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									More Than a Resume

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   Carol D. Rau, PHR

      Career Advantage LLC
                       Goal for Today

   Provide career tools for professionals in the golf
    industry with varying levels of career experience

   Define steps and proven strategies to enhance
    your resume, portfolio, and overall approach to
    advance your career.

                      Career Advantage LLC
        Why now?

   Prepare for career advancement
   Compile data for resume and portfolio /
    personal library
   Identify areas to improve
   Mindset of providing results

                   Career Advantage LLC
                Purpose / Mindset

   Purpose…to sell yourself?
   Create a winning First Impression
   Open the door to get an Interview – then you get
    yourself the job
   Communicate your qualifications/experience/education
   Convey your energy, motivation, and…


                       Career Advantage LLC
           Get Their Attention
   Summary, Profile, Career Summary, Qualifications,
    Skills, Career Highlights
   Determine what sets you apart from your competition
   Focus on key skills substantiated in your experience
    that directly interest your target
   Achievements – results
   Strong, objective statements
   Quantify and summarize your career

                       Career Advantage LLC
     Activate Your Experience

   Summary statement
   Achievements, Results
   Improvements during your tenure
   Convey tangible, specific outcomes

                  Career Advantage LLC
         Final Resume Tips

    What should stay? What should go?

 Willthis point help me get an

 Doesthis point relate to the target
 employer’s needs and focus?

               Career Advantage LLC
    What / a Portfolio?
   Portfolio isPersonal Library

      What is a Portfolio?
A marketing tool that displays a
 collection of items organized in a
notebook or digital format such as
a web address or CD that gives a
       view of your career.

              Career Advantage LLC
   Which type of Portfolio?

        copy on CD
 Digital

 Website

 Hard copy binder

 PowerPoint

            Career Advantage LLC
             Why Portfolio?

   Tell your story – demonstrate your value
   Educate the reader / prospective employer
   Chance to describe your career
    achievement with context for the reader

   Stay ahead of the competition

                   Career Advantage LLC
          When Do I Use My
   Use as an overview
   During an Interview
   During a performance review
   To get a promotion
   Internship/entry-level position

                    Career Advantage LLC
 Display Photo (before & after)
Demonstrate your Value Visually!

           Career Advantage LLC
Career Advantage LLC
            Portfolio Content
   Work Philosophy – give insight into your
    background and character
   Career Goals
   Resume (with printable PDF link on web site)
   Career Highlights: tournaments hosted, current
    and completed projects (ideally with pictures),
    articles, and reports
   References, Letters of recommendation
   Certificates, Degrees, Honors & Awards
   Professional Memberships
   Community Leadership and Involvement
                     Career Advantage LLC
         What Do I Need
    To Build a Digital Portfolio?
   Digital and/or hard copy files of
    work samples, photos, and projects
   Scanner
   Computer with capacity to burn CDs
   Moderate competency with internet features
   Possibly consultation with IT professional or your local
    internet provider to secure a personal web address if
    creating portfolios that can be viewed from other
   Most recent resume
                       Career Advantage LLC
         Final Tips for Portfolios

   Organization and user friendly
        Web site: Home page must clearly show content for
         easy navigation to find desired information
        CD: Files/icons easy to understand when CD is viewed
        Hard Copy: Include a cover page and table of contents

   Describe most important job specific
   Select artifacts that present concrete evidence of
    your skills
   Make sure it appears professional and error free
                                Career Advantage LLC
            Use Your Resources
      GCSAA provides Career Services for
             members including:
   Critique resumes, cover letters, portfolios,
    and additional career documents
   Professional creation of any career
    documents for fee, including individualized
    consultation, career coaching, and
    assistance with portfolios
   On-line resources and samples

                   Career Advantage LLC
       Carol D. Rau, PHR

           Career Advantage LLC

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