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									                           Writing a Real Estate Resume

OBJECTIVE: Use a general objective so your resume can be broadly used, for example,
            “A real estate related position”.

SKILLS: This is where employers looks first. Target the job you want. List about 12 skills
related to the type of job you want. You can use classes, customer service, sales, finance,
computer, or anything real estate related.

  Property Management          Office Management                 Front Desk
  Maintenance                  Banking                           Reception
  Cold Calls                   Escrow Knowledge                  Clerical
  Telemarketing                Real Estate Finance               Typing xx wpm
  Advertising                  Appraisal Knowledge               MS Word/Excel
  Marketing                    Word Processing                   Internet /Email
  Flyer Design                 Document Preparation              Photoshop
  Sales                        Writing/Editing                   Databases
  Customer Service             Accounting/Bookkeeping            Data Entry
  Client Accounts              Payroll                           Web Page Design
  Bilingual (language)
  Current Real Estate License (always bold)

  EXPERIENCE (see sample below) Write a short description of each job you've had.
  Begin with the most recent and work backwards no more than 10-12 years. Show
  continuous employment if you can. Include skills shown in your Skills section.
  Emphasize any experience related to real estate incl. achievements, awards, or special
  recognition. Avoid pronouns ("I" or "me"). Leave out hobbies or personal information.

  EDUCATION: Put City College first. Bold certificates, degrees, real estate classes.
     Write Diploma if you graduated from high school.
     If your education is more than ten years old, include education, but not the date.
  Education Example:
  City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA (2006 – present)
         California Real Estate Certificate (in process)
         Real Estate Principles, Tax Aspects of Real Estate, Real Estate Finance

         Balboa High School, San Francisco Ca - Diploma
                        Sample Real Estate Resume

                                    Sally Potter
                                  1860 Hayes Street
                               San Francisco, CA 94117
                                   (415) 561-6789

OBJECTIVE           A real estate sales trainee position


MS Word/Excel                   Clerical Experience                  Real Estate Principles
Internet/Email                  Telemarketing                        Escrow Knowledge
Customer Service                Sales Support                        Mortgage Experience
Reception                       Data Entry                           Real Estate Appraisal

Sales Support, Tribeck Real Estate, San Francisco CA (2006 – present)
Assist agents with document production. Provide client assistance and resolve
customer complaints. Maintain client database and send promotional materials to clients
and potential customers.
*Contacted over 200 potential new clients, with high rate of response.

Customer Service/Clerk, Moen Corporation, San Francisco CA (2005 – 2006)
Mailed promotional materials, drafted letters, and contacted clients. Provided customer
service and answered telephones.

Telemarketer, SBC Yahoo, San Francisco, CA (2004)
Placed cold calls to potential customers to market telecommunication services.
Assisted customers with product selection. Entered data into computer.
*Received "Most Productive Employee" award for three consecutive months.

City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA (2006 – present)
California Real Estate Certificate (in process)
Coursework: Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Appraisal, Escrow Procedures

Laney Community College, Oakland, CA
Associate of Arts

Balboa High School, San Francisco, CA – Diploma

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