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MISS10   Instructions and guarantee
Important Safeguards                                       •   Do not operate or place any part of this
                                                               appliance on or near any hot surfaces (such as
                                                               a gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven).
When using electrical appliances, in
order to reduce the risk of fire, electric                  •   Do not misuse the cord. Never carry the
shock and/or injury, these basic safety                        appliance by the cord or pull to disconnect it
precautions should always be followed:                         from the outlet. Instead, grasp the plug and
                                                               pull to disconnect.

For Your Safety                                            •   This product is intended for household use
Read all instructions carefully, even if you feel
that you are familiar with the appliance.                  •   This appliance is intended to be plugged in a
                                                               240V outlet only.
•   To protect against the risk of electric shock,
    DO NOT IMMERSE the appliance, cord set or              •   Do not attempt to repair, disassemble or
    plug in water or any other liquid.                         modify the appliance. There are no user-
                                                               serviceable parts.
•   This appliance is not intended for use by
    young children or infirm persons unless                 •   Do not operate the appliance when empty.
    they have been adequately supervised by a                  Always have ice cream mixture in the unit
    responsible person to ensure that they can use             when turned on.
    the appliance safely.
                                                           •   Do not place the complete unit in the fridge or
•   Young children should be supervised                        freezer.
    to ensure that they do not play with the
    appliance.                                             •   Ensure the canister and lid cover are fitted
                                                               correctly before starting the appliance.
•   Operate on a dry level surface. Operating on
    sinks, drainboards or uneven surfaces must be          •   Switch off the power outlet, unplug the
    avoided.                                                   appliance and ensure the stirring paddle has
                                                               completely stopped before removing the cover.
•   Switch off the power outlet and remove the
    plug when the appliance is not in use; before
    assembling or disassembling parts; and before
    cleaning. To unplug, grasp the plug and pull
                                                           Compulsory Warning
    from the power outlet. Never pull the cord.            If the supply cord is damaged, the cord must be
                                                           replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent
•   Avoid contact with moving parts. Keep hands,           or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a
    hair and clothing, as well as spatulas and other       hazard.
    utensils, away during operation to prevent
    injury and/or damage to the appliance.                 This product has not been designed for any uses
                                                           other than those specified in this booklet.
•   Do not operate any appliance with a damaged
    cord or plug; after the appliance malfunctions;
    or if it has been dropped or damaged in any
    manner.                                                Save These Instructions
•   The use of attachments or accessories not
    recommended or sold by the manufacturer can
    cause fire, electric shock or injury.

•   Do not use outdoors.

•   Store the unit indoors in a dry location.

•   Do not allow the cord to hang over the edge of
    a table or counter, or touch hot surfaces.

Connection to the                                         NOTE:-The ‘L’ or ‘N’ wire must NOT be
                                                          connected to the EARTH terminal marked ‘E’ or
Mains Supply                                              coloured GREEN or GREEN and YELLOW.

                                                          If in doubt consult a qualified electrician who
Check that the voltage marked on the product
                                                          will be pleased to do this for you. This product
corresponds with your supply voltage.
                                                          conforms to EC Directive 92/31/EEC with respect
                                                          to Electromagnetic Compatibility.
This product is fitted with a 13A plug complying
with BS1363. If this plug is unsuitable or needs to
be replaced, please note the following:                   NON-REWIREABLE MAINS PLUG

This product is double insulated and therefore            If your appliance is supplied with a nonrewireable
does not require an earth connection.                     plug fitted to the mains lead, you will find that it
                                                          incorporates a fuse, the value of which is
Important: The wires in the mains lead are                indicated either on the base of the plug or on the
coloured in accordance with the following code:           fuse carrier. Should the fuse need replacing, you
                                                          must use an ASTA approved one (conforming to
BLUE – NEUTRAL                                            BS1362) of the same rating.
                                                          If the fuse cover is lost, the plug must not be used
                                                          until a replacement is obtained from an electrical

                                                          If you need to remove the plug, cut it from the
                                                          mains lead and immediately dispose of it. Never
                                                          attempt to re-use this plug or insert it into a socket
                                                          outlet as there is a very great risk of an electric

This appliance is fitted with a plug which has a
3 amp fuse. Should the fuse fail, then it must
be replaced with an ASTA approved fuse
(conforming to BS1362) of the same rating. If
you need to replace the plug or if the plug is of
the incorrect type for your socket, remove it and
replace it with an appropriate plug. Dispose of the
old plug safely.

Important: The wires in the mains lead are
coloured in accordance with the following code:
Blue=neutral, Brown=live

As the colours of the wires in the mains lead may
not correspond with the coloured markings in your
plug, proceed as follows:

Connect the BROWN wire to the terminal marked
‘L’ or coloured RED.

Connect the BLUE wire to the terminal marked
‘N’ or coloured BLACK.

Features of Your Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

                   Mixing Feeder


                                                      Motor Unit

                                                        On/Off Switch
                                                                           Gear Box

                                                         Connecting Pins


   Tap Dispenser



                                                        “O” Ring

                               Drip Tray

Getting to Know Your                                        How to Use Your Soft
Soft Serve Ice Cream                                        Serve Ice Cream Maker
Maker                                                       Step 1 – Freezing the Canister
Before first using your new Soft Serve Ice Cream             To freeze the canister, wrap it in a plastic bag and
Maker, it is most important that you read and               store it in the back section of your freezer, where
follow the instructions in this use and care booklet,       the temperature is the coldest. The plastic bag will
even if you feel you are familiar with this type of         prevent freezer burn from occurring.
                                                            Table below indicates the amount of time required
Your attention is drawn particularly to the section         to freeze the canister, freezing time varies
dealing with IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS. Find                     depending on the temperature of your freezer. For
a safe and convenient place to keep this booklet            most domestic freezers, 24 hours freezing time
handy for future reference.                                 will be required.

This appliance has been designed to operate
from a standard domestic power outlet. It is not             freezer              approx.
intended for industrial or commercial use.                   temperature          freezing time
                                                             -30°C/-22°F          8–9 Hours

Before First use                                             -25°C/-13°F
                                                                                  12–13 Hours
                                                                                  20–22 Hours
Carefully unpack the Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker              -15°C/5°F            24 hours or more
and remove all packaging materials.
                                                             Note: The canister must be used
Wash the canister, lid and paddle in warm soapy              immediately after being withdrawn from
water and dry thoroughly. These parts are not                the freezer. Do not allow it to thaw.
dishwasher safe.
                                                            For optimum results the temperature of the
Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior of the               canister should be between -15 to -20°C in
motor unit. Do not immerse the motor unit in                addition to the prepared mixture being chilled
water.                                                      to 1– 4°C (This can be achieved by leaving
                                                            the Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker mixture in the
 PLEASE NOTE: The paddle is made up                         fridge overnight). If you find the temperature of
 of three parts which can be detached                       the mixture is not low enough after chilling place
 so that any trapped food can be easily                     mixture in the freezer for 20-30 minutes before
 cleaned. Please note that the part                         adding it to the freezer canister. If the mixture
 labelled Paddle Part 3 in the diagram                      begins to freezer slightly stir well to remove any
 below is very small so extra care should                   frozen pieces before pouring into the canister
 be taken to ensure that this piece is not
 rinsed away during cleaning.                               Step 2 – Preparing the Soft Serve Ice
 When reassembling the three sections                       Cream Mixture
 it is very important that the sections are                 Prepare the Soft Serve Ice Cream mixture from
 pushed back together firmly until they                      one of the recipes in the ‘Recipe Ideas’ section of
                                                            this booklet.
 click into place.
                                                            It is advised that the Soft Serve Ice Cream mixture
                                                            is prepared one day prior to use and kept chilled
                                                            in the refrigerator. This allows the mixture to
                                                            achieve the recommended temperature.

Paddle part 2

                                       Paddle part 1
Paddle part 3

Step 3 – Assembly of the Soft Serve Ice                    Step 4 - The Soft Serve Ice Cream Making
Cream Maker                                                Process

Please refer to the section “Features of your Soft         Plug the Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker into a power
Serve Ice Cream Maker”.                                    outlet and switch the power outlet on.

Place the body of the Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker           Pour the prepared mixture into the canister via
onto the base and push down firmly to fit. Place             the mixing feeder.
drip tray on base. Position on a dry, level surface.
                                                           Press the ‘ON’ switch on the Soft Serve Ice
When the Soft Serve Ice Cream mixture and                  Cream Maker and the paddle will begin to rotate.
canister have reached the right temperature,
remove canister from the freezer and discard               The Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker making process
plastic bag. Check to ensure the small “O” ring is         should take approximately 20-25 minutes.
fitted at the base of the canister.
                                                           This time varies on the temperature of your
Place the canister into the body of the Soft Serve         freezer, the temperature of the mixture, the
Ice Cream Maker, turn canister slightly while              weather and ingredients used. Check the soft
pressing down to ensure it slots properly into the         serve after 20 minutes churning time. Continue
body.                                                      churning until the ice cream is smooth and thick;
                                                           do not churn longer than 45 minutes. If the ice
Fit the tap dispenser to the body. Hold the tap            cream is not ready after 40 minutes it is unlikely
dispenser and lift up so the tap dispenser is              to set. See Trouble shooting section for hints. The
located in the hole, it may help to place one hand         ideal consistency for the soft serve is smooth and
on the rim of the canister to ensure it stays in           creamy. Do not allow the mixture to churn for
place. Rotate the tap dispenser anticlockwise              too long or the mixture will become so think that
until it locks into position. Push the tap dispenser       it blocks the dispenser outlet. Check consistency
handle down to ensure it is in the closed position.        regularly.
Check carefully to ensure the tap dispenser is
fitted properly, otherwise mixture will leak out.            Note: Turning the appliance off during the
                                                            operation may cause the mixture to freeze
Attach the mixing paddle to the gear box by                 and restrict the movement of the paddle.
slotting the rounded end into the largest of
the two holes. Carefully lower the paddle, with            Once the desired consistency is achieved, hold
gearbox attached into the canister, ensuring the           a cone or bowl under the dispenser and lift the
connecting pins fit into the slots on the main body.        handle up. The Soft Serve Ice Cream will emerge
                                                           from the machine. To stop the ice cream flow,
Lock the lid into place around the gear box.               push the handle down to return to the closed

                                                            Note: The first few drops of ice cream will
                                                            not be frozen. This is normal as a small
                                                            amount of mixture finds its way into the
                                                            dispenser before the freezing process

                                                           When all the ice cream has been dispensed,
                                                           switch the Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker off.

                                                            Note: The maximum volume of mixture
                                                            that can be prepared in the canister is
                                                            600ml. As the mixture expands during the
                                                            freezing process, the maximum volume
                                                            of ice cream that can be made during the
                                                            Soft Serve Ice Cream making process is
                                                            approximately 700mls. This equates to
                                                            approximately 3-4 servings of Soft Serve
                                                            Ice Cream.

Care and Cleaning                                          Recipes
Switch off and unplug the Soft Serve Ice Cream              Note: For ideal results when making
Maker from the power outlet before disassembly              the following recipes, the use of
or cleaning.                                                full cream milk (4% fat content) and
                                                            regular thick cream (35% fat content)
Remove the lid and the mixing paddle, separate              is recommended. Full cream diary
from the gear box.                                          products are ideal as they produce
                                                            thick, smooth and creamy soft serve
Unclip the small sections from the paddle to
                                                            ice cream. If you wish to use reduced
enable ease of cleaning.
                                                            fat milk or cream, be aware that the
Remove the dispenser tap by turning it to the left          soft serve ice cream will not be as
and then pulling straight down.                             smooth and creamy. Generally, when
                                                            using reduced fat ingredients the
Remove the canister by pushing it up from                   churning time will be longer and the soft
underneath.                                                 serve a little runnier. You may wish to
                                                            experiment by substituting half of the
Wash the lid, mixing paddle, dispenser tap and              milk or cream quantity with a reduced fat
canister in warm water with a mild detergent.               version.
Rinse well and dry all parts thoroughly.
                                                           Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream
 Note: Do not immerse the gear box or
 motor unit in water. Your Soft Serve Ice                  300ml milk
 Cream Maker is not dishwasher safe.                       Pinch salt
                                                           1⁄2 cup caster sugar
Wipe the exterior of the motor unit with a soft            5cm piece vanilla bean
damp sponge or cloth. Dry thoroughly. Sharp                or 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
utensils, scouring pads or abrasive detergents             1 egg, beaten
may harm your appliance.                                   250 ml cream

 Note: Ensure the ‘O’ ring is fitted to the                 Combine half of the milk with the salt, sugar and
 outlet at the base of the canister after                  vanilla bean in a saucepan. Cook over medium
 cleaning and before use.                                  heat, stirring frequently until mixture nearly boils.
                                                           Remove from the heat. Combine remaining milk
TIP: It’s a great idea to put the canister back into       with the egg and gradually stir into the warm milk
the freezer after cleaning so that it is ready for         mixture in the saucepan, whisking constantly.
immediate use next time you would like to enjoy a          Cook over low heat, stirring constantly unitl
Soft Serve Ice Cream.                                      the mixture thickens slightly. Take care not to
                                                           overcook as this may cause the custard to curdle.
                                                           Remove from heat and allow to cool.
Note: When reassembling the detachable section
inside the paddle it is important that the two             Refrigerate and chill thoroughly – preferably
sections be pushed firmly together unitl they click.        overnight. Remove vanilla bean and add cream,
                                                           mixing with a wire whisk.

                                                           Pour into the Soft Serve Ice cream maker canister
                                                           and allow to churn and freeze.

Honey Ice Cream                                         Creamy Chocolate Ice Cream

300ml Milk                                              120g chocolate pieces
200g honey                                              1⁄2 cup caster sugar
2 egg yolks                                             250ml milk
pinch salt                                              2 egg yolks
200ml cream                                             250ml cream

Place milk and honey in a saucepan and heat             Place chocolate, sugar and half the milk in a
gently. Whisk egg yolks and salt together and add       saucepan and heat gently until chocolate melts.
to mixture. Stir continually over a medium heat         Combine remaining milk and eggs and add to
until just boiling, remove immediately and allow        chocolate mixture. Bring mixture gently to the boil,
to cool.                                                stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and
                                                        allow to cool.
Refrigerate and allow to chill – preferably
overnight. Add cream and mix with a wire whisk.         Refrigerate and chill thoroughly – preferably
                                                        overnight. Add cream and mix with a wire whisk.
Pour into the canister and allow to churn and
freeze.                                                 Pour into the canister and allow to churn and

                                                        Strawberry Ice Cream

                                                        150g fresh strawberries, washed and hulled
                                                        2 egg yolks
                                                        1/2 cup castor sugar
                                                        250ml cream
                                                        120ml milk

                                                        Place all ingredients in a blender or food
                                                        processor and process until smooth.

                                                        Refrigerate and chill thoroughly – preferably

                                                        Pour into the canister and allow to churn and

Trouble Shooting
Problem                               Cause / Solution

Ice cream too runny (not Soft Serve   Canister not cold enough.
consistency).                         Reduce the freezer temperature to that shown in
                                      the section ‘How to use your Soft Serve Ice Cream
                                      Reduce the fridge temperature or place the prepare
Ice Cream mixture not cold enough.
                                      mixture in the freezer for 20-30 minutes until it is just
                                      starting to freeze at the edges. Mix well to break up
                                      any small frozen lumps before pouring into the canister.
Too much mixture.                     Reduce the amount of mixture.

Ice cream not churned long enough.    Allow to mix longer, but for no longer than
                                      45 minutes.

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This product is manufactured to the highest
standards, for more information or if you have a
query with the product which is not covered in this
manual, please contact our Customer Support
Team on the telephone number or the email
address below.

Customer Helpline: 01925 248999

Email Address:

Disposal of the Product
Please do not dispose of this product as household
waste. The appliance should be taken to the
applicable collection point for the recycling of
electrical and electronic equipment.

For more detailed information, please contact your
local council, household waste disposal service or
the shop where you purchased the product.

WEEE Registration Number: WEE/FC0057TS

Warranty                                                   DO NOT SEND IN THIS WARRANTY
                                                           Fill out the following details and file with your
This guarantee does not confer any rights other            purchase invoice.
than those expressly set out below and does
not cover any claims for consequential loss or             RETAIN & FILE WITH YOUR RECEIPT.
                                                           Your Purchase Receipt/Invoice is proof of date
This guarantee is offered as an additional benefit          of purchase. You must be able to present it at
and does not affect your statutory rights as a             the place of purchase to obtain a replacement or
consumer.                                                  service under warranty.

This guarantee is valid in the UK and Ireland only.        Premium Appliance Brands Ltd reserves the right
                                                           to discontinue items, modify designs and change
Premium Appliance Brands Ltd warrant this                  specifications without incurring obligation. Whilst
product for a period of 1 year from the date of            every effort is made to ensure that descriptions,
purchase for all parts defective in workmanship or         specifications and other information in this
materials.                                                 publication is correct, no warranty is given in
                                                           respect thereof and the company shall not be
The product or defective parts will be replaced            liable for any errors therein.
free of charge.
                                                           Purchased from:
1.   This warranty is only valid for appliances
     used according to the manufacturer’s
                                                           Date of Purchase:
2.   This appliance must not be modified or
     changed in any way.
3.   Connection must be to the voltage                      NOTE: Consistent with our continuing
     requirements as specified in the ratings label          product development policy,
     located on the product.                                improvements may have been made
4.   The manufacturer does not accept liability             which render the contents of this
     for any direct or consequential damage,                package slightly different to that shown.
     loss or other expense arising from misuse
     or incorrect installation and operation of the        Cat. No. MISS10
     appliance.                                            March 2008
5.   Warranty will only be given where proof of
     purchase is provided, e.g. original invoice.
6.   Not designed or warranted for industrial or
     commercial use.


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