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									                  THE ELLEN WILKINSON SCHOOL                 Volume 6 Issue 4
                          FOR GIRLS                          December 2009

                Letter from the Head

Dear Parents
                                                                       Special points of
The highlight of the last week of the Autumn term is our “Evening         interest:
to Celebrate Achievement”. This year our guest speaker is Beth
Morgan, international cricketer. Beth is a member of the team
                                                                      · School re-opens
that retained the Ashes against Australia in 2008 and who won
the Women's World Cup earlier this year. She played in all the
                                                                        on Monday 4th
games including the final. Beth began playing cricket aged 13           January 2010
and has represented England at U17 level in South Africa when         · Year 11 Parents’
she was16, and U21 and England. I’m sure that many of our girls         Evening : 14th
will be inspired by her story.                                          January 2010
                                                                      · Sixth Form Open
The celebration evening gives us the opportunity to review and          Evening : 28th
reflect on the many events and activities that took place over the      January 2010
last year, and the chance to celebrate the successes of our stu-
dents, both individually and collectively. As you know, our school
hall is only large enough to accommodate our prize winners and
guests so we are unable to extend an invitation to all; we will
publish a list of those who have been nominated for prizes on
our website.

The evening will begin with carols performed by our choir and or-
chestra. These will be a selection from our wonderful ‘Carols by
Candlelight’ concert last week which really culminated in a truly
uplifting performance of the Hallelujah Chorus. Congratulations
to all who took part! The girls have also been able to visit the
residents at the nearby sheltered housing to perform; as ever,
this was very well received.
Letter from the Head continued

The last two weeks of term have been very busy; Year 11 girls have returned to classes
following their mock examinations, Year 7s have been to see ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ at
the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith (highly recommended to those of you who are looking
for a traditional pantomime this Christmas!), the Year 8s who are studying the novel
‘Nation’ by Terry Pratchett in their English lessons go to see the production by the
National Theatre, the sixth form are rehearsing for their Christmas pantomime, and the
Italian and Latin students prepare for a cultural visit to Italy. It is not surprising that we
are looking forward to the end of term!

You will have received a letter outlining the arrangements for this week: girls will be dis-
missed at around 12.30 p.m. on Friday 18th December. The new school term begins on
Monday 4th January 2010. I look forward to seeing everyone back, safe, well and punc-
tual at 8.40 a.m.!

Thank you all for your continued support. I do hope you have a relaxing break over the
Christmas period and enjoy your seasonal celebrations.

                                                                               C. Sydenham

Page 2                                                                         Volume 6 Issue 4
                                 Learners of the Month
The girls who have been nominated for ‘Learners of the Month’ are:
Hamda Ibrahim 9RBg (Science); Lauren Smith, Natalie Kowalczyk,
Agata Michniwicz, Arzoo Zmary, Nivetha Balasubramaniam 7CAn
(Science); Zhen Xu Cahilog, Chandni Azad, Gitty Ahmadi, Sara Tofiq
9RMa, Sarah Gharib, Maja Kovac, Varshini Mehendran 9MOm,
Mennat Soliman 9QJo (Chemistry); Rezann Sheikh-Warak, Hollie
Tappu 8QCh, and Maryam Salam 8COl (Drama)

                           E-mentoring with Imperial College
Well done to the following who have been placed on the Brightside Trust scheme for
aspiring medical students:
                        Sarah Guisguis
                        Sherikah Paskaran
                        Makeda Lewis
                        Krishna Patel
                        Sarmini Kugananthavel
                        Sara Abousherif
                        Nina Al Saadi

Each girl is now in contact with a current undergraduate mentoring them through exams
and the application stages for medical school.

                                                                            M Heyes
                                                              Specialism Co-ordinator

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls                                     Page 3
          Sixth Form Debate at Marlborough House

On 10th December a number of our Sixth Form students took part in a debate on Global
Citizenship, along with students from a mixture of state and public schools in London.
This Question Time style event was organised by the Citizenship Foundation in co-
operation with the Commonwealth Foundation and took place in the sumptuous
surroundings of Marlborough House in Pall Mall, central London. Our students
participated fully and made a considerable impression in the group work discussions to
find suitable questions, prior to the debate, as well as in the debate itself where
Harpreet Gill and Lulu Kadhim raised thoughtful points.

The panel consisted of; Ransford Smith (Deputy Secretary General of the Common-
wealth); Paul Hilder (Campaign Director of AVAAZ - or ‘voice’-a pressure group of over
1 ½ million people who are trying to influence decision-making about the major issues
facing the world today) ; Gillian Temple –Head of Oxfam’s Public Engagement Team;
and Eugenie Harvey who has been instrumental in promoting the ‘10/10 Campaign’-
seeking to reduce our carbon emissions by 10% by 2010- as well as being co-founder of
‘We are what we do’, a movement based in Newham which believes we can all do small
things to change the world for the better.

Issues debated included: Copenhagen and Global Warming, the North-South Divide of
rich and poor nations, and religious differences and human rights in the world today.
While everyone agreed it was not for the wealthy western nations to impose their values
and ideas on the rest of the world, the crises confronting the world in economic,
environmental, and moral terms required everyone to work together, that we all have a
responsibility to do something, to reconcile our different values, and to re-examine how
we live and consume today in order to pass on a better world to our children tomorrow.
As Ransford Smith put it, the cost of inaction would be disastrous:

‘There isn’t an option of just minding our own business’.

After the debate, our students tackled the refreshments and the experts, to continue
the discussion about the issues raised. Other students taking part were: Amnah Noor,
Zahra Fartousi, Tara Hajheidari, and Marian Hadi. The occasion was a valuable opportu-
nity for the students, who are all studying Government and Politics, to increase their
knowledge of world events and gain more confidence in public speaking, as well as to

Page 4                                                                    Volume 6 Issue 4
Sixth Form Debate at Marlborough House continued

meet people who are engaged in the process of trying to bring about improvements in
the world.

                                                                                   J Byrne
                                                                  Citizenship Co-ordinator

                         Ransford Smith, Deputy Secretary-General of the
                        Commonwealth with Amnah Noor and Lulu Kadhim

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls                                          Page 5
                              Eco News Update

On Wednesday 2nd December the Eco group was invited to go to Oakley school in Tun-
bridge Wells (that’s in Kent by the way) to help them and other schools like Skinners
and another local school Judd with planting trees and other things.
The day started when we left the school at 8:00am and got there at 11:30am. When
we got there, a very nice lady came to greet us and showed us where the toilets were.
Then it was time to put our Wellington boots on and get all mucky. We were doing the
digging and stuff in their school field so we went and it was HUGE. All of the other
schools were already there so then the lady who came to greet us talked to all of the
schools and thanked us for being there. 5 minutes later it was time for us to go in our
school groups and do some digging. Ellen Wilkinson was going to do their digging
around the vegetable patch which had a fence around it. We had to sweep all the
leaves and make a big pile of them so they were out of our way when we were digging.
We did a very good job with that. It was now time to see if we could dig. There was a
man to teach us how do to it and how far away from the fence the tree had to be
planted in. Then each got a spade and a little tree. We dug our hole two hands away
from the fence it was very easy digging the hole because the soil was soft. It was so
soft when we walked on it, it felt like we were pushing down the grass. When we dug
the hole we put the plant in and put the soil over it. After about half an hour we fin-
ished. So we went exploring. We took lots of pictures. We got a bit hungry so we told Ms
Barnas. We then got to eat lunch in the food room it was next to some other class
rooms. When we finished our lunch we went exploring again. After that Ms Barnas told
us that we had to go out again. Outside it was pouring with rain and our boots were
soaking wet! We wore our wet boots and set off back to the field. When we got there
the rain came back so we had to do our task really quickly. Our task was to put plastic
around the little trees so that the bunnies won’t eat them. By the time we finished we
were freezing and wet and Ibtisam got her foot stuck in mud but we managed to get her
out. Then it was about 2:00pm and time for us to go. We said bye to all the other
schools and said bye to all the staff and headed off to the mini bus. We got to school at
exactly 5:30pm by then everyone was so tired and all went home.

Thank you Ms Barnas and Mr Turner for taking us on this wonderful trip I hope there is
more to come!

                                                                      Ayat Saeed 8MCW
Page 6                                                                     Volume 6 Issue 4
Eco Rep of the Month
Charlotte Jones 8CRU for continued interest and commitment to the cleaner, greener
school agenda. WELL DONE!!!

Page 7                                                                  Volume 6 Issue 4
         Science Investigator badges for local cub
For two evenings in November, 22 cubs from Ealing              attended Ellen Wilkinson to
complete their science investigator badge. The boys had to complete 6 activities includ-
ing investigations on exercise, growing useful microbes and the effect of electricity in a
variety of situations. Helped by girls from the sixth form they achieved their badges and
had a fun time.

Well done to all.

                                                                               M Heyes
                                                                 Specialism Co-ordinator

Page 8                                                                      Volume 6 Issue 4
           News from the Performing Arts Department
On Monday the 7th of December, the EWS choir performed at Balcon Court retirement
home. To celebrate the Christmas season, we sang a number of well-known carols like
Silent Night, as well as some modern arrangements of traditional songs such as a
gospel version of Away in a Manger. We even tackled The Hallelujah Chorus from
Handel’s Messiah! It was lovely to see the audience singing along and joining in the
festive fun! After performing, we chatted to the residents and enjoyed some delicious
refreshments. A few of them told us stories about when they had sung in choirs as
children, and before we knew it, it was time for us to go back to school. The visit was a
success and we hope to go back again next year!

                                                                   Esme Neale, 11MHS

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls                                         Page 9
                                          Volume 6 Issue 4
Exciting New Extra­Curricular Drama 
      Club coming in January. 
 Weekly Mask and Physical Theatre 
Workshop run by a professional actor. 
   Monday at 1.05 in the Drama Studio. 
      Starting from the 11  January

                                          Page 10
                                       Rachael Vanstone, Head of Performing Arts

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls                                 Page 11
                       Year 7 Castle Competition

Miss Olijnyk set her year 7 class (7QGI) a castle building competition. They had to build
or draw models that had all the features of a Motte and Bailey castle, with any extra
features on them that were developed during the Medieval period, as to make their
castles strong enough to avoid being destroyed by an angry Anglo-Saxon Army!! A tough
challenge, but that didn’t deter the year 7’s!! It was very hard to judge the winners but
eventually Sorcha Byrne was awarded Gold, Rikita Bhowmick was awarded Silver and
Zaynab Abbasi was awarded bronze. Well done to all the girls for working so hard and
producing some fantastic models. Come and see them being displayed in F3.

Page 12                                                                    Volume 6 Issue 4
                               Visit by Italian Students

For 3 days last week the school played host to 12 Italian girls and 8 Italian boys from
Muro Lucano. They were on an educational trip to London for 2 weeks.

They arrived in a school uniform in an attempt to blend in but it is hard for 8 boys to
blend into E.W. completely. After sitting in Ranalagh assembly they were whisked off to
lessons by Year 12, Year 13 and Yr 10 students. They visited a variety of lessons over
the first 2 days and made a valiant attempt to understand what was going on. They
spent breaks in the 6th form block where they were served tea, coffee, drinks and would
have had biscuits if the 6th formers hadn’t eaten most of them while waiting for the visi-
tors to arrive. They took lunch in Café Blue and seemed to enjoy it. They certainly had a
lot to eat and their clearing up at the end put some of us to shame.

Although everyone was a bit shy at first, it wasn’t long before they made friends and our
girls were trying hard to teach them English. One pupil said to me she now appreciated
how hard language teachers worked! In return our girls learnt some Italian and at least
everyone involved can now say hallo, goodbye, how are you, in Italian.

On their last day we introduced a bit of relaxation with the Wiis and a football match
and a session making collages together while listening to Italian music.

Before they left we exchanged presents and they showed us some DVDs of the region
we are going to visit as part of the exchange. We are really looking forward to meeting
them again when we spend 5 days in Italy at the end of term. They have drawn up a full
programme for us which includes 2 mornings at school, excursions, a reception by the
mayor and 2 formal dinners. We will need to wrap up warm as Muro Lucano is in the
mountains and it may even snow but we are really looking forward to renewing our
friendships and hopefully setting up future cultural exchanges as it has been helping to
understand a completely different way of life. A village of only 6,000 people will be
                                   quite a revelation for us Londoners but we are really
                                   looking forward to it.

                                                                           Ms A Faulkner

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls                                         Page 13
                    Events for the Christmas Holidays

A Christmas Creation
Sunday 20th December 12.30 – 2.00 p.m. & 2.30 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. (Free)
Look back at what Christmas was like in Victorian London and discover the roots of
today’s Christmas decorations in the art workshop.

Victorian Trinkets
Wed. 30th Dec. 11.00a.m. – 11.30a.m., 12 noon – 12.30p.m., 2.00p.m. – 2.30p.m.
Make festive trinkets to decorate your home.

A very special decoration
Tues 29th and Wed 30th Dec., 1.00p.m. – 1.30p.m., 2.00 – 2.30p.m., 3.00 – 3.30p.m.
Hear the story of how a Christmas decoration was brought all the way to London from
the Caribbean and what makes it so special.

Let’s decorate London
Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd Jan. 1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m., 2.00 – 2.30p.m., 3.00 – 3.30p.m.
When London got ready for a new Queen in 1953 there were decoration everywhere.
Listen to stories from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 11 and how London

Christmas pomanders
Mon 28th and Wed 30th Dec. 12.30 – 1.30p.m., 2.30 – 3.00p.m..
Recreate the spicy smells of the dock warehouses as you make a pomander. Using
spice and fruit once brought from overseas into these docks your pomander could be
something to scent your wardrobe or a gift.

Page 14                                                               Volume 6 Issue 4
Events for the Christmas Holidays            continued

Black Heritage Season
Beneath the surface Sept 2009 – July 2010.
Discover a treasure trove of objects from the African continent. Learn about the rela-
tionship and movement of people and objects between Britain and Africa. Participate in
a range of events from talks and gallery tours to creative workshops, film screenings
and performances.

Music from the court of the Maharaja of Rajasthan
Discover this music performed by the famous family of musicians, the Dagars, who
played at the court before the partition of India in 1947. The performance will take
place in a setting very similar in style to the Maharaja’s court.
£8.00, £6.00. 020 7942 2211

Ice rink and Fairground carousel
Until 17th January 2010 Open 8.45 a.m. – 10.00 p.m. weekends
10.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m. weekdays
Book online at Ticketmaster or by phone on 0844 847 1655

Dino Scientists
How do we know so much about the dinosaurs if they disappeared 65 million years
ago? Find out about the museum palaeontologists.
21st Dec. 12.30 p.m. – 1.00 p.m., 2.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.
Edible Insects
From wasted slugs to crunchy, join the museum to look at the bushtucker diet, including
a chance to try an unusual snack.
3rd Jan 2010. 2.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.

                                                                        Mrs A Faulkner

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls                                       Page 15
                                       Parent Pay
A quick reminder that you can pay for your daughter’s school meals online by using your
debit or credit card. ParentPay is a web based service that minimises the amount of
cash your daughter needs to bring to school while making the whole income collection
process safer and more convenient for everyone involved.
For further information, please visit parentpay.com.
If you have lost your username or password, please email the school at one of the
following addresses: aleadill.ewgs.ealing@lgfl.net or ewsoffice@aol.com.
Please remember to change your username and password to something you will easily
remember once you have logged in.
For parents who are unable to pay online, you can still use ParentPay to check on how
much money is left in your daughter’s dinner money account once you have registered.
Parents not wishing to use ParentPay can continue to pay by cash or cheque.

                                                                          Mrs A Leadill
                                                             Director, Support Services

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls                                        Page 16
                             Charity Events

                        EWS Spread a Smile Campaign

Thank you to all pupils who donated toothbrushes for the EWS Spread a Smile
Campaign. The toothbrushes were sent to the CRISIS Christmas Centres for homeless
people where they will receive dental treatment and advice.

Page 17                                                                 Volume 6 Issue 4
Well done to all forms who organised fantastic fund raising events for Children in Need
on Friday 20th November. Pupils helped to raise £693.29 to provide support for
disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

                                                                             Ms Gibson
                                                        Pupil Participation Coordinator

The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls                                       Page 18
                         School Terms and Holidays 2009/10
                    Autumn Term 2009         :      7 September - 18 December 2009
                    Christmas Holidays       :      21 December - 1 January 2010

                    Spring Term 2010         :      4 January - 1 April
                    Half-Term                :      15 - 19 February
                    Training Day*            :      19 April
                    Easter Holidays          :      2 - 16 April

                    Summer Term 2010        :    20 April - 22 July
                    Half-Term               :    31 May - 4 June
                    Training Day*           :    23 July
                    * Students are not in school

                  Students’ Absence from School
Years 7 - 11
Please call 020 87537872 between 6.00 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. if your daughter is away
from school due to illness or for any other reason.
Please let us know about medical appointments in advance.
Sixth Form
If you are reporting a sixth former’s absence please call Ms M Michael on

                                                    Ms A Hemming, Attendance Officer

                             Queens Drive, Acton, W3 0HW
                    Phone: 020 8752 1525         Fax: 020 8993 6632
                               E-mail: ewsoffice@aol.com
                       Website: www.ellen-wilkinson-school.co.uk
The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

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