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									Association Name                                      Contact Name          Address           City
Associated General Contractors of Vermont             Thom Serrani                            Montpelier
                                                                            PO Box 750, 148 State Street

Associated Industries of Vermont                      William Driscoll      PO Box 630         Montpelier

Barre Granite Association                             John Castaldo         PO Box 481         Barre
Building for Social Responsibility                    Chuck Reiss           P.O. Box 614       Hinesburg

Business & Professional Women - Vermont               Laurie Beth Putnam    PO Box 8373        Burlington

Business Networking International - Vermont Chapter   Joe and Sue Monaco                       Poutney
                                                                            199 Main Street, Suite 1

Businesses for the Northern Forest                    Ricarda Ericson                          Stowe
                                                                            32 Park Street, PO Box 471

Composting Association of Vermont                     Lucinda Newman        106 Lover's Lane   Waterbury

Growing New Farmers (GNF) and GNF Service                                   PO Box
                                                      Kathy Ruhf and Gaby Immerman11           Belchertown
Provider Consortium

Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers                                             281 The Bend Rd., PO Box 66 Bend
                                                      Per Courtney, current co-President        Greenboro

Homebuilders & Remodelers Association of Northern     Joseph Sinagra        31 Patchen Road    Burlington

National Federation of Independent Businesses         Shawn Banfield        PO Box 1531        Montpelier

Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA)          Enid Wonnacott        PO Box 697         Richmond

Renewable Energy Vermont                              Andy Perchlik         P.O. Box 1036      Montpelier

South End Arts and Business Association               Keith Brown           180 Flynn Ave.     Burlington
Vermont Artisan Network                             Leslie Charrington     PO Box 274          Lyndon Center

Vermont Association of Independent Country Stores   Dennis Bathory-Kitsz                    N
                                                                           176 Cox Brook Road orthfield

Vermont Association of Realtors                                            148 State Street    Montpelier

Vermont Attractions Association                     Susan Kruthers         PO Box 1284         Montpelier

Vermont Bankers Association                         Chris D'Elia                               Montpelier
                                                                           City Center, 89 Main Street, 3rd Floor

Vermont Beef Producers Association                  Stephen Brown          Box 264             North Pomphret

Vermont Beekeepers Association                      Lynn Lang                                 Essex
                                                                           405 Brown's River Road

Vermont Berry & Vegetable Association               Vern Grubinger                           University Way
                                                                           UVM Extension, 11 Brattleboro

Vermont Biofuels Association                        Netaka White           P.O. Box 307        Middlebury

Vermont Brewers Association                                                607 Crossett Hill   Waterbury

Vermont Business Assistance Network                 Robin Miller                            Montpelier
                                                                           Government Marketing Assistance Center, Na

Vermont Business Materials Exchange                                                          Pownal
                                                                           1580 Barber Pond Road

Vermont Business Roundtable                         Lisa Ventriss          69 Swift Street     Burlington
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility   Spence Putnam                            Burlington
                                                                      30 Community Drive, Suite 2

Vermont Chamber of Commerce                    Duane Marsh            PO Box 37          Montpelier

Vermont Chambers of Commerce - Statewide

Vermont Cheese Council                         Jamie Miller                              Richmond
                                                                      2083 East Main Street

Vermont Consultants Network                    Carl Lorentson         none provided

Vermont Crafts Council                         Martha Fitch           PO Box 938         Montpelier

Vermont Environmental Consortium               Daniel Hecht           158 Harmon Drive Northfield

Vermont Family Business Initiative             Daniel Van Der Vliet                     Burlington
                                                                      UVM, School of Business, 319 Kalkin Hall

Vermont Farms! Association                     Chris Fogg             Box 828            Montpelier

Vermont Fresh Network                          Meghan Sheridan        116 State Street   Montpelier
Vermont Fuel Dealers Association                     Shane Sweet      P.O. Box 60         Manchester

Vermont Green Building Network                       Linda Samter                        Colchester
                                                                      29 Ethan Allen Avenue

Vermont Grocers Association                                           33 Lafayette Street Rutland

Vermont Herb Growers Association                                                       W.
                                                                      2559 Eagle Peak Road Brookfield

Vermont Information & Networking for Entrepreneurs   Emily Kaminsky                    Route
                                                                      c/o CVCAC 195 US Barre 302-Berlin

Vermont LandLink                                     Debra Heleba                       Burlington
                                                                      UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture, 63 C

Vermont Lodging & Restaurant Association                              13 Kilburn Street   Burlington

Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association              Mary Croft                         South
                                                                      491 East Barnard Road Royalton

Vermont New Farmer Network                           Beth Holtzman                      Burlington
                                                                      UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture, 63 C

Vermont Retail Association                           John Klesch      PO Box 668          Essex Junction

Vermont Sheep & Goat Association                                                         Richmond
                                                                      2083 East Main Street

Vermont Society of Association Executives            Deborah Riley    P.O. Box 1013       Montpelier

Vermont Software Developers' Alliance (VtSDA)                                           Burlington
                                                                      70 South Winooski Avenue, #270
Vermont Specialty Foods Association                                                           - Suite
                                                                           135 No. Main StreetRutland 5

Vermont Technical Assistance Provider’s Association   Carol Flint                           Barre
                                                                           195 US RT. 302-Berlin

Vermont Venture Network                                                    PO Box 5839        Burlington

Vermont Women's Business Center                       Linda Ingold         660 Elm Street     Montpelier

Vermont Wood Manufacturer's Association               Mary Jean Packer     PO Box 196         Poultney

Vermont WoodNet                                       Judy Balch           P.O. Box 4562      Burlington

Vermont/New Hampshire Direct Marketing Group                               3016 Barberry Hill Woodstock

Vermonters in International Trade and Services        Linda Aines

Women Business Owners Network                         Robin Gronlund       PO Box 334         Underhill

Women's Agricultural Network                                                617 Comstock Road, Suite 5
                                                      Mary Peabody or Beth Holtzman         Berlin
State   Zipcode   Phone           Email
VT      05601     802-223-2374

VT      05601     802-223-3441

VT      05641     802-476-4131
VT      05461     none provided

VT      05402     802-485-5796

VT      05764-1191800-817-7653

VT      05672     802-253-8227

VT      05676     802-223-1903

MA      01007     413-323-9878

VT      05842     802-533-2444

VT      05403     802-651-0519

VT      05601     802-498-0059

VT      05477     802-434-4122

VT      05601     802-229-0099

VT      05401     802-859-9222
VT   05850     none provided

VT   05663     802-485-3972

VT   05602     866-248-6182

VT   05602     802-229-4581

VT   05602     802-229-0341

VT   05053     802-457-1196

VT   05452     none provided

VT   05301-3669802-257-7967, ext. 13

VT   05753     802-388-1328

VT   05676     802-244-6828

VT   05620     800-341-2211

VT   05261     802-823-9399

VT   05403     802-865-0410
VT   05403   802-862-8347

VT   05601   802-223-3443

VT   05477   802-261-8595


VT   05601   802-223-3380

VT   05663   802-485-2455

VT   05405   802-656-5897

VT   05601   866-348-3276   none provided

VT   05620   802-229-4706
VT   05254    802-375-0000

VT   05446    802-655-1061

VT   05701    802-775-5460

VT   05060    802-728-6205

VT   05641    802-479-1053

VT   05405    802-656-3131

VT   05401    802-660-9001

VT   05068    802-763-7435

VT   05405    802-656-3131

VT   05453    802-879-6999

VT   05477    802-434-5646

VT   05601    none provided   none provided

VT       5401 none provided
VT   05701-3238802-775-5460

VT   05641     802-479-1053

VT   05402     802-658-7830

VT   05602     802-229-2182

VT   05764     802-287-4284

VT   05406     802-892-7786

VT   05091     888-886-4364

VT   05489     802-363-9266

VT   05602     802-223-2389;
A state chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, Inc., a
nationwide organization representing the interests of more than 32,000
construction industry professionals.
Serves as an advocate for the industrial and business community in the
formulation of public policy that protects and enhances Vermont's private
enterprise economy.
Association of Barre granite producers and other related industries.
A group of Vermont building professionals and others who are concerned
with the impact of their work on their communities and society.

To achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy,
education and information.
A structured word of mouth marketing program which turns people into
sales representatives for your company.
Since 1995, BNF has worked with over 1000 businesses and
organizations on advocacy, networking, research, education and projects
to achieve the following goals in the Northern Forest region of Maine, New
Hampshire, Vermont and New York.
Dedicated to supporting and promoting all aspects of organics recycling.
Our mission is to promote composting as an integral link between
sustainable soils, communities and economies.
A network of over 200 organizations committed to improving services for
the region's new farmer community, creating a thriving community of new
farmers and service providers, working together to assure a vibrant future
for Northeast farming.
Guild members are professional furniture makers, most of whom work
alone or with a helper or two. For the most part, these are small
operations where each order receives the focused care of the master
builder. This atmosphere allows for a creative and flexible partnership with
the customer.
Dedicated to promoting, enhancing and maintaining a positive business
and economic environment conducive to the construction of new housing
and renovation of existing housing. The association is committed to
providing for the housing needs of all Vermonters and to creating
competitive advantages for its members.
Fights for small business on key issues such as health insurance, paid
family leave and workplace mandates.
Association of consumers, gardeners, and diversified farmers who share
a vision of local, organic agriculture. Through education and member
participation, NOFA-VT works to strengthen agriculture in Vermont.

Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) is working to bring about an intelligent
transformation from a foreign fossil fuel based economy to an economy
increasingly based on our own renewable energy.
Enhances the economic vitality and eclectic mix of Burlington's arts and
business community by: promoting our unique blend of art, commerce,
industry and entrepreneurial sprit; providing an influential voice to promote
and ensure our member's common interest; and Informing our members
of issues that affect our community and actions we take on its behalf.
A community of artists and craftspeople whose mission is to promote the
talents and skills of its members, and bring their work to the attention of
the world-wide marketplace.
A nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and enhance
country stores, while preserving their unique heritage and contributions to
their communities.
Composed of REALTORS® who are involved in residential and
commercial real estate as brokers, salespeople, property managers,
appraisers, counselors and others who are engaged in all aspects of the
real estate industry.
Founded in 1957, the association has high membership standards, with
all 68 members pledged to offer you a courteous reception, first-class
activities, ample parking, free Vermont vacation information, and
comfortable rest rooms.
Promotes the general welfare and usefulness of our Vermont banking
Offers calf clinic, winter beef conference, membership directory,
handbook, and website, and Vermont Beef Newsletter.
The Vermont Beekeepers Association represents over 1000 beekeepers
who raise bees for love and honey. We're as diverse as the 246 towns in
Vermont, but unified in our fascination of and love for bees. Most of us are
hobbyists, but there are some "sideliners" who try to make a bit of extra
income from their 25-200 hives. Then there are the full-time commercial
operations who work at this beekeeping 365 days a year.

Promotes the economic, environmental and social sustainability of
vegetable and berry farming in Vermont through education, promotion and
communication among growers.
Dedicated to increasing the demand for locally produced biodiesel and
other agriculturally-based fuels through marketing, education and
research, and to serve as a community resource for the development of a
sustainable biofuels industry in Vermont.
Promotes craft brewing in Vermont, hosts the Vermont Brewers Festival,
and provides promotional opportunities for members through its "Tour
Vermont Breweries" website.
Consolidates many resources into one convenient system that lets you:
search for new government contracts, market your business to visitors to
Vermont, list your products and services, and find vendors and suppliers.

The Vermont Business Materials Exchange (VBMX) is a free service that
seeks to reduce waste by promoting the exchange of reusable
commercial materials. Through VBMX, companies with surplus or by-
product materials connect with other businesses or individuals who can
reuse these materials productively. While businesses save money on
disposal fees, they also reduce their impact on the environment.

Comprised of 120 CEOs of Vermont's most active and committed
businesses and employers dedicated to making Vermont the best place
in America to do business, be educated, and live life.
Fosters a business ethic in Vermont that recognizes the opportunity and
responsibility of the business community to set a high standard for the
protecting the natural, human, and economic environments of our citizens.

Actively lobbies for the business community at the Statehouse in
Montpelier, gives away more than 500,000 publications and guides to
educate and attract visitors and tourists, publishes a quarterly newsletter
to keep members informed, serves as a conduit between businesses and
the media, maintains an international trade program including a full-time
office in Taiwan, and houses and works closely with the state's Business
and Education partnership.
For a full listing of local and regional chambers of commerce in Vermont,
visit this website.
The Vermont Cheese Council is a not-for profit organization which
provides the community of Vermont cheesemakers with technical
assistance to continually improve their cheeses. The Vermont Cheese
Council also operates to expose the general public to the high quality and
diversity of Vermont cheese.
Provides a forum for professional consultants throughout the state of
Vermont to meet, exchange views about general business issues
affecting the profession, and further individual skills development.
The Vermont Crafts Council is dedicated to the advancement of Vermont
crafts within Vermont and nationally, through education of the public, and
the visual arts and crafts community.
Vermont Environmental Consortium is a statewide, non-profit association
of businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and state
agencies active in environmental fields. Its members provide products,
services, and education in every aspect of renewable energy
technologies, environmental engineering, assessment and monitoring,
pollution remediation, hazardous materials abatement, natural resources
management, energy conservation, green community development, and
many other fields that contribute to preservation and sustainability.

The Vermont Family Business Initiative is a statewide organization led by
the University of Vermont's School of Business Administration. Our goal
is to give Vermont businesses the tools and support they need to compete
in both the local and global arenas. We are supported by members and
contributing partners who strive to work through the issues of leadership,
communication, and complex legal and financial challenges to business
transition and succession.

The Vermont Farms! Association was founded in 1998 to provide
educational opportunities about agriculture to the public. One of the major
goals of the association is to sustain and further develop the working
landscape that characterizes Vermont. Managed by the Vermont
Chamber of Commerce.
Builds innovative partnerships among farmers, chefs, and consumers to
strengthen Vermont's agriculture. Helps Vermont farms and restaurants
team up to provide the freshest local food at restaurants.
VFDA is an association of Vermont fuel marketers and was created in
September 2001 from the merger of Vermont Oil Heat Institute/Vermont
Fuel Dealers Association (VFDA/VFDA) and the Vermont Propane Gas
Association (VPGA). VFDA helps maintain a strong fuel industry in
Vermont by using its 40 years of experience to raise public awareness,
champion industry concerns at all levels of government, and deliver
valuable services to its members.
The Vermont Green Building Network is a non-profit organization
dedicated to increasing Vermont’s participation in green building and to
promoting the environmental, financial, community, and health benefits of
green design, construction, and building operation practices. We are
builders, designers, developers, policy makers, service providers, and
other building industry professionals working together to improve building
practices in Vermont.
Statewide trade association representing all sectors of the Vermont food
industry. Approximately 700 stores belong to the organization, including
supermarkets, superettes, convenience and country stores along with
over 150 suppliers to the industry.
VHGA is a trade network of growers, manufacturers and buyers dedicated
to enhancing the art and science of herbalism through education and
An informal network of small business owners that meet on a bi-annual
basis to network, share information, and learn with the goal of improving
opportunities for business success.
Connects beginning and relocating farmers with farmland owners and
farming opportunities; addresses obstacles farmers face in securing and
transferring farms: locating an appropriate site, exploring land access
options, and learning the steps of farmland and asset transfers.

Assists members in the operation of their businesses and to promote the
hospitality industry as a vital part of Vermont's economy. Visit showcase
Working to promote and protect Vermont maple syrup, to maintain its high
quality and to work on its behalf with the State of Vermont and other
appropriate organizations.
A working group of agricultural organizations committed to serving the
needs of new and aspiring farmers in Vermont.
Represents the retail industry before elected officials for policy and voting
decisions. Additionally, we use our membership of over 500 businesses
to negotiate services for independent retailers that may not be available to
businesses individually.
Supports, improves, strengthens the Vermont sheep and goat community
and its infrastructure. Offers members an online marketplace to post
items for sale or post requests for items.
The Vermont Society of Association Executives provides a statewide
medium for the exchange of experience and opinions among Vermont's
community of trade associations, professional societies and other
nonprofit organizations.
The Vermont Software Developers Alliance is dedicated to knowledge
sharing opportunities for the benefit of all of its members, and for the
benefit of the Vermont software industry as a whole.
Over 100 small to large Vermont food businesses who all share the same
philosophy of providing the consumer with a fabulous specialty food.

The Technical Assistance Providers' Association (TAPA) provides
advocacy, supports, promotes, and educates about the growth and
development of microenterprise in Vermont . This website includes
advocacy tools for members and service providers, resources, calendars
of meetings and trainings, information about TAPA and its history, and
microentrepreneur success stories.
A forum created to enhance the interaction and exchange of ideas among
Vermont’s entrepreneurs, the Vermont Venture Network has been at the
heart of the entrepreneurial community for the past sixteen years.

VWBC works with women of all economic levels throughout Vermont to
meet their business needs. Since opening its doors in September 2002,
The Center has assisted over 1,000 Vermont women. VWBCTalso
assists women who are starting a new business or growing their business
by providing free statewide Networking events and opportunities for
learning and sharing.
Supports the wood products manufacturing industry in Vermont and
promotes its long term viability by expanding the presence of members in
the marketplace, ensuring a dependable supply of raw materials,
increasing workforce skill and creativity and acting as responsible
employers and community members.
Vermont WoodNet, Inc., a non-profit organization, was established in
2000 to address the needs of small-scale Vermont wood product
businesses that produce "Vermont Made" products, by creating
opportunities for joint manufacturing, joint marketing and increasing
access to materials and services.
Provides a network of support to help mail order and direct marketers run
their businesses as productively as possible
Organized in January 1996, VITS is a non-profit organization with the
mission to foster the promotion and development of Vermonters in the
International Trade and Services arena through networking and the
sharing of education, expertise and experience. VITS seeks to address
particularly the concerns of people new to the international business
environment, women, and small, micro, and family businesses.

WBON provides a forum for personal and professional growth through
networking and educational opportunities, encourages peer-to-peer
support for women business owners in a diverse and positive
atmosphere, and is a catalyst for creative problem solving that fosters
ongoing success in life and in business.

Assists individuals starting or expanding farms or agriculturally-related
businesses. Provides education, technical assistance, and networking
opportunities for each step of the development process.

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