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					Prince George Event Hosting Guide                               Pre-Event Planning

Pre-Event Planning
Important items of consideration


If your event is going to succeed, everyone must be aware of the importance of
monitoring revenues and expenses as well as staying within the budget.

A budget is only as good as the information that goes into its preparation.
Therefore, it is imperative that all aspects of the event be properly planned, and
revenues and expenses accurately defined before the event takes place. You
must forecast how much money will be available and where it will be spent.
By planning for key financial goals you should be able to identify well in advance
any concerns that need to be addressed. Ensure that all members of your
organization are aware of these key targets, and that responsibility has been
clearly assigned for meeting these key targets. .

Records and Accountability
It is important to keep complete financial records. It is also very important to
know who has control of the money, and to keep separate the collection and
recording of revenues. A bookkeeper or treasurer should be appointed or hired
to keep track of all the incoming and outgoing cash and/or receivables and
payables. It is important to have one person who is responsible for the recording
of transactions. An organization must have at least two signing officers to sign
cheques and to ensure accountability.
It can be helpful to have an accountant/financial expert on your board of
directors to ensure that proper financial planning and bookkeeping procedures
are followed.

Taxes and Permits

There may be tax implications associated with your event. You must obtain GST
registration if sales are greater than $30,000 per year. If you have paid staff you
will need employee numbers and you will be required to make payroll

For more information contact:

      Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
      Business Inquiries
      130 S. Syndicate Avenue

                                               Prince George Event Hosting Guide
Prince George Event Hosting Guide                               Pre-Event Planning

       Prince George, Ontario P7E 1C7

Provincial Sales Tax is paid on the retail price of most goods, certain services and
admission fees. Certain purchases are exempt from the tax.
For more information contact:

       Ministry of Finance
       1 800 663-7867

If an organization does not already pay business taxes in the City of Prince
George, individual sales representatives can be licensed to sell products at an

For more information contact:
City of Prince George
Current Planning and Development
1100 Patricia Blvd.
Prince George, BC V2L 3V9

If your organization is not non-profit, you might consider doing so in order to
obtain benefits such as rebate of Goods and Service Tax paid and limited liability
for officers and directors.
A non-profit organization is a legal entity. The objective is to provide benefits to
the community or members, rather than to earn a profit. No part of the
organization’s income can be paid, or otherwise made available for the personal
benefit of any proprietor, member or shareholder unless it is a club, society or an

To become registered as a non-profit organization you must complete an
application which is available from
the Ministry of Finance. The application outlines the steps in the incorporation
process that may take up to nine weeks for each application.

For more information, contact:

                                                Prince George Event Hosting Guide
Prince George Event Hosting Guide                                  Pre-Event Planning

       Corporate and Personal Property Registries
       PO Box 9431 Stn Prov Govt
       Victoria BC V8W 9V3

       General Information Line: 250 387-7848 or 604 775-1041

Registration as a Charity
Your organization may also wish to consider registration as a charity. The major
benefit associated with registration is the ability to issue official donation receipts
for gifts received. By doing this the individual donor’s income tax payable is
reduced as is the taxable income of a corporate donor.
For your organization to registered as a charity its purposes must fall within one
or more of the following four categories:

   •   the relief of poverty
   •   the advancement of religion
   •   the advancement of education
   •   purposes beneficial to the community - such as relief organizations

The approval process can take a year or longer. For more information about
registration as a charity, contact Revenue Canada-Taxation for the
booklet Registering Your Charity for Income Tax Purposes .

       Revenue Canada Taxation
       130 S. Syndicate Avenue
       Prince George, Ontario
       P7E 1C7

       or visit their website at:

                                                 Prince George Event Hosting Guide
Prince George Event Hosting Guide                                Pre-Event Planning

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Fundraising can be vital to the success of any event. There are many ways to
raise funds such as dances, bake sales, car washes, corporate sponsorship, etc.

Sponsorship is a form of fundraising. Sponsors can support the event through
donations of money, goods and services. It is best if you try to find a connection
between your event and potential sponsors who can benefit from reaching the
same audience.

Raffles and Bingos
If you are considering a raffle, bingo or lottery you must contact the Provincial
Gaming Enforcement and Policy Branch. You must be a non-profit, charitable
organization in order to apply.

For more information contact:
    Location:     3rd Floor, 910 Government Street, Victoria, B.C. V8W 1X3
    Mail:            PO Box 9310, Stn. Prov. Govt., Victoria, B.C. V8W 9N1
    Phone:           (250) 387-0757
    Fax:             (250) 356-8149

Sponsorship is a form of fund-raising. Sponsors can support the event through a
financial contribution and in-kind donation of goods and services. It is best to try
and find a connection between your event and potential sponsors who can
benefit from reaching the same audience. See the sample sponsorship letter and
sponsor recognition form which demonstrate the type of package required to
obtain larger corporate sponsors.

Also got to corporate websites, they often outline their specific sponsorship
criteria for you. Sponsors should understand the event’s goals and objectives and
should be approached from the standpoint of creating a long-term strategic
partnership. Don’t approach them just because they have something you want.
Understand what they need from the relationship and then build a sponsorship

Before you begin, you need to understand what you need from your sponsors.
Sponsorships often are a way to defray costs. What do you currently buy that
could be donated? Make a list and target these items first. Here are some places
to start:

                                                Prince George Event Hosting Guide
Prince George Event Hosting Guide                              Pre-Event Planning

         •   Airline Tickets                •   Bus transportation
         •   Entertainment                  •   Food and beverage for a volunteer
         •   Hotel rooms                    •   Phones/communication equipment
         •   Receptions/specific meal       •   Signage
         •   Speakers                       •   Specific food and beverage
         •   T-shirts                       •   Tote bags
         •   Kids Games

Your organization obviously wants money too. You need to decide whether
sponsorship items will support your current budget and defray costs or will they
enhance your event by providing items that weren’t initially in your budget.

With everyone looking for sponsorship dollars, the best way to find them is to
match the opportunity with the sponsor. Do your homework. What organizations
are potential sponsors? First, look at exhibitors and other organizations that do
business with you.

Some companies want their name in front of your participants. Others want
more interaction with participants. Here are some ideas to give your sponsors
   • Recognition from participants onsite
   • Pre-event mailings
   • Logo on items such as hats and T-shirts
   • Web site banner ads
   • Promotional materials
   • Signage before, during, and after
   • Fax cover sheets
   • Mailing list
   • A booth at the event to promote the company or to sell products or

Don’t just create one sponsorship brochure with stock benefits. Personally
contact potential sponsors and ask them to be a part of your event. Then send a
letter outlining your discussion and confirming participation.
Create a presentation with a clear overview of the event. Include the organizing
committee, various areas, goals, and vision. Ask yourself, “what would I like if I
were I were a sponsor”?

Please note: Excellent examples of Sponsorship letters and sponsorship plans
can be found in Appendix B of the Event Hosting Guide Web-site.

                                                Prince George Event Hosting Guide
Prince George Event Hosting Guide                                   Pre-Event Planning

Canadian Foundation Listings
A foundation is a charitable organization that provides funding for other groups.
A listing of all the foundations established across Canada is in the Canadian
Directory to Foundations published by the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy. The
manual provides guidelines for effective foundation fund-raising..

Local Foundations
The Prince George Community Foundation provides funding for organizations
that have a charitable registration number and that provide activities or events
for the common good. It provides funds for special occasions, events or projects
that benefit other people. To be eligible, an organization must comply with the

   •   Contact/visit in person the Prince George Community Foundation, 2880
       15th Avenue, Prince George (562-7772) to introduce yourself and to
       discuss their criteria for grant applications. (typically a letter of intent is
       required prior to a submission of your grant proposal, keep in mind the

   •   Send a letter to the Prince George Community Foundation to follow up
       with your conversation. This is a courteously and the letter will give you
       documentation - create a file.
   •   Complete and return the application form before the deadline. Include
       your annual report, financial statements etc.
   •   The applications are reviewed and grants are distributed

Service Clubs
There are a number of community service clubs that may provide assistance to
other groups with their activity or special event. Their contribution may consist of
fund-raising on behalf of your organization, a financial donation towards your
cause, volunteer recruitment or assisting with raffle or ticket sales.
Service clubs each have their own policies and should be contacted directly to
see if your event is eligible for assistance. These clubs include such groups as
Rotary, Elks and Kinsmen.

                                                   Prince George Event Hosting Guide
Prince George Event Hosting Guide                                 Pre-Event Planning

Liability, Contracts, Trademarks
There are many different areas which must be examined when planning an
event, including liability and contracts. This is one area where you may require
professional help.
It is helpful to seek the advice of a lawyer or law firm that is familiar with the
type of event that you are planning. You may be able to acquire this expertise at
little or no cost by inviting a lawyer to join your board of directors as a volunteer.
The yellow pages of the telephone book provides a comprehensive listing of legal
firms and individuals under "Lawyers". In addition, you should also consult with
other organizations that have hosted similar events for advice in seeking
appropriate legal expertise.

Waiver Forms
An organizer can be held liable for failing to use reasonable care in the
coordination or the supervision of an event. However, the law does make
reference to a voluntary assumption of risk. By partaking in an event, a
participant or spectator assumes a degree of risk or danger which is associated
with that activity.
Potential liability can be significantly reduced by taking all practical precautions in
the design and operation of programs and by having participants sign a waiver.
A waiver is a contractual agreement between the participant and the operation
which disclaims responsibility and indicates that all of the risks are assumed by
the participant.
The Department of Justice offers an opinion on waivers:
"Waivers will be strictly interpreted by the courts against the party seeking to
benefit from them."
Well designed waivers must "clearly include the participant or spectator within
their terms and identify what specific rights are being waived and what individual
is immune from liability".
There are some concerns with the use of waiver forms. These include the feeling
that it is ethically wrong to use a waiver to attempt to absolve a person or an
organization from liability, especially if the person or the organization was in fact

Informed Consent
An alternative to the waiver form is a well designed consent form.
Participants are informed of the risks involved, of any possible serious
consequences and of the comparative benefits and hazards in an activity, in
order that they may make an intelligent choice regarding their participation.
Every organizer needs to include a release portion to the form. It is unclear
whether a consent form would provide full liability protection for an organizing

                                                 Prince George Event Hosting Guide
Prince George Event Hosting Guide                                 Pre-Event Planning

Other legal considerations include contracts for the rental of facilities,
sponsorship and individual contracts with players, participants, teams,
entertainers and sport associations.
A verbal agreement can be binding; but it is important to have written
agreements or contracts to avoid misunderstandings.
Unincorporated associations and informal clubs lack the authority to sign
contracts, therefore any liability will fall on the actual person(s) signing.

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers
The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers (SOCAN) is a licensing
body that acts on behalf of its members to ensure that its members receive
royalties when other musicians use their music. Fees are collected by SOCAN for
the musicians/writers who are registered as members.

For further information please call:

       1201 West Pender Street, Ste. 400
       Vancouver, BC V6E 2V2
       Phone: (604) 669-5569
       Toll-free: 1-800-93 SOCAN (that's 1-800-937-6226)
       Fax: (604) 688-1142

Copyright applies to all original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works,
including books, writings, music, sculptures, paintings, photographs, as well as
motion pictures, computer programs, records, audio tapes, cassettes and
compact discs.
Be sure to obtain permission from the author or creator before copying,
publishing, reproducing or performing any of the above. There may be a fee for

Picture/Name useConsent
Event organizers should be aware that names and photographs of performers,
participants, volunteers and spectators cannot be used for any purpose without
Consent should be obtained form each individual before using photographs,
video footage or names in any media or promotional material.

If special event organizers have any symbols, designs or words that distinguish
goods or services particular to their organizations, they may want to consider a
trade mark registration to protect that identification.
A trademark identifies the goods or services marketed under its protection.

                                                 Prince George Event Hosting Guide
Prince George Event Hosting Guide                                     Pre-Event Planning

Registration forms and information can be obtained from:

       Canadian Intellectual Property Office
       50 Victoria Street.
       Hull, Quebec
       K1A 0C9
       (613) 997-1936
       (819) 953-7620
       or visit their website at:

There is a fee of $150.00 and an additional fee of $200.00 for the registration of the
trademark. It takes approximately one year from the date of application to the receipt of a

                                                    Prince George Event Hosting Guide