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When drafting a thank you letter, you want to go beyond a simple “thank you for your time”
letter, and compose a letter designed to advance the hiring process. Make a clear proposition and
a compelling case that supports your interview. While the interview is fresh in your mind, ask
yourself: What kind of person is the organization really looking for? Which of my attributes
and qualifications need additional focus in the thank you letter? You may recap the interviewer’s
comments and reinforce the qualities that support your candidacy.

Some students may prefer to send each interviewer a separate, personalized thank you letter. For
larger firms, this is generally neither required nor expected. Sending a single letter is
appropriate, and you can mention the people you met during your interview in the letter. Also,
you can send copies of the letter to those with whom you interviewed, perhaps with a personal
handwritten note at the bottom of the copied letter. (P.S. It was a pleasure speaking with you
over lunch. Thank you for your time.)

After interviewing with smaller firms, public interest organizations, government agencies, etc.,
you may wish to send individual letters to each person with whom you interviewed. Personal
letters may weigh more heavily into the decision-making process because the letters help
demonstrate your genuine interest in the position and why you are the most qualified candidate.

Particularly with call-backs in larger law firms, but also when interviewing with other
organizations, the individuals with whom you interview will often evaluate you on the day of
your interview. Thank you letters that are mailed may reach the employer several days after
your evaluations are complete, and possibly after a decision has already been made about your
candidacy. Thus, to maximize the effect of a thank you letter, mail the letter to the prospective
employer as soon as possible after your interview is complete.
Sample Thank You Letter

[Use your personal letterhead]

October 22, 2007
Mr. Robert Compton
Recruiting Coordinator
Compton, Smith & Lang
589 Commerce Street, Suite 1200
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Dear Mr. Compton:
Thank you for the opportunity to interview at Compton, Smith & Lang. I enjoyed meeting you
and the other attorneys at your firm and was most impressed with your practice.

I particularly enjoyed our conversation about the structured training program you provide your
summer associates, and Compton, Smith & Lang’s commitment to providing its summer
associates with exposure to each of the firm's practice areas. [Incorporate a particular point of
interest from your conversation]. I believe that the research and writing skills I have developed
in law school and through my judicial externship last fall would be further strengthened by the
opportunity to work with such a diverse group of attorneys in varied departments. I remain very
interested in a summer associate position with your firm, and would be happy to provide you
with additional references or additional information you may require.

Again, please accept my thanks for taking the time to meet with me. I look forward to hearing
from you soon.


Tommy Third Year

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