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Presented by Dr. Bill Nazar

The Hazards of Cosmetics
A recent consumer report found that more than half of today’s most popular
lipstick brands — primarily the high-end versions — contain lead. Specifically,
the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics ( said tests on 33 brand-
name red lipsticks by the Bodycote Testing Group in Santa Fe Spring, Calif.,
found that 61 percent had detectable levels of lead.

                                         serious side effects. However, re-
                                         peated ingestion of lead products — as
                                         may occur with women who wear
                                                                                    Mercury is just one of mascara’s prob-
                                         lipstick on a daily basis for years —
                                                                                    lems, however. The lash-enhancing
                                         may incite health issues.
                                                                                    goop is also a perfect incubator for
                                                                                    bacteria, making it important to never
                                         Ironically, some of the less-expensive
                                                                                    use a tube longer than three months,
                                         lipstick brands tested, such as Revlon,
                                                                                    share your mascara, neglect to remove
                                         contained no detectable levels of lead.
                                                                                    it every evening or spit in the tube to
                                         That’s the good news. The bad news is
                                                                                    moisten it.
                                         the study did not include information
                                         on fillers and other potentially danger-
                                                                                    The thick, gooey applications can also
Lipstick isn’t the only cosmetic Dr.     ous ingredients found in off-brand
Nazar is concerned about. A variety of                                              spark allergic reactions. In one study,
cosmetics can spark a number of                                                     French researchers noted that the main
                                                                                    ingredient responsible for mascara-
health complications.                    Dr. Nazar encourages patients to re-
                                                                                    related allergy was shellac (Contact
                                         duce potential toxin exposure when-
And women aren’t the only ones af-                                                  Dermatitis 2002;46:149-52).
                                         ever possible. In the case of cosmetics,
fected. Health complications also stem   this means becoming aware of which
                                                                                    Several popular eye shadow and mas-
from cosmetic products, such as after-   products might be hazardous — and
shave and shaving cream, sold to men.                                               cara preparations also contain the al-
                                         seeking out safe alternatives.
A survey in the United Kingdom re-                                                  lergen rosin, according to experts from
vealed that 23 percent of women and                                                 the New York University Medical
                                         Mascara & Eye Shadow Dangers
                                                                                    School. “Rosin-sensitive patients
13.8 percent of men experience “some     Eye cosmetics — which contain pig-
sort of adverse reaction to a personal                                              should be instructed to read cosmetic
                                         ments, fragrances, resins and preserva-    ingredient labels before using any
care product over the course of a        tives — are a common cause of eyelid
year.” (Am J Clin Dermatol                                                          product and should realize that the
                                         dermatitis (Am J Contact Dermat            European term ‘colophony’ is a syno-
2004;5:327-37.)                          2001;12:38-9). Many also include           nym for rosin.” (Cutis 1988;42:507-8.)
                                         mercury as a preservative and germ
Lipstick & Lead                          killer. Federal law allows eye products    Preservative Perils
So what’s the big deal about a little    to contain up to 65 parts per million of
                                                                                    Preservatives in cosmetics are another
lead? Lead can trigger learning, lan-    mercury.
guage and behavioral problems, such                                                 potentially dangerous ingredient to
as reduced school performance and                                                   look out for.
                                         A well-known cause of neurological
heightened aggressive behavior. Lead     damage, mercury accumulates in the
                                                                                    Chemical-based preservatives found in
exposure is also linked to infertility   body over time: making even minimal
and miscarriage.                                                                    cosmetics include thimerosal, Euxyl K
                                         exposure potentially dangerous. That’s
                                                                                    400, formaldehyde, Kathon CG, Qua-
                                         why Minnesota became the first state
                                                                                    ternium 15 and parabens.
Lead poisoning is cumulative. Eating     to ban mercury-laced cosmetics. The
just one lead-laced chip of paint or     ban includes everything from eye liner
applying an occasional swipe or two      to lightening creams, soaps and mascara.
of lead-tainted lipstick won’t spark

Dr. Bill Nazar, Nazar Family Chiropractic (905) 337-9998
Unit 4 - 135 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville, ON L6K 1E5
In a recent study involving 2,080 pa-       about nut oils, such as almond and        Buy Safe, Buy Smart
tients, allergy to thimerosal was found     coconut oils, in the ingredients list.
in 11.8 percent (Med Pr 2006;57:245-                                                  Fortunately, a number of cosmetic
9). This particular preservative, also                                                companies have pledged to ban the
                                            Reading Labels                            use of potentially dangerous ingredi-
used in some flu vaccines, contains
mercury and is linked to potentially        Whether you are looking for rosin or      ents. For a complete list, go to The
serious side effects. Formaldehyde          formaldehyde, it’s hard to protect        Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Web
also sparked allergic responses.            yourself from cosmetic allergens when     site at and click on
                                            you can’t read a product’s ingredients    “Safer Companies” in the green verti-
Researchers noted that, of the 27 pre-      list.                                     cal box on the right-hand side of the
servatives contained in cosmetics, 16                                                 homepage.
tested positive as possible allergens.      In a 2007 survey of 382 patients, 46
                                            percent reported difficulty or extreme    You can also take a stroll down the
Phthalates Warning                          difficulty in reading the ingredients     aisles of your favorite health food
                                            labels of cosmetics. “Patients allergic   store, where you’ll find a number of
Another ingredient to watch for is          to formaldehyde and methyldibromo         all-natural cosmetics to choose from.
phthalates. Linked to birth defects, this   glutaronitrile experienced the worst      Just remember: “natural” doesn’t nec-
family of chemicals is found in a vari-     difficulties, while patients with fra-    essarily mean trouble free! Allergic
ety of personal care items — including      grance allergy found ingredient label     reactions are always possible with any
lotions, perfumes, deodorants, sham-        reading easier than patients with pre-    product. Read the ingredients list, and
poos and cosmetics. They are also           servative allergy.” (Contact Dermati-     if you have questions, write them
present in countless other consumer         tis 2007;57:105-9.)                       down and ask your doctor.
products: from plastics to polymer
clay.                                       Bottom line: If you are concerned
                                            about a particular ingredient, don’t
In addition to birth defects, “Phthalate    rely on the label. Call the manufac-
exposure has been associated with           turer for more information.
adverse respiratory outcomes in chil-
dren,” say researchers from the Na-         Safe Cosmetics Legislation
tional Institute of Environmental
Health Sciences, who also note a link       Fortunately, safe cosmetics legislation
between phthalates and reduced pul-         is emerging.
monary function (Environ Health Per-
spect 2004;112:571-4).                      Frustrated by what they consider the
                                            US Food and Drug Administration’s
Permanent Makeup Alert                      “loose control over cosmetic safety,”
                                            California residents took matters into
You won’t avoid health complications        their own hands by enacting one of the
by going with permanent makeup ei-          first cosmetics regulatory acts           Natural Radiance
ther.                                       (Environ Health Perspect                  Ultimately, nothing that comes out of
                                            2006;114:402).                            a jar, tube or compact can ever replace
According to an article published in                                                  the natural radiance that comes from
the Journal of the German Society of        The California Safe Cosmetics Act of      being healthy.
Dermatology, the demand for perma-          2005 — which went into effect a year
nent makeup — especially lip liner —        ago in January of 2007 — requires         Instead of relying on cosmetics, focus
has risen significantly. But beware:        manufacturers to “report the use of       on getting plenty of rest, proper nutri-
Adverse reactions, including inflam-        potentially hazardous ingredients to      tion, stress reduction, hydration and
mation within the area of tattooing,        the state Department of Health Ser-       regularly scheduled chiropractic care.
can occur.                                  vices (DHS), which in turn will alert     You’ll look and feel great!
Organic Products Too                                                                  Optimal Health University™ is a professional service of
                                                                                      PreventiCare Publishing®. The information and recom-
Even all-natural products may spark         Manufacturers who continue market-        mendations appearing on these pages are appropriate
allergic reactions: due to increased use    ing products deemed unsafe in Cali-       in most instances; but they are not a substitute for
                                                                                      consultation with a health care provider. Optimal
of natural fragrances and botanic ex-       fornia now face potential legal action.   Health University™ may be photocopied (NOT re-
tracts, which researchers note “can         “Impetus for the law stems from con-      printed) exactly as they are published noncommercially
also cause problems in their own right                                                by current subscribers ONLY to share with patients or
                                            sumers’ concerns over long-term ex-       potential patients. Optimal Health University™ may
or through co-reactivity.” (Am J Clin       posure to certain cosmetic ingredi-       NOT be reprinted in any print or electronic publication
Dermatol 2004;5:327-37.)                    ents.” (Environ Health Perspect           including newsletters, newspapers, magazines or Web
                                                                                      sites. Any other reproductions are subject to Preventi-
                                            2006;114:402.)                            Care Publishing® approval. Copyright, 2008. Preventi-
If you or someone in your household                                                   Care       Publishing®.          1-912-897-3040.
has a nut allergy, be especially vigilant

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