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					                                                 DESCRIPTION OF THE DATABASE

  The database is devided in 4 parts:
  - 1 - A part dealing with the political context
  - 2 - A part dealing with the promotional and management aspects
  - 3 - A part dealing with the typology of 2000-2006 projects
  - 4 - A part dealing with the energy lines in the 2007-2013 framework

                                                   PART 1: POLITICAL CONTEXT

  This part has the role of drawing the attention on the backgroud and side aspects of SCF.

  The questions are grouped into 3 sub categories: the political context, the priorities and the awareness

                                    political           priorities          awareness
                                    context                                   raising

                                    PART 2: PROMOTIONAL AND MANAGEMENT ASPECTS

  The questions are grouped into 4 sub-categories: the proposal phase, evaluation phase, contracting phase and
  monitoring phase of these funds

                     Proposals                  Evaluation           Contracting            Monitoring

                                    PART 3: TYPOLOGY OF ENERGY-RELATED PROJECTS

  The objective of this part is to gather shining examples, examplary projects funded under 2000-2006 framework (or 2004-
  2006 transition facility programme) in order to obtain a significant number of projects showing the variety of the EU
  intervention under SCF.
  The keyword for the field is ENERGY: Energy efficiency, Renewable energies

  The questions are grouped into 3 sub categories: the identification of the technology used in the project, how is it
  financed and the quantitative results of the projects
                        Technological                Finances           Quantitative and
                          approach                                      technical results

  One project corresponds to one fiche
  In order to make comparisons and indexation, most of the answers are in closed lists. However, it is always possible to
  add free text as notes

                       PART 4: 2007-2013 ENERGY FRAMEWORK : ANALYSE THE POTENTIAL

  This part is specially dedicated for the new member States FM/MA
  The objective of this part is to highlight the possiblities raised by SCF to finance energy projects.

  The questions are grouped into 4 sub categories: the identification of the technology used in the project, how is it
  financed and the quantitative results of the projects

                            Overall               Energy lines           Finances                Qualitative
                           questions               analysis                                      approach

  In the end, this shall be compared with already existing projects to increase the matching number between potential
  projects and the priorities for 2007-2013
  This analysis will be done in the guidelines

3c1eb769-2b9e-49bc-adea-b9d636545b6d.xls                                                                                    1/9
Operational Programme: "Environment 2007 -2013”

Managing Authority:     Directorate “Cohesion Policy for Environment” within the Ministry of Environm
within the Ministry of Environment and Water
                                                                           Bulgaria          answers/descriptions                possible answers                                  comments
      Is there a regional approach in the Operational Programmes
A1    (in any form or way)?                                      no                                                  yes              no
      Subjective answer: Are the local/regional/national policies
      and the Operational Programmes (OPs) favourable towards
      investments in Renewable Energy Sources and Energy
      Efficiency.                                                          yes
A2                                                                                                                   yes              no

      What other institutions (other than governmental institutions)
                                                                                  Manufacturing Associations;
      are favourable towards investments in Renewable Energy
                                                                                        Energy Centres;
      Sources and Energy Efficiency (e.g. Manufacturing
      Associations / Energy Centres / ESCO's / Banks / NGO's /
      Environmental Organisations/... )
A3                                                                                Environmental Organisations;                         free text

      What priority, at a local/regional/national level, has been
      given to EE and RES investments within the framework of                                                                                                        This question refers to the importance
      the Operational Programmes of the Structural Funds and                                                                                                         of EE and RES investments within the
A4    the Cohesion Funds                                                   medium                                    low               medium       high                      context of the OPs
      Please specify the sectors of implementation of EE and                                                            free text (please indicate the sectors
A5    RES investments with the highest priority.                                 Electricity, gas and water supply        affected -> see sheet "categories")
                                                                                     Renewable energy project:                                                        This question gives us an idea of the
                                                                                            - Landfill gas;          free text (please indicate "project type/kind     technologies that are preferred for
A6    Which technologies receive the most support?                                     -(Renewable) waste;             of technology" -> see sheet "categories")               economic support.
                                                                                          - RES potential;
      What is the reason for the support of the technologies                               - environment;                                                              This question shows us why certain
      referred to in question A6 (e.g. RES potential/local                                     - labour;                                                             technologies are preferred in particular
A7    industry/environment/labour)                                                                                                     free text                           regions or at a national level.
                                                                                 no national or regional expertise
      What are the barriers to the implementation of RES/EE
                                                                                                                                                                     This question outlines the main barriers
      projects (e.g. Hesitancy of public / lack of supplier/ fossil fuel
                                                                                                                                                                     for the promotion and implementation of
      lobby / nuclear lobby / inexperienced technical personnel/...)
A8                                                                                                                   free text (please see sheet "categories" A8)             RES / EE technologies.

      Are you as Managing Authority/Fund Manager aware of
      these RES and EE priorities and                                                                                                                                   This question helps us to rate the
A9    are you familiar with these concepts?                                2=aware                                   1=very aware     2=aware      3=not aware            awareness of the MA or FM.

      Are the private consultants, project managers, banks and
      private enterprises aware of the RES and EE priorities and
      their implications and are they familiar with these concepts?
A10                                                                        2=aware                                   1=very aware     2=aware      3=not aware
                                                                                     Local, regional authorities;                                                       Who usually implements RES/EE
      What type of organisation is usually a beneficiary (e.g.
                                                                                                                      free text (please see sheet "categories"        investments within the framework of
      private (SME or larger(,...)?
A11                                                                                                                                      A11)                                        OP's.
                                                                   Other: Commitment of Bulgaria in the pre-
      What are the main reasons for the support of the beneficiary accession period to establish a system of          free text (please see sheet "categories"       For example,,,,,why are SMEs/Private
A12   of question A11?                                             regional lanfills;                                                    A12)                        enterprises/Large industries preferred?
      What, in your opinion, are the most efficient methods to                        Info days;
      promote the EE and RES activities contained within the                 During technical meetings;               free text (please see sheet "categories"
A13   Structural and Cohesion Fund Actions?                                  During bilateral meetings;                                  A13)
                                                                             Environment (kWh saved);
      What are the main objectives of the energy related                                                              free text (please see sheet "categories"
A14   measures?                                                                                                                          A14)

        3c1eb769-2b9e-49bc-adea-b9d636545b6d.xls                                                                                                                                                4/9

                                                                    Bulgaria       answers/descriptions                    possible answers                                   comments
            PROPOSAL PART
       B1   Are the potential investors aware of all the official   yes                                         yes             no
            documents and procedures required to submit a

       B2   How easy is it for them to collect all this             medium                                      easy            medium       difficult
       B3   Is it clear to the potential investor, what the         yes                                         yes             no
            eligible investment categories are, who is eligible
            to participate, what the eligible costs are, and
            what is the maximum subsidy one can obtain?

       B4   According to FM/MA or potential investors, what                    Call for Proposals;
            is the most valuable source of information for the                       F.A.Q.;
            drafting of a proposal (e.g. Fund Managers / Call
            for Proposals / F.A.Q)?
                                                                                                                                free text
       B5   Are the investors aware that the content of the         yes                                         yes             no
            submitted proposal will be used in the contract
            stipulation and that false or erroneous
            information may have serious implications?


       B6   What are the evaluation stages?                         From the project point of view, as                                                            Description of evaluation stages.
                                                                    Stage 1: Administrative compliance
                                                                    Stage 2: Eligibility check;
                                                                    Stage 3: Technical and financial
                                                                                                                                 free text
       B7   What are the selection criteria?                                                                                                                 Description of selection criteria (Economic,
                                                                    Environmental impact;
                                                                                                                                                                    energy saving, environment)
                                                                    Social impact;                              free text (please see sheet"categories"B7)
       B8   What are the weighting criteria?                        Monitoring committee approves the                                                        Description of the weighting criteria of the
                                                                    score points of the selection criteria in                                                  evaluation procedure (e.g. 0,2*IRR +
                                                                    accordance with every particular call                                                     0,3*Energy saving + 0,1*Environmental
                                                                    which is supposed to be launched in a                                                         impact + 0,35*Social impact +
                                                                    certain period.                                                                                0,05*Reliability of technology)
                                                                                                                                 free text
       B9   What are the main problems encountered in the                              N/A
            evaluation stages?                                           (no experience in SF evaluation
                                                                                    process)                    free text (please see sheet"categories"B9)
       B10 How are the evaluators chosen and how is their           According to Decree of Council of                                                        Description of selection of evaluators (e.g.
           objectivity guaranteed?                                  Ministers No 121/31.05.2007 lying                                                        taken from an official governmental list of
                                                                    down the provisions for awarding of                                                       evaluators) and evaluation of proposals
                                                                    grants under the operational                                                                (e.g. 2 evaluators per proposal, the
                                                                    programmes co-financed by the                                                               aggregate mark is given - in case of
                                                                    Structural Funds and the Cohesion                                                           significant deviation a third evaluator
                                                                    Fund of the European Union, and                                                                  determines the mark given).
                                                                    under the PHARE Programme of the
                                                                    European Union                                      free text ???(please see

       B11 Can modifications and/or amendments be made              no                                          yes             no
           to the nature of the investment before and/or
           after the stipulation of the contract, and
       B12 ...who resolves these issues (e.g. MA / FM /                             MA / FM                                      free text
           Regional Council / Ministry / Independent
       B13 Are the investors aware of the requirements set          yes                                         yes             no
           out in the contract?

       B14 How long does it usually take to complete the            According to Decree of Council of                            free text                     This question refers to the length of the
           contracting of the projects (e.g.                        Ministers No 121/31.05.2007                                                              contracting period (i.e. how long it takes to
           Days/Weeks/Months/Years).                                mentioned in item B10;                                                                   draft the contract and have it signed by the
                                                                    - Within up to 30 days after the receipt                                                 responsible parties) NOT the length of the
                                                                    of the report of the evaluation                                                                             project.
                                                                    committee, the head of the
                                                                    contracting authority shall take a
                                                                    motivated decision for:
                                                                    1. approval of the report and awarding
                                                                    of a grant under the proposed
                                                                    2. return of the report for review,
                                                                    specifying the reasons to do so;
                                                                    3. rejection of the report and
                                                                    termination of the procedure,
                                                                    specifying the reasons to do so.
                                                                    - The grant award decision shall take
                                                                    effect as from the moment of its issue.
                                                                    - Within 30 days after the entry into
                                                                    force of the grant award decision the
                                                                    contracting authority shall prepare at
                                                                    least in duplicate and offer to the
                                                                    beneficiaries under the projects
                                                                    approved for financing the signing of
                                                                    the grant award contracts.


3c1eb769-2b9e-49bc-adea-b9d636545b6d.xls                                                                                                                                                                     5/9
       B15 Are the investors aware that they will be          yes                                      yes           no
           monitored throughout the project and will have to
           accept technical visits and supply information and
           data when asked?
       B16 What kind of information must be supplied (e.g.    At project level the documents, which                   free text
           cost sheets/technical information)                 are verified could be as follows:
                                                              1. original invoices;
                                                              2. technical specifications;
                                                              3. reports, and
                                                              4. accounting documents’ having a
                                                              probative equivalent value pursuant of
                                                              Bulgarian legislation

       B17 Are the investors aware of the terms of payment    yes                                      yes           no                    This question seeks to find out if the
           of the subsidy?                                                                                                                investors are aware of when they will
                                                                                                                                                   receive the subsidy.
       B18 Are the contractors aware of the consequences            yes (specified in the contract)    yes           no                           list of consequences
           of non-compliance to the contract rules?

       B19 What is the administrative burden for investors?   medium                                   heavy         medium       low

       B20 What is the administrative burden for project      medium                                   heavy         medium       low
       B21 What is the administrative burden for FM/MA?       medium                                   heavy         medium       low

       B22 What is the procedure for monitoring projects?                   Reporting;                                free text            This refers to the time span of the
                                                                        On the spot checks;                                               monitroing activities (i.e. 6-monthly
                                                                                                                                        monitoring and an energy audit at the end
                                                                                                                                                     of the project).
       B23 What are the main difficulties encountered during N/A (no experience in SF monitoring                free text (please see
           the monitoring period?                                          process)                            sheet"categories"B23)
       B24 Do the agencies that are responsible for the      yes                                       yes             no
           monitoring of the projects have the necessary
           technical and progessional expertise?
       B25 Are there training sessions for these bodies?      yes                                      yes           no

3c1eb769-2b9e-49bc-adea-b9d636545b6d.xls                                                                                                                                            6/9

                                                        Bulgaria           answers/descriptions                                        possible answers                                       comments
D1    On the whole, to your perception, are energy
      issues better represented in the OP 2007-2013
      or in the previous period ?                                          N/A                            better            same                worse
D2    What is the follow up of the existing practices
      (structure) in the present OP?                                       N/A                            1=all changed     2=many changes      3=a few changes      4=no changes
D3    What is the follow up of the existing practices
      (management) in the present OP?
                                                                           N/A                            1=all changed     2=many changes      3=a few changes      4=no changes
D4    What is the follow up of the existing practices
      (promotion) in the present OP?                                       N/A                            1=all changed     2=many changes      3=a few changes      4=no changes
D5    What is the follow up of the existing practices
      (type of projects) in the present OP?
                                                                           N/A                            1=all changed     2=many changes      3=a few changes      4=no changes
D6    Do you expect enhancement of the energy
      projects in energy lines?                                            N/A                            yes               no
D7    Do you expect enhancement of energy
      projects in non energy lines?                                        N/A                            yes               no
D8    Is the word "energy" present in the OP?           yes                                               yes               no
      If yes, where?                                           Core description of the actions;
D9                                                                                                                        free text (please see sheet "categories" D9)
    If no, where can energy projects be found (Are                           N/A
    there energy projects which are linked to the
D10 environmental aspects)?                                                                                               free text (please see sheet "categories" D10)
    Is energy specifically present or included in       yes
    wider projects
D11                                                                                                       yes               no
    Are there lines in OPs dedicated specifically to    yes
    energy?                                                                Construction of
                                                                           installations for recovery
                                                                           of the emitted gas
                                                                           emissions (methane) from
                                                                           the municipal waste
                                                                           landfills for the production
D12                                                                        of electricity;                yes               no
    If yes, are the objectives of the energy            yes
D13 investments described?                                                                                yes               no
    What kind of technology?
                                                                   Renewable energy project:
                                                                        - Landfill gas;                    free text (please indicate "project type/kind of technology" -> see sheet
D14                                                                  -(Renewable) waste;                                                  "categories")
      Are there already identified projects?            no
D15                                                                                                       yes               no
D16 Are there specific projects identified yet?         no                                                yes               no
    Are they linked with research?                      yes
D17                                                                                                       yes               no
      Is the size of the expected projects indicated?   no
D18                                                                                                       yes               no
      Estimate the size of the projects?                depending on the projects indications in the
D19                                                                                                                       free text (please see sheet "categories" D19)
      Who cofinances the actions (e.g.                  Other:state budget
      ministry/regional council)?                       For the period up to 2009 the EU and state
                                                        budget co-financing are included in an extra-
                                                        budgetary fund, the
                                                        National Fund. The state budget co-
                                                        financing is ensured in the form of transfer
                                                        from the central budget to the
                                                        National Fund budget.
D20                                                                                                                       free text (please see sheet "categories" D20)
    Parts of cofinancers in the project /level of             minimum 15% of the total eligible
D21 participation (%)                                         expenditures at the project level;
    Analytical frame needed? Available for project
D22 managers?                                                                                             yes               no
    Modalities of cofinancing                           - subsidies
                                                        (from EC and
                                                        state budget);
                                                        - EIB loan;
                                                        - loans;
D23                                                     - Other:Grants;                                                   free text (please see sheet "categories" D23)
    Have a list of indicators already been    yes
D24 announced?                                                                                            yes               no                                                         optional: list of indicators
D25 Needs of preliminary studies              yes                                                         yes               no                                                                  7 / 10
    Choice of technologies within a List of Best   no               definition of the technical
D26 available technology ?                               yes   no      approach of the FM

              3c1eb769-2b9e-49bc-adea-b9d636545b6d.xls                       8 / 10

                                                                                            A6 - Project
     A3 - actors                          A5 - Sector                          Country                                                                Program               Type of fund                           A8                 A11           A12
                                                                                            type/Kind of
Energy Centres                                                                                                                                                                                        no political priority      Public        strong
                                                                                                                                                                 European Regional Development                                   companies     network
                   Agriculture, hunting and forestry                       Netherlands   Acces to district heat                                 Objective 1      Fund (ERDF)                                                                   available
ESCO´s                                                                                                                                                                                                no national or regional    local,        small
                                                                                                                                                                                                      expertise                  regional      numbers of
                   Fishing                                                 Greece                                                               Objective 2      European Social Fund (ESF)                                      authorities   players
                                                                                         Energy saving
Banks                                                                                                                                                                                                 no industry in the field   State         strong
                                                                                                              building engineering              Objective 3
                                                                                                                                                                 European Agricultural Guidance                                                sector
                   Mining and quarrying                                    Germany                                                                               and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF)
NGOs                                                                                                                                                                                                  fossil fuel lobby          SMEs          Other
                                                                                                              building envelope                                  Financial Instrument for Fisheries
                   Manufacturing                                           Austria                                                              INTERREG III A   Guidance (FIFG)
Environmental                                                                                                                                                                                         no banks systems ready     Large
Organisations                                                                                                 Utilities in industry                                                                   for this kind of           private
                   Electricity, gas and water supply                       France                                                               INTERREG III B   Cohesion Fund (CF)                   investments                companies
Manufacturing                                                                                                                                                                                         no financial system        Craftmen
                                                                                                              production facilities/equipment
Associations       Construction                                            Poland                                                               INTERREG III C
Other                                                                                                                                                                                                 hesitancy of public        Other
                   Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles,                                      mobility
                   motorcycles and personal and household goods            Czech Republic                                                       URBAN II
                   Hotels and restaurants                                  Bulgaria       Renewable                                             LEADER+                                               lack of supplier
                                                                                                                                                                                                      inexperienced technical
                   Transport, storage and communication                 Cyprus                                Bio-diesel                        EQUAL                                                 personnel
                   Financial intermediation                             Romania                               Biogas                            Phasing Out                                           Other
                   Real estate, renting and business activities                                               Biomass individual equipment
                   Public administration and defence; compulsory social
                   security                                                                                   Biomass district heat
                   Education                                                                                  Biomass CHP
                   Health and social work                                                                     Landfill gas
                   Other community, social and personal service
                   activities                                                                                 (Renewable) waste
                   Activities of households                                                                   Gas CHP
                   Extra-territorial organizations and bodies                                                 Small hydro power plants
                   Others (please concretise)                                                                 Solar thermal
                                                                                                              Thermal renovation of buildings
                                                                                                              Heat recovery
                                                                                                              Heat distribution
                                                                                                              Black liquor

                                                                                         Consulting activities:
                                                                                         Others (please concretise)


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