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									Grants Training
   ND SBDC a Partnership Program

Small Business Development Centers operate in partnership with the U.S.
Small Business Administration under a Cooperative Agreement. The support
given by the U.S. Small Business Administration through such funding does
not constitute an express or implied endorsement of the co-sponsor(s) or
participants’ opinions, products, or services. Programs are
nondiscriminatory, and reasonable accommodations will be made, upon
request, for persons with disabilities.
Where is all the Free Money?
                           You see their ads on TV. They send you junk
                            mail. You know who we’re talking about.
                            The publishers of directories that claim to
                            contain the secret to finding FREE money,
                            no strings attached, for everything from
                            paying off medical bills and personal debt to
                            starting a business.

                            WOW! Piles of money sitting someplace just
                            waiting for you to claim your share!

Test   your knowledge
  –   True or False: There are no grants available to start a business.
There are a few grant programs available to small businesses.

However, you will find they are few and far between and are
restricted for very specialized uses. To determine whether you
are eligible for any of these grant programs and to get a grant,
you will need to learn:
 Who is offering grants?
 What are the Guidelines?
 How do I prepare an application?
                A Friendly Warning

   So there ARE grants available to individuals and small
    businesses. Should you consider buying one of these
    FREE MONEY directories?
    You can buy one, but you will find the claims are
    exaggerated, you will find a lot of information that is not
    applicable to your situation and will lead you to dead ends.
    But, perhaps the most infuriating discovery you will make is
    that all of the information you just paid for is available for
    free once you know where to look.
    Save your money, do the research yourself, and use this
    guide to help you find the answers you are looking for.
Foundation Grants
What is a Foundation?

   A foundation is an entity that is established as a
    nonprofit corporation or a charitable trust with a
    principal purpose of making grants to unrelated
    organizations, institutions, & individuals for scientific,
    educational, cultural, religious, or other charitable
    purposes. 1

    1Source: The Foundation Center, accessed online on December 23, 2003, at )
Where can I find Foundation Grants?
   If you would like to get familiar with Foundations and find
    information on available foundation grants, an excellent source is
    The Foundation Center.
   The Foundation Center is an independent national service
    organization that provides information on foundations to
    cooperating libraries throughout the country. (They also provide
    information on-line, but a costly membership is needed – if you’re
    not a non-profit organization, the membership not worth the cost.)
   In North Dakota, there are three libraries that are part of the
    Foundation Center's Cooperating Collections Network. You can
    use the Foundation Center materials at no cost at these libraries.
    However, most foundations give grants only to nonprofit
    organizations, so this may prove to be a time-consuming process
    that might not prove useful to you if you are seeking funds to
    start a business.
Libraries with Grant Information

        Local Libraries With Foundation Center Materials
Fargo Public Library             102 N. 3rd St. Fargo, ND 58102
                                 (701) 241-1491 or website: Fargo Library

Bismarck Public Library          515 N. 5th St. Bismarck, ND 58501
                                 (701) 222-6410 or website: Bismarck
Minot Public Library             1516 2nd Ave. SW. Minot, ND 58701
                                 (701) 852-1045 or website: Minot Library
Agriculture Grants
Ag Product Utilization Commission (APUC)

                            APUC Grants
                     APUC offers four grants to
                     the public:
                      Farm Diversification
                      Marketing & Utilization
                      Ag Product Prototype
                      Ag Research Application
                     For more info visit the Ag
                     Product Utilization website.
Mid-America International Agri
Trade Council (MIATCO)
MIATCO provides US food producers 50% cost reimbursement for a wide
variety of international marketing and promotional activities which include
advertising, in-store promotions, product demonstrations, travel &
exhibit frees at overseas trade shows, public relations, promotional
publications, and freight cost for samples. This is a USDA-funded
program available to small businesses and agricultural producer cooperatives
and is limited to retail food products and wood products.

For more information call (312) 944-3030 or visit the MIATCO website.
Technology Grants
Rural Tech Ventures
                                  Provides Technical Assistance
                                for technology ventures located
                                in rural North Dakota
                                 Provides 75% funding for
                                feasibility studies, market
                                analysis, business planning, and
                                similar services.
                                 Eligibility: Fewer than 50
                                employees, less than $1MM in
                                sales annually & in a town less
                                than 50,000 people.

   For more info visit The Center for Innovation’s Website
North Dakota SBIR / STTR
   NDSS is a resource center for
    small businesses seeking
    federal assistance in
    developing products and
    services based on advanced
    technology. NDSS primary
    means for assisting
    businesses is through a
    Federal and State Technology
    (FAST) Partnership Program
    grant from the United States
    Small Business Administration.
NDSS Services (cont.)
                              FAST Process
                    1.   Pre-Proposal Review
                    2.   Proposal Preparation
                    3.   Phase 0 Grants - $2,500
                    4.   Phase I Grant Writing
                    5.   Grant Writing Workshops

                      Visit the NDSS Website for
                    more information on SBIR/STTR
Daycare Grants
Child Care Resource & Referral
                 Childcare Resource & Referral is
                 an organization that provides
                 assistance in becoming a
                 licensed care giver, assistance in
                 filling vacancies, and information
                 about grants and scholarship
                 programs. Grants for up to $600
                 are available for family daycares.

                 Visit their website at:
                 Child Care Resource & Referral
Tribal Grants
Tribal Grants
Three Tribes
If you are an enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes you are eligible
    for business finance through Business Equity Loan Fund. The Fund
    Provides equity grants from 34% to 50% of the business financing needs.
    Requires a business plan or entrepreneurial training experience
Trickle Up
Trickle Up program provides micro grants ($500-$700) to small business
   entrepreneurs assisting people out of poverty.
More information can be received from contacting Jonathan Anderson at the
  Tribal Business Information Center 701-854-3734 /
  or Christine Martin-Goldsmith /
Partial Grants / Match Programs
Red River Valley Community Action

              Saving Our Cents Program
This program is one of many Individual Development Accounts (IDA)
programs across the country that matches the amount you save with
money from donations. This program is a special savings program
for people with limited income.
Who can join?
If you are 18 years of age or older, have a present and past
employment history, and meet the income guidelines shown, you
may qualify for the SOC program
What are the income guidelines?
No Children    $10,380
With 1 child   $27,413
2+ Children    $31,152
Saving Our Cents (cont)
How does the account work?
The participant will save a minimum of $25 per month in a specially
authorized account at Bremer Bank. The amount saved each month
is matched 2:1. That means for every $1 you save you will be given
$2 for a total of $3. The money earned can be used start your own
business once the amount reaches a certain limit.
What if I am receiving assistance?
The amount of money saved in SOC will not be counted in
determining your eligibility for public assistance.
How do I open an account?
Visit Red River Valley Community Action office and fill out an
application to determine your eligibility or visit the Red River Valley
Community Action website.
Bank of North Dakota PACE Loan
                The PACE program provides a
                grant in the form of reduced interest
                rate (5% interest buy down) on your
                business loan. To qualify your
                business must be primary sector,
                manufacturing / production and
                have some job creation involved
                with the project.

                Visit the Bank of North Dakota’s
                website for more information.
Didn’t find what you were looking for?
“Need Money, Look Here” is an            1. Personal savings
article written by David Newton that
appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine        2. Friends and family
in June of 2000, describing the
various sources of funding available     3. Credit cards
to entrepreneurs and the level of        4. Second mortgages
ease or difficulty in obtaining each.
The article discusses the potential      5. Other businesses
funding sources shown at the right in    6. Trade credit
ascending order from "easiest
access" to "most difficult to secure".   7. Commercial bank loans
You will see that grants do not
appear anywhere on this list. This is    8. Angel investors
the reality of how people find the       9. Venture capital
money to start a business.
Loan Programs
Small Business Administration

                       SBA Guarantees
                    7(a) Loans

                    LowDoc Loans

                    Community Express

                    CAPLines
Bank of North Dakota

                           BND Loans
                    Beginning Entrepreneur Loan

                    PACE Loan

                    Participation Loan

                    Business Development Loan

                    SBA Main Street Program
Dakota Certified Development Co.

                           DCDC Loans

                    504 Loan

                    IRP

                    Microloan
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