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					January                           NPS AREA 20
2009                                  Kent Sussex Surrey

                                   AREA 20 AGM - 14 NOVEMBER 2008

Members and friends of NPS Area 20 were once again invited to Herstmonceux Village Hall for the annual
AGM. After the meeting there followed a sumptuous supper, which I would add was again provided free of
charge to all who attended. Thanks must go to our brilliant catering department, namely Sara Hird and
Elaine Kelly for once again making sure we were all well fed and watered – some 70+ meals were provided
on the night!

One member and his family were so eager to get to the AGM they set off in good time, parked up at the
venue, patiently sat and waited. After some time it became apparent that maybe there was something
amiss. Dad went to enquire whether this was where the pony meeting was being held and was told “no,
there was dancing here tonight”. They made a hurried exit and realised that they maybe should be at a
different hall. They duly drove onto Herstmonceux and arrived in time for their daughter to receive one of
the top prizes of the evening.

 I would add that although Dad is regularly seen in the ring on the end of a lead rein I’m not sure I have ever
seen him dancing – only maybe when “dancing for joy” at his daughters excellent results in the ring.

Following the AGM, presentation of our points competition were made and the results of this years
competition were as follows:
                              RIDDEN MOUNTAIN AND MOORLAND

  PLACE               PONY                       RIDER                       OWNER                  POINTS

     1ST       HIGHLAND JOLI*                LUCY BREACH               MRS. K. JAMES                  1,705
     2ND      TYAN TULLAMORE               ALICE SOMERSET            MRS. J. SOMERSET                 1,465
     3RD     WAITWITH WEST WIND               ALICE BARR                MRS. D. BARR                  1,410
     4TH     RHYDGWILLIM GWEN               OLIVIA BURTON-         MRS. L. BURTON-TAYLOR              1,145
     5TH       FALFIELD HONEY              JANE SOMERSET               MRS.J. SOMERSET                 795
     6TH       RHYSTYD ROCKET                JANE WELLER                MRS. J. WELLER                 695

     7TH         ROBAWN OZZIE                ALISON SMITH               MRS. J. R SMITH                620

     8TH      CHAFORD ZAFFRON                TIFFANY DALE                 MISS. T. DALE                385

     9TH        EASTGATE LADY                 CHARLOTTE              MADAMES HAWKINS-                  380
                   MYSTINA                     DAVISION                   SMITH

    10TH        MARSH SORAUA                   HANNA                 MRS. J. CARMICHAEL                350
    11TH      WISTMANS PERILLES            PHOEBE VARNEY                MRS. N. VARNEY                 320
                      IN HAND MOUNTAIN AND MOORLAND

1ST    NORTHLIGHT GIORGIO                           MR. H. HIRD         930
2ND      FALFIELD HONEY                           MRS.J. SOMERSET       915

3RD    CHAFORD ZAFFRON*                                MISS. T. DALE    705

4TH    ERIMUS PILKINGTON                          MISS.V. DE QUINCEY    545

5TH       MARSH MIDAS                            MRS. J. CARMICHAEL     490

6TH      MAID MARION OF                                MRS.P. PRICE     435

7TH      LOXWELL PIPPA                                  MRS. S. ASH     380

8TH        SEDGWICK                                     MRS. S. ASH     320

9TH       PENRHERBER                                  MR. C. ELLISON    245

10TH   SEDGWICK PEASLAKE                                MRS. S. ASH     170

11TH     DANAWAY BLACK                                MISS. E. KEMBER   105

12TH   LADYSDEN MAESTRO                               MRS. A. KEMBER     55

13TH    ABERLOGIN ROSIE                               MRS. A. KEMBER     40

                            IN HAND RIDING PONY/SHP

1ST     FIELDEN COTTON                           MRS. J. CARMICHAEL     1085

2ND      HINDLEAP LUCY                          MRS. V. WADE AND MRS.   440
            LOCKET                                 A. GREENWOOD

3RD     SANTIGMA FEET OF                                A. POCOCK       320

4TH      BOBBIN DARCEY                           BOBBIN LODGE STUD      305

5TH     WARLEIGH PUSSY                          MRS. V. WADE AND MRS.   170
           WILLOW                                  A. GREENWOOD

6TH     RIVER DES NEGRES                        JENNIFER McELHINNEY      90

7TH      BOORMAN MAY                             BOBBIN LODGE STUD       89
                                        RIDDEN RIDING PONY /SHP

     1ST        NINFIELD WINSOR           MONIQUE WALLACE                MRS. T. WALLACE              725

     2ND       TROWSWELL SAINT               WILLIAM NUNN                  MRS. V. NUNN               475

     3RD       HARWEL SIMASOLA               TILLY DAVISON               SOPHIE DAVISON               345

     4TH      FINKLEY DANCING IN           BRITTANY VARNEY                 NIKKI VARNEY               165
                   THE DARK

     5TH         HINDLEAP LUCY                ELLIE STUNT           MRS. V. WADE AND MRS.             120
                    LOCKET                                             A. GREENWOOD

     6TH         BOORMAN MAY                TIFFANY JORDON            BOBBIN LODGE STUD               119
                   FLOWER                     AND CONNOR

                                    * HIGHEST PLACED OWNER/ BREEDER

Our thanks to Alex Kelly for all her efforts in running this competition again in 2008.

                                          MARTYN DAVEY TROPHY

A presentation was then made of the Martyn Davey Trophy. This year the recipient was Sam Constantine
whose love of ponies started very young. He learned to “stand up” by pulling himself up on the forelock of a
Section D mare, Knockbridge Cerris, who used to put her head in his travel cot! His first pony was his
auntie’s Section A, Ceulan Lili Lon, who was 27 years young when he started his proper ridden career on
this wonderful schoolmaster. Pendock Confetti, bought for this young man when he was just 7, let him
compete in all spheres and his serious love of hunting was started. He then brought on a number of ponies
for his Grandmother, Mrs Pam Bailey, which he instructed her to purchase at Fayre Oaks and other sales.
These were bought as foals, then handled, shown and brought on by our winner, who clearly has a good
eye for a pony. He enjoys showing in hand and young handler classes, as well as riding his own pony,
Lacy Pela – bought from Hay on Wye sale as a foal, and also competing with Shetlands for Gerry Hart.
Away from the show ring he also looks forward to his days out hunting and competing at Pony Club events.

                                             BBQ – 18 JULY 2008

Sara Hird and her family kindly opened their home and gardens to hold a BBQ on 18 July and this was
attended by many members and friends. The weather was not best suited for a BBQ but the wonderful
food made up for the inclement “summer” weather. Everyone had a great evening and although Sara’s
hospitality was second to none, she was rather upstaged by her daughter’s dog Incey. Incey a Yoda
lookalike (to those of you who don’t know the name one of the aliens in the Star Wars movies) definitely
stole the show. Towards the end of the evening some of the younger members attending decided a game
of rounders was in order. However they didn’t bargain for Incey who was on most occasions rather quicker
than any of them at retrieving the ball. This caused great hilarity from both players and onlookers and had
us all in stitches. Eventually Incey cottoned on to the fact that if she headed, ball firmly in mouth, towards
the onlookers she had great cover and less chance of the players catching her. Eventually Incey, all of 6”
tall had exhausted herself, although definitely the winner of the game, headed into the arms of Mandy
Burchell-Small – in fact I think it was a very close call that Mandy didn’t kidnap her.
                                   YOUNG JUDGES AT NPS, MALVERN

Area 20 entered a team in the inaugural Young Judges Competition at the Championship Show at Malvern.
I am happy to report that Alice Somerset was 2 nd in the 14 y.o. section, and sister Claire and Alison Smith
were both a very creditable 6th in their respective sections. Thank you and well done to all who took part on
behalf of the Area.

                                           RAGWORT CONTROL

As you will all be aware the spread of ragwort is a very big issue. For the continued safety of all our
animals can we suggest that in the spring if you notice any hot spots of areas with excessive ragwort
coverage that you consider lobbying your local councils. I believe it is their duty to take steps to put
controls in place to keep this to a minimum. Help your surrounding areas by bringing this to your local
councils attention and hopefully it will go some way to the appropriate steps being taken to ensure it does
not spread further out of control.

                                            HOYS WINNER 2008

As you will already know we are always happy to include personal reports of your successes if you would
care to let me have them for inclusion in any of our newsletters. I therefore hope you will not feel it
unjustified to acknowledge our Area Chairman and Show Secretary Jill Godden’s exciting day at HOYS

Rhos Emblem was the 2008 Horse of the Year “Show Pony of the Year” Champion and bred by Jill at her
small pony stud at Moor Hall Farm, Ninfield. Emblem’s achievement was all the more special as he was
following in the illustrious “hoof prints” of his grandam, Gunnerby Aalborg Elegant, herself a previous Pony
of the Year and prior to joining Jill at her Rhos Stud, Ellie had many happy years being shown from our
President Mrs Sonia Burt’s Walstead Stud. Being only a 4 y.o. and very lightly shown in 2008 he was
certainly unphased by the big occasion and made it a double success for one of our loyal Area supporters,
Julia Topham-Barnes. Emblem is by Jill’s stallion Derwent Rainbow Bandit, who was bred by Julia, and it
was another pony from her stud, Derwent Soldier’s Tale, that took the 138cms section.                   Many
congratulations to all connections.

                                       2010 DIARY OR CALENDAR

As most of you will be aware we produced a diary in the latter part of 2008 and this was distributed to
current members at the time free of charge. Firstly I must extend our thanks to Angela Kember who
organised this and compiled the diary for the Area. Secondly, thank you to those members who took the
trouble to acknowledge their diary and for the positive comments received.

The idea is being considered by the committee whether or not to repeat the diary for another year and we
would appreciate your feedback as to whether you would like us to produce such a diary in the future. As
you know this years was in black and white and it was felt that maybe some members may like their
adverts, photos etc in colour another year although there would have to be a charge if we opted to go down
this route.

Another idea put to the committee is instead of the diary is to produce a calendar for 2010. It was
suggested this could take the form of a “happy snaps” calendar and should consist of photos only taken by
yourself (no professional photographers photos acceptable) and preferably just casual photos taken.
Possibly those of your foals at home, your ponies in the snow, funny shots, etc, etc not specifically our
normal photos of your pony festooned in rosettes at a show. We hoped to make it something less formal
and give the opportunity to those of you who may no longer show to have photos included of your ponies at
home or play.

We would love to receive your comments on what you would like for next year and await to hear from you.
Please feel free to speak to any of our committee or you can e-mail me at
with your thoughts. It is up to you – we as a committee are happy to produce the above but this is your
chance to put your views.

                                              2009 AREA SHOWS

Plans for our 2009 shows are well under way and as previously reported our summer show is to be held at
the South of England Showground on Saturday 27 June. Schedules will be sent to members as soon as
these are available.

In addition we are again holding a spring show, slightly earlier than last year as it was very difficult to get a
free date for the South of England Showground and hence this will be held on Saturday 21 February - a
schedule is enclosed with this newsletter.

Please note that we have made the decision to increase our prize money in 2009 and this will now stand at
1st £15, 2nd £10 and 3rd £5. Granted a win will not buy you much diesel but as they say “every little helps”.

As always we are looking for sponsorship and if you feel able to help us with this please contact either
Elaine or Alex Kelly. Stewards and runners are also always a requirement and if any of you have a free
day, half day or even just a few hours and would be willing to help please contact our Chief Steward, Nicky
Faulconbridge. Contact details can be found at the foot of this newsletter.

                                            POINTS COMPETITION

Also enclosed with your newsletter is a points competition card for the 2009 season.

This competition is well worth entering as there are some beautiful rosettes awarded to every entrant and
the top 6 of each section. There are individual sections that can be entered for both ridden and in hand. All
section winners receive a super sash and trophy and the pony with the most points overall also wins the
President’s award. In addition there are owner/breeder awards in each section with each winner receiving
a super “cone” rosette and new for 2009 we have introduced a Young Handler award.

Our prize giving for these awards takes place at our Annual General Meeting, normally in November, which
includes a free two course supper, put on by your hard working committee.

The entry fee for this competition remains at just £6.00 per pony and the fee is only paid at the end of the
competition, when you send in your completed card. The competition runs from 21st February to
1st October. The advantage of our competition being that you do not have to carry the card around with
you, like so many others, simply fill in your results and also give us the name and telephone number of the
secretary of the show in question.

Please take time to read through the rules carefully and also note that you get double points at our own
shows – an additional incentive to compete!

Our points competition secretary Alex Kelly looks forward to receiving your completed cards later in the
                                      “FILM STAR” IN THE MAKING

For all you film buffs keep a watchful eye open for one of our members who you might just catch on the big
screen sometime soon. I hear from Mandy Burchell-Small that her son, Ollie, has been working at
Pinewood Studios doubling/doing stunt work for a film due to be released this year which I believe she said
was called Prince of Persia.

As many of you will already know Ollie is a very accomplished rider and obviously the film company has
been pleased with his efforts as he has also been asked to work on another film later this year. The next
venture is called “Nottingham” and Russell Crowe is starring – he is certainly mixing with some big stars.
Maybe he could put in a good word with Mr Crowe and ask if he is available to be our “celebrity judge” for
the summer show!

I understand that Ollie even got to ride one of the beautiful black horses that we may have seen on our
screens as “Black Beauty”.

Anyway don’t be alarmed if when you see Ollie on the show circuit this summer you suspect he may be
wearing make-up – it’s probably just that he has been on the film set the day before and forgot to remove
the eyeliner!

Good luck to Ollie with this exciting new part-time employment. Maybe he will get the opportunity to walk
the famous red carpet when the films premier!

                                          2009 SUBSCRIPTIONS

For those of you who did not pay your subscriptions to cover postage of regular newsletters, schedules etc
at the AGM I am afraid to say this now falls due. If you wish to remain on our mailing list please send your
cheque for £5, payable to “NPS Area 20” to Miss M Godden, Totes Bungalow, Moor Hall Drive, Ninfield,
Battle, East Sussex, TN33 9JT. Subscribers will be entitled to a free supper at our AGM, newsletters, free
advertising, schedules sent as soon as available, reduced entry fee at area shows, etc. Please note yet
again we have made no increase to this subscription which has remained at the same level for many years.

                                    NPS AREA 20 COMMITTEE
                               President: Mrs Sonia Burt – Walstead Stud

    Chairman/show secretary                       Jill Godden                        01424 892686

      Secretary/Newsletters                     Mandy Godden                         01424 892327

          Vice Chairman                            Sara Hird                         01580 212137

            Treasurer                          Sandra Bradford                       01825 840895

        Sponsorship Team                    Elaine and Alex Kelly                    01892 546283

       Points Competition                         Alex Kelly                         01892 546283

             Stewards                        Nicky Faulconbridge                     01580 212137

    Promotions co-ordinator                    Angela Kember                         01580 211747

     Newly joined from 2009                     Cathy Palmer                         01424 813274

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