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                     The Business Plan

                                                           Business Plan

  Crafting a Business Plan Presentation
The following slides present the components of a
good business plan (whether written or in slide        Typical Business
format)                                                 Plan Sections
    • 30-50 slides describing major elements:         (written or presentation)
         concept, business strategy,operating          • Executive Summary
         plans, and expected financial results. 10-    • Market Overview
         15 page subset can be used as leave-          • Products & Services
         behind investor pitch
                                                       • Competitive
    •   Graphical in nature to powerfully and            Landscape
        simply convey complex ideas; tells the         • Go-to-Market
        whole story                                      Strategy
                                                       • Operations and
    •   Complete and simple enough to be used            Management
        by anyone in the startup firm to explain
                                                       • Financial Projections
        and sell venture opportunity

    •   Enough depth that investor can use to sell

                                                        Executive Summary
Executive Summary:
Content/Questions to Answer                                 Notes/Considerations
1-2 page summary of the business opportunity     • Catch the interest of the reader and provide
highlighting the key points.                       the core concept of your business and the
  • Company description/background                 business opportunity in 1-2 pages
  • Company mission/value proposition: What      • Capture the major strategy elements –
    problem or need does your product or           position yourself as a solution leader
    service address? How is the income               - Compelling customer motivation (hook)
    statement or balance sheet of your typical       - Strong solution proposition (vision)
    customer improved by your offering?
                                                     - Unique differentiation (sustainable
  • Business concept/opportunity description           competitive advantage)
    with proposed or existing products and/or
    services                                     • Success demands a synchronized strategy,
                                                   vision and message
  • Market opportunity/size
  • Management team overview
  • Expected financial results and funding
  • What are the key factors, or your
    company’s core capability that will enable
    you to win?
  • Amount of financing the company seeks

                                                                                Executive Summary
    Written executive summary:                          Presentation executive summary:
• 2 pages; 1st half-page is the most                   • 1-2 pages
  important                                            • Same major topics as written
• 1 supporting graphic per section –                     executive summary
  e.g. market size, competitive                        • Pick the most important elements
  landscape chart, income statement

                                                 Example presentation Executive Summary
                        Executive Summary
                                                                      The Company
                                                                      The Company                               Mission/Value Proposition
                                                                                                                Mission/Value Proposition
 Value proposition
                                                  Company Name history description – new start-up or   To be the premier provider of …
                                                  spin-off from existing enterprise
                                                                                                       Where the solution:
 Market opportunity                               Key milestones completed: Any implemented             • Sets the standard for …
                                                  customers? Product development complete?              • Is easy to use and understand
                                                  Partnerships signed?                                  • Is flexible and accessible
                                                                                                        • Provides value across …
 Brief product/service overview                   Founded: 2000
                                                  Office Locations:
                                                  Funding to Date:

 Brief competitive landscape
                                                                 Product Summary
                                                                 Product Summary                              Financial and Business Goals
                                                                                                              Financial and Business Goals
                                                  Brief description                                     • Within 12 months:                              Company Name
 Brief go-to-market strategy overview                                                                                                $50

                                                                                                                         Million s
                                                  Product Offerings:                                                                 $40
                                                                                                        • By 2003:
                                                   • Description                                                                     $30
 Operations and Management                        Service Offerings                                                                  $10
                                                   • Description                                                                       $0
                                                                                                                                     ( $10)   2000     2001    2002    2003

 Financial projections and funding requirement                                                                                                       Revenue     Net Inc ome

                                                                             Market Overview
 Market Overview:
 Content/Questions to Answer                                             Notes/Considerations

1-5 page section analyzing the market and industries          • Use credible outside research (e.g. Gartner
the company will be serving                                     Group, IDC, Forrester, etc) validating
  •   Market size – in units and dollars of the market          market/market segment size and growth
      and market segments in which the company will           • Be aggressive in your plans but do a sanity
      compete                                                   check of your sales projections against the
  •   Market growth – how fast has the market and               size of your addressable market segment –
      applicable market segments grown, and how are             if you are capturing 50% in year one then
      they projected to grow by leading industry                investors will not take you seriously
      analysts for the next 4-5 years?                        • It is sometimes helpful to draw a diagram of
  •   Market drivers – what are the main trends or              the market model, or how the market is
      factors that will affect how the market will grow         operating, to understand how the startup will
      and change                                                fit into the market landscape – see example
  •   Market segments – which segments of the                   on next page
      market will the company address in the near
      and long term? What are the key customer
      requirements?                                       Sample Market Size Chart/Market Research

  •   What are the barriers to entry and/or areas
      of competitive strength for the company
  •   How does your company compete within
      this market landscape and what market
      position do you want to achieve in 1, 2,
      and 3 years?

                                                                  Market Overview
                                                                 Diagram Example
Market Overview or Market Model Diagram
  • It is helpful to draw a diagram of the market model, or how the market is operating, to
    understand and explain how the new venture will fit into the market landscape

    Generic market model diagram

                                       Competitor A
                          Industry                       Supplier Sid e
                          Buy Side    Intermediaries       Entities

                                                                           Software Vendors
                    Vertical                                         Workflow
                  Autom ation                                       Autom ation
                   Softwar e                                         Softwar
                                                                    Software e
                                      VentureCo                            Systems Integrators
                      Buy Side
                                                       Electronic Supplier
                   Industry Portals

                                                     Products and Services
Products and Services:
Content/Questions to Answer                                               Notes/Considerations

1-2 page section describing the product and         • Keep it at an investor level. Detailed
service offerings, and the plan for taking the        feature/function charts are necessary
idea from concept to reality                          internally in product planning and maybe
  •   The major components and capabilities of        even in marketing – but this is the time for big
      the product or service                          picture differentiation
  •   How the technology is different from and      • A graphic of how the product or service
      similar to existing technology? Could it        works, especially if it is complex or is
      become “the standard”, are you cultivating      complementary to other products/services in
      partners who can drive it to becoming the       the marketplace can be very helpful
      standard?                                     • Focus on sustainable differentiation
  •   The status of product or service
      development                                  Product Description Example
                                                                                                                   Current Applications List -
                                                                                                               3   quick, easy scan of current
  •   Are partners required in order to deliver                                                                    applications by project,
                                                                                                                   status, permit number, or
      the product or service? If so, who are the
                                                                                                                   Job name - permits can
      key partner candidates and what is the                                                                       be organized according to
                                                                                                                   the users needs.

      status of the partnering process?                                                                            Status - sort by status, or
                                                                                                                   select individual
                                                                                                               4   application to see real-
  •   The proposed release date of the product                                                                     time details. Enables
                                                                                                                   quick resolution with
                                                                                                                   fewer calls to reviewer.
      or service and the key milestones that
      must be achieved to make that date.                                                                           Status

      What are the key obstacles that must be                         1   Logon/off - secure multi-user site
      overcome to make that date?                                         enables team members to co-
                                                                          ordinate and re-use information.

                                                          2   Create Application - automated forms
                                                              reduce errors, speeds completion:
                                                              user data pre-populated, automatic fee
                                                              calculation and error checking.

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