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       FWC Member Handbook
                              Table of Contents
FWC Schedule of Activities Calendar                                     3
FWC Mission Statement & Goal                                            4
The Basics – Music & Membership Dues                                    4
    Rehearsal Location                                                  4
    Music & Membership Dues                                             4
   Concert Attire                                                       4-5
    Rented Music Care                                                   5
    Ticket Sales                                                        6
    Rehearsal Attendance                                                6
    Request for Leave of Absence                                        6
FWC Expectations                                                        7
   Musicianship and preparation                                         7
   Rehearsal etiquette                                                  7
   Performance etiquette                                                7-8
   Communications / Announcements                                       8
   Opportunities to Serve                                               8-9
   Job Descriptions – Assistant Director, Section Leaders,              9
                     Board of Directors
   Committees & Other Key Roles                                        10-11
Attachment 1 -   FWC 2008-2009 Board of Directors, Committee Chairs,    12
                 Section Liaisons, Other Volunteers
Attachment 2 - Community Support forms List                             13

Attachment 3 - Monetary Donations                                       14
Attachment 4 - Program Advertisements                                   15
Attachment 5 - Raffle Donations                                         16

                                   FWC Member Handbook
                   FWC Schedule of Activities CALENDAR 2008-2009

September 6             New member auditions 10:00am-1:00pm - TJ High School
September 15            First rehearsal   7:00-9:30pm - TJ High School*
September 18            Tacoma Sings – Chihuly Bridge of Glass & plazas 6:30-8:00pm
September 22, 29        Monday night rehearsals
October 6,13,20,27      Monday night rehearsals
Mid October             Cookie Social prior to rehearsal 6:45 – 7:15pm
November 3,10,17,24     Monday night rehearsals

December 1,8            Monday night rehearsal
December 12             Rehearsal with orchestra at St. Luke’s 7:00-9:00pm
December 13             The Great Mystery and Wonder of Christmas - Concert - 8:00pm
                        St Luke’s
December 14             The Great Mystery and Wonder of Christmas - Concert - 2:30pm
                        St Luke’s

January 12            First rehearsal   7:00-9:30pm - TJ High School*
January 19, 26        Monday night rehearsals

February 2,9,16,23    Monday night rehearsals

March 2,9,16,23,30    Monday night rehearsals

April 6,13,20,27      Monday night rehearsals

May 4,11,18           Monday night rehearsals

End May/Beg.          Tentative rehearsal w/ orchestra      7:00-9:00pm
                      Spring Concert – 8:00pm
                      Spring Concert – 2:00pm

June 1, 8, or 15      Federal Way Chorale Annual Member Meeting

* Unless otherwise stated, Rehearsal location is the Music Room from 7:00-9:30pm at
Thomas Jefferson High School, 4248 S. 288th St, Auburn, WA 98001-2820

Concert location:         St Luke’s Lutheran Church,
                          515 S. 312th Street, Federal Way, WA 98003-4033

    For more information, please read the Member Handbook on our website at

                                      FWC Member Handbook
Federal Way Chorale Mission Statement

The mission of the Federal Way Chorale, an auditioned community choir, is to provide Federal Way
and its surrounding area with an inspirational musical experience:
   For talented vocalists to learn and to perform music in a variety of styles in a quality manner,
    bringing together musicians of diverse backgrounds, teenagers through senior citizens, without
    regard to amateur or professional status.
   To inspire and encourage interest and participation in the performing arts.

FWC Goal
The goal of the Federal Way Chorale is Musical Excellence. Through our performances, we seek to
become recognized as one of the Northwest’s premier choral organizations.

Joining the Federal Way Chorale makes you part of a high-level group with an intense rehearsal and
performance schedule. Commitment to all rehearsals and concerts is expected throughout the
concert year.

The Basics
Rehearsal Location
 Rehearsals are held at Thomas Jefferson High School, Music Room
  4248 S. 288th St, Auburn on Monday evenings, from 7:00 to 9:30pm.
 Final 30 minutes may involve sectionals or solo tryouts/rehearsals.
 At the end of rehearsal, please help tidy the music room before leaving.

Music and Membership Dues — Adult $100/year, Student $50/year
 Annual dues help cover operation expenses and music costs.
 Dues are set by the board each year, and must be paid in two $50 ($25 student) installments at
  the beginning of each of the two concert seasons.
 Financial assistance is available, if needed.
 The individual performer owns the music used during the season, with the exception of rented
  music. Rented music is on loan and must be returned after the performances. A member may
  voluntarily turn in their own music to the Chorale librarian for use in future concerts.
 If you are missing music, contact our music librarian.
 If you leave the Chorale for any reason within the year, dues are not refundable. You are,
  however, still entitled to a vote at the Chorale’s annual meeting.

Other Costs to Members
 Members are expected to pay for and use a regulation black binder for the concerts. The Chorale
   purchases the concert binders and members are expected to purchase one from the Chorale.

Concert Attire – Members are responsible for purchasing their own concert attire.

        Black tuxedo, white wing-tip collared tux shirt, black bow tie, black cummerbund, black
                                          FWC Member Handbook
       Full length, plain black, long-sleeved, collarless dress or skirt/top combination. Dresses are
        selected from a catalog and currently cost $60.

          The dress can have any neckline as long as the pearl necklace rests on skin. No
          turtlenecks. Dresses should be hemmed so that length is 1 to 2 inches from the floor with
          concert shoes on.

         Shoes – black closed toe for performance (no patent leather)
         Nylons – black
         Hair – no visible or distracting adornments
         Earrings – small pearl studs ONLY or no earrings at all
         Pearl Necklace – ivory single strand, 9 mm or less in diameter; should rest just below the
          collarbone (approx. 16 to 18 inches in length)
         Bracelets or watches – okay if not too flashy or noisy
         Makeup – “evening out on the town” suggested. A little darker lip color and eye shadow are
          appropriate. Remember, your faces are all that the audience can really see. Let’s look
         Contact Kathy Epperson with any questions and orders for tuxedo or dress.
         Home phone, 253-927-4571; email kathye@farwestfreight.com

Rented Music Care
 Keep music protected from excessive wear by carrying it in a binder, folder or envelope.
 Write your name in pencil on the music folder to avoid loss.
 Make notations with a soft lead pencil only, NO highlighters.
 Use Post-it notes to mark music sections.
 Do not use staples or tape. Never punch holes in rented music.
                                         FWC Member Handbook
 Return your music in the condition in which it was received.
 Rented music must be returned at the end of the final performance of any concert cycle. Even if
  you cannot perform, music must be returned by the final performance! If necessary, you may mail
  your music to the music librarian. You will be charged the replacement cost plus any shipping and
  handling charges for the music if it is not turned in by the time specified above.

Ticket sales – Remember, the most important participants in any concert are the members of the
audience. Most of our audiences are made up of family and personal friends. Show pride in the
Chorale’s accomplishments by inviting as many to our concerts as possible. Let’s put out the extra
effort to sell ten tickets apiece. A minimum of four tickets are expected to be sold by each member.
Participation – Please participate in other necessary organizational and non-musical supportive
activities of the Chorale as needed. All should assist in recruiting new members to the Chorale. The
Chorale will remain strong and healthy only by the pride we put forth.

Rehearsal Attendance
Sign in on the attendance roster when you arrive and be in your seat and ready to sing at the
designated rehearsal start time. Section leaders will track attendance. Always have a soft lead pencil
available for music notes. Bottled water only, is permitted in the rehearsal room and concert rooms.


     You may not be allowed to sing in a concert cycle if you miss:
    - Three (3) or more rehearsals in that concert cycle
    - The final dress rehearsal, or
    - Any of the performances for the concert cycle (unless previously arranged)
 Notify your Section Leader and/or director in advance of planned absences.
  - In rare instances you may be permitted to sing despite extended absences at regular rehearsals.
 It is important that you get any markings from a rehearsal you missed from someone in your
  section. Your section leader will have accurate markings from all rehearsals
 If any member misses a concert season, you will need to re-audition during the next
  audition cycle, currently held each September.

Requests for Leave of Absence
If you know in advance that you will need to request a leave of absence for a particular concert
please notify your section leader and/or the director as soon as possible.

Concert cycles
 The Chorale year currently consists of two seasons, or concert cycles, i.e., Fall and Spring. A
  concert cycle is the series of rehearsals and performances that complete any given concert.
 Pay attention to the annual rehearsal schedule when it comes out at the beginning of the year,
  and be alert for changes throughout the season.
 Members are expected to attend all scheduled concert dates throughout the season. Please
  check the calendar (page 3) for any conflicts that you may have and please check with the director
  if you have any problems.

                                          FWC Member Handbook
FWC Expectations

Musicianship and preparation

FWC seeks to maintain a high level of musicianship. Chorale members are expected to take
responsibility for how well they know their music. The chorale strives to provide each member with a
rehearsal/performance CD at the first rehearsal. The director expects each member to work on
learning the music at home. If each singer knows the notes before coming to rehearsal, more
rehearsal time can be used to enhance performance, nuance, and style of the music. Ask for
assistance from your section leader if you are having difficulty with your music. Email your section
leader to make specific requests ahead of time. It is helpful to bring a recording device to rehearsal
to aid practicing at home. During FWC rehearsals, always keep a pencil handy. It is important that
every singer mark crescendos, accents, and other directions from the director as requested, even if
you think you’ll remember.

Rehearsal etiquette

   We meet only once per week and it is important to maximize the use of the rehearsal time. Please
   observe a professional attitude and attention to all requests from the Director.

 Stop all talking when the conductor reaches the podium and prepares to begin the rehearsal.
 Please do not wear perfumes or after-shaves to rehearsals or concerts. Some singers have
  allergies or asthma that can be triggered or exacerbated by these scents.
 Do not chat while the director is rehearsing other sections.
 Do not hum your part while the director is rehearsing other sections.
 If you’re a toe-tapper, make sure that your toe tapping is perfectly silent.
 If you are late to rehearsal, move quickly and quietly to your section.
 If you are ill and contagious, please stay home to avoid spreading illnesses to the rest of the
 If you are not feeling well, but are not contagious, come to rehearsal and sit at the back of the
  room. This counts as attendance, and you will find that by just following the music, you learn
  nearly as much as if you’d been able to sing.

Performance etiquette

 When entering or leaving the stage, Chorale members are to carry their music in their “upstage”
  hand, i.e., towards the audience. Music is to be at one’s side until the director cues that it be
  raised, or else as previously arranged.
 Walk briskly to your assigned place.
 When exiting, continue to walk quickly once off the stage to clear room for the remainder of the
 Prior to concerts, please have music arranged in folder and marked for easy access. Do not follow
  along in the score while the orchestra or soloists are performing. Open music to the next choral
  entrance and wait for the cue from the director. Use small tabs or paper clips to mark the next
  entrance so you will not fumble with turning pages in the score.
 Always look at the conductor or soloist. Your face should appear alert, interested, and in an
  appropriate mood for music. Smile!
 Talking is UNACCEPTABLE under any circumstances. Applauding soloists is generally not
  acceptable concert etiquette.
                                          FWC Member Handbook
 The Director will cue the Chorale when taking bows.
 Remember that unnecessary movement on stage distracts the audience from full enjoyment of the
  concert. Please use common sense regarding anything that will cause a distraction or interruption.

Communications / Announcements
The Chorale has several ways of getting messages to its singers.

 The Federal Way Chorale maintains an email list of all its members. This is a confidential list and
  is not made available to any outside sources. Email is a quick and efficient way of communicating
  with members. An email address list will be made available and used by the Director. If your
  email address changes, please note the new address on the sign in roster.

 The Director will send informal internal newsletters by email. This will usually include instructions
  and specific lists of music to prepare for the next rehearsal.

 The Board president will send emails with reminders, specific instructions, urgent requests or
  announcements that may require a response from the membership. These will commonly include
  additional dates and times of fundraising activities, volunteer opportunities, ticket sales, rehearsal
  changes, and other impending activities.

 A time may be set aside for urgent announcements before the start or at the end of a rehearsal.
  These announcements may also include additional dates and times of fundraising activities,
  volunteer opportunities, ticket sales, rehearsal changes, and other impending activities.

 An up-to-date telephone list is maintained in the event of emergency announcements. Please
  include a current phone number on the sign-in roster.

 Please treat the Chorale roster and email list as confidential information and only use it for
  Chorale related business.

 Information is also available on FWC’s website: http://www.fwchorale.org

 Nametags are provided at the beginning of the season. Please wear your nametag at all
   rehearsals, so that other members can get to know you. Talk to your mentor for replacement
   nametags, or to change your information.

Opportunities to Serve
By reading this handbook you have probably realized there are many volunteers who serve the FWC
in ways beyond singing. Everyone is encouraged to find a way to support FWC. Here are basics
about some of the ways you can help. Pick one that interests you and ask any board member for
more information (Attachment 1).

Each position is open to members. There is a place for you on one of the committees or in one of the
elected positions. Volunteer positions are also made available from time to time that are open to both
Chorale members and outside members (friends and/or family). If you know someone who might be
interested in serving in a volunteer role, but who does not sing in the Chorale, let the director,
                                          FWC Member Handbook
assistant director or any board member know. FWC welcomes involvement by the community at

 Assistant Director: The assistant director is responsible for Chorale rehearsals when the director
  is absent. The assistant director may conduct some or all of the sections during any rehearsal.
  The assistant director may be asked to handle the professional recording of FWC concerts by a
  board approved recording company.

 Section Leader: Section leaders are responsible for bringing the musical needs and concerns of
  a section of the Chorale to the attention of the director. Section leaders may be asked to conduct
  sectionals or warm-ups. They must take complete and accurate music notes and markings at
  every rehearsal. Section leaders will provide their email address and/or telephone number to their

 Board of Directors: The Chorale’s board of directors makes sure all the behind-the-scenes
  activity gets done, creating committees as necessary to raise money, produce FWC’s
  performances, and ensure the longevity of the Chorale. Members of the board are elected by the
  Chorale. The Chorale’s Bylaws have more information. Bylaws are available from a board
  member (see contact sheet). Officers of the Board include:

    President: FWC’s board president runs meetings of the Chorale’s board of directors. The
     board president signs contracts on behalf of the FWC and makes sure FWC fulfills its
     responsibilities as a non-profit organization, including filing taxes. The president is responsible
     for keeping Chorale members up to date on rehearsal and performance schedules. The
     Chorale president runs announcements at rehearsal breaks. The president is a member of,
     and is selected by members of the board of directors from among the current board members.
     The president reports to the Chorale membership. The president serves a one-year term.

    Vice-President: The board’s vice-president runs meetings in the absence of the president,
     and must stay equally well informed. The vice-president is a member of the board of directors.
     The vice-president is selected by members of the board of directors from among the current
     board members. The vice-president serves a one-year term.

    Secretary: The secretary of the board is a voting member of the board. The secretary takes
     minutes at board meetings and distributes them to board members. The secretary reports to
     the board of directors.

    Treasurer: The treasurer makes sure the Chorale stays on budget and watches over the cash
     flow of the Chorale. The treasurer keeps a formal record of all financial transactions and
     manages the financial accounts (checking, savings) and reports financial status as required.
     The treasurer reports to the board of directors.

                                          FWC Member Handbook
The Board has formed seven committees, as well as the ability to have special ad hoc committees,
each of which is chaired by a member of the board. Each committee chairperson reports to the Board
of Directors. Committees include:

1.   Finance Committee — Chaired by the Treasurer. Responsible for the annual budget and
     longer-term financial plan, grant-writing, fund-raising, contract administration, accounting and
     cash management decisions.

      Grant Writers: actively work for ways to increase the Chorale’s funding sources by writing
       grants and applications to corporate, governmental, individual and private foundations.

2.   Concert Committee: The Concert Chair person is responsible for the organization and smooth
       running of each performance. The following activities will be delegated and coordinated by
       the Concert Chair.

      Facilities / Logistics: Includes procuring adequate concert site to accommodate all
       performers and audience, setup and cleanup of concert site. Also responsible for music
       stands for instrumentalist and conductor, special equipment for slide projector & screen.
      Ticket Sales: Both pre-concert sold by members and at the door. Distributes tickets and
       collects money. Tallies ticket revenues by date and by price, providing this information to the
      Concert Program & Ticket printing: Coordinates the production of the concert program,
       including advertisements in the program.
      Raffle: Ensure there are appropriate raffle prizes, advertisement of raffle in the concert
       program, and announcer of raffles after concert intermission.
      Concert Attire: This is currently coordinated by Kathy Epperson who communicates the
       correct attire for men and ladies at the concert and ensures new members have concert
       dresses and/or tuxedos. Maintains a stock of regulation bow ties for the men and other
       costume accessories. Tracks members who have a used dress available for sale to new
       members. Informs members if their concert attire is inappropriate.
      Decorations: Procures appropriate decorations for the concert hall and refreshment tables,
      Volunteers: Facilitates obtaining and managing our volunteers who help as ushers,
       concessions, CD sales at concert, raffle ticket sellers.

3.   Marketing and Public Relations Committee: Responsible for publicity (newspaper ads, press
     releases, calendars) community outreach, website, surveys, advertising and promotional
     materials. Manages the liaisons who help collaborate with other Arts organizations, such as the
     Federal Way Coalition for the Performing Arts, Chamber of Commerce, South King County Arts,
     etc. Ensures season brochures, posters, and programs are printed. Arranges for special
     presentations and lobby displays at concerts, interviews and articles prior to concerts, and

4.   Membership Committee: Responsible for attracting new members and retaining existing
     members, encourage diversity, facilitate good communication with the membership and

                                          FWC Member Handbook
     promoting a fun atmosphere. Includes name tags, organizing the annual member potluck, social
     events and member handbook.

5.   Facilities / Properties Committee: Responsible for keeping an inventory and managing the
     hard and soft assets of the Chorale, providing safekeeping, storage, logistics and maintenance
     for Chorale properties. Keeps an assessment of the value of assets. Properties include Chorale
     trailer and risers, tape duplicating machine, keyboard and amplification / microphones, sheet
     music, piano lamp, chorale CDs, historical records, costumes, etc.

6.   Music Committee: Chaired by the Music Director: Responsible for establishing concert dates
     and venue, theme for each concert, selecting repertoire, contracting the orchestral musicians
     and technical service providers, producing Chorale CDs as needed, writing program notes for
     the concert program, maintaining and improving choral vocal standards. Includes the selection
     and management of Section Leaders.

7.   Scholarship Committee: Responsible for keeping scholarship policy current, producing
     application forms, distributing application forms to schools and website, recommending
     candidates for the Board, presenting scholarships to award winners.

Special Ad Hoc Committees
Director Search Committee: Not required at this time

Other Key Roles

 Section Leader Requirements: Have email, attend rehearsal regularly, be on time or a little
  early to talk to section members as needed, have some time during the week to phone members
  who have been absent from rehearsals. The Section Leader may call absent members and
  discuss any issues the member might be having. If a Section Leader is unable to perform his / her
  duties, please notify either a Board Member or the Membership committee chair.

 Historian: The Chorale historian catalogues clippings, reviews, programs, season schedules,
  advertising and brochures on behalf of the Chorale. The historian reports to the board of directors.

 Chorale Librarian: FWC’s librarian coordinates the distribution and collection of scores and
  maintains the storage of same.

                                         FWC Member Handbook
                                          Attachment #1

                Federal Way Chorale – Board of Directors
                        and Other Key Volunteers
                                     2008 – 2009 Season
President:      Phil Wamba             253-838-1621
Vice President: Bob Dockstader         253-838-1719
Secretary:      Carole Brown           253-941-4654
Treasurer:      Henk Goeyenbier        253-952-0154

Past President: Jim Burbidge

                Jeanette Borchers
                Karen Brugato
                Sylvia Hagmann
                Denise McDermott
                Mark Krupp
                Adam Martin

Conductor and Artistic Director – Laird Thornton              425-277-6138
Assistant Music Director – Megan Oberfield                    253-383-7235

Finance: Henk Goeyenbier, Karen Brugato, Carole Brown, Cindy Piennett
Publicity: Jeanette Borchers, Phil Wamba, Karen Brugato, Susan Goeyenbier, Jan Campbell, Mark
            Bonnema, Sylvia Hagmann,
Performance: Pat Day, Carolyn Perrone,
Membership: Jeanette Borchers, Pauline Anderson, Carole Brown, Kathy Epperson, Sylvia
                Hagmann, Denise McDermott, Sheryl Piskel, Pat Poyneer, Carol Scott-Kassner, Joyce
Facilities / Properties: Phil Wamba
Grants: Henk Goeyenbier, Carole Brown, Karen Brugato, Phil Wamba
Scholarship: Bob Dockstader, Ann Hardwicke
Long Range Planning: Bob Dockstader, Carolyn Perrone, Anne Saquitne
Music: Laird Thornton
Historian: Patty Day
Librarian: Wendy Lane
Concert Chair:

Federal Way Chorale cell phone: 253-250-3326
Federal Way Chorale website: www.fwchorale.org

Chorale Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to the public and are normally held on the third Thursday of the month.
Please contact the director or president for specific meeting dates and times.
                                        FWC Member Handbook
Community Support                                                Attachment #2
Become a part of the Federal Way Chorale’s future!

The following pages contain standard formats for supporting the Federal Way Chorale through:

 Monetary Donations

 Advertisements

 Raffle Donations

                                        FWC Member Handbook
Monetary Donations                                                      Attachment #3
A donation from you will help the Chorale continue their tradition of offering quality choral
performances at a reasonable price to the citizens of the South Puget Sound since 1993.

YES, I would like to support the Federal Way Chorale with my tax-deductible gift in the amount of

   Founder .......................     $1,000 or more
   Benefactor ...................      $500 or more
   Sustainer .....................     $250 or more
   Sponsor .......................     $100 or more
   Friend ..........................   $25 or more

____ I wish to remain an anonymous donor
____ My employer has a “matching funds” program

Thank you for your generous donation!







Mail to: Federal Way Chorale, PO Box 26182, Federal Way WA 98093

                                                  FWC Member Handbook
                                  Attachment #4
Federal Way Chorale
PO Box 26182
Federal Way WA 98093


Contact Name:

Business Name:



Services Provided — Advertising for Concert Program:

Date(s) of Event:
Receipt Amount:
Received From:
Received By:
Artwork Attached:               Yes                   No

BUSINESS CARD (2”L x 3.5”W)        $50

QUARTER PAGE (4”L x 3.5”W)         $75

HALF PAGE (4”L x 7”W)              $125

FULL PAGE (8.5”L x 7”W)            $225

BACK PAGE (color)                  $300

INSIDE FRONT COVER                 $300

Advertising content must be approved by the FWC Board of Directors

                                FWC Member Handbook
                                                             Attachment #5

Raffle Donations
Federal Way Chorale
PO Box 26182
Federal Way WA 98093

Contact Name:

Business Name:


Services Provided — Donation of Raffle Item:

Date(s) of Event:
Item Received:
Received From:
Received By:
Retail Value of

All raffle items must be approved by the FWC Board of Directors

                                 FWC Member Handbook

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