
Title: Facilities layout (b) maintenance management
Title: From `No' to `yes' (the constructive route to agreement)
Title: Globalisation of markets : a canadian perspective
Title: Globalisation and the services industry : marketing of services -destination
Title: HRD - a scenario
Title: HRD in select organisations
Title: How to sell : introduction to marketing -1 and 2
Title: Human resource management : a corporate action perspective
Title: T.T.D.C. - a case study
Title: Computers could think - a talk on artificial intelligence
Title: Implementing corporte plans : some reflections
Title: Indian socio-economic scenario and fiscal system & policy
Title: Institution building
Title: International business environment : european community in the 90's
Title: International marketing : institutional infrastructure for export promotion
Title: International quality assurance managment system standards
Title: Introduction to information processing systems
Title: Leadership
Title: lecture on leadership
Title: Lecture on managment
Title: Life style marketing : and sales display
Title: M.R.T.P act : part -II restrictive unfair trade practices
Title: M.R.T.P act : impact on the concentration of economic power
Title: Manage time before time manges you self improvement series 1 : vol. 1
Title: Management information systems
Title: Management control systems (2pts)
Title: Management of technology (2pts)
Title: Management of technology : implementation
Title: Managerial challanges in 90s pt I&II
Title: Managing men : personnel function and (B) Decision making styles
Title: Marketing management & planning
Title: Marketing services
Title: Marketing strategy
Title: Materials management
Title: Memorandum of understanding part I & II
Title: Motivation
Title: National planning process
Title: Nature of business and need of account
Title: New product launch : customer behaviour
 Title: Oops : time for service recovery
Title: Organisation development and business effectiveness
Title: Organisation development
Title: Organisation structure and work study
Title: Parkinson's law and the peter principles
Title: Personal computers for managers
Title: Philip kotler's views on martketing
Title: Planning and control of projects
Title: Principles of value analysis / value engineegring
Title: Probability application and probablity fundamentals
Title: Problam solving and (B) Communication process
Title: Productivity and the self fulfilling prophecy : the pygmalion effect
Title: Project appraisal
Title: Reengineering the future
Title: Selection for employment
 Title: Spectrum of computer system
Title: Stress management and Indian ethos : work ethos and indian thought
Title: Success through effective communication (non-verbal) self improvement series
Title: Tears,cheers and fears : the roale of emotions in advertising
 Title: Techniques of market research - 1&2
Title: Time management
Title: Top to bottam
 Title: Turnaround strategy - back from the brink
Title: Understanding financial statements, part I & II
Title: Unka rahasya
Title: What is management and management functions
Title: Working hard, working smart (time management - part II)
Title: Working of stock exchange
Title: Savidhan ke shakshii
Title: Bharat ki vani
Title: Udyanjaly akta ka avam sanshar
Title: Fugi HQ professional grade Hindi ISO 9000
 Title: Fuji HQ professional grade English ISO 9000
 Title: Effective presentation skills
Title: Accounting in decision making
Title: Communication or lack of it : 1-interpersonal communicaton-1 2-interpersonal
Title: Communication process
Title: HRD : a scenario
Title: Human relations approach
Title: Leadership styles
Title: Management functions and behaviour
Title: Time management : the edge of success
Title: Working capital Management
Title: Professionalism in Teaching I and II
Title: Management Techniques for Energy Efficiency
Title: Management Techniques-Monitoring and Targeting
Title: Low Temperature Heat Recovery
Title: High Temperature Heat Recovery
Title: Compressing Air Costs
Title: Cast Iron Savings
Title: Making Motors Pay Dividends
Title: Density of Soil in Place by Sand Replacement Method
Title: Liquid Limit Test
Title: Triaxial Test I and II
Title: Compaction Test
Title: Specific Gravity Test
Title: Unconfined Compression Test
Title: Permiability Test : Part I and II
Title: Lab. Vane Shear Test
Title: Core Cutter Method
Title: Dumpy Level (B & W)
Title: Treatment of Raw Water for Drining Purpose (B & W)
Title: Transit Theooilite
Title: Water Quality Survellance
Title: File Foundation
Title: Sensitive Teacher
Title: Audio Visual Techniques and Interpersonal Communication
Title: Persuit Excellence in Teaching Part I & II
Title: Introduction to Digital Image Processing
Title: Image Digitalization and Sampling
Title: Basic Relationship Between Pixels
Title: Image Interpolation and Resampling
Title: Application of Image Resampling
Title: Prospective Transformations
Title: Camera Models
Title: Sterio Imaging
Title: Search Space Analysis for Stereo
Title: Error Analysis for Stereo
Title: Introduction to Image Transforms
Title: Separble Transforms
Title: Discrete Fourier Transforms
Title: Properties of DFT
Title: Discrete Cosine Transforms
Title: Properties of Hadamard Transforms
Title: K-L Transforms
Title: Comparison Between Image Transforms
Title: Application of Transforms in Image Coding
Title: Image Enhancement Point Operations
Title: Histogram Equalisation
Title: Spatial Domain Filtering
Title: Sharpening Filtering
Title: Edge Detection Operations
Title: Introduction to Image Restoration
Title: Degradation Model in Discrete Domain
Title: Image Restoration Using Inverse Filtering
Title: Image Restoration Using Wiener Filters
Title: Constrained Leaser Square Restoration
Title: Image Segmentation
Title: Global Edge-Linking Using Tough Transforms
Title: Segmentation Based on Thresholding
Title: Region -Oriented Segmentation
Title: Representation of Regions
Title: Boundary Descriptors
Title: Region Descriptors and Texture
Title: Statistical & Structural Approach to Texture
Title: Morphological Image Processing I and II
Title: Discrete Time Signals and Systems I and II
Title: Difference Equations and Transforms
Title: Study of Sampled Systems in Frequency Domain
Title: Relation Between Continuous and Sampled Systems
Title: Z-Transforms and Introduction to IIR Digital Fliter
Title: Introduction to Filters
Title: Design of Analog and Digital Filters - I
Title: Design of Analog and Digital Filters - II
Title: Design of Analog and Digital Filters - III
Title: Design of Analog and Digital Filters - IV
Title: Design of IIR Filter
Title: Design of FIR Filter
Title: DFT-FFT Algorithms
Title: Computer Aided Design
Title: Digitising Techniques
Title: Structures of FIR and IIR Systems
Title: Effects of Quantisation in Digital Filters
Title: Magnitude Phase Relationship in Digital Filters
Title: Mag-Phase Relatioship for Minimum Phase Systems
Title: Hillbert Transform Relation for Magnitude And Phase
Title: Complex Spectrum and Homomorphic Systems
Title: Homomorphic Convolution
Title: Introduction and Historical Background
Title: VLSI Classification
Title: Review of Bipolar and MOS Transistor Structures
Title: Isolation Techniques in Advanced VLSI
Title: Bipolar IC Fabrication
Title: MOS Technology
Title: MOS Inverter Layout
Title: CMOS Technology
Title: MOS Inverter Analysis I and II
Title: Inverter with Triod/Linear Load
Title: CMOS Inverter
Title: Power and Speed of MOS Inverters
Title: Power and Speed of MOS Inverters
Title: Inverter Speed and Stick Diagram
Title: MOS Static Logic
Title: Pass Transistor Logic and CMOS Gates
Title: CMOS Static Logic
Title: Dynamic Shift Registers
Title: Prechared NMOS Logic
Title: Domino CMOS
Title: Programmable Logic Arrays (PLAs)
Title: PLA Minimisation (Folding)
Title: Other Forms of PLAS
Title: Weinberger Array
Title: Introduction to Gate Arrays and Semiconductor Memories
Title: Semiconductor Memories
Title: Random Access Memories
Title: Dynamic ROM
Title: Bipolar Logic
Title: Integrated Injection Logic
Title: An Advanced VLSI Single-Chip System
Title: Gas Welding and Thermit Welding
Title: Manual Metal Art Welding Part IV
Title: Drilling and Tappling
Title: Fire Prevention in Cables
Title: NDT Part- I to Part IV
Title: Metallic Defects and Their Testing
Title: Advance S.Q.C. (Techniques in Quality Control)
Title: Introduction to Computer Graphics
Title: Graphic Display System, Line Drawing
Title: Bresenham Line Drawing
Title: Curve Drawing, Hermit and Bezier Forms
Title: Curve Drawing Using B- Splines
Title: Sutherland Cohen Clipping
Title: Clipping for Parametric Lines
Title: Clipping Using Cyrus - Back Method
Title: Assesment of CRT Monitors
Title: 3D Graphics - Transformation Matrics
Title: Parallel Protection
Title: Isometric and Dimetric Projections
Title: Generation of Perpective Views
Title: Tutorial Session on Computer Graphics
Title: Reconstruction of 3-D Objects and Introduction to 3-D Clipping
Title: 3-D Clipping
Title: Hidden Surface Removal (Back Face Removal)
Title: Hidden Surface Removal (Painters Algorithm)
Title: Floating Horizon Algorithm and Dispaly Generation
Title: Filling Algorithm
Title: Shading
Title: Generation of Solids
Title: Ray Tracing
Title: Generation of Solids
Title: Interactive Graphic Devices
Title: Factials
Title: Importance of Waste Heat Recovery
Title: Bright Ideas
Title: Energy Conservation in AQRL Pumps
Title: Light Without Waste
Title: Advanced Manufacturing
Title: How is CAD Drawing Done
Title: An Overview of CAM
Title: What is CAD ?
Title: Installing Utilities
Title: Introduction to Construction
Title: Enclosing, Finishings and Landscaping Structures
Title: Erecting Substructured and Superstructured
Title: Elements Project Design and Site Preparation
Title: Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
Title: Software Reliability
Title: Neural Networks and the Control of Dynamics Systems
Title: Welding Inspection and Quality Control
Title: Corrosion : Corrosive Environments
Title: Corrosion : Economics and Failure Analysis
Title: Corrosion : Methods of Control Coatings and Potentials Modifications
Title: Principal of Metallography : Plastic Deformation and Annealing
Title: Microstructure and Classification of Steels
Title: Welding and Cutting Process 11-Part 1
Title: Equipment and Theory : Combustion and Electric Fire-Are
Title: Equipment and Theory : Plasma Spray
Title: Surface Science
Title: Applications of Power Circuit Breakers
Title: Protection of Synchronous Generators
Title: Diesel Engine Technology
Title: Virtual Reliaty : Principals and Applications Part 1 of 5
Title: Virtual Reliaty : Principals and Application Part 4 of 5
Title: Introduction to Software Engineering
Title: Life Cycle Models-I and II
Title: Software Project Management Part I
Title: Virtual Reliaty : Principals and Application Part 5 of 5
Title: Virtual Reliaty : Principals and Application Part 2 of 5
Title: Virtual Reliaty : Principals and Application Part 3 of 5
Title: Software Project Management Part 2
Title: Software Project Management Part 3
Title: Software Project Management Part 4
Title: Software Project Management Part 5
Title: Algebric Specification
Title: Requirements Analysis and Specification
Title: Software Design
Title: Function-Oriented Design-I
Title: Function-Oriented Design-II
Title: Function-Oriented Design-III
Title: Function-Oriented Design-IV
Title: Object Oriented Design I
Title: Object Oriented Design II
Title: C++ Features-I
Title: C++ Features-II
Title: C++ Features-III
Title: Object Modelling
Title: User Interface Design I
Title: User Interface Design II
Title: User Interface Design III
Title: User Interface Design IV
Title: User Interface Design V
Title: Coding and Testing I
Title: Coding and Testing II
Title: Coding and Testing III
Title: Coding and Testing IV
Title: Reliability and Quality Assurance I
Title: Reliability and Quality Assurance II
Title: Introduction & Boolean Algebra I
Title: Boolean Algebra II
Title: Switching Functions-I
Title: Switching Functions-II
Title: Switching Functions-III Karnaugh Map
Title: Minimization of Switching Functions Using Map Method-I
Title: Minimization of Using Map Method-II and tabular Method
Title: Minimization of Using Tabular Method-II Multiout Magic Minimization
Title: Logic Design -I
Title: Logic Design -II
Title: Logic Design -II Using NAND/NOR Gates and Introduction to PLA's
Title: Fault Diagnosis in Combinational Circuits-I
Title: Fault Diagnosis in Combinational Circuits-II
Title: Fault Diagnosis in Combinational Circuits-III
Title: Deterministic Finite Automata
Title: Nondeterministic Finite Automata
Title: Synchronous Sequential Circuits Sysnthesis
Title: State Minimization of Completely Specified Specified Mechines -I
Title: State Minimization of Completely Specified Specified Mechines -II
Title: State Minimization of Incompletely Specified Specified Mechines -I
Title: State Minimization of Incompletely Specified Specified Mechines -II
Title: Mealy and Moore Machines - Equivalence and Conversion
Title: Analysis of Synchronous Sequential Circuits
Title: Regular Grammer and Languages
Title: Regular Grammer and Languages II
Title: Context Free Grammer (CFG) and Languages (CFL)
Title: CFL, PDA and Other Languages
Title: Regular Expressions- I
Title: Regular Expressions- II
Title: Asynchronous Sequential Circuits -I
Title: Asynchronous Sequential Circuits -II
Title: Machine Experiments -I
Title: C Programming - I
Title: C Programming - II
Title: C Programming - III
Title: Data Structuring : Case Study
Title: Data Structuring : Case Study II
Title: Data Structuring : Case Study III
Title: Problem Decomposition by Recursion -1
Title: Problem Decomposition by Recursion -2
Title: Problem Decomposition by Recursion -3
Title: Mergesort and Quicksort
Title: Characters and Strings
Title: Arrays : Addresses and Contents
Title: Structures - 1
Title: Structures - 2
Title: Dynamic Alocation -1
Title: Linked Lists- 1
Title: Complexity (Efficiency) of Algorithms
Title: Asymptotic Growth Functions
Title: Asymptotic Analysis of Algorithms
Title: Data Structuring
Title: Search Trees I
Title: Search Trees II
Title: Search Trees III
Title: Algorithm Design I
Title: Algorithm Design II
Title: Algorithm Design III
Title: File Systems - I
Title: File Systems - II
Title: File Systems - III
Title: File Systems - IV
Title: File Systems - V
Title: Recovery from Failure - I
Title: Recovery from Failure - II
Title: Recovery from Failure - III
Title: Concurrency Control - I
Title: Concurrency Control - II
Title: Concurrency Control - III
Title: Concurrency Control - IV
Title: Concurrency Control - V
Title: Concurrency Control - VI
Title: Concurrency Control - VII
Title: Functional Dependencies - I
Title: Functional Dependencies - II
Title: Functional Dependencies - III
Title: Database Decomposition - I
Title: Database Decomposition - II
Title:   Database Decomposition - III
Title:   Database Decomposition - IV
Title:   Database Decomposition - V
Title:   Database Decomposition - IV
Title:   Relational Algebra
Title:   Relational Algebra II
Title:   Relational Calculus
Title:   E-R Model and Relational Model
Title:   E-R Model I
Title:   E-R Model II
Title:   Overview of SQL -I
Title:   Overview of SQL -II
Title:   Overview of SQL -III
Title:   Overview of SQL -IV
Title:   Reach Out for Health
Title:   Promise in the Keeping
Title:   Aap ka Navjatt Shishoo
Title:   Time Management Part I
Title:   World Health Organization : International Ministerial Meeting on Aids
Title:   Dr. Shanti Ghosh on Oral Rehydration Therapy
Title:   Dr. Kurien on the ANAND Experience
Title:   Concept of Programming
Title:   Introduction Information Processing System
Title:   Essential Drugs a Tonics
Title:   Prevention is Cheaper than Cure
Title:   Third Eye
Title:   Immunization
Title:   Managing Primary Health Centres
Title:   World Health Organization : International Ministrial Meeting on Aids
Title:   Marketing Ideas, Selling Nutrition
Title:   Way to Bridge Distance
Title:   Neo Natal Cold Chain Immunization
Title:   Male Resposibility, 2. Shishu Ahar, 3. Aaj Ki Nasamjhi
Title:   Disease Identification
Title:   Bundelkhandi Folk Song
Title:   Safe Motherhood
Title:   Indian Management, Ethos : Team Series 1
Title:   Video Teleconference on 10th May 1987 : management of Innovation and technology
Title:   Why Did Mrs. X Die ?
Title:   Organization Development
Title:   Management Control System Part I and II
Title:   Assessment and Evaluation
Title:   Infancy and Pre-School Nutrition
Title:   Personality Development Nritya Part 2
Title:   36 Intancy and Pre-School Nutrition
Title:   Personality Development Nritya Part 3
Title:   Human Resource Development and Employees Welfare
Title:   Personality Development Nritya Part 1
Title:   HRD for Grooming Professional
Title: HRD for Managing Change Through Excellence
Title: HRD System for Excellence
Title: HRD for R and D Institutions
Title: HRD for Export
Title: HRD and Quality
Title: HRD and Service Sector
Title: HRD for Women
Title: Art of Listening
Title: Quality circles
Title: Delivering a Baby
Title: Sath Ka Gaigam Ginadag Ka Naam Vihai
Title: Annual Convocation on Post Graduate Diploma in Health Management 1994, March 24
Title: In Persuit of Self Development
Title: Inauguration of PGDHM Course IIHMR
Title: Success Through Effective Communication (Verbal) Series 1, Vol. 5, Success Through
Effective Communication (Non-Verbal), Series 1, Vol 6
Title: How to Shoulder More Than You Can (Deligation) Series 1, Vol.4
Title: Receptionist/Telephone Operator. The First Image of Your Company Series II, Vol. 1
Title: Jiggasha-A Community Network Approach to Family Planning IEC (1997)
Title: Food and Nutrition : Nutrition During Pregnancy
Title: Communication Accross the Distance
Title: Bharat Ki Chhap-2 (The Stone Age)
Title: Dramatisation of Ideals
Title: Facing the Interview
Title: Demand Analysis
Title: INSAT
Title: Introduction to Marketing Part 1
Title: Race to Save the Planet, Vol.1 : the Environment Revolution Centre for Environment
Title: Race to Save the Planet, Vol.2 : Only on Atmoshphere
Title: Race to Save the Planet, Vol.3 : Do you Really Want to Live This Way
Title: Race to Save the Planet, Vol.3 : In the Name of Progress
Title: Race to Save the Planet, Vol.5 : Remnants of Eden
Title: Race to Save the Planet, Vol.6 : More for Less
Title: Race to Save the Planet, Vol.7 : Save the Earth Feed the World
Title: Race to Save the Planet, Vol.8 : Waste not Want Not
Title: Race to Save the Planet, Vol.10 : Now or Never
Title: Race to Save the Planet, Vol.9 : It Need political Decisions
Title: Video Cassette on IIHMR (Original Copy)
Title: Learn First Aid : Film on First Aid for Children (Hindi)
Title: Learn First Aid : Film on First Aid for Children (English)
Title: I.I.H.M.R. annual Convocation on 20.06.1992
Title: Care for Others and others Will Care for You Series 1, vol. 2, Self Improvement Series
Title: Ghar Me Durghatnaon se Bachav
Title: U I P Training Module in Hindi Vision : Disease Identification Training of
Title: U I P Training Module : Part II How to Conduct Vaccination Sessions
Title: Personal Hygeine (Home Bataya Mamu Ne)
Title: Social Change in India
Title: Role of Supervisor (DAE)
Title: Computerisation Office Automation
Title: Ultra Sound and Scanning
Title: Importance of Sports (DAE)
Title: Maintaining Quality
Title: Sankramak Rog
Title: A Call to Consumer
Title: Diahorrea - I : Chandu Kyon Nahin Raha
Title: Multimedia in Distance Education part 2
Title: Curtain Raiser
Title: How to Communicate with the Community
Title: Planning and Preparing for an mmunization Schedule
Title: Record Keeping
Title: Sterilization of Needles and Syringes
Title: Vaccine handling
Title: Card Training Film
Title: Immunization Schedule
Title: Measles Vaccine
Title: Reactions and Control Indications
Title: Voluntary organizational and rural Development
Title: Preventing accidents in home : Film on home Safety for Children
Title: Hospital Management
Title: Surviving Nature's Fury : A children Film on Safety against Natural Hazards
Title: Situational Leadership, Series 1, Vol.3
Title: Improvisation in Office Procedures, Series 1, Volume, 2, Self Improvement Series
Title: Construction of Communiy Suported HSCs : Danida Health Care project
Title: Construction of Communiy Suported HSCs : Danida Health Care project
Title: Great Masters (Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Insearch of Excellence, a sense of direction :
Title: U.S. Ambassadar Visit (Mr. Frank Wisner )
Title: Jiggasa- A Community Network Approach to Family Planning IEC (1997)
 Title: Deep Shikha Managers
 Title: Managing Executive Street
Title: Concept of Organisational Effectiveness
Title: Concept of Managerial Effectiveness
Title: Listening to Women : a Video Documentation of a Play on Women's Reproductive
Health Issues
Title: Training of Panchayat Member for RCH
Title: Anant : A File of AIDS
Title: Breastfeeding : Protecting a Natural Resourses
Title: Sanshodhan : the Amandment
Title: Resource Collection on Sex Education : Symbiosis
Title: Safe with us : the right Prescription
Title: Facts for Life

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