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Words for Thank You Notes - PDF


Words for Thank You Notes document sample

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									Rediscover the                                                                                                                                       Say ‘thank you’ in 6 steps

                                                                                                                                                        Most employers are concerned         motivated you are to do the job.

     of                                                                                                                                              about three things when                 Finally, they are checking to see

                                                                                                                                                     interviewing candidates, according      if you will get along within the
                                                                                                                                                     to Sandy Cropper, principal of          organization,” she said. “A
                                                                                                                                                     Human Capital Consulting.               thank-you note is a resource
                                                                                                                                                        “They are trying to determine        to the employer, helping them
                                                                                                                                                     your qualifications for the position.   get to know you and your
                                                                                                                                                     Employers want to know how              qualifications better.”
                                                a handwritten thank-you has the most
           By Deb Brandt Buehler
                                                impact, especially if you send it within                                                             To write a successful thank-you note, follow these guidelines:
           For Custom Publications
                                                24 hours of the interview.”
                                                    Being timely is another opportunity                                                               ■ Before putting             ■ Develop your       ■ Respect the time
   Many people learned to write thank-you                                                                                                               pen to paper, take           comments             the interviewer
notes early in life. For kids, sending thank-   to make a positive impression. It’s a way
                                                to demonstrate your prompt                                                                              a few moments                around your          and staff put into
you notes to aunts, uncles and grandparents                                                                                                             to compose your              interview            meeting with you.
might have been the unexpected follow-up        follow-through.
                                                    Interviews conducted by a panel or                                                                  letter in your mind.         experience.
to birthdays and holidays.
   What began as a childhood practice of        team are increasingly common. In this case,                                                           ■ Engage the                 ■ Put the thank-     ■ If you use your
expressing gratitude remains relevant today.    you should write a thank-you note to each                                                               reader with                  you note in          computer to write
                                                                                                even if
After a job interview, a thank-you note is a    person on the panel. Individualize the notes                                                            something direct             the mail within      a thank-you note,
                                                                                                you aren’t
powerful way to leave a positive impression.    by making them slightly different from one                                                              and specific about           24 hours.            use a nonstandard
   Thank-you notes have many roles,             another.                                                                                                the experience.                                   typeface.
                                                                                                Cropper suggests
including expressing your appreciation for          “It takes time to write a thoughtfully
                                                                                                declining by phone
the interviewer’s time.                         worded note,” Cropper said, “but it also                                                               Here’s a good example:
                                                                                                and following up with a
   “Use the thank-you note to reinforce the     demonstrates your level of interest in
                                                                                                handwritten note.                                             Dear Ms. James,
unique qualities you bring to the position,”    the position.”
                                                                                                                                                                    Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the
said Sandy Cropper, principal of Human                                                          Handling rejection well                                              position of administrator. I appreciate the time you
Capital Consulting, a human resource            Oops ...                                           “In these busy times, I encourage                                     spent sharing the position’s description and
consulting firm. “Reinforce the strength of        If you fumble an interview, a well-written   candidates to send a thank-you for a                                        responsibilities.
your candidacy in the content                   note can help you recover.                      rejection letter, too,” Waidner said. “It’s a                                     As we discussed, my experience managing
of your note.”                                     “A thank-you note is a great place to        great way to follow up and demonstrate                                            diverse groups of employees will be an
   Because interviewers might see several       recover from an interview mistake,” Cropper     continued interest. I’ve had candidates get a                                        asset to your company. I’m very excited
candidates in one day, Cropper said, prompt,    said. “A client of mine made an error during    good response from this strategy.”                                                    about this opportunity and believe that
direct and specific thank-you notes help        an interview. In her excitement about the          Thank-notes are relevant following                                                my experience and mediation skills
them remember you.                              opportunity and nervousness to do well,         a networking or information-gathering                                                make me an excellent candidate.
                                                she had given a wrong answer. At first she      meeting as well. A hand-written note is an                                                 I enjoyed meeting your team and
Two simple words                                thought she’d blown it. She recovered by        excellent way to show appreciation for the                                               appreciated their questions for me.
   “Keep it simple,” advised Patrice Waidner,   acknowledging her mistake [and providing        knowledge and expertise someone shared                                                       I look forward to getting to know
workshop facilitator for Workforce One          the correct answer] in a thank-you note. ...    with you.                                                                                       everyone better. Thank you
in Fishers. “Remind the interviewer of          Her strategy paid off, and she was offered         “Because so few people write                                                                   again for your time.
your conversation by using an example           the position.”                                  handwritten notes, they can really make
of something that caught his or her                During the interview process, you might      you stand out,” Cropper noted. “It is worth                                                         Respectfully,
attention. This strategy demonstrates your      decide to decline the position or withdraw      the effort.” ●                                                                                      Jane Henry
attentiveness during the interview. Sending     altogether. A thank-you note is appropriate                                            File Photos

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