One of the surest ways of promoting an enhanced and sustained agriculture program in any
Liberian community is through the full involvement and active participation of the young people.
 And one way to enlist youth participation is by incorporating an agricultural program into their
                                       respective schools.
In time past, schools in Liberia taught Agriculture as part of the required academic curriculum for
 the junior and senior high students (6 -12grades). As part of the agriculture program, students in
 these classes cultivated parcel of farmland for demonstration (practical) purposes. Students were
required to demonstrate lessons learned in their agriculture classes by planting and growing crops.
 By so doing, products from these students’ farms supplemented their dietary needs while surplus
   from the farms were sold and funds generated were directed to funding other student projects.

It is with the desire to reintroduce this practice within the Liberian school system that Global Front
      Foundation seeks partnership for the implementation of a Youth Empowerment through
    Agriculture Production Project as a pilot in a select number of schools in Bong and Nimba

                                  Global Front Foundation Board
Project Background

 Liberia, like many parts of the world is faced with food shortages as a result of a growing global
 food crisis. As a region that has seen and still feels the effects of war, it is important to note the
     emerging global food crisis as a threat to the fragile and relative peace that the region is
 experiencing today. Years of war have left the whole region with poverty, hunger, disease, and
                              youth violence as residual consequences.

 While the global food crisis presents a challenge, there is an opportunity for young people who are
the future leaders to enter the agricultural sector since it has been proven that Agriculture is the key
 for economic growth in Africa. Therefore, the need for young people’s involvement in agricultural
   development through practical action so as to rapidly accelerate food production in Liberia can
                                    best be described as URGENT.

  Young people when given the proper tools and guidance can help alleviate food shortages by
    producing and marketing what they eat. The Youth Empowerment through Agriculture
Production Project is a strategy for promoting and creating awareness amongst young people that
    agricultural development in Liberia will help minimize poverty (hunger) and increase food
sufficiency in the country and at the same time impact their lives and open opportunities for youth
  Young people will be motivated to grow and market a commodity and sponsor their schooling,
 share proceeds with their relatives, friends, love ones, and community and further reinvest in the
                              soil for self or community undertakings.

 Achieving increase in food production will require the ingenuity, solidarity and creativity of the
Global Front Foundation through the local school districts, the youth community and other related
government agencies, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, as well as others meaningful
   citizens well mobilized and structured. Students and young people will be encouraged to get
involve in agricultural production as a means of empowerment. The produce from the project will
   be used to supplement their daily diet at school, while the surplus will be sold at the nearest
markets and other will be kept as seedlings for the replication of the project in other communities.
Seeds and Tools Breakdown

Description of Agric. Inputs               Qty. per School   Cost    No. of schools    Total
                                           & Youth Group     per     & Youth           Cost
                                                             Item    Groups
Seed Rice  (Improved varieties)-Suakoko-   10bags            25.00   15                3,750.00
8,LAC 23& ROK-3
Assorted Vegetable seeds                   Lump sum                                    2,000.00
Cutlass (410 & 443)                        5 pieces          3.50    15                  262.50
Sharpening file                            5 pieces          5.00    15                  375.00
Regular hoe                                5 pieces          2.50    15                  187.50
Scratching/Dibbling hoe                    5 piece           2.50    15                  187.50
Axe                                        3 piece           5.00    15                  225.00
Digger                                     2 pieces          5.00    15                  150.00
Measuring Tape (50m)                       2 pieces          15.00   15                  450.00
Shovel                                     2 pieces          10.00   15                  300.00
Zinc Bucket                                5 pieces          5.00    15                  375.00
Wheel Barrel                               2 pieces          35.00   15                1,050.00
Rain Gear (Boot & Coat)                    5 sets            10.00   15                  750.00
Spraying Can                               2 pieces          90.00   15                2,700.00
Rake                                       10 pieces         2.50    15                  375.00
Pangolin                                   2 pieces          5.00    15                  150.00
Fertilizer (NPK)                           5kgs/bag          50.00   15                3,750.00

        There are other costs involved with operating this program such as travel, training, and
            communications. We are working on raising these funds through other means.

      It is our hope that school children will learn important skills and feel valued as they
      participate in this effort of providing not only for themselves but also for their fellow
                                  students and community as well.

 We ask that you consider partnering with our youth of tomorrow to encourage them and to
  assist them with the life saving skills of growing food and being part of something bigger
                                         than themselves.
Sharpening File-$5.00 each

Measuring Tape (50m)-$15.00 each

  Regular Hoe- $2.50 each

   Zinc Bucket-$5.00 each

     Axe-$5.00 each

     Rake-$2.50 each

      Dibbling Hoe-$2.50 each
 Wheel Barrel-$35.00 each

  Cutlass-$ 3.50 each

                  Digger- $5.00 each

Shovel- $10.00 each

   Spraying Can-$90.00 each

               Rain Gear (boots & coat)-$ 10.00 each

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