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									THE NEW
Before the job market became so
 competitive, the trend in resumes was to
 list as many job duties and
 responsibilities as possible. This was
 supposed to impress the reader. But
 instead, the reader did not bother to
 read all of this material and most of the
 times, it tended to be repetitious and

Accounts Payable Assistant, ABC Company, March 2000 to May 2002

Ran quarterly reports to assist the Controller with quarterly financial
statement preparation. Placed items on spreadsheet for analysis.
Called customers on phone to solicit payment of past due accounts.
Recorded payments on data report on a daily basis. Paid bills.
            NEW STYLE
Accounts Payable Assistant, ABC Company,
March 2000 to May 2002
    Process payables and receivables
    Create spreadsheets for daily analysis
RESULT: Decreased collections 20%
         WHAT HAPPENS?
• HERE, the reader not only gets an idea of
  what you did as part of your routine duties,
  but he gets a sample of how you improved
  company profits.
             OLD STYLE
• Customer Service Assistant, Best Buy,
  April 2001 to present.
Ran Cash register. Processed returns.
  Contacted vendors about problems with
  CD’s. Assisted customers with purchases
  of electronic equipment. Placed incoming
  merchandise on shelves. Conducted
  monthly inventory of all items in
  department. Promoted holiday sales.
             NEW STYLE
Customer Service Assistant, Best Buy, April
2001 to present - Setout merchandise, ran
  cash register, made daily deposits.
  neat department & solved customer
  problems and concerns.

                                BARBARA PRICKETT
                                       PO Box 170951
                                    Spartanburg, SC 29301
                   (864) 576-3501

OBJECTIVE:    Seeking a challenging telecommuting position using word processing,
              transcribing, data entry and office management skills.

             Exceptional computer software and hardware knowledge.
             Successful business owner providing a variety of computer services
              to clients for over six years.
             Current author under the pen name of Barbara Watson.
             Over four years systems analyses experience with local county and
              chamber of commerce.
             Computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet.

              1994-2002 Author, Wake Up Barbara! And Help Me Find This Snake!
              Wrote articles for website http//

              1998-1994 Business Owner of BP Data Systems. Provided computer
              services including writing software user manuals, maintaining databases,
              creating brochures and newsletters and training clients staff.

EDUCATION:    Bachelor of Science Degree, Concentration in Computer Science, The
              University of South Carolina, Spartanburg, 1989.

ACTIVITIES,   Extensive civic, writing and computer-related projects. These projects
AWARDS &      required skills in planning, organization, administration, forecastin g,
PUBLISHED     directing others and impacted large groups of people.
             Coordinated the shipment of over 16,000 used eyeglasses to Third World
             Three years of experience maintaining a database of contributions & mailing
              lists for local Habitat for Humanity. Coordinated volunteers for organization.
             Administered an on-line script-writing workshop.
             Edited submissions to fiction, nonfiction, script-writing and novel writing
             Chaired blood drives for over six years with results exceeding quotas each year.
             Awarded “Special Mission Recognition” by local church.
             Transcribed over 100 letters for a deaf and blind woman; compiled and
              published a book of her memories.

              List and samples of portfolio will be provided upon request.
          WHAT IS A
• A cover letter is a business document that
  is used to explain:
  – Which job you are applying for
  – Why are you applying to XYZ Company
  – What are your special skills as they relate to
    those requirements listed in the job
    description OR if no description is given, what
    do you bring to this company?
  – Thank the reader for time spent in review

May 10, 2004

Ms. Paula West, Director
Monterey Botanical Gardens 9821
Westfield Court Monterey, CA

Dear Ms. West:

Kevin Lessing recently gave me your name because he is aware of my search for
an entry-level botanist position. I currently work at Lessing
Nursery and have been assisting Mr. Lessing in research and development of orchid

The enclosed resume explains my work at Lessing Nursery and summarizes my relevant
coursework at Harrison College.

I will receive my B.S. in botany from Harrison next month, and I hope to find an entry-
level position as a botanist following graduation. I would appreciate knowing of any
openings at Monterey Botanical Gardens. I would also welcome any advice you have to
offer on securing a job in your field.

I appreciate you guidance and look forward to the possibility of working with you.
Should you need to reach me you may do so at 864-236-5326 or email
Yours truly,

Martin T. Smith
• No dates for employment
• Objective missing
• Incorrect spelling (automatic trash can)
• Placing references on resume rather than
  listing separately
• Missing community, volunteer and club
• Not listing key courses taken in major
           MORE MISTAKES
•   No contact information
•   Too duty oriented – like job description
•   Unprofessional email addresses
•   Poorly formatted
•   Resumes over 2 pages
•   Long dense paragraphs – no bullet points
•   Lying and misleading the employer
•   Gaps in employment
Career Center Help
         • Needed to list your
           job objective in the
           most profession way
         • Assist you in pulling
           out and developing
           skills information
         • Provide initial
           feedback for resume
Cover Letter and Plan of Action
• JOB STRATEGIES   • Cover letter explored.
                   • Student draft cover letter
                     for review.
                   • List of companies
                     developed for pro-active
                     and reactive recruiting.
                   • Resumes and cover
                     letters sent to companies.
                   • Interviews, hire offers
                     extended, offers
• What do you need to know about emailing
  your resume?
• Be alert to providing a resume that can be
• ASCII – plain text file without any special
  formatting – read by any computer
  – Open your resume in your program
  – File menu chose “Save as” & then Plain Text
  – Close the document
• The handshake is the only universal
  gesture in business.
• Keeping hands in plain sight conveys trust
  and open attitude.
• Placing hands in pockets means you are
  trying to hide something.
• Cupping a handshake with your left hand
  is insulting.
         EYE CONTACT
• Americans believe eye contact shows
• It also shows confidence.
• However, keep in mind direct eye contact
  has different meanings across cultures.
• Before making introductions, know how to
  introduce a peer, a supervisor and or a
• When introducing a co-worker to your
  supervisor, begin by saying “Dr. Avery,
  may I introduce William Sumerel” then
  say, “William, this is our Vice Chancellor
  for USC Upstate, Dr. Reginald Avery”.
• Nametags should be placed on the right
• Drinks should be carried in the left hand.
• Approach a person who is alone or a small
  group of three or more. A group of two
  may be engaged in a personal
• Always excuse yourself before leaving.
•   Food Server 15 – 20 %
•   Room Service if not included in bill
•   Hotel Porter, Ship Porter, Concierge
•   Maid to be paid at the end of your stay
•   Valet who brings your car
•   Doorman who hails a cab
•   % should be minimum if poor service
             DINING OUT
• Begin eating when last person at your
  table has been served.
• Forks, bread and butter plates are to your
• Knives, spoons and glasses are to your
• Desert plates - parallel above your plate
• Use utensils from left to right.
               EATING TIPS
•   Tear bread
•   Cut tomatoes
•   Leave dropped food alone
•   Unfold napkin when serving begins
•   Pass items left first then back to right
•   Thank servers no more than twice

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