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									                                  Cost of Living


                                 Mortgage Costs
How much can you borrow?

Cost of home:

Mortgage Repayments =


Yearly Pay =
Personal Allowance £5225
Starting rate 10% 0 - 2,230                      National Insurance 11%
Basic rate 22%    2,231 - 34,600                 National Insurance 11%
Higher rate 40%    over 34,600                   National Insurance 1%

                                      Council Tax
Band   A - £974.76                                    Band   E - £1,787.06
Band   B - £1,137.22                                  Band   F - £2,111.98
Band   C - £1,299.68                                  Band   G - £2,436.90
Band   D - £1,462.14                                  Band   H - £2,924.28

                 Electricity Running Costs Calculator
1.   Write down the item you are costing, e.g. Light bulb
2.   Either find its Amps rating and x 240 or write down its Wattage
3.   Watts/1000 = kilowatts or kW
4.   Hours used in month (use an average)
5.   Kilowatts x Hours = Kilowatt Hours or kWh
6.   x Number of the same Items in the house
7.   Total kWh to run all such Items in house for 1 month
8.   Total estimated kWh of all major electrical items
9.   Add on 10% to allow for extras

First 900 units are called Primary Units
The remainder are called Secondary Units
Electricity Primary Units costs 16.18p each kWh (Kilo Watt Hour)
Electricity Secondary Units cost 9.01p for each kWh

10. Number of Primary Units used
11. Cost of Primary Units
12. Number of secondary Units used
13. Cost of Secondary Units10% discount if you use both Gas and Electricity
14. Add 5% VAT

Number of Cubic Metres used
Number of Cubic Metres multiplied by 31.4
First 1250 units are called Primary Units
The remainder are called Secondary Units
Gas Primary Units costs 4.04p each kWh (Kilo Watt Hour)
Gas Secondary Units cost 2.06p for each kWh

10% discount if you use both Gas and Electricity
Add 5% VAT

                            Food and Toiletry Costs
£40 to £200 per week for a couple
                          Car 2007 Running costs

                        Investigate some other Costs
Children                                            Credit Card Bills
Childcare                                           Repairs to house
Insurance                                           Meals Out
Water bill,                                         Days Out
Phone bills (landline, mobile).                     Holiday
TV Licence                                          Clothes
Sky                                                 Electrical Items
Pension payments                                    Hairdressers

                            Cost of raising a child
 was £180,000 in 2006 and

was £186,000 in late 2007.

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