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Free Rental Agreements document sample

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									                                       Southern Cruzin RV Rentals, LLC
 12301 Hagler Mill Rd., Northport, AL Ph: (205)339-6107, Website:, E-mail:

                             Owner/Agent Rental Management Program Information

Advantages for RV Owners and/or Investors . . . Why choose to put your RV on our managed fleet program?

    To justify the investment of owning an RV, as well as applying more money towards the principal of the Loan!
    By going into business with the use of your RV, you will receive tax advantages & can write them off as business expenses!
    FREE RV Storage - not having the space or location to park your RV at your own home or pay for RV Storage!
    Being able to use use your RV at anytime, in addition to the service of having it prepped & ready for you!
    Not having to worry about the Maintenenance, Servicing, upkeep & winterizations for your RV!
    Keeping your RV in use throughout the year keeps mechanical, plumbing and electrical problems from occuring as often!
    We do ALL the work for you, while you earn a profit! We have many years of experience with a proven management system!

Management Agreement:

    Owner agrees to allow "Southern Cruzin RV Rentals, LLC" to manage the rentals of their RV.
    Owner may cancel the management agreement after a 30 day written notice.

RV Owner's Commission:
Owner Receives 50% commission on the following items and receives a monthly statement and check:
   Nightly Rental rates (excluding rental sales tax)
   Any Extra mileage fees (above the normal nightly mileage that is included in the nightly rent rate)

MBA Insurance & Roadside Assistance:
    There is an even 50/50 split each month for RV Insurance Coverage - The RV Owner pays half and we pay half.
    We cover each one of our Rental Units on our 24/7 Roadside Assistance policy at no cost to the owner.

Owner pays 100% on all Regular Maintenance & Repairs (not including repairs that are still covered
by warranty OR repairs or damages that are considered renter damage)
    Including Oil changes, new tires, batteries, repairs and parts for the upkeep of the RV, etc.
    You, the Owner, are NOT responsible for any damages, repairs or parts that are needed for your RV if it was
       damaged by a customer. The customer is responsible for paying for all damages and we do all of the repairs.

Usage of your own RV:
    You, the owner, can use your RV (of course at no-charge), anytime the RV is available. We prefer
    to be notificed at least 1 to 2 months in advance of the dates you plan to travel, so we can block off your requested
    dates for you. If you call on a last minute notice, you may use your RV, as long as there is not a rental
    reservation already made for your requested travel dates.

Reminders and items needed to stay with the RV:
    Sewer hose, water hose, electrical cords, awning rods, adapters, cables, etc. that belong with the RV
    Owner's Manual to the RV and all appliances in the RV
    All original curtains throughout the unit (including the detachable/velcro curtains for privacy)
    Original matching comforter and pillow shams on the bed in the master bedroom
    Registration for the glove compartment (I can make you a copy of this to keep with you)
    Lisence Plates with current sticker (owner is responsible for renewing tags when expired)
    All warranty information and paperwork (if warranty is still in effect), including deductible amount

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Our Responsibilities as being the "Rental Manager" of your RV:

    To thoroughly inspect and approve your RV to be added to our fleet of RV Rentals. Your RV must be
        in good overall condition with no major damages (inside and out). Your RV must include a 25 foot water
        hose, a sewage hose and an awning rod (if there is an awning).
    Incorporate an Agreement between you, the owner, and "Southern Cruzin RV Rentals, LLC"
    If there are any necessary repairs or maintenance that is required, this must be done prior to adding the
        unit to our fleet, unless arrangements are made by us to do that for you at your cost.
    We purchase Commercial RV Insurance through MBA Insurance and Auto Club of America Roadside Assistance.
        Each rental customer is responsible for providing their own Insurance Binder through their Insurance
        carrier or purchases RV Rental Insurance through MBA Choice insurance for a daily rate.
        Auto Club of America is a service that is provided to all rental customers for 24 hours a day,
        7 days per week for any repairs, breakdowns or tires that made need repaired or replaced, including towing.
    Booking reservations, customer background checks, processing rental agreements, managing the insurance policies,
        receiving security deposits and payments from the customers, etc. We have a business merchant account that
        accepts all types of credit card payments from our customers, in which we have to pay a percentage on all sales.
        We collect RV State Sales Tax which is paid directly to the State of Alabama & City of Tuscaloosa on a monthly basis.
    Performing background checks on all customers including criminal, traffic violations, etc., we also receive lots of their
        personal info. Including drivers license #, soc. sec. #, birthdate, place of employment, address & insurance verification, etc.
    Regular maintenance, interior sanitation/cleaning of your RV after each rental. Regular oil changes, etc. that needs done.
    Prepping the RV for all rentals, including inspections, filling w/fresh water, chemicals, LP & Gas tank filled, air tires, etc.
    Before and after each rental, we do a very thorough inspection of the rental unit with the customer on our inspection
        sheet form in which we receive their signature. If we find any damages to the unit on the return date, the customer is
        fully financially responsible to pay for all parts and labor to repair all damages, which is taken out of their security deposit
        before it is refunded back to the customer.
    Also after each rental (within 24 hours), we clean & sanitize the unit inside and out and prep it for the next rental.
        While cleaning and sanitizing the RV, we are very thorough and detailed. If we should notice anything that needs
        serviced or repaired, it is done at this time. We keep our RV's very clean and detailed AT ALL TIMES in preparation
        for a customer to view it and/or for the upcoming rentals. We do lay clear plastic carpet mask on the carpets in all
        our RV rental units, to help keep the main walkways from needing to be shampood after each customer.
    Advertising . . . We have our own website which creates most of our business, we are also listed on several other
        websites including,,,,, KOA,
        and many more! We also have ads printed in the Bama Magazine periodically, and the local newspapers.
        We also get many referrals from Country Roads RV in Cottondale, which is no longer doing RV Rentals, and
        from the Talladega Superspeedway. We give lots of local companies our business flyers for their customers
        and local RV Dealers and Campgrounds to pass out to their customers.
    Our Experience and Knowledge . . . We have been working close together for over 4 years with Country Roads RV, Abel
        RV in IL, RVDA, RVIA & MBA Insurance for our expertise and knowledge in the RV Rental business. Terry, one of the
        owners, worked with Abel RV in Illinois for over 4 years; therefore, he has lots of experience with all types of RV's.

Tax Write-off and Business Expenses:

    We send you a 1099 Misc. with your total commission amounts paid to you before the end of January.
    You, the owner, files a Schedule E when you do your yearly tax return if you earn more than $600 for the year.
    You can count your RV as an asset and claim the depreciation of the RV and keep track of the following
      for your tax preparer as a "business expense":
                   Interest for the full year (on the RV loan)
                   Depreciation (Year, Make and Model of RV)
                   Taxes paid for Tags and Registration
                   Maintenance Expenses & upgrades to your RV that you paid throughout the year
                   Insurance premiums that you paid
    We do recommend that you consult your tax accountant to go over detailed information and tax write-offs
    when you are going into business with the use of your own RV.

        Please let us know if you have any additional questions about our Rental Management Program. Thank You!

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