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									                                                            “Beat the Odds” Scholarship
                                                      Personal Letter of Recommendation Form

This form is to be completed by an adult (not a family member) who knows the student well (a counselor,
mentor, coach, clergy member, employer, internship supervisor, or friend, for example.)

Your name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name of student you are recommending: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Relationship to student:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Length of time you have known the student:__________________________________________________________________________________________________

Your address:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________________________________________________________State:_________________________ Zip:____________________________________

Your telephone number and best time of day to reach you: __________________________________________________________________________

E-mail address:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signature_________________________________________________________________________ Date_________________________________________________________________________

Please attach a letter of support for this student’s application for Stand for Children Leadership
Center’s “Beat the Odds” scholarship award. Your statement may be up to one full page in length, single
spaced. Be sure to include commentary on what makes this student a good candidate for the scholarship
and why he or she will be successful in college. Stand for Children will contact you to verify your
reference if the student is selected as a finalist.

                          Please mail this completed form and your letter of recommendation to:

                                                    Stand for Children Leadership Center
                                                     Beat the Odds Selection Committee
                                                      516 SE Morrison Street, Suite 420
                                                           Portland, Oregon 97214

                                                                             18 2009
                 Your letter must be postmarked no later than September 18, 2009
   for your student’s application to be considered. Sorry, letters are not accepted by fax or email.

         For more information about Stand for Children and “Beat the Odds”, contact Janene Wallace
        at 503-235-2305, send email to or visit

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