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Title                                                                Area(s) of Assistance
Career Power                                                         12 Winning Habits To Get You From Where You Are To Where You
                                                                     Want To Be
From Navy Blue to Corporate Gray                                     A Career Transition Guide for Navy , Marine Corps and Coast Guard
A Guide to Style                                                     A Manual for business and Professional women
Profiles in Achievement                                              Achievement
Getting In                                                           Admission to Graduate School
Guide to Law School                                                  Admissions
Career Choices For the Students of Art                               Art Careers
Business Etiquette in Brief                                          Business Etiquette
Handbook for Business Writing                                        Business Writing
Building Your Career A Guide to Your Future                          Career
The Career Adventure: Your Guide to Personal Assessment, Career      Career
Exploration, and Decision Making
An Easier Way to Change Jobs                                         Career Decisions
Building Your Career: A Guide to Your Future: 3rd Edition            Career Decisions
Is your Genius at work?                                              Career Decisions
Making Career Decisions That Count A Practical Guide                 Career Decisions
Making Career Decisions That Count: A Practical Guide: 2nd Edition   Career Decisions
The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Opinion: 6th Edition     Career Decisions
Travel and Hospitality Career Directory                              Career Decisions
Career Development Strategies and Technologies for Career and Life   Career Development
Career Planning Today                                                Career Planning
Don't Wait Until You Graduate                                        Career Planning
Keys to Success                                                      Career Planning
Taking Charge of your Career Direction                               Career Planning
The Blue Chip Graduate                                               Career Planning
The Parent's Crash Course in Career Planning                         Career Planning
The SF-171 Express                                                   Career Planning
Your Career Choices and Changes                                      Career Planning
Creating Your Career Portfolio At-a-Glance Guide for Students        Career Portfolio
Title                                                                      Area(s) of Assistance
Best Careers For Bilingual Latinos                                         Careers
Building a Winning Career in a Technical Profession                        Careers
Career Intervention                                                        Careers
Careering and Re-Careering for the 1990's                                  Careers
Cool Careers for Dummies                                                   Careers
Discovering Careers For Your Future Government                             Careers
Discovering Careers For Your Future Nature                                 Careers
Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook                                     Careers
Ferguson's Careers In Focus                                                Careers
Guia Del Inmigrante Para El Lugar De Trabajo En Norteamerica               Careers
How to Choose, Change, Advance Your Career                                 Careers
Job Seeker's Guide to Private and Public Companies                         Careers
Occupational Outlook Handbook 2006-2007                                    Careers
The Career Tool Kit Skills for Success                                     Careers
The College Placement Guide 2000                                           Careers
The Complete Guide for Occupational Exploration                            Careers
Your Career Planner                                                        Careers
Careers For Bookworms and Other Literary Types                             Careers
The Minority Career Guide                                                  Careers for African Americans, Hispanic, and Asian Americans
Job Analysis of Chiropractic                                               Careers in Chiropractics
Job Opportunities For Engineering and Computer Science Majors              Careers in Engineering and Computer science
For Your Action                                                            Careers in Liberal Arts
Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads                                         Careers in Liberal Arts
International Companies in South Carolina                                  Careers In South Carolina
Career Opportunities in Television, Cable, Video, and Multimedia           Careers in Television, Cable, Video, and Multimedia
Doing Well by Doing Good                                                   Careers in the Non Profit Sector
Careers for Nature Lovers & Other Outdoor Types                            Careers in the Outdoor Field
Christian Colleges & Universities                                          Christian Colleges and Universities
Coping With College                                                        College
Getting the Most out of College                                            College
Succeeding In College Study Skills and Strategies                          College
The Vault College Career Bible                                             College Career
College Majors and Careers                                                 College Majors and Careers
College Majors and Careers: A Resource Guide For Effective Life Planning   College Majors and Careers
Title                                                                Area(s) of Assistance
4 Year Colleges                                                      Colleges
Career Choices For the Students of Communications Journalism         Communications Journalism Careers
Careers Choices For the Students of Computer Science                 Computer Science Careers
Resumes in Cyberspace                                                Computerized Job Search
Cover Letter Magic: Trade Secrets of Professional Resume Writers     Cover Letter
Cover Letters that Knock EM Dead                                     Cover Letters
Haldane's Best: Cover Letters for Professionals                      Cover Letters
The Everything Cover Letter Book                                     Cover letters
Killer Cover Letters & Resumes                                       Cover Letters and Resumes
Integrative Life Planning                                            Critical Tasks for Career Development and Changing Life Patterns
Career For Culture Lovers and Other Artsy Types                      Culture Lovers Careers
Living Well with a Hidden Disability                                 disabilities
Diversity Consciousness Opening Our Minds to People, Cultures, and   Diversity
Diversity on Campus                                                  Diversity
Career Choices For the Students of Economics                         Economic Careers
Career Choices For the Students of English                           English Careers
The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century      Environmental Careers
Event Planning Guide                                                 Event Planning
Career Change                                                        Everything You Need to Know to Meet New Challenges and Take Control
                                                                     of Your Career
Letitia Baldrige's Complete Guide to Executive Manners               Executive Manners
Merriam Webster's Guide to Business Correspondence                   Expanding and improving your writing skills
Ferguson's Careers In Focus                                          Financial Services
Graduate Admissions Essays-- What Works, What Doesn’t and Why        Graduate Admissions Essays
How to Prepare For the GMAT                                          Graduate School Tests
The Very Best Coaching And Study Courses GRE                         Graduate School Tests
Guide to Careers in the Health Professions                           Health Careers
Job Opportunities for Health and Science Majors                      Health Careers
Great Jobs for History Majors                                        History Careers
Cyberspace Resume Kit                                                How to build and Launch an Online Resume
The Liberal Arts Advantage                                           How to Turn Your Degree Into a Great Job
Finding Your Life Mission                                            How to Unleash That Creative Power and Live With Intention
Better Letters: A Handbook of Business & Personal Correspondence     How to write better letters
The New Careers                                                      Individual Action and Economic Change
Title                                                                Area(s) of Assistance
Career Guide to Industries A Companion Reference to the                Careers
Occupational Outlook Handbook
The Insider's Guide to Study Abroad                                    International Adventures
Internships 2001-The Largest Source of Internships Available           Internships
The Best 106 Internships                                               Internships
The Internship Advantage Get Real-World Job Experience to Launch Internships
Your Career
Vault Guide to Top Internships                                         Internships
Peterson's Internships: Nearly 50,000 paid and unpaid internships      Internships
100+ Winning Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions               Interview Questions
101 Dynamite Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview                    Job Interviews
201 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview                            Job Interviews
Behavior-Based Interviewing                                            Job Interviews
Haldane's Best Answers to Tough Interview Questions                    Job Interviews
How To Answer The 64 Toughest Interview Questions                      Job Interviews
How To Have A Winning Job Interview                                    Job Interviews
Job Interviews For Dummies: A Reference for the Rest of Us!            Job Interviews
Job Interviews Made Easy                                               Job Interviews
Sweaty Palms: The Neglected Art Of Being Interviewed                   Job Interviews
The Interview Kit: Second Edition                                      Job Interviews
Best Entry Level Jobs                                                  Job Opportunities
Career Opportunities in the Music Industry                             Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities For Business Majors                                  Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities For Engineering and Computer Science Majors          Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities For Health and Science Majors                        Job Opportunities
100 Careers in the Music Business                                      Job Search
201 Dynamite Job Search Letters                                        Job search
A Foot In The Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Market         Job Search
Additional Bonus Reports                                               Job Search
America's Fastest Growing Employers                                    Job Search
Career Exploration on the Internet: A Student's Guide to More than 300 Job Search
Web Sites
Guide to America's Federal Jobs: 2nd Edition                           Job Search
Hired! The Job-Hunting/Career-Planning Guide: 2nd Edition              Job Search
How to Say It In Your Job Search                                       Job Search
Title                                                          Area(s) of Assistance
Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped or People Who Have      Job Search
Job-Hunting on the Internet: 2nd Edition                          Job Search
The Carolina Job Bank: 6th Edition                                Job Search
The Employment Portfolio                                          Job Search
The Guide to Internet Job Searching:2000-01 Edition               Job Search
The Job Search Handbook: 2nd Edition                              Job Search
The Only Job Hunting Guide You'll Ever Need                       Job Search
The Right Job for You: An Interactive Career Planning Guide: 2nd  Job Search
Where The Jobs Are: The Hottest Careers for the 21st Century: 3rd Job Search
100 Best Careers For The 21st Century: 2nd Edition                Job Search
College Grad Job Hunter: 1997 Edition                             Job Search
Fortune: The 100 Best Companies To Work For                       Job Search
The Complete Job-Search Handbook: Third Edition                   Job Search
The Job Search Handbook: 2nd Edition                              Job Search
Career Success Is Color-Blind: Second Edition                     Job Strategies
Job Strategies for People with Disabilities                       Job Strategies
Knock 'em Dead: 1999                                              Job Strategies
Knock 'em Dead: 2002                                              Job Strategies
Career X Roads The Directory to Job, Resume and Career Management Job, Resume, and Career Management Sites on the Web
Sites on the Web
What Color is Your Parachute?                                     Job-Hunting and Career-Changers
Careers In Data Processing: Successful Jobhunting Strategies      Jobhunting Strategies
Network Your Way to Jobs and Career Success                       Jobs and Careers
Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning                           Law and Legal Reasoning
Legal Methods: Cases and Materials                                Legal Methods
Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters                                  Letter Writing
College Major Handbook: 3rd Edition                               Major Selection
How to Get Any Job with Any Major                                 Major Selection
Careers in Criminal Justice                                       Major: Criminal Justice
Seeking Employment in Criminal Justice and Related Fields         Major: Criminal Justice
Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning                           Major: Law
Great Jobs for Psychology Majors                                  Major: Psychology
Title                                                               Area(s) of Assistance
The Best Test Preparation For the MCAT                              Medical Exam Preparation
Career Opportunities in the Music Industry                          Music Careers
YOU: Being More Effective in your MBTI Type                         Myers Briggs Type
What's Your Type of Career?                                         Myers Briggs Type & Careers
Networking for Novices                                              Networking
America's Hottest Colleges 2006 edition                             Newsweek
100 Best Nonprofits to Work for                                     Nonprofits
Nursing Programs                                                    nursing programs
Peterson's Nursing Programs                                         Nursing Programs
Virtual College                                                     Online Education
Cornerstone Building on Your Best                                   Personal Growth
Perfect Personal Statements: Law, Medical, Graduate School          Personal Statements
How To Prepare For Praxis                                           Praxis Test Prep
The Complete Resume and Job Search Book for College Students: 2nd   Resume/Job Search
Resumes for Dummies                                                 Resumes
Resumes that Knock EM Dead                                          Resumes
The New 90 Minute Resume                                            Resumes
Real Resumes for Teachers                                           Resumes for teachers
Liberal Arts Power: How to sell it on your Resume                   Resumes on how to describe your liberal arts skills
Vault Guide to Schmoozing                                           Schmoozing
Liberal Arts Jobs                                                   Setting Goals and Planning Careers
Game Plan for getting into Law School                               Strategies
Game Plan for getting into Medical School                           Strategies
Learning and Motivation Strategies Your Guide to Success            Success
Major in Success                                                    Success
Discovering Careers For Your Future: Teaching                       Teaching
High Impact Telephone Networking for Job Hunters                    Telephone Networking
Professional Telephone Skills: Make every call more positive and    Telephone Skills
ASVAB                                                               The Armed Vocational Aptitude Battery
Liberal Arts Jobs                                                   The Guide That Turns Learning Into Earning
10 Things Employers Want You To Learn In College                    What Employers Want
Title                                                              Area(s) of Assistance
Professional Telephone Skills: Make every call more positive and   Phone Etiquette
How to Give Exceptional Customer Service Vol. I                    Customer Service
How to Give Exceptional Customer Service Vol. II                   Customer Service
How to Give Exceptional Customer Service Vol.III                   Customer Service
Interview to Win Your First Job/ DVD                               Interviews
Exploring Type with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator                Myers-Briggs
A Second Look at Careers A-K                                       Careers
A Second Look at Careers L-Z                                       Careers
Exploring Career Options with the Strong Interest Inventory        Strong Interest Inventory
How to Prepare a Job Winning Resume                                Resumes
Ministry at Work                                                   Ministry
Networking Connections to Employment                               Networking
No-Brainers, Resumes and Cover Letters                             Resumes and Cover Letters
Partners                                                           Work Skills
Pathways to Success                                                Career Decisions
Sigi Plus, Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow                 Sigi Plus
The 7 Day Professional Image Update                                Professional Image
The Job Hunter's Resource Guide                                    Job Finding
Your Appearance I: The Interview                                   Interview Appearance

The Black Collegian
Hispanic Business
Job Choice for Business & Liberal Art Students
Job Choice for Science, Engineering & Technology
Job Choice Diversity Edition
Graduate School Guide

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