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									                         THE CROYDON COMPACT
                   Working in Partnership across the sectors

1.     Introduction

1.1.   The Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) is undergoing a transformation
       that parallels the change driving local government and the health service.
       Central government programmes are requiring an enhanced role for the VCS
       in planning and delivering key public services and Voluntary and Community
       Organisations (VCOs) are responding with a process of modernisation to
       sharpen and develop their fitness for purpose as mainstream service-

1.2.   This programme of change is addressed by the Compact, launched by
       central government in 1998 as a way of restructuring the relationship
       between the VCS and its statutory partners. In the Prime Minister‟s words:

1.3.   This Compact between Government and the VCS provides a framework
       which will help guide our relationship at every level. It recognises that
       Government and the sector fulfil complementary roles in the development
       and delivery of public policy and services, and that the Government has a
       role in promoting voluntary and community activity in all areas of our national

2.     The Case for a Compact

2.1.   The Compact‟s principles were reasserted last year by the Treasury in its
       cross-cutting review The Role of the Voluntary and Community Sector in
       Service Delivery. This was the VCS‟ coming of age report, carrying
       unequivocal statements such as:

2.2.   Our (the Government’s) aim must be to build a new partnership using the
       sector’s strengths to challenge and stimulate new ideas, complement our
       shared objectives and take forward the development of social policy
       generally. This partnership is about fresh ways of thinking through the role
       and structure of government and the voluntary sector and the way we deliver
       public services.

2.3.   Developing a Compact is now a formal requirement for both local authorities
       and PCTs. The Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) accreditation process
       required from local authorities that there,

2.4.   “should be evidence of local Compact development, with meaningful
       community involvement.”

2.5.   The Department of Health is expecting all PCTs to sign up to a local
       Compact by 31 March 2004, as a way of complying with the duties outlined in

       Section 11 of the Health and Social Care Act 2001 (on consulting and
       involving patients and the public).

2.6.   The Compact has inspired the VCS to take a more formal and professional
       approach to modernisation of the sector. Having won recognition as an equal
       partner, the challenge now is to offer competitive salaries to VCS staff and to
       provide training opportunities and flexible working options through
       progressive workforce development and human resources policies.

2.7.   Crucially, the Compact is now seen as delivering key outcomes for all
       partners, among them:

           Enabling the VCS to play to its strengths (engaging the most
            marginalised; focussed on the needs of service users; flexible and
            innovatory; cost-effective; providing different/specialised services)

           Encouraging greater statutory/voluntary collaboration

           Building the capacity of VCOs as key service providers

           Improving funding and commissioning practices

3.     This emphasis on outcomes has strengthened the currency of Compacts and
       convinced stakeholders (not least the wide range of VCOs) of their merit.

4.     Building on success

4.1.   Croydon is fertile ground for the Compact. Politically, a cross-party
       consensus has provided strong support for the VCS in Croydon and
       protected it from significant cuts in funding. The capacity building needs of
       Croydon‟s VCS are met by a range of well-funded support services. Strategic
       partnership work is extremely progressive, with the VCS having a major
       presence across Croydon‟s family of partnerships and taking a lead role in
       managing key partnership programmes (i.e. Children‟s Fund; Healthy Living
       Centres). Croydon‟s VCS already has a well-established role in service
       delivery, with key organisations enjoying a strong relationship with local

4.2.   The Compact‟s value is in enabling the statutory and voluntary sectors to
       build on the existing commitment to partnership working in the borough. Key
       gains will be established through negotiations in priority areas, such as
       funding and community involvement.

5.     Compact Principles

5.1.   In launching the Compact process in July 2002, all partners agreed to sign up
       to the following set of shared principles:

           Voluntary action is an essential component of democratic society

           An independent and diverse VCS is fundamental to the well-being of

           In the development and delivery of public policy and services, statutory
            bodies and the VCS have distinct but complementary roles

           There is added value in working in partnership towards common aims
            and objectives. Meaningful consultation builds relationships, improves
            policy development and enhances the design and delivery of services
            and programmes

           Statutory bodies and the VCS have different forms of accountability and
            are answerable to a different range of stakeholders. But common to
            both is the need for integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness,
            honesty and leadership.

           VCOs are entitled to campaign within the law in order to advance their

           Statutory bodies play a significant role, among other things, as a funder
            of some VCOs. Funding can be an important element of the relationship
            between statutory bodies and the VCS.

           Both statutory bodies and the VCS acknowledge the importance of
            promoting equality of opportunity for all people, regardless of race, age,
            disability, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

5.2.   A checklist was agreed to help in developing a partnership framework:

           Partner agencies need to carry equal weight in joint decision-making

           Recognition that different partners may have different contributions to

           The capacity and capability of all partner agencies should be accepted

           Best Value regimes should enable the VCS to bid on equal terms

           Purchasing and tendering regimes should be VCS-friendly

           Joint training on inter-sector working should foster continuous

           A clear process for jointly evaluating partnerships helps build on local

6.     Compact Action Plan
6.1.   The Compact‟s focus on five issues (funding, consultation, BME groups,
       volunteering and community groups) provided a framework for action
       planning. The Compact Action Plan follows two imperatives - to make use of
       existing forums rather than assembling new focus groups and to link up with
       related initiatives (i.e. the Council‟s Best Value Review of its support to the
6.2.   The action plans are the product of inter-agency agreement reached through
       the following channels:

           Funding:           LBC Best Value Review Working Group /
                          PCT Commissioning Group

           Consultation:        Community Involvement Strategy Group

           BME groups:          BME Forum

           Volunteering:        Volunteer Organisers Forum

           Community groups:           Community Network

6.3.   The plans are presented in the appendices. They have been circulated for
       comment across Croydon‟s VCS and other stakeholders.

7.     Implementation and Review
7.1.   The Officer Group will be expanded to become a Steering Group with
       responsibility for overseeing implementation of the action plan. The Group
       will meet on a quarterly basis to review progress and to prepare report-backs
       to the PCT Board and LBC Cabinet. Various channels of communication will
       be used to keep Croydon‟s VCS informed of progress, including the
       development of a Compact Hotline.

Compact Officer Group
(David Freeman – LBC; Una Dalton – PCT; Richard Pacitti – MIND; Peter Smith
– CPHA; Steve Phaure – CVA)
June 2003

COMPACT ACTION PLANS                                                                                                          APPENDICES

     1.   Volunteering
     2.   Funding (LBC)
     3.   Funding (PCT)
     4.   Consultation
     5.   Black / Minority Ethnic Groups
     6.   Community Groups

    No            Recommendation                            Action                    Lead     Other key   Timescale   Resources            Outcome
                  VOLUNTEERING                                                                  players

          Ensure ongoing resources for        Enable Human Resources in             Council                Ongoing –   Time of         Voluntary sector
1         umbrella body to do free Criminal   Social Services to continue                                  ensure it   Human           gets volunteers
          Record Checks for voluntary         providing free checks for voluntary                          continues   resources       screened free of
          groups involving volunteers with    sector – or provide resources for                                        personnel,      charge, as
          children or vulnerable adults       other body to do them                                                    or other        government
                                                                                                                       staff           intended
          Resources to support and manage     Guidance notes, application forms     Council/   VB          By March    Time            Voluntary
2         volunteer involvement should be     and other information materials       PCT                    2004        amending        organisations
          budgeted for by organisations       produced by funders and service                                          grant           receive funds to
          applying for funds and funders      providers should make clear that                                         application     provide support,
                                              any volunteer involvement should                                         etc forms if    training and out-of-
                                              be identified, volunteer expenses                                        necessary;      pocket expenses to
                                              should be budgeted for and the                                           extra           volunteers
                                              funder should recognise good                                             resources
                                              practice in volunteer management                                         for volunteer
                                              as an essential aspect of                                                expenses
                                              community involvement and                                                where
                                              partnership                                                              necessary
          Provide training for voluntary      CVA provides training for             CVA/VB/                During      CVA, VB         Better trained
3         organisations and volunteers        organisations, backed by Good         Health/                2003/4      staff,          volunteers and

    No           Recommendation                           Action                    Lead      Other key   Timescale    Resources            Outcome
                 VOLUNTEERING                                                                  players

                                            Practice Project and Community        Social                               Community       volunteer
                                            Fund money; Council and PCT           Services                             Fund,           organisers
                                            allow free places for volunteers on                                        places on
                                            general training, e.g. Health and                                          PCT and
                                            Safety, Equal Ops, wheelchair                                              Council
                                            training                                                                   courses
         Promote awareness of benefits of   Help with publicity materials for      council,               During       Cost of         More Croydon
4        volunteering                       groups, websites, translation         VB, CVA                 2003/4       publicity and   citizens helping in
                                            service for leaflets, entries in                                           translators     their community
                                            Croydon Reports

         Thank volunteers for their         Organise thank-you events, award      VB          council     Volunteers   Time of VB,     Volunteers
5        contribution                       ceremonies and outings – use                                  Week 2004    groups &        appreciated and
                                            Mayor‟s Parlour etc, council‟s blue                                        subsidising     stay longer
                                            coaches at reduced rate                                                    coaches

                    Recommendation                                       Action                    Lead      Resources         Time             Outcomes
                     FUNDING (LBC)                                                                                             scale

1.   The Council should have a clear strategy for its    Adoption of the document, „The           LBC      No additional      Mar      Clear linkage between
     support to the voluntary and community sector       Council‟s Funding Role‟ as Council       Policy   requirement        2004     support to VCS, key
     (VCS). This should include,                         policy.                                  Unit                                 priorities and impact in the
      a reflection of the Council‟s key corporate                                                                                     community.
        priorities,                                      „Classification‟ exercise for existing
      an explicit commitment to core funding,           funding.                                                                      VCS and Council have
      a commitment to longer term funding, and                                                                                        shared, clear expectations
      a process for regular review and evaluation       Roll out longer term funding alongside                                        regarding Council‟s long
        of what the Council is achieving for the local   the new funding agreement                                                     term funding commitment
        community through its support to the VCS.
                                                         Develop current Annual Report format                                          Increased % of funding
                                                         to include outcomes of funding as                                             designated to core costs.
                                                         funding becomes outcome based

2.   The Council should introduce a process for the      Implement draft Policy, Criteria and     LBC      Small              Dec      Better match between
     allocation of premises, which is open and           Procedures document                      Policy   additional staff   2003     premises needs and
     transparent. It should be tied in closely to the                                             Unit     time required               provision, and links to
     Council‟s corporate priorities and process of                                                         < 0.1 f.t.e.                Council priorities
     allocating funding.

3.   The application and evaluation process for          Involve the VCS in the process           LBC      Small              Mar      Applicants know and
     funding must become more open and                   Improve publicity                        Policy   additional staff   2004     understand basis of
     transparent.                                        Provide feedback to applicants           Unit     time required               assessment and decision
                                                         Promote & publicise the Annual                    < 0.1 f.t.e.                making
                                                         Report                                                                        Enhanced public
                                                                                                                                       accountability of where
                                                                                                                                       funding and other support is

4.   A new Funding Agreement should be adopted           Introduce new funding agreement          LBC      Additional         April    Clear statement of
     as both a philosophy to underpin consideration      over three year cycle from April 2004    Policy   staffing           2006     expectations and
     of the way that funding is dealt with and as a                                               Unit     requirements to             obligations for both the

                   Recommendation                                      Action                   Lead      Resources         Time            Outcomes
                    FUNDING (LBC)                                                                                           scale

     practical and proportionate approach to            Develop corporate policy on annual              be determined               Council and VCS,
     providing and monitoring funding.                  uprating for inflation, particularly            by each dept.               proportionate to need and
                                                        regarding salaries                                                          levels of risk.

5.   The Council should encourage and support           Set up quality assurance group to      LBC      Additional         April    Funded VCOs take on
     funded organisations to work towards               steer development of the framework,    Policy   staffing           2006     appropriate QA as part of
     implementing a recognised quality assurance        oversee implementation of              Unit     requirements to             organisational development
     (QA) scheme. All organisations funded by the       recommendations and plan                        be determined               and develop expertise to
     Council will be expected to have implemented,      programme of capacity building and              by each dept                benefit from QA
     or have made progress towards implementing, a      training.
     QA framework appropriate to its level of funding                                                   Cost of training
     and services by 1 April 2006. The level of                                                         & development
     monitoring of organisations will be dependent
     upon progress made in implementing quality

 No            Recommendation                                 Action                       Lead   Other key    Timescale        Resources       Outcome
                FUNDING (PCT)                                                                       players
1.    The NHS Commissioning process               The PCT to review 2003/04             PCT      All         August 2003   -               A shared
      needs to be more transparent and             planning process to identify issues                                                      understanding of
      developed as a key component of the          of concern and lessons to be                                                             the NHS planning
      Croydon Compact.                             learnt.                                                    Ongoing                       process and
                                                  The Croydon Compact needs to                                                             timescales.
                                                   act as an ongoing vehicle to raise
                                                   awareness of each of the
                                                   agencies in terms of the
                                                   contribution they can make and to
                                                   maximise opportunities of working
2.    Joint Commissioning Structures need         The PCT to review 2003/04             PCT/LA   All         Ongoing       -               A shared
      to be explicit in terms of how the           planning process to identify issues                                                      understanding of
      Voluntary Sector can actively engage         of concern and lessons to be                                                             Joint
      with this process                            learnt.                                                                                  Commissioning
3.    The Joint Planning structures needs to      The PCT to review areas of good       PCT      All         August 2003   -               Clear Joint
      actively engage and support the real         practice with a view to roll out                                                         Planning Structure
      involvement of the Voluntary Sector          across all Partnership Groups.
                                                  The Mental Health Partnership
                                                   Group is proposed as an example
                                                   of good cross sector involvement.
                                                  Implement the recommendations
                                                   of the recent Joint Planning Team
4.    The Croydon Compact must recognise          The PCT to review the possibility     PCT      All         Ongoing       TBC
      that Voluntary Sector needs ongoing          of access to other areas of
      support other than financial.                expertise including Human
                                                   Resources, Finance, Training and
                                                   Development, Recruitment and
                                                   Press and PR support.

 No          Recommendation                              Action                   Lead   Other key   Timescale   Resources       Outcome
             CONSULTATION                                                                 players

1.    To ensure a forum is established        The re establishment of the       PCT     All         Ongoing     -           An effective forum
      for those with responsibility for        Community Involvement                                                         for the sharing of
      Community                                Strategy Group with                                                           good practice and
      Involvement/Consultation to              membership representative of                                                  allowing maximum
      develop improved models of good          the health and Social Care                                                    potential for joint
      practice and champion effective          Community                                                                     working across
      methods in Croydon.                                                                                                    Croydon.
2.    To develop minimum standards in         Development of Croydon            PCT     All         December    TBC         Implementation of
      Consultation and Community               Consultation Guidance for use                         2003                    consultation
      involvement across Croydon.              across all agencies – including                                               guidance across all
                                               relevant training and                                                         agencies
3.    To develop strategic approaches         Sharing of good practice          CISG    All         Ongoing     -
      to involvement and consultation in       through the Community
      Croydon.                                 Involvement Strategy Group
                                              Development of Croydon
                                               Consultation Guidance for use
                                               across all agencies.
4.    To raise awareness off current          Complete a mapping exercise       PCT     All         May 2003    TBC         Accurate
      and proposed                             of current and proposed                                                       information on
      consultation/Community                   Consultation/Community                                                        current and
      involvement across the Borough.          Involvement.                                                                  proposed
                                              Complete a mapping exercise                                                   Consultation/Com
                                               of all current groups in                                                      munity involvement
                                               Croydon.                                                                      accessible to all

    No           Recommendation                             Action                  Lead   Other key   Timescale   Resources        Outcome
                    BME GROUPS                                                              players
1        The Compact must recognise &         To be drafted into the written                                                   Unit costs within
         appreciate that culturally           Compact                                                                          funding
         appropriate service provision cost                                                                                    agreements should
         more and that this should be                                                                                          reflect the costs of
         reflected in funding agreements.                                                                                      providing culturally
2        The Compact should recognise         -ditto-                                                                          More BME groups
         that BME groups have difficulties                                                                                     receive long term
         in securing long term funding & as                                                                                    funding
         such should signal its intent to                                                                                      agreements (3
         provide longer term funding.                                                                                          years)
3        The Croydon Compact should           -ditto-                                                                          Multi-agency &
         apply across multi-agency &                                                                                           regeneration
         regeneration partnerships such as    engage with the various                                                          partnerships adopt
         Sure Start, The Children‟s Fund,     partnerships/accountable bodies                                                  the principals of the
         Connexions etc                       and get them to sign up to the                                                   Compact
4        The Compact should be made           To be drafted into the written                                                   BME voluntary &
         applicable to BME voluntary &        Compact                                                                          community groups
         community groups which do not                                                                                         who do not have
         have statutory funding or have any                                                                                    statutory funding or
         paid staff.                                                                                                           have any paid staff
                                                                                                                               feel the Compact
                                                                                                                               applies to them.
5        The Compact should recognise         To be drafted into the written                                                    Refugee & Asylum
         the special needs of Refugee &       Compact                                                                          Seeker groups feel
         Asylum Seeker groups.                                                                                                 the Compact
                                                                                                                               applies to them.
6        The Compact should be promoted       Promote through Croydon BME                  CPHA                                Greater awareness
         to BME groups through the black      Forum. Advertise in appropriate                                                  of the Compact by
         media & black networks.              BME media, Croydon Mela etc                                                      BME groups

No        Recommendation                           Action                       Lead    Other key    Timescale    Resources         Outcome
        COMMUNITY GROUPS                                                                 players

     Consistency is found across       BVR recommendations are             LBC / PCT    CVA /       Quarterly    SG            Good practice
1    management of all funding         circulated to Fund Managers                      CPHA        review                     across all funding
     regimes – ensuring that good      (i.e. Sure Start;                                                                       regimes
     practice identified through the   Neighbourhood Renewal
     BVR is applied corporately        Funding) requesting them to
                                       respond to Steering Group

2    Target investment in the          Promote range of capacity-          CVA / CPHA   LBC         Quarterly    CVA           VCOs fit for
     capacity building needs of        building services available and                              review       Community     purpose as key
     hard-to-reach VCOs                review accessibility for hard-to-                                         Development   service-providers
                                       reach VCOs                                                                Team

3    A coordinated approach is         Review range of opportunities       LBC / CVA    Private     Quarterly    SG            Securing modern,
     taken to meeting VCS              available for meeting VCS                        sector      review                     fit for purpose
     premises needs, linking up        premises needs                                                                          accommodation for
     LBC provision with other                                                                                                  VCOs
     opportunities – i.e. church
     buildings, private sector etc

4    VCS involvement on the            Community Empowerment               Community    SG          Quarterly    CEF           Strong
     Croydon Strategic Partnership     Fund (CEF) is mainstreamed          network                  review                     representation of
     is strengthened and supported     to ensure continuing support                                                            VCS interests at
                                       for VCS representatives in                                                              highest level
                                       strategic partnership working


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