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Grant Proposal Sample document sample

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									     Proposal Writing
1.   Follow the process
     ~ the proposal is part of a process
2.   Write the proposal
     ~ tips
     ~ overview
     ~ executive summary
     ~ need
     Write the proposal (cont’d)
     ~ project description
     ~ budget
     ~ organizational information
     ~ conclusion
     Write the proposal (cont’d)
     ~ cover page, title
     ~ table of contents
     ~ appendix
     ~ cover letter
     ~ finishing touches
3.   Research the grantmaker
     ~ foundations
         Web site, 990-PF, news
     ~ corporations
4.   Build the relationship
     ~ before applying
     ~ while pending
     ~ after the decision

     Wrap-Up and Evaluation

Follow the Process
The Proposal is Part
   of a Process
    Planning and
   priority setting         Result

-to determine           a/ grant
 project (s) for        b/ rejection

 Write proposal            Cultivation

                       a/ continual phone
   Compile list of        contact
     potential         b/ updates,
  funding sources         progress reports
                       c/ board
  Initial contact &
-To request            a/ establish
 permission               relationship
-To submit proposal    b/ increase
 or letter of intent   likelihood for funding
                       c/ discuss funding
   Submission of          priorities

Write the Proposal
   Tips on Writing

Get your thoughts sorted out
Outline what you want to say
Avoid jargon
Humanize your project
Keep it simple
Keep it generic
Revise and edit
   Overview of
Proposal Package
Cover letter

Executive summary – 1 page

Statement of need – 2 pages

Project description – 3 pages

Budget – 1 page

Organizational information – 1 page

Conclusion – 2 paragraphs

Executive Summary



Funding requirements

Organization and/or its
            (sample 1, 2)
 Statistics
      - your own data
      - information from external
 Examples
      - anecdotes
      - real-life examples
      - quotes

 Use the data that best supports
  the case you are building
 Give the reader hope
                (sample 3, 4)
      Project description

   What are your expected

   How will you achieve your

   Who will carry out the project?

   How do you know how you are

   How will you sustain the project?
          What are your
        expected outcomes?
         The Difference Between
         a Goal and an Objective

Goal:        Our afterschool program will
             help children read better.

Objective:   Our afterschool remedial
             education program will assist
             fifty children in improving their
             reading scores by one grade
             level as demonstrated on
             standarized reading tests
             administered after
             participating in the program
             for six months.
                             (sample 5, 6)
 How will you achieve
  your outcomes?
Project phases

Time line

Planned activities

              (sample 7, 8, 9)
  Who will carry out
    the project?





            (sample 10, 11)
     How do you know
    how you are doing?

Project evaluation

- What information will you collect

- How are you going to use it

                     (sample 12, 13)
  How will you
sustain the project?

~ How will the project be funded
  in the future

~ How will the organization be
  funded in the future

~ To provide the grantmaker with
  assurance that other funders
  are in the mix

              (sample 14, 15)

Expense information
~ Personnel
~ Non-personnel
~ Overhead

Income information
~Earned Income
~Grants and Gifts

Budget narrative

1 page budget

Budget should reflect the

Writer must keep control over
the financial information
          10 Steps to
       Creating a Budget
1.  Identify who will help you gather
2. List all personnel who will be
3. Calculate salary for each person:
    - determine percentage of
       participation in project
    - calculate portion of salary
       attributed to project
    - Total all personnel items.
4. Calculate and list cost of fringe
    - multiply percentage of fringe
      benefits by total personnel costs
5. Obtain personnel subtotal by adding
    together cost of:
    - personnel
    - fringe
                              (sample 16-19)
6. Think through and list all OTPS
    ( other than personnel
    services), e.g.,
    - space
    - telephone
    - postage
    - consultans
    - travel
7. Subtotal by adding all of these
8. Total personnel and OTPS to
   obtain cost of project.
9. Calculate overhead costs.
10. Recalulate subtotals and total
    for project cost.

Date of founding and mission

Organization’s structure,
programs, and special expertise

Information about staff and

Audience served by the agency
and specific project for which
funding is sought
              (sample 20, 21)

Final appeal

Reiterate what your nonprofit
wants and why it is important

O.K. to use a bit of emotion

               (sample 22, 23)
         Cover Page
              Submitted by:
        The nonprofit Organization
             40 Canal Street
          New York, NY 10013

    Mary Smith               Susan Jones
    Executive Director       Director of Development
    212-934-5300x23          212-935-5300x21
    212-935-9660             212-935-9660
    e-mail:   e-mail:

You are being user-friendly when
you remember to add the following:
    - Phone extension or direct telephone line
      for both the person who signed the letter
      and a primary staff contact
    - Fax number for the organization
    - Direct e-mail address for both the signer
      and staff contact -- keep in mind that the
      grantmaker may reach out to you on e-mail
      with questions and requests for additional
                             (sample 24, 25)
Title                     Effectiveness

Forward Face                Arouse interest but does not
                            tell you anything about the
Vocational, Educational     This title tells us that three
Employment Project           types of services will be
Building a Healthier         This title implies that
Tomorrow                     construction will occur,
                             and indeed it it is the title
                             for a capital campaign. It
                             also suggests that the
                             construction is for some
                             kind of health facility.

The Pre-Kindergarten         A very effective title: five
Learning Laboratory:         pieces of information in
A Cooperative Educational    three lines of text.
Program for Pre-Schoolers
in Central Harlem
  Table of Contents

Helps the reader find key pieces
of information quickly

Makes the proposal user-friendly

                   (sample 26)

Board list

IRS letter of determination

Financial information


                    (sample 27)
   Financial Information
 Operating budget

 Audit

 List of last fiscal year foundation/
  corporate funders and gift level

 List of project foundation/corporate
 funder and gift level

 List of project potential foundation/
  corporate funder and request

                            (sample 28)
       Cover Letter
 Content
  o Reference to conversation/ past
  o Request
  o What is in your proposal
    package (narrative, appendix)
  o Empower the grantmaker by
    indicating material not enclosed
    that might be requested
  o Offer to answer questions/ meet
  o Signature
                 (sample 29, 30)
      Finishing touches

 Packaging
  o No cover on the proposal
  o How to send: Ordinary Mail
  o How to assemble: staples, clips
    paper clips, rubber bands
  o How to protect: cardboard

 What about…..
  o   Annual reports
  o   Newspaper clips
  o   Brochures
  o   Videos

Research the Grantmaker




 Who funds in my geographic

 Who funds in my area of

 Who provides the type of
  support I need?

 Who has funded organizations
  like mine?

 Who has given amounts in the
  range I need?
    Print Resources

 Key print directories
  o Guide to U.S. Foundations: Their
    Trustees, Offices and donors.
    The Foundation Center
  o The Foundation Directory. The
    Foundation Center
  o The Foundation 1000. The
    Foundation Center
  o Subject Guide Series. The
    Foundation Center
  o Grant Guide Series. The
    Foundation Center
         Electronic Resources

 Key electronic resources
      FC Search: The Foundation Center’s
      Database on CD-ROM
     The foundation Directory Online
     IRS Form 990-PF
      ml or
     Grantmaker Web sites
     RFP Bulletin
      ( )
     Philanthropy News Digest
     The Chronicle of Philanthropy

What companies are located
 in my geographic region?

What companies are doing
 business related to my field
 of interest?

What companies have given
 to organizations similar to
     Print Resources
 Key print resources
   Corporate Giving Directory. Taft Group
   Corporate Affiliations: Who Owns
    Whom. LexisNexis Group
   Corporate Philanthropy report. Aspen
    Publishers, Inc.
   Corporate Yellow Book:Who’s Who at
    the Leading U.S
    Companies.Leadership Directories,Inc
   Matching Gift Details. Council for
    Advancement and Support of
   National Directory of Corporate Giving.
    The foundation Center
   National Directory of Corporate Public
    Affairs. Columbia Books, Inc.
   Standard & Poor’s Register of
    Corporations, Directors and Executies.
    Standard & Poor’s
     Electronic Resources

 Key electronic resources
  – Corporation Web Sites

 Build the
   Build the Relationship

Before applying

While pending

After the decision
    Before Applying

Introductory call

Letter of intent
    Introductory Call

Tell the grantmaker you’ve done
 your homework
Be prepared to discuss the
 project and why you think it fits
 the grantmaker’s guidelines
Tell the grantmaker how much
 you need
If the grantmaker is not pressed
 for time, clarify:
   Deadline for submission
   Who should receive the request
    (verify spelling of the name)
   The mailing address
   Attachments
   Letter of Intent

Precedes the proposal

Summarizes the project

 Lets the grantmaker decide
that the project fits before a
full proposal is submitted

Sometimes can be
completed online!
                (sample 31)
   While Pending


Potential Funders

  Telephone contact

  Written communication

  Board networking

      Cultivation Calls

 Materials received call
  o Were materials received?
  o When will they be reviewed?

 Status call
  o Has the proposal been
  o Are any additional materials

                (sample 32, 33)
Enables the funder to
 develop a complete picture
 of your nonprofit

     Updates
     Program reports
     Newsletters
     Brochures
     Audits
     Board Networking

Identify who on the Board
 knows someone connected
 with the funder

 Work with the Board
 member to facilitate support
 of the submitted request

 Be certain staff at the funder
 are aware of the contact
 being made at the Board
         How to structure a
    Appointment or Site Visit
•   Use an ice-breaker
•   Introduce all meeting participants
•   Get down to business
•   Remind the funder about the
    mission and history of your agency
•   Describe the programs you offer
•   Describe the project for which you
    are seeking support
•   Keep a dialogue going
•   Obtain a clear understanding of the
    next steps
                   (sample 34-36)
    After the Decision

• Grant

• Rejection
        Follow-up to a

• Send a thank you letter

• Report following the
  schedule laid out in your
  proposal or following the
  grantmaker’s requirements

• Find out when to ask for
  more money

• Do it! Be persistent
               (sample 37-39)
       Follow-up to a

• Send a thank you letter

• Call to find out what to do

• Don’t take it personally

• Be persistent

              (sample 40, 41)

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