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					Writing an Effective Resume and Cover Letter

                     Career and
                     Professional Planning

   Erick Larson, Manager
    Career Advising & Professional Development
Career and Professional Planning
   We help students with all aspects of the job
    and internship search process, as well as
    serve as a resource for service-learning and
    other experiential education opportunities.
Overview of Workshop

   Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviewing
      Basic outlines
      Philosophy and purpose
      Common pitfalls
   The Next Step
Purpose of a Resume

 A self-marketing tool.
 Represents YOU—your
  accomplishments and skills.
 Summarizes what you have to offer
  employers—your unique selling
  points—in an easy-to-read format.
                                     SAMPLE RESUME & REFERENCE LIST
          Perhaps more than you realize, resumes reflect what you think is important about your accomplishments and skills.
          Agonizing over finishing a draft of your resume will go a long way toward helping you understand more about what
          you can offer a potential employer and how you can effectively present yourself in an interview. Here is a framework
          for building a solid resume. All it needs is your input!

                                                       LYNN A. STUDENT
                (www.uidaho.edu/your web site/, if designed for employers, or e-mail address if you have limited space)
                   College Address: Street Address, City, State Zip Area Code/Phone Number E-mail Address
                  Permanent Address: Street Address, City, State Zip Area Code/Phone Number E-mail Address

            Briefly indicate the kind of position (e.g., internship, summer, entry-level) and mention field of study
            or career field.
            Your Degree, Major
            Minor/Emphasis/Option: [whichever apply, or omit]
            University of Idaho, Moscow ID                          Expected Graduation Date: Month Year
            GPA: ____/4.0 [If below a 3.0 consult with CAPP staff.]
            Earned _____% of college expenses.
              Course Highlights: [List the courses of most interest to the employer and most advanced first. If you are
              currently taking a course but will complete it before the internship begins, indicate the semester and year after
Basic         course name, e.g., Fluid Mechanics (spring 2005)]


Resume      List skills unique to your major or career interests.
            Computer skills are a MUST and may be included as a separate section or with special
Outline     skills. List specific programs.
            Name of Project. Describe briefly
            [Projects help identify hands-on experience through lab, design, team or research.]
            Organization, City, State                                         (month year – month year)
            Your Job Title. Describe briefly using action verbs. [See examples.] Focus on unique tasks within
              the project. Emphasize ―transferable‖ skills. Both paid and unpaid experiences may be listed here.
              REMEMBER: Internships and volunteer work help you build critical, career-related skills. Use paid and unpaid
              work as experience. Also, bulleted items often stand out more effectively.

            List in reverse chronological order by category [most recent first]. List those which will be of employer
              interest. As freshmen/sophomores, you may use some high school activities; however, you MUST build college-
              level activities. Involvement in a student professional organization is important.

            Available upon request. (This line may be omitted or may be centered as ‗References available upon
              request’ at the bottom of the resume.) Develop a separate reference page listing at least 3 professional
How we read resumes….

   Top to bottom, left to right
   10-second glance, most recent and relevant

Important information needs to
 be found easily and quickly!
                 Resume as Map:
                 Make it easy for your

   Bold, italics,         Order of categories
    underline              Use of white space
   Font size              Bullets
   Category headings

Don’t “lose” the employer in a maze of
 job descriptions and extracurricular
Common Pitfalls of Resumes

   Manger for
    manager: Failure to
   Microsoft Word or
    other widely
            [Click here and type address]        [Put phone, fax, and e-mail here]

                                            Deborah Greer

            Objective                       [Click here and type your objective]

            Experience                      1990–1994              Arbor Shoes                             South Ridge, WA
                                            National Sales Manager
                                             Increased sales from $50 million to $100 million.
                                             Doubled sales per representative from $5 million to $10 million.
                                             Suggested new products that increased earnings by 23%.

                                            1985–1990                       Ferguson and Bardwell          South Ridge, WA
                                            District Sales Manager
                                             Increased regional sales from $25 million to $350 million.
                                             Managed 250 sales representatives in 10 Western states.
                                             Implemented training course for new recruits — speeding profitability.
Microsoft                                   1980–1984               Duffy Vineyards                        South Ridge, WA
                                            Senior Sales Representative
Template                                     Expanded sales team from 50 to 100 representatives.
                                             Tripled division revenues for each sales associate.
                                             Expanded sales to include mass-market accounts.

                                            1975–1980                       Lit Ware, Inc.                 South Ridge, WA
                                            Sales Representative
                                             Expanded territorial sales by 400%.
                                             Received company’s highest sales award four years in a row.
                                             Developed Excellence in Sales training course.

            Education                       1971–1975                       South Ridge State University   South Ridge, WA
                                             B.A., Business Administration and Computer Science.
                                             Graduated summa cum laude.

            Interests                       South Ridge Board of Directors, running, gardening, carpentry, computers.

            Tips                            Select text you would like to replace, and type your information.
Resume Pitfalls: Objectives

   Too specific: A             Leave off objective.
    mechanical engineering       This information is
    position at Micron           already in your cover
   Too vague: A summer         Mention field: A human
    internship where I can       resources internship for
    gain valuable work           summer 2005.
Resume Pitfalls: “Special Skills”

   DON‘T: List subjective, vague skills
            –   Sample: Good people skills, excellent
                teamwork capabilities, enthusiastic, hard

   DO: List concrete, job-specific skills
            – Computer Skills
            – Certifications
            – Languages
            – Skills relevant to field
              Resume Pitfalls:
       Not Making the Most Out of Your
   Use strong action verbs and key words to describe
    your work experience. Numbers count!
   Create a section of ―Projects‖ or ―Course Highlights‖
    to show specialized knowledge in your field.
   Don‘t forget about extensive volunteer or
    extracurricular activities.
        - Use these ―experiences,‖ even if you were
        not paid.
Volunteer and Extra-Curricular
Activities as Experience: Examples
Treasurer, Delta Chi Fraternity (2004-Present)
 Manage over 100 active accounts receivable for members on
 Manage and prepare payroll and benefits for nine employees.
 Work with collection agency to collect delinquent accounts.

Student Alumni Relations Board (2003-Present)
Committee chair responsible for coordination of ―Graduation
Salute‖ event. Assist with organization, planning, and execution of
campus events such as Homecoming and Moms‘ Weekend.
                                                              CRYSTAL S JOHNS                                         BEFORE

                 1671 Lenter st. apt# 3, Moscow, ID 83843 (208) 882-9654 john2534@uidaho.edu


                    Presently, my objective is to graduate from college. Upon graduation I hope to get a job. My dream job
                 would be to work for a company in the entertainment industry. I would like to work out in the real world for
                 about ten years. After gaining extensive experience from working in a real corporation, I hope to return to
                 school for a graduate degree. I hope to get an MBA from a university on the east coast. Ultimately, I hope to
                 teach business at a post-secondary education level.

                                                          RELATED COURSEWORK

                 MBA-like experience in 18-credit, team-based Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC).

                 Team Building, Managing the Firm’s Resources, International Portfolio Management, Product and Process
                 Planning, Web-based Application Development, Visual Basics, Planning and Decision-making in
                 Organizations, Business Operating Decisions


Putting It All   Global Crossing Inc., Beverly Hills, CA. (Summer 2004). ―Intern for Program Management Organization.‖ I
                 developed a reporting application that was used globally to track the progress of the construction of this
                 company’s global fiber optic network. I also successfully led a demonstration to a multi-functional group on the
Together:        utilities of the Monthly Project Report Database.

                 Panhandle Mobile Home Service Inc., Coeur d’Alene, ID (Summers/Winters 2000-2003) ―Home Installer‖ This
Before           job allowed me to help pay for college by setting up and tearing down modular homes. I helped improve the
                 company’s customer relations, training over 6 employees.

                 I also have experience with Windows 95, 98, NT, MAC, Unix, Bloomberg Term, Office Suite 97, 2000,
                 Publisher, Adobe, Primavera, Visual Basics, VBA, SQL, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, EWMA, Regression models,
                 ACC, SWAT, and Competitive Analysis.


                 Monthly Project Report, E-commerce Web Page, IBC Presentation Projects, IBC Research Project, Financial
                 Recommendation Report


                 University of Idaho Moscow, Idaho. Expected Graduation Date: Dec 2006 – Dual Bachelor of Science Degrees,
                 Information Systems/Finance. GPA 3.40/4.0

                 Studied abroad at the University of Brighton, England (Sept 2004-Dec 2004). I was able to interact in and
                 enjoyed another culture while maintaining a full classload for one semester.

                 HONORS ACTIVITIES

                 Golden Key National Honors Society, Management Information Systems Association, Event Chair, Kappa
                 Delta Sorority, Kappa Delta Outstanding Scholar Award, Kappa Delta District Leadership Conference,
                 Fundraising advocate for Jimmy V. Foundation and U of I Women’s Athletics, Participated, Coached, and
                 Refereed various sport activities
                                               CRYSTAL S. JOHNS                                                                  A F T E R

                        1671 Lenter St. # 3           Moscow, ID 83843               (208) 882-9654            john2534@uidaho.edu

                   Seeking an internship for the summer of 2006 that will allow me to further develop my experience in the field of business

                 University of Idaho Moscow, Idaho                                                                    University of Brighton, England
                 Dual Bachelor of Science Degrees: Information Systems/Finance                                         Study Abroad Experience
                 Expected Graduation Date: December 2006                                                                                    Fall 2004
                 GPA: 3.40/4.0                                                                                                       GPA: 3.2/4.0

                                                         RELATED COURSEWORK
                 Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC) Team-based MBA-like experience (18 credits)
                  Web-based Application Development           Product and Process Planning                Planning and Decision-making in

Putting It All    Managing the Firm’s Resources
                  International Portfolio Management
                                                                Visual Basics
                                                                Team Building                            
                                                                                                             Business Operating Decisions

Together:        Intern for Program Management           Global Crossing Inc., Beverly Hills, CA                                 SUMMER 2004

After              Developed a reporting application used to track the progress of the construction of company’s global fiber optic network.
                   Successfully led a presentation to a multi-functional group on the utilities of the Monthly Project Report Database.

                 Construction Supervisor                 Panhandle Mobile Home Service Inc., Coeur d’ Alene, ID          SUMMERS 2000-2003
                   Constructed modular homes for resale to customers in the Coeur d’ Alene region.
                   Improved the company’s reputation by developing a program to evaluate customer satisfaction after home installation.
                   Trained seven employees in areas of construction, safety, project managements, and customer relations.

                                                                COMPUTER SKILLS
                     Operating Systems                Office Applications            Programming Languages               Business Software
                 Windows 95, 98, NT              MS Office Suite 97 – 2000         Visual Basics                    Regression models
                 Apple Macintosh                 MS Publisher                      JavaScript                       Competitive Analysis
                 Unix                            Adobe Photoshop                   HTML                             Primavera

                         Monthly Project Report, E-commerce Web Page, IBC Presentation Projects, Financial Recommendation Report

                                                            HONORS ACTIVITIES
                 Golden Key National Honors Society                                                  Kappa Delta District Leadership Conference
                 Management Information Systems Association                            Fundraising advocate for Jimmy V. Foundation and U of I
                 Event Chair -- Kappa Delta Sorority                                                                          Women’s Athletics
                 Kappa Delta Outstanding Scholar Award                                 Participated, coached, and refereed various sport activities
Cover Letters: What Your
Resume Can’t Do

                  Show writing ability.
                  Demonstrate
                   specific interest in
                   the organization and
                  Allow for greater
                              YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME
           College Address: Street Address, City, State ZIP, Area Code/Phone Number, E-mail Address
                  Permanent Address: Street Address, City, State ZIP, Area Code/Phone Number

          Month 21, 2004

          Ms. Potential Employer
          Street Address
          City, State Zip Code

          Dear Ms. (employer’s last name):*

          Explain why you are writing: name the positions, or field, or general area about which you are
          asking. Tell how you heard of the opening or organization.

          Mention one or two qualifications you think would be of greatest interest to the employer. Slant
          your remarks to the employer’s point of view. Tell why you are particularly interested in the
Basic     company, location, or type of work. Refer to any related experience or specialized training you
          have had.

Cover     Discuss some personal qualities that you possess that the employer specifically asks for in the job
          description. If you do not have a job description, describe some qualities you possess that would

Letter    be valuable to the employer and mention if possible where you obtained these qualities (such as
          from specific work experiences, school, projects, etc.) This is the paragraph in which you can
          mention qualities about you that don’t quite fit anywhere in your resume.
Outline   Direct the reader to the enclosed resume, application form, and other materials. Close by making
          a specific request for an interview, suggesting date and time, and indicate that you will call for a
          confirmation of the appointment. If your request is for further information concerning the
          position, instead of wanting an interview, it would be polite to enclose a self-addressed, stamped
          envelope. Restate your interest in the position. Make sure your closing is not vague, but makes a
          specific action from the reader likely. It may be helpful to give your phone number, in the event
          that the employer would like additional information from you.


          (Legible Signature)

          Type your name


          * If you cannot distinguish the employer’s gender, use: Dear Pat Johnson:
          ** If you do not have a name to address your cover letter, use: RE: Internship in________
                                            FIRST AND LAST NAME
                      College Address: Street Address, City, State ZIP, Area Code/Phone Number, E-mail Address
                             Permanent Address: Street Address, City, State ZIP, Area Code/Phone Number

          March 14, 2004

          Ronald A. Smith, Ph.D.
          Director of Environmental Analysis
          Charlton National Laboratory
          Charlton, MN 43567

          Dear Dr. Smith:

          As a junior at the University of Idaho majoring in chemistry and chemical engineering, I am looking for practical
          chemical job experience. The UI's Career and Professional Planning staff told me of your excellent internship
          program and I am very interested in your summer 2004 position.

          My chemical engineering background ties in closely with the research of your division. As a chemical engineer I
          am interested in conducting tests to analyze the environmental effects of different chemical contaminants. The
Sample    research done on water, plant and animal tissue, and soil samples is also of interest to me, as both a chemist and
          an engineer.

 Cover    As my grades show, I am an excellent student capable of understanding new ideas and concepts. I possess the
          qualities of a good lab worker. I am cautious but confident in my work, and not afraid to ask questions and seek
          help when needed. I am a hard worker and am able to successfully complete tasks that I start. I have the aptitude
 Letter   to learn all I can about environmental analytical chemistry. The experience of working with chemists will greatly
          enhance my knowledge, techniques, and understanding.

          If chosen for an internship, I would adjust and work smoothly with the operations of the laboratory support group.
          I am willing to work closely with the other workers to ensure that things run well. I would like the opportunity to
          learn from and work with other chemists who will allow me to contribute my share of the work. I enjoy
          conducting analyses, and will take the initiative when confronted with a problem to see that it is solved.

          Thank you for reading this letter and the attached resume. I hope that you will consider me for this position, and
          will be pleased to interview at your convenience. If I can provide any further information, please contact me at
          885-1234 or stud5432@uidaho.edu.


          Samuel A. Student

          Samuel A. Student

          Cover Letter Pitfalls: No

   DON‘T use the same letter to apply for all positions.

   DO your research and tailor your letter to the
    position and the organization:
           –   ―Based on the project descriptions, it is clear that my skills
               and experience would be a valuable contribution to your
               program. Both the University Residences and Commons
               projects, for example, will require a complete analysis of
               student, faculty, and staff needs.‖
           –   ―I am very interested in an internship position with your
               agency. I was impressed with your recent campaign for
               Nike, and I would enjoy the opportunity to work in such an
               innovative environment.‖
Cover Letter Pitfalls: Generic

   Avoid vague clichés:
    –   ―I am a hard worker and a good team player.‖
    –   ―I have excellent problem-solving skills.‖

   Use specific details and examples.
    –   ―One project in particular demonstrates my teamwork skills. Last
        year, I participated in a robotics design competition with four other

    –   ―My strong background in accounting would be a valuable addition
        to your team. As an office assistant for ABC Rentals and Sales, I
        was responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable,
        payroll, and quarterly reports. I have also completed several
        upper-division accounting courses.‖
     Cover Letter Pitfalls: No
          Action Plan

   DON‘T wait for the               DO be proactive and
    employer to take the              suggest a plan of
    next step:                        action:

―Thank you for reading the        ―Thank you for reading this
enclosed application materials.   letter and my resume. I shall
I look forward to hearing from    call you the week of February 7
you about the opportunities       to discuss opportunities at
available at Micron.‖             Micron and the possibility of an
What Now?: Taking the Next Step

   Review sample resumes for more ideas.
          – Websites: VandalTRAK.com and Jobweb.com
          – CAPP Library: Resume guides and student samples

   Sign up for an individual resume review
    with a career advisor at Career and
    Professional Planning.
   Participate in a resume clinic.
   Send it out! Visit Career and Professional
    planning for suggestions on how to begin
    your job search.

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