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					“LEED” the way to a
 Healthier Lifestyle
       The Kick-Off

Your wellness program is here!!!
           Our Goal:
 A healthier lifestyle in 2008!
         Wellness Programs –
            The Warm-Up
   Wellness Screenings for all employees and
      Nov. 26, 27 and 28, 6:30-9:00 am ET in
      Nov. 29, 8:00-9:30 am CT in Evansville
        What is Included in the
   Basic Screening:         Health Risk
     Height, weight,         Assessment
      BMI                     questionnaire
     Blood pressure
                              provides you with a
                              personal health risk
     Cholesterol             summary called
      profile (total          HealthCALC TM and
      cholesterol, HDL,       health action plan
      LDL,                   Optional
      triglycerides)          screenings: PSA
     Chemistry panel         and colon kits
     Glucose                Flu Shots
         What Does it Cost?
   Insured Employees on the Leed Health Plan
      FREE Basic screening and HealthCALC TM
      FREE Healthy Lifestyle Program (plus
       earn an incentive)
      $15 PSA screening (prostate cancer for
      $8 Take-home colon cancer kit
      FREE Flu Shots
   Non-Insured Employees
     FREE Basic screening
     $10 HealthCALC TM
     $15 PSA screening (prostate cancer for
     $8 Take-home colon cancer kit
     FREE Flu shots
   Insured Spouses on the Leed Health Plan
      FREE Basic screening and HealthCALC TM
      FREE Healthy Lifestyle Program (plus
       earn an incentive)
      $15 PSA screening (prostate cancer for
      $8 Take-home colon cancer kit
   Non-Insured Spouses
     $30 Basic screening
     $10 HealthCALC TM
     $15 PSA screening (prostate cancer for
     $8 Take-home colon cancer kit
           Screening Results
   Health Educators will return with your
    screening results to explain your results
    and answer questions
   Dates:
      Tue., Dec. 11, 12:00-1:00 pm ET in
      Wed., Dec. 12, 9:00-10:00 am CT in
          Incentives For You
   $25 gift card for employees and spouses
    that complete the screening and health risk
    questionnaire, and are covered by the Leed
    Health Plan!
      What Else is Included in the
         Wellness Program?
   The Healthy Lifestyle Program includes:
      Disease Education and Management for
       those at risk for diabetes or hypertension or
       other cardiovascular disease
      Personal Wellness Coaching for those with a
       moderate risk for disease and who want to
       improve their fitness, nutrition, stress and
       overall health
      Health Check-Ins with your Wellness
       Coordinator for those that want to work on
       wellness goals individually
     Wellness Programs Address
           Risk Factors
   Unchangeable          Modifiable Factors:
    Factors:                Smoking
      Gender--Men          High cholesterol
       have a higher        High blood pressure
       risk of heart        Weight
       attacks than         Physical inactivity
       women                Stress
      Age                  Excessive alcohol
      Family                use
       genetics             Diet and eating
      Race                  habits
  Disease Management

The purpose of Disease Management
(DM) is to furnish tools and knowledge
using coaching and educational
techniques to help you:
   •Change your health behaviors
   •Create a healthier lifestyle
   •Prevent early onset of disease
   •Better manage disease.

  Disease Management will be done off
  work time.
What Does the DM Nurse Do?

   A DM nurse will contact the participant off
    work time through a series of phone calls
    over the course of the year to educate
    them about:
      Health risks
      Signs and symptoms of disease
      Medications use
      Monitoring
      Ways to better manage the disease.
     The ultimate goal is to help you take
       control of your disease and NOT let it
       control you.
          Wellness Coaching
   “Coaching is different from mentoring,
    consulting, teaching and advice giving.
    Coaching is conversation that elicits best
    thinking and decision making so people can
    create results that are important to them.”
                      Wellness Councils of America
         A Wellness Coach…
   Partners with you to help you determine
    your wellness vision and goals for changing
    lifestyle behaviors
   Helps you look at the reasons why you
    want to improve your health
   Helps you look at barriers to reaching
    goals and ways to break through those
   Helps you determine which steps to take
    to reach wellness goals
Types of Coaching Services
   In the Healthy Start Program you and
    your coach will work together, once a
    week for twelve weeks, to set and keep
    healthy lifestyle goals through phone

   In the TEAM Program a small group will
    meet on-site with a coach for twelve
    weeks to set and keep healthy lifestyle

   Coaching will be done off work time.
          What Happens In
       Healthy Start Coaching?
   The coach will first review and assess your
    Health Risk Assessment and your recent
    health screening data
   Together you and your coach will discuss
    priorities for personal fitness, nutrition,
    stress and health goals for a three-month
    period during a phone interview
   Weekly phone sessions continue for 12
    weeks with the coach phoning you
        What Happens in TEAM
   The coach will first review and assess your
    Health Risk Appraisal and your recent
    health screening data
   Together the coach and a small group of
    8 to 12 people will meet once a week for
    12 weeks in 30-minute sessions
   Together the group will learn to set
    priorities for personal fitness, nutrition,
    stress and health goals
      Health Check-Ins:
You will set wellness goals that are
important to you with the help of the
Wellness Coordinator who will support you
and monitor your success. Each month
you will work on improving health habits
and reducing your risks. At the end of the
program if you show improvement in your
health and habits, you will receive the
              Sample Goals
   You might choose to:
   Exercise three times a week, keep a fitness
    log, and share it monthly with the Wellness
   Lose 8 pounds by reducing food portions at
    lunch, keep a food log, share it with the
    Coordinator and weigh-in once a month.
   Reduce blood pressure by keeping a weekly
    log and having the Coordinator check your
    blood pressure once a month.
     Other Wellness Activities
   Fitness Programs       Nutrition Programs
   Wellness Displays      Wellness Quizzes
   Health Resources       Fitness Programs
   Health Risk                   and more!
    On-site Wellness Coordinators

   Your Wellness Coordinators from Memorial
    Hospital in Jasper, IN are
    Jill Memmer and Allison Werne.

   They will be on-site in the Wellness office
    one day in Evansville and two days in
    Ireland each month.
          What Do They Do?
   Plan and conduct many of your wellness
   Assist you in setting wellness goals.
   Help you monitor your progress in reducing
    health risks.
   Serve as a resource for health information
    and community resources.
        Who May Participate?
   Employees and Spouses may participate in
    the screenings and health risk
   The wellness activities will be open to those
   The Healthy Lifestyle Programs (Wellness
    Coaching, Disease Management and
    Check-Ins) will be available for insured
    employees and insured spouses.
     How Do I Register for the
   Sign up for the screenings and attend!
   Complete the HealthCALC TM and bring it
    with you to the screening (or turn it in no
    later than Nov. 30 to receive your
   Insured employees and spouses should fill
    out the gift certificate list in the
    HealthCALC TM questionnaire.
How Do I Enroll in the Healthy
     Lifestyle Program?
If you are an insured employee or insured
spouse and you have completed the
screening and HealthCALC TM , you may
receive an invitation to participate in one of
the Healthy Lifestyle programs.

Upon completion you will earn an incentive.

   For more information and to enroll,
 you may talk with your on-site Wellness
Coordinator, Jill Memmer or Allison Werne.
     What are the Incentives for
      Screening Participation?

   $25 Gift Card for employees and spouses
    on the Leed Health Plan that complete:
      Health screening and
      Health risk questionnaire by
       Nov. 30, 2007, to receive your incentive.
 Healthy Lifestyle Incentives
If you complete one of three Healthy Lifestyle
   programs, you will be eligible for another
   incentive. Participation is voluntary.
Incentives for Check-Ins include:
 $25 Gift Card for Insured Employees and
   Insured Spouses that complete:
     Health check-ins: one wellness log with
      wellness goals each month for 6 months
      plus an evaluation of your success at the
      end of the program.
        More Healthy Lifestyle
   $50 Gift Card for Insured Employees and
    Insured Spouses that complete:
      12 weeks of Wellness Coaching in no
       more than 13 weeks
      A minimum of 7 phone calls with the
       nurse in the Disease Management
     Go For The Touch Down!

Participate in a Healthy Lifestyle Program to:
 Live a more stress-free life
 Become healthier and physically fit
 Feel better
 Look better
 Have a better outlook on life
 Reduce your risk for disease
Lifestyle Changes Make a
   Exercise, diet and weight loss can
    reduce the risk for many diseases.
   As little as losing 10 pounds can lower
    blood pressure and cardiovascular risk.
   Reducing stress and alcohol intake can
    lower blood pressure.
   Screenings can detect disease at early
    stages and prevent increased claims.
   Prevention and education can empower
    individuals to take care of their health.

All information will be kept strictly
confidential according to Memorial
Hospital and HIPAA regulations. Hospital
policies will protect the privacy of
individuals and only information stated on
the release forms may be shared between
the parties provided a signed form is
received. Medical release forms may be
provided to involve your primary health
care provider in the coaching or disease
education and management process.
 “LEED” the Way

We hope you join us as
  we reach our GOAL
 for a healthy future!

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