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									Marketing Strategies

    DSU Image & Marketing Committee

   Traditional Marketing

   Guerilla Marketing

   Viral Marketing

   Stealth Marketing
Traditional Marketing

   Product
   Place
   Price
   Promotion
       Personal selling
       Advertising
       Sales Promotion
       Direct Marketing
       Public Relations
       Internet (Viral Marketing)
       Guerilla Marketing
Guerilla Marketing
   Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results
    from minimal resources.

   Guerilla marketing involves being original, breaking the
    rules, and looking for alternatives to traditional marketing

   More about matching wits than matching budgets
       Low cost
       Innovative
       Less clutter

       Less reach
       Guerilla Marketing: 10 Commandments
I.      Know your market. Know        VI.     Do the Web right.
        who your customers are,       VII.    Get a prime spot on the
        how they think, and where             Web's search engines.
        they go.
                                      VIII.   Postcards supplement an
II.     Keep your name in front of            existing marketing
        your in-house list.
                                              program and are stress-
III.    Work with the press.                  free.
IV.     Educate the market.           IX.     Give talks and
V.      Put e-marketing to work for           presentations at industry
        you.                                  association meetings and
                                      X.      Network, network,
Guerilla Marketing
   Blair Witch Project

   Driver 2 video game

   Toyota Scion
Viral Marketing
   Marketing phenomenon that
    facilitates and encourages people to
    pass along a marketing message.

       Dancing Baby

       Hotmail
Viral Marketing
   Gives away products or           Takes advantage of others'
    services                          resources
   Provides for effortless          Offer an incentive.
    transfer to others               Don't consider the referral an
   Scales easily from small to       opt-in.
    very large                       Personalize the referral email.
   Exploits common motivations      Track and analyze the results
    and behaviors
                                     Continually promote friendly
   Utilizes existing                 referrals
    communication networks
Stealth Marketing

   Compared/similar to viral marketing – but
    source is unknown or hidden
       Red Bull
       Sony

   Ethical?
   Intrusive?

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