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					Federal & State Update

    Climate change,
    elections, and other
    scary stuff

   • Federal Climate Change

   • Florida’s HB 7135

   • Elections
Climate Change requires
    immediate action
     – myth or fact?
Jan. 31, 1977
2007 St. Pete Times/Bay News 9

Almost 75% of Floridians think
state lawmakers should take
immediate steps to combat global
warming. 71% of those polled
said they support immediate
legislative action to cut green
house gas emissions.
Lieberman-Warner-Boxer failed
cloture vote
     • 10 Democrats voted “no” even
       thought they want to address
       climate change
       • Cost
       • Economy
       • Jobs
       • Need to focus on development of new
     • Sen. Nelson voted “yes”, but
       weighed in on co-op allocations
Sen. Boxer (D-CA) really said it!

    “We also have in this bill a very large
     piece - almost $1 trillion - of tax
     relief. So when we do see some
     increases in energy costs in the
     early years - electricity, for example
     - we can offset that because there
     will be tax relief and then there will
     be this consumer relief that will go
     through the utilities. They will give
     rebates immediately.”
Sen. Boxer (D-CA) really said it!

    “Why do this now? We are in a recession.
      Precisely because we are in a recession is
      why we should be doing this. This bill is
      the first thing that brings hope. We sent
      a rebate check to people. I am really
      glad we did it. I voted for it. Guess what?
      We had no money to do that. We had to
      go into the red to do that. We had to go
      into deficit spending to send a rebate
      check. This bill gives us the funds to give
      relief to our consumers. This bill does
Climate change (cont.)

   • What really saved the day?
Climate Change still on front
    • G8 (USA, France, Germany, Canada,
      UK, Italy, Russia, Japan) agreed to cut
      greenhouse gas emissions in half by
      – G5 (China, India, Brazil, Mexico, South
        Africa) refused to sign unless G8 agree to
        cut 80 or 90%

    • EPA proposed green house gas rule -
      comments due Nov 27
Message to lawmakers

   • First priority new technology
   • Climate change and energy
     policy must be coordinated
   • Affordability is an issue -                                                                     any costs for climate
    change are on top of the increase we are experiencing due to increased costs of transformers, power plants, etc.

   • GHG cap and trade is a tax
      – technology development must match timelines
      – allocations and safety valve
Questions to lawmakers

   • What are you going to do to help us get
     through next 10-20 years?
   • If you really believe that climate change is
     due to man-made emissions – and since the
     BRIC countries are planning to increase
     their GHG emissions for the foreseeable
     future – shouldn’t we immediately halt all
     development near the coasts and begin to
     evacuate those areas through condemnation
     and other means?
Florida HB 7135

   • Comprehensive energy bill passed in
     Florida this year
      • Net metering
      • Renewables
      • Conjunctive billing
      • Decoupling
HB 7135 – Net metering

   • Retail co-ops must develop an
     interconnection agreement and net
     metering program by July 1, 2009
   • IOU’s must net meter customer
     generation up to 2 MW, but co-op
     section is silent as to any cap which
     we believe leaves it up to the board to
     create a justifiable cap
HB 7135 – Renewables, etc.

   • Each co-op shall develop standards by
     April 1, 2009 to promote:
      – renewable energy
      – energy conservation & efficiency
       • power plant need determination
         statute already required conservation
         and renewables to be utilized to the
         extent reasonably available.
HB 7135 – Conjunctive billing

   • Conjunctive billing authorized for
     members that self generate and net
     meter with anaerobic digesters
   • Co-op can refuse if it would cause an
     adverse impact on the general body of
     rate payers as determined by the co-
     op’s board
HB 7135 – Decoupling

   • PSC must study and report to the
     Legislature on utility revenue
     decoupling, but our involvement in this
     docket should be very limited
Elections overview

   • Obama effect on previously
     secure Republican seats?

   • Democrats added 700,000
   • Republicans lost 1,000,000

   • Both want to address GHG

   • McCain – 45 new nukes by

   • Obama - ??????
     – Nukes only if waste issue resolved

   • Democrats stronger hold of both chambers
   • Senate is 51-49, may add 5-7
   • House is 236-199, may add 10-25

   • Florida House delegation
     – Brown (D) and Meek (D) elected without
     – Wasserman-Schultz (D) only WRI and NPA
     – 1 race with no incumbent (Weldon’s seat)
     – Several Reps. and 1 Dem. have serious races
Florida Legislature

   • Republicans should maintain control of
     both chambers
   • Senate
     – 21 seats with elections
     – 5 incumbents elected without opposition
     – 1 new Senator elected without opposition
     – 7 races with no incumbent
     – 9 incumbents face challengers, but in 2
       races only WRI or NPA opposition
     – At least 8 new senators
Florida House

   • 33 incumbents elected without
   • 2 new Representatives elected
     without opposition
   • 32 races with no incumbent
   • 56 incumbents face challengers,
     but 9 seats only have WRI, NPA or
     3rd party opposition
   • At least 34 new representatives
Most interesting campaign

   • Franklin Perez, Candidate for HD 33

   • Legalize prostitution

   • Argument – already authorized by US
Corporate governance

   • hearings House oversight committee
   • Pedernales - Allegations that board and
     management compensation was excessive
     – 990 falsified
     – 17 member board combined received over $1
       million per year
        • stayed at Ritz/4 Seasons and always traveled 1st class
     – brutal hearings in legislature, congress
     – result - new manager and 5 new board members
       - so far
Corporate governance

   • Cobb EMC
   • Allegations regarding Cobb Energy, a for-profit
     subsidiary with overlapping management and
     directors, and management owns shares of for-
   • Allege $13 million siphoned from co-op
      – $10 million related to a management service fee that may
        not have been properly approved by the board
      – $3 million is debt write off approved by Cobb EMC
        Committee and board approval apparently was not
   • Members want refund and to eliminate potential for
     conflict of interest
Corporate governance

   • Rep. Cooper (TN-D)

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