Bill of Sale Form

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					           Bill of Sale for a Watercraft
                    Boat, Motor, and/or Trailer(MUST BE NOTARIZED)

In consideration of the sum of $__________________________________ the receipt of
which is hereby acknowledged, I/We do sell, transfer, and deliver unto:

        Buyer’s Name(s): __________________________________________________

whose address is:

        Buyer’s Address: ___________________________________________________

the following boat or personal watercraft:

        Make:           _________________________________

        Year:           _________________________________

        Length:         _________________________________

        Hull ID#:       _________________________________

       TN#:          _________________________________
and the following motor:
       Make:         _________________________________

        Year:           _________________________________

       Motor #:        _________________________________
and the following trailer:
       Make:           _________________________________

        Year:           _________________________________

        VIN#:           _________________________________

Dated this the _____________ day of ______________ 20____.

                                                     (Seller’s Signature)
Sworn to and subscribed before me this ________ day
of _____________________________, 20_____.
My commission exprires _______ day of ______________, 20___.

______________________________________________________                (SEAL)
                  Notary Public

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