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									                           2nd Nine Weeks Math Exam Review

1. If R = { the factors of 16} and P = {the factors of 12}, then what is R U P?

2. If Sara rolls a “4” on both of her next two rolls she will win the game she is playing.
   What is the probability Sara will be a winner after her next 2 rolls?

3. This diagram shows the width of a window pane and the length of its diagonal. A
   replacement pane needs to be ordered and is priced by the square inch. Determine the

                                          10 in

                           8 in

4. What is the √48 simplest form?

5. If T = {2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9} and R = {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11}, what is
   T ∩ R?

6. Three coins are tossed at once. What is the probability they all land on heads?

7. Simplify     2√ 6
8. There are 24 candy-coated chocolate pieces in a bag. Eight have defects in the coating
   that can only be seen with close inspection. What is the probability of pulling out a
   defective piece without looking?

9. Samuel goes to a fast food restaurant for lunch. There are five different sandwiches, four
   sides, and 3 drinks to choose from. He wants to pick one sandwich, one side and one
   drink. How many different meals can he order?

10. A square sandbox has an area of 81ft², what is the length of one side of the sandbox?

11. In the diagram, line a is parallel to line b. If the m 2 is 80˚, what is the m 8?
                        1 2            a
                   3     4
                 5    6              b
               7 8

12. Triangles ABC and DEF are congruent. What is the length of segment DF?
                                                       6cm                      D
     C                 B                   E
13. Claire has 5 kinds of lipstick, 3 eye shadows, 2 kinds of lip liner, and 3 mascaras. How
    many combinations can she use to make up her face?

14. In the diagram line a is parallel to line b. If the m 1 is 120˚, what is the
    m 8?
                         1       2         a
                      3       4

                     5           6                     b
                 7           8

15. The Venn Diagram below shows the number of students with at least one of the
    following in their family. Write a phrase that identifies the number 6 in the diagram.

         Brother         4                                   Sisterl
                             4             5


16. Brian is playing a game using a six-sided number cube, numbered 1 through 6. He will
    win the game on his next roll if he gets a number greater than 2. What is the probability
    that Brian will win the game on his next roll?

17. Cathy constructed a Venn diagram that shows the number of 9th graders who play
    softball, tennis, and volleyball. How many more athletes play Softball than Volleyball?

             Softball                                                  Volleyball
                                               1            6
                                 3                      4


18. Jeffrey is getting dressed for school. He is choosing from one pair of jeans, three t-shirts,
    and four pair of shoes. Draw a tree diagram that represents all of his possible outfit
19. How many feet of fencing is needed to complete the triangle?

                          15 ft
           9 ft

                       ? ft
20. There are 5 different colors of M&M’s in a bag. 4 red, 5 yellow, 6 green, 3 brown and 2
    orange. Tammie draws out a M&M, replaces it, and then draws out a second M&M.
    What is the probability that she got a yellow M&M and then a brown M&M.

21. A right triangle is shaded in the diagram. The area of the two squares is shown. What is
    the area of the third square?

                                     11 Sq Ft
                  Area =?      ***
                                36 Sq Ft

22. Students were asked for their favorite core class, Math, Science or both. Each student
    was given a number and placed in the Venn Diagram below. Which group of students is
    the complement of Science?

                          15                    2
                      1   16         3
                                     7              5   6
                        9   11                  8
                      10             13
                          Math              Science

23. Lines a, b, and c are parallel. What is the length of segment DF?
                        A                        B                  a

                           15                   10

              C                                 D                   b

         E                                      F                  c

24. Lines a, b, and c are parallel. What is the length of segment RV?

              R           15          T               V

                                    U       8
              S           20

                  a                     b             c

25. Divide:

26. What is/are the square root(s) of 64?

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