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									     US Bank
   Presentation to

 State of California
CAL-Card Participants
Presentation Agenda

   •   US Bank Team
   •   CAL-Card Facts and Tips
   •   U.S. Bank / Access Online Web Tool
       •   Transaction Management (TM)
       •   Transaction Approval Process (TAP)
   •   Taking your Program to the Next Level
       •   Free Consultation
       • Accounts Payable Analysis
       • Payment Plus

Your US Bank Team – Who to Call
   Relationship Manager (RM) and Account Manager (AM)
     – Program reviews, product updates, issues and concerns, rebate information
     – Program optimization, program opportunities, new bank products, accounts payable analysis

   Account Coordinator Team (AC)
     – Account inquiry, manual authorizations, assistance with reporting, day to day service requests
     – Access Online user ids, custom reports, data files, rush cards
     – Access Online training and guidance

   Technical Integration Manager (TIM)
     – Technical solutions
     – Access Online or ERP integration
     – Access Online enhanced functionality

   Customer Service Representative (CSR)
     – Cardholder inquiries and declines
     – Transaction information or vendor authorization

   Technical Help Desk
     –   Reset passwords, assistance with running reports
     –   Technical problems with Access Online

Your US Bank CALCard Team

 Relationship Management     Account Coordinator

 Courtney Hoppe, RM          Amy Eubanks
 (310) 379-9292              612-973-1256

 Sarah Fortune, RM           Matt Conn
 (612) 973-1329              (612) 973-1328

 Susan Fowler, AM
 (503) 620-3716
CAL-Card Facts and Tips
   USBank Access Online–
     – New Program Administrators request user id and password through AC
     – Existing Program Administrators are set up create user ids in Access Online

   Access Online WBT (Web Based Training) has separate passwords
     – To request WBT passwords e-mail
     – Training tool for PA, BO and Cardholders

   Merchant Authorization Templates (MCC) customizable by agency
     – Work with AC to develop new templates

   Program Administrators and Billing Officials contact AC
     – Business hours 8:00 PT to 5:00 PT
     – After hours contact Customer Service

   Cardholders work directly with Program Administrators
     – Cardholder can call Customer Service for questions 800-344-5696

Access Online Key Points

 Secure Account Management Tool Developed by USBank

 Supports multiple user types
      Program Administrators
      Billing Contacts
      Approvers
      Cardholders

 Hierarchy driven

 On-line Statements and Statement Billing Files
    Go green

 Maintain Control & Audit
Access Online Functionality
   Program               Transaction      Transaction           Reporting
  Management              Allocation      Management
Account Setup              Default       Review/Dispute
                       Accounting Code                           Financial
Account Maint.                             Comments
MCC Auth Control        Automated
                       MCC Allocation      Reallocate               Tax
Manager Approval
                          Real-time       Manage Tax              Global
Web Statements            Reporting
                                         User Line Items       Flex (Ad-hoc)
                                                             Financial Extract
                                           Approval             Scheduling
                                           Statement          Formats/Layout
                                         Valid Value Lists

                                         Client System
                                           Validation         Standard Extract

                                                              Custom Extract

Access Online Data Retention

         Cardholder Statements
          18 months of statements available for download and print

         6 Months of Transaction Management

         24 Months of Reporting
          Administration
          Financial Management
          Program Management
          Supplier Management
          Tax and Compliance Management

    **7 Years of Data available through your Account Coordinator**

      U.S. Bank Confidential                                          9
Processing Hierarchy Overview

 Hierarchy Components
  – Bank – Always 4 Digit Number
  – Agent – 4 Digit Number Bank Assigned
  – Company – 5 Digit Number Bank Assigned
     – 16 Digit Managing Account number is assigned
     – Billing Level
  – Division
     – Level in Hierarchy to identify Approvers or ability to sort
       cardholders on Managing Account statement
  – Department
     – Level in Hierarchy to further identify Approvers or sorting on
       Managing Account statement
Processing Hierarchy Overview

         Account Information

Hierarchy in Access Online
Access Online Transaction Management (TM)
 Allocation and accounting code management
 Allows you to delegate updating accounting code
  information per transaction to individual cardholders,
  or their managers and approvers
   – Client definable Accounting Code Structure to layout
     segment field names and lengths to match your systems
   – Structures are also customizable by hierarchy if different
     units within an organization use different field names and
   – Flexible system of entitlements and account assignment for
     users allow multiple users access to review and update
   – Allow users to update allocation information on more than
     one transaction and save time on their data entry
Access Online Transaction Management (TM)

        Default Accounting Code
Transaction Approval Process (TAP)
 Allows a client to require at least two users to review
  and electronically sign transactions for an audit trail
  after posting
 TAP is optional and can be used with or without the
  allocation features, but if they are used together,
  allocation information is locked once approved
 Approval status is maintained with every transaction,
  and can be worked either individually, or in batches
  to save time
 Approvals are completed by "forwarding" transactions
  to a selected manager user, who can then make
  changes, forward them on to another manager, reject
  them, or mark them final approved
Transaction Approval Process (TAP)

   Final Approved
Program Optimization though…

                  Visa PerformSource
                    Analytical Tools

Take your Program to the Next Level
 Consultation to analyze payments processes
 Identify cost savings and rebate opportunity
  – Visa PerformSource:
     – Accounts Payable Analysis
        – Identifies spend with Visa-accepting suppliers and
          quantifies card expansion opportunities
     – Best Practice Diagnostic
        – Identifies opportunities to adopt best practice
          policies, procedures and management practices
        – Consultative approach built upon best practices

Access Online Payment Plus

  INVOICE      ERP        CODING    APPROVAL               PAYMENT

Automation – Security – Efficiency – Delivery - Reconciliation

 Access Online Payment Plus Benefits

 Innovative payment tool that allows you to
  expand your existing program
  – Great fit for AP payment processing
  – Decrease check payments – cost savings
  – Automate higher-dollar payments without losing
    visibility and control
  – Increase days payable, float time
  – Rebate opportunities

 Payments made efficiently
  – Payment delivery through U.S. Bank Access Online
  – Payment instructions may be sent via secure file
  – Online and on demand payment instructions
  – Dynamic credit adjustment
  – Payment mechanism is a cardless supplier account
  – Multiple invoices may be included on one payment
  – Secure supplier payment notification
     – Including remittance advice


 Reconciliation and Audit Reporting
  – Automatically matches transactions and
    provided payment instructions
  – Matched/unmatched transaction reporting
  – Financial extract for integration
  – Reporting for internal AP reconciliation

Access Online Payment Plus
   Agency               U.S. Bank                                Supplier

   Send                      Load
  Payment                   Payment                               Receive
 Instruction              Instructions                           Payment
     File                                                        Notification
                     Update        Retrieve
                    Limits &       Selected
                   Set Controls    Account                2
                          Access Online        Secure Supplier
                          Payment Plus
  G/L and
    ERP               Load                                  4
 Integration       Transactions    Reconcile                      Process

                   Transaction     Financial
                      Mgmt          Extracts

Supplier Enablement Services
 Payment Plus Enablement Team
  – Modify accounts payable analysis to identify
    acceptors of Payment Plus
  – Supplier identification and prioritization to fit
    your business case
  – Dedicated resources to partner with you and
    your suppliers during implementation
  – Enables the supplier to begin accepting
    Payment Plus on your behalf

Contact US Bank Relationship
Management to get started
   Accounts payable analysis
   Build business case
   Review recommendations
   Choose payment method
    – (Card or Payment Plus)
   Prioritize suppliers
   Communicate with suppliers
   Transact with Payment Plus
   Save Money!


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