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									                     Search Engine Marketing Questionnaire

1. Do you have a strong understanding of paid search engine optimization (paid
   listings, PPC, PPP or CPC)? Explain.

2. Do you have experience working client side, agency side or vendor side?

3. How large is your current firm/agency/company?

4. What percentage of your previous job did you use excel? What is your
   proficiency level? What types of tasks did you use excel for?

5. What type of clients did you work with? Size of budget (per month or year)?

6. Do you have a solid understanding of basic html and how it relates to campaign

7. Have you ever run an AdWords, Yahoo Search or MSN AdCenter campaign?

8. Have you ever worked with Tier 2 engines such as Enhance, MIVA or Kanoodle?

9. Have you ever run a Paid Inclusion (Yahoo SSP, formerly Yahoo Site Match
   Exchange) or Shopping Engine Campaign (, Shopzilla, Yahoo
   Shopping, etc)?

10. What type of tracking and analytics tools have you used?

11. Do you have the ability to write or revise online ad copy (strong written
    communication skills)?

12. Do you have experience researching paid keywords to determine relevant search
    terms? Explain strategy.

13. Do you have experience with:
     Bid management? Explain.

      Reporting using Excel?

      Interpreting campaign reports?
14. Are you able to lead a team and also work well with others?

15. Do you have the ability to think outside the box to come up with creative new
    ways to up sell existing clients?

16. Have you ever heard of Danny Sullivan, or know what he does?

17. Please tell us your salary history and current requirements.

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